21 September 2011

Think Geek

There's been some talk in bloggerdom recently about how strange it is that any person could like a certain retailer so much that they would want to talk about them - sartorial geekiness, I guess.

I think it is pretty apparent that I'm a huge fan of Anthropologie and J. Crew and I'm not shy about my allegiance. And I do enjoy spending time with other people to talk about it. I do know the names of certain pieces. I can recognize brand pieces when I see them on the street and like seeing how other people wear certain items for inspiration. I can tell you what past pieces have been huge hits and which ones I think have been just plain fugly. I'm excited when there are new arrivals and thrilled when a piece I've been coveting hits sale.


Does this consume my life? Do I bow at the alter of Deletta or Jenny Lyons? Do I wear nothing else? No, like the rest of you, I have a life outside of style blogging, but I guess this love for certain retailers and brand knowledge puts me into the category of fashion geek. Which I am perfectly OK with, since there are plenty of people in the world with their own unique tastes - coffee of the month clubs, World of Warcraft forums, home brewers societies, fantasy footbal leagues, hot chili pepper conventions, etc.

Shoot, before I really got into fashion, my inner nerd thrived with other less-than-popular pursuits - I collected X-Men comic books for several years, I was obsessed with Anne Rice's vampires, a devoted fan of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a die-hard NY Giants fanatic (thank goodness you guys won a game, but I can't believe you let the Redskins beat you in the opener!).

IMG_8455  IMG_8477

Isn't liking a specific thing and being knowledgeable about it just part of what makes us interesting and unique? Isn't it a good thing that I may enjoy something that not everyone else does? And isn't it awesome that in this huge mass of humanity that I can find other like-minded people to share some of my interests in?

So please share yours - what does your inner geek love?

  IMG_8480  IMG_8471

Top: J. Crew perfect boatneck (worn here - sim here, slouchier here)
Skirt: Anthro Edme & Esyllte field (worn here - sim mini here, pencil here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper
Jacket: Juicy Couture knit peplum (worn here - sim here, here, luxe here)
Shoes: Kimchi Blue by Urban Outfitters wingtips (worn here - sim here, pump here, luxe here)
Necklace: White Owl via Etsy (worn here - sim stone here)
Clutch: Cole Haan patent (sim here, pouch here, luxe here)


  1. OMG..I love your skirt and your jacket (so unique!) I am the same way. I love Ann Taylor and I can totally recognize AT's pieces when I see them on the street. There is nothing wrong with it =)

  2. Your blazer is amazing!!! My inner geek loves completely impractical poofy dresses with lots of tulle. :)

    And I don't see what's wrong with Anthro or J. Crew centric blogs. There are some retailers that just fit and feel better on some people. I wanted to be an Anthro lover but a lot of their pieces are not particularly useful to me on an everyday level so that's why I try to stay away but their stuff looks amazing on a lot of bloggers so I don't really understand why people felt a need to criticize.

  3. It drives me crazy when others criticize fashion bloggers for talking about their favorite brand. WHO CARES!?!? Those same people probably geek out about certain movies, favorite actors/musicians, video games or things I can't even comprehend like technological thingies (hehe). Point is, it makes you happy and it is a hobby. A HOBBY. Which by definition is a side-interest that makes you happy. I wish people would stop being so critical and just let people enjoy what they enjoy!

    I absolutely adore this outfit. Black and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations! You are rocking it out, girl!

  4. Lisa, love the new header!!! And this outfit is so cute, man I wish I had your style! My inner geek - oh man, beauty stuff for sure, style (not necessarily "fashion"), obsessed with blogs obviously LOL! I love wedding shows, personal finance shows and watching HGTV :P

  5. So glad to see a fellow DS9 fan that also has an affinity for nice clothes. I went to DragonCon the other week and felt like I found "my people"! Your outfit looks great and I'm definitely going to style a solid color skirt with black and white next time!

    Oh yeah, and I'm a huge giants fan, too!

  6. My inner geek loves clothes, cooking and style. I am thrilled to have found like minded women online who share this. I don't only wear J Crew, Anthro or anyone else-but I peruse those stores most frequently. I don't know the names of things, but I do obsess over collection pieces, and have done a few "find it for me" searches. I've found that the "perfect" whatever item of clothing is like a bus - another fabulous piece will be here soon.

    Some of my friends are very interested in clothing as well. Fashion has been my "thing" since I was about 10 years old. Old habits die hard.

  7. i was wearing that skirt yesterday - but i like how you wear it so much better!

    i love photos. i wish i had gone to art school so i geek out over that kind of stuff.

  8. Hahahaha!!! Hail to the Redskins!

    *ahem* Sorry...anyway, LOVE this post. I am a HUGE anime and gaming geek. I've wasted hours of my life playing Nintendo games. The necklace is FAB, by the way...

  9. This is such a cute combo! I love the gold skirt with those stripes! Besides my own wardrobe, I love obsessing over kids clothes, finding treasures on Etsy, book club and Scrabble/Words with Friends.

  10. I love all the little deets in your outfit, especially the collar of the blazer.

    I am a total nerd through and through. I tend to find one thing (i.e. fashion/style blogging) and obsess over it until I get burnt out (like now). I am also obsessed with photography and scrapbooking (yes, complete nerd!).

  11. I'm a closet Trekkie. Also, I've seen every single episode of The Twilight Zone... most of them multiple times. I also have a Scrablle/crossword puzzle/Boggle/any kind of word game obsession. BIG TIME NERD over here.

  12. This look is a.maze.ing. I am also glad to hear a little about your geek-tastic tendencies. I feel like my nerd hobby is creating customized driving and party playlists with hubby. We spend hours on it together.

  13. I'm a geek with you- at least we're in good company :) I love this whole look on you- a perfect mix of chic and fun!

  14. I love the stripes with the bib necklace!

    As for geek love: musical theatre. I was a complete geek for it about 15 years ago. I know every word of Les Miserables (!!).

  15. Lisa, you are killing me with this outfit. I love all of the detailing, especially the shoes. Gimmie, gimmie!!!

    I would definitely call myself a fashion geek, although not quite to the point of obsession. I don't think I could quite go toe to toe with Rachel Zoe and wax poetic on certain designer collections through the ages, but I do love fashion.

  16. GREAT rejoinder to some of those GOMI commenters . . . if that's what you had in mind. :)


  17. A) I found out what the "Anthro gossip and scam" thing was
    B) In doing so, I found comments on pages of said articles about people bitching about this same thing. "you mean there are 60 bloggers dedicated to Anthro?? Get a life!" Excuse me? I totally know where you are coming from. I am pretty much a bonefide thrifter, but I can totally relate to what you are saying here. And that is one thing that I totally appreciate about fashion/style blogging. I love the diversity. I don't have any problem with other interests that people have that differ from mine (like my boyfriend's dwarf car racing or my sister's stamping conventions or my step-dads affection for "the great outdoors" (woof)). I love all the differences that make everyone unique. People that bitch about it should find something to do THEMSELVES. Maybe they are the ones that need a hobby that does not include putting others down or dogging on other people's interests.
    C) Love the yellow skirt
    D) I used to be a religious watcher of WWF wrestling. And by that I mean, like into it. Like "I can't believe they are putting Triple H up against Al Snow" into it. Ten minutes after my son was born, I was watching Thursday night SmackDown in my hospital bed. Nuff said.

  18. We all have things we're into, and I've come to accept that some people just won't understand people who aren't like them. There are those of us who may become borderline obsessed when we like something, or people who have a variety of interests (but do not know one subject particularly well), or those with no interests at all. For example, I personally enjoy all types and brands of bags, but I find it hard to understand how some people can have the same bag/same shape/same brand in various colors. In turn, I'm sure there are people who don't understand why I have no loyalty, haha. At the end of the day, that's what makes us all unique, otherwise the world would be one boring place.

    PS - Did not know you're a Giants fan. I won't be rubbing it in b/c the Skins have a way of imploding, lol.

  19. oh my goodness i love that jacket.

    and i just got your email! send me the q's and i'll get on it. might take me some days b/c of work deadlines so please let me know when you need it by.

    thanks for thinking of me!!

    this outfit might be one of my top faves of yours...

  20. I am a geek over Martha Stewart.
    I have subscribed to her magazine since 1995 and used to VHS all her shows.
    (BTW, I like the old shows best...this format with a live audience is for the birds!)
    I made my husband drive all around Seal Harbor Maine one summer while we were up there trying to find her house.
    And on and on and on...
    I admire how she made herself a brand...how she kicked her husband to the curb when he was cheating with her personal assistant...how she made caring for your home and being a domestic goddess cool again.
    Oh goodness...now you have me swooning!

    And for the record, if anyone called any one of us and told us our stocks were going to take a dump, 99% of us would have done exactly what she did....JUST SAYIN'! ;)

    P.S. Love this on you...you are divine as always!

  21. I'm a super geek about a lot of things. As of late I totally get geeked out with social media...it's kind of scary sometimes.

  22. I love this outfit so much. I want to recreate it, but I want to do so with every single piece that you're wearing!

    Inner geek, huh? Uhhh...I was a cheerleader. Pshaw!

    (Just kidding! I was a cheerleader, but I was also a book nerd and a collector of Archie comic books!)

  23. I haven't had much luck with J. Crew clothes, but like reading J. Crew blogs anyway. When people are very interested in a topic, they're more likely to make it interesting to others, too. I can't see why a blog devoted to a particular retailer is any sillier than a blog devoted to, say, obsessing over the lives of celebrities.

    I used to read X-Men! These days my geekery mostly consists of playing video games. I like Lord of the Rings Online. And I am a big geek for the LOTR movies, too.

  24. I love the mustard and black together! Its so freaking chic! I'm automatically a huge nerd because I'm a math teacher. And I also secretly love Alton Brown and his geeky-ness.

  25. Great outfit! Luv those shoes!


  26. Hmmmm...inner geek! My inner nerdy persona loves to collect cookbooks, thrives off of crafts and has a serious bookworm issue. Anything by the author Walter Mosley will have me running for the nearest store.

    Love this outfit and will probably try to recreate it in the near future. I'll just have to make the necklace and skirt myself. :)

  27. I love this outfit!! The yellow is so cheerful and that necklace is gorgeous. Um... I put my hand up as super geek when it comes to skin care products. I used to be more geeky about fashion in the past (to the point where I could spot runway knockoffs in the chain stores, and name the designer and season of the original), but not so much anymore. But I remain a J. Crew geek/die-hard fanatic!!

  28. Very well said :) And I have GOT to get some statement necklaces like yours, I envy how well you sport them!!

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  30. I'm drooling over your jacket. And wave that nerd flag high! I'd be a j crew and anthro geek if I could afford it. Someday...

  31. Totally with you on the J.Crew and Anthro love. They are definitely two of my favorite stores. I always find about a bajillion things I adore when I go inside.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  32. This outfit is so wonderful. The structured jacket, killer statement necklace oh and your perfect fall colored skirt!

    I am a total geek, so much so that I feel like instead of having an inner geek I have an inner cool girl who occasionally makes guest appearances.

  33. Such a cute look :) I love the happy yellow skirt. And btw- I scream inner geek. Because I have two young boys, I am now learning the different between an autobot and a decepticon, and did you know that there are two spidermen (one black and one red?). Well neither did I. Welcome to my geeky world :)

  34. I'm generally wary of mustard, but your skirt is so fun!

    I may seem super girly on the outside (eyeliner, sorority sister, massive shoe collection), but I bleed green for Eagles football, have an encyclopedic knowledge of all 19 seasons of the Power Rangers(yup, I admit it), loved Wolverine before he was played by Hugh Jackman (love him more now) and very well may become a cat lady one day (only one for now). I always seem to surprise people when I make a Battlestar Galactica reference, even though I think of it as simply a political drama set in space (I owe that description to one of my friends). I'm also almost to the point where I'm not embarrassed by it...almost.


  35. @ Eleanor - I have a Free Martha t-shirt. Had to support her on that one. Hated that they made an example out of her.

    Lisa, this outfit is divine. I really like it. I'm a retail fashion geek, my main squeeze being J Crew although he's disappointed me as of late. I also follow ice hockey, but I'm nowhere near a follower of it as I am of the consumer fashion world. Another great post :)

  36. I just love your ensemble! I'm also crushing on your neck piece! its very pretty and so as your blog, Dear! I hope you'd be able to drop by my blog when you have the time!

    Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen - H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!

  37. I really love reading your blog! You have such a good attitude about everything, and you write so well. And those t-straps...I must check out Urban Outfitters more often.

  38. that pleated lapel is nuts! I love it.
    My inner geek loves video games (mostly old final fantasy) and I used to play them a lot. I went to anime convetions and dressed up too.
    But now my playstaion collects dust, and part of my inner geek feels sad to have lost touch with that.
    But now all that time I would have spent gets diverted to obsessing over sales and blogging.

    Chic on the Cheap

  39. Great outfit. Each piece contributes so well, and the necklace puts it over the top! There are some amazing people out there, and I'm glad Etsy exists to host their creative output.

    Hmmm ... how am I geeky? Let me count the ways. I collect made-up words that I hear(robustify, solutioning, new one today was adminning). I love pi. I am mad for the Star Trek shows. And I am a dedicated thrifter.


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