13 September 2011

Five Minutes With {Love at First Shop}

Welcome to my new feature, ladies, called Five Minutes With ... This feature will post every few weeks and each time will showcase a different one of my favorite style bloggers. I want to use this feature as an easy and fun way to introduce you to a fashionable new obsession or help you to get to know one of your fave bloggers a bit better.

And I am so thrilled that for my debut Five Minutes With ... post, I have for you one of my all-time favorite and most stylish bloggers - Rosa from Love at First Shop!

Rosa's blog was one of the first handful of blogs I started following back when I stumbled upon the world of fashion blogging. I immediately was attracted to Rosa's mix of edgy, modern and fun girlish style and her effortless ability to mix high-low pieces. She's not afraid of rocking bold color or pattern and has an enviable handbag collection. I've followed her blog for nearly two years now and everyday Rosa continues to be a daily read and source of stylish inspiration.

Five Minutes With {Love at First Shop}

1. Whimsical animal prints make me smile.

2. I hate having to decide on what shoes to wear.

3. The best thing I like about blogging is the amazing group of women I would never have “met” otherwise.

4. My least favorite thing about blogging is unnecessarily mean comments left by those who hide behind anonymity. Why try to bring someone down not lift them up?

5. I would love to learn to sew my own clothes one day.

6. Most people don’t know that I played club rugby in college.

7. Yesterday, I should have worn rain boots.

8. Moving to NYC was the moment that changed my life.

9. I can’t live without my iPhone.

10. My latest purchase was Rachel Comey “Mars” Ankle Boots in Leopard. Will be my last purchase for a while!


11. My favorite part of the day is happy hour.

12. I’ve always wondered why everything tastes so much better fried (i.e. pickles, oreos).

13. Marmite was the worst thing I ever ate.

14. To be brave is to think with your heart, not your head.

15. I wish I could be friends with Ryan Reynolds. And by friends I mean FWB.

16. You can tell I am angry when I get uncharacteristically quiet.

17. Birds scare the heck out of me. But for some reason bird prints are alright.

18. “Back Down South” by Kings of Leon is my favorite song of the moment.

19. My favorite useless skill is knowing how to make a great Bloody Mary.

20. Doing an overnight sailing regatta in the middle of a storm is the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Thanks so much for participating, Rosa! And stay tuned, ladies, for another beautiful blogger featured soon!


  1. This was a great post! I look forward to your next one my dear =]

    Lee x

  2. Great idea, and great post. Love at First Shop is one of my favorite blogs as well!

  3. Making a great Bloody Mary is not a useless skill, if you ask me! Yummy! And I love Rosa's blog too!

  4. Great new series Lisa! I love the idea and look forward to reading more. I love Rosa, so it was fun to read more fun facts about her!

  5. So cute! I love the first pic (green cardi/white dress) a lovely interview!

  6. Great idea Lisa. I've enjoyed Rosa's blog for about 2 years as well and also shair your envy of her fun bag collection!!

    Fun questions BTW!

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  8. Great post! I remember finding Rosa on Flickr and have been following her ever since. I love her style.

  9. Oh my goodness what a cute feature, and love Rosa's blog!!

  10. Wow!
    Thanks for sharing - she has an amazing sense of style!

  11. Love this new feature. Rosa is one of my favorite new blogs so great choice!

  12. LOVE THIS FEATURE. I am inspired by Rosa too. Thanks for this!

  13. What a great feature! Rosa is one of my favorites as well!

  14. When I saw Rosa's picture I got confused and thought I was reading the wrong blog! This feature is an amazing idea. Love it! And I've found out some fun facts about Rosa I didn't know before. Love her too!!!

  15. Thanks so much for this feature! I just discovered your blog and really love it. I just followed and am looking forward to more great posts :)

  16. Hooray for Rosa! I loved that she played rugby. I never would have guessed!

  17. I know several people who'd contest that knowing how to make a great bloody mary qualifies as a "useless" skill. ^_- Great post, Rosa and Lisa!

  18. What a great feature! I loved reading about Rosa since I am a big fan of both your blog and hers! And making a good bloody mary is a desirable skill round these parts!

  19. She's so cute! I can't wait to see more featured bloggers. Love the new header, by the way!


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