08 September 2011

Everyday I'm Shuffling

(Starting with a side note: Is anyone else obsessed with Party Rock Anthem? The video was right, it does totally get into your bones - I've got the beat in my head at all times and BF even wants us to learn how to shuffle - egads).


OK, Jillian Michaels, you and I have virtually made-up. Sure, my thighs are too muscular to fit into my trousers anymore without fear of She-Hulking, but I have shoulder definition and biceps, triceps and can start seeing some abs over my belly bulge. I feel stronger now, and I like that feeling.

Since I have officially completed The Shred workout and was going to start Jillian's next series, Ripped in 30, I thought the best thing to do may be to mix my workouts up so I won't get bored with squat thrusts ad nauseum and so I won't be concentrating on just building muscle since my body apparently likes to bulk.

Plus I need to make it easy for myself, since I am All Excuses to NOT workout here. Like the idea of having to drive 10 minutes to get to the gym is enough to turn me off from going. And what is up with Atlanta's lack of sidewalks? It's like the city is telling me it does not want me to go outside to try to run (that's my story anyways). And though my gal pals and I tried last year to workout together regularly, we ended up with way too many excuses to not get together that we got a whole hella nothing done (funny, we don't seem to have the same problem when it's time to go out for drinks ...).

IMG_8034 IMG_8059

Lastly, I can't seem to muster any enthusiasm for any workout that takes a lot longer than 30 minutes. That was one of the reasons that P90X didn't work for me (let's not talk about the whole having to do stuff "to failure" mentality and Tony Horton thinking that at any point he could talk me through to a pullup).

So here's what I've come up with for my perfect-for-now-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-go-outside workout sequence:

Sunday - Yoga Booty Ballet
Monday - 6 Week Six-Pack
Tuesday - The Shred
Wednesday - pilates (this, this or this)
Thursday - Ripped in 30
Friday - Ripped in 30
Saturday - couch (2x)

What do you gals do to stay fit? And what's your favorite excuse(s) for missing or dropping a workout?


Top: Banana Republic safari (worn here - sim here, here)
Skirt: Edme & Esyllte by Anthro helios batik, hemmed (check stores, sim mini here, colors here)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II (worn here - sim here, gah-worthy here)
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff striped pouch (from set of 3, sim here)


  1. OMG, Lisa!!! I am seriously in love with your skirt. I want a pretty skirt too!!! :)

    Lol at she-hulking. My current workout consists of repetitions of nothing and it is terrible. I've had so many stops and starts trying to be consistent with exercising and nothing quite works. I think it would help to have a standing appointment with a personal trainer but that just isn't in the cards at the moment. New workout clothes could help along with a set of outfits at work and home. That will give me less excuse to not go. I've also toyed with the idea of signing up with Weight Watchers (partially because Jennifer Hudson looks fabulous in the commercials I keep seeing), so that I can at least get the eating right part going which would hopefully be followed by the exercising part. One of these days I'm going to get off my lazy ass and just do it. I swear!! :)

    Congrats on all of the new body definition!!!

  2. I love your skirt, and you are looking fab! I commend you commitment to keep exercising. usually when i resolve to start I'll last 10 days, max.
    usually it's because my shower schedule is getting messed up (i have to shower at night and it's a pain to exercise at night, if i switch to mornings i have to take two showers, and that is nonsense.)

  3. I am drooling over your skirt! It is too adorable. Your workout sounds great because you're really mixing it up instead of sticking with the same old thing. I think I've been getting bored of my workout. It could use a change!

  4. Swooning over this skirt! LOVE IT!!!

  5. Love your skirt!!

    I tried to do Jillian Michaels but got soo bored, even though I found it very difficult! I never really pushed myself at the gym, either. Instead, I started doing an outdoor bootcamp with an instructor and a group of people - it's more expensive than the gym, but I actually GO because I feel guilty wasting money, and it's fun and different every time. If you get sick of your videos, you might want to see if there are any in ATL. Classes at the gym are good for changing it up, too.

  6. LOL - the hubs wanted us to learn the shuffle for our last PR project...suffice it to say that it did NOT happen!

    Great skirt - such gorgeous colors and pattern!

    I am full-on yoga girl these day - 1.5 hours 6 days/week (Saturday is rest day). I may walk/elliptical 1-2 days/ week.

  7. Hi! Love your blog; have been reading for a few months now but haven't posted anything yet :) I have been doing Insanity after a girlfriend recommended it. I'm on the third week now and don't feel quite as winded as I did the first week, when just the warm up made me tired! Prior to that I was using my elliptical and prior to that it was absolutely NOTHING! I might check out Jillian Michaels after; thanks! :)

  8. I go walk around the mall :) I HATE working out!

  9. I love Yoga Booty Ballet! Not the most intense workout I've ever done, but the commentary makes me laugh out loud, and it really is good for toning your lower body. If you like YBB, you should try the Butt Bible (which is onDemand right now if you have Comcast). The instructor is INSANELY hilarious (unintentionally, which is the best kind of funny), but it's still a great workout for your butt.

    I've also done some fo the 6-week 6-pack workouts and liked those.

    If you get bored of workouts easily, maybe you should sign up for Netflix so you can try lots of different workouts without actually buying the DVDs.


  10. I'm not going to lie- I love working out but the demanding job and child has taken me down to 3 days a week. I hate cardio so I usually torture myself with sprints or the stairclimber for like 15 min. Then I do lots of plyometrics. Tell me more about the yoga booty ballet video, please!!! And, love that skirt on you:)

  11. Lovely and so pretty skirt on you! That print and color is fantastic. Your workout regime is hard! I can barely get time to do everything. Admire your stamina. I heard about Jillian's workouts, I'm going to have to try it to get my butt into gear and your post just reminded me :)


  12. wow, that print is stunning! i love that you paired it with a classic white blouse. superb my friend, simply superb.

  13. That skirt is amazing! I am mesmerized by it :)

  14. Okay sister. You are motivating me to get out No More Trouble Zones--and this is no easy feat! xo

  15. That skirt is to die for gorgeous.

    I usually do Pilates classes 2x/week, 1 or 2 spin classes/week, weights/elliptical at the gym and the treadmill at home. If I miss a workout it's because of work or travel.

  16. I have to have that skirt. Is it a recent purchase?
    I have picked up my running again, since my BFF was here and challenged me to consider a marathon. I have run almost 10 miles the last three days and have 6 on Saturday. But still not committed. LOL

  17. d'oh! darn you and that skirt- I dithered over adding it to my shopping cart the other night with another popback but the allure was diminished by so many negative, negative reviews online. And yet, here it is looking absolutely splendid on you! I like that you hemmed it- that's probably what makes the stiffer fabric work?

    Lovely! And definitely keep mixing it up on the exercise front (like me- run one night, couch another 2 nights!)

  18. I adore that skirt and you look awesome! But ex-er-cise? What's that?? :) I hate the

  19. ...gym but love walking. It's not enough as I get older though. :(

  20. I love the skirt Lisa...I love all of the colors.

    I am also obsessed with Party Rock Anthem...it's on my playlist twice during my long runs. I think that you have a great workout plan. You really have to find something that works best for you. I'm a gym rat myself and I enjoy my kickboxing classes and I enjoy running. If a miss a workout it's because I'm tired from work, but I usually make up for it the following day.

  21. Woa, that's a lot of Jillian Michaels! I wouldn't be able to stick to a schedule like that, especially if we have only the Yoga Booty Ballet to look forward to on "the fun days!" Sorry, hated that one. Anyhow, I find JM workouts effective but brutal (I've only tried Banish Fat Boost Metabolism, 30 Day Shred, and the easy Biggest Loser Power Sculpt). The fun level is pitifully low, while the dread factor is high, for me anyhow. I always feel like I'm straining, not just physically but mentally too, in her workouts. If it was raining outside, that could be an excuse for me to skip a JM routine. Haha.

    I do love Zumba (the Total Body Transformation set) for cardio. The dance workouts are so much fun, I actually have to force myself not to do them everyday! For (very light) weighted interval training, I prefer Debbie Siebers' mellow Slim Series. They do run 60-80 min per workout, but easily tolerable twice a week. These, plus 1-2 active rest days a week (brisk walking on trail/in park or block-circling in the evening), are my current AND happy method for fitness.

    I agree Netflix is a good place to sample new workout dvds. If you have the Exercise TV On Demand channel, you should definitely take a look. There are some very funny -- but effective? -- stuff there worth checking out ("Butt Bible," anyone?). The Billy Blanks, Jr. dance routines are a guilty pleasure of mine.

  22. Beautiful skirt!

    Kudos to you for working out! I can already see some serious muscle definition on your legs. You look great! (and now I'm getting on my treadmill for my 5K -- the one that has a tv) LOL

  23. I so have that song stuck in my head now :) Jillian and I need to reconcile. It's been too long, but man - results.

  24. I'm with Anonymous about trying Exercise TV on Demand. That's where I get my JM fix as well as the Butt Bible (HILARIOUS but good!). Since I opted out of my gym membership after 6 solid years (they refused to negotiate a reduced membership fee despite the fact a new, bigger gym was offering memberships $20/cheaper), I ended the relationship and have taken to outdoor cardio and inhouse workouts. I do like JM but sometimes get bored with the workouts so that's why Exercise TV on demand is nice, they offer a variety of things to try without shelling out $ for a DVD.

    As always, you look great Lisa. You always wear something that I never thought about and then make me want to buy it!! :)

  25. I have to hand it to you with the video home workouts...way to stick with it. I can't workout at home. It's the gym or bust! I think a "where's the beach" muscle pose is in order soon in one of your OOTD's! I love this skirt on you. The print is so fantastic, and the paperbag waist is too fabulous. With your red pops of styling, ....fab. sheer fab.

  26. i LOVE that song! It's definitely on my workout play list. I like to either run outside, or alternate elliptical/treadmill at the gym. I haven't really started with weights yet.

    Love your skirt today! Gorgeous

  27. This outfit is so beautiful. I love the colors in your skirt and the waistline is divine.

    My BF is all about staying in shape and as much as I hate couples who work out together (especially in matching outfits) he really is the best motivator. We have a fit deck and every day we do 10 cards out of the fit deck and then do our daily stretching with light push ups and sit ups. Every other day we do an interval run. It's helping me stay energized and I've been sleeping so much better!

  28. I love the dress; you totally rock out in it. Fabulous.

    I like to swim. It is easier on the joints and it doesn't feel like I am trying so hard to exercise.

  29. I Love love your skirt and this whole outfit!! I only lasted 1 week with the P90X and then I gave up. I talked about going to the gym, but decided I rather save the money and buy Wii fit. Now I have the Wii for 2 weeks and only played on it 3 times...lol

    I'm totally horrible at staying fit, but great at making healthy food for a diet..ha ha

  30. That skirt is adorable!! Love.

    I try to workout 5 days a week -- a combo of strength training and cardio. I recently pulled out my "10 days to a Better Body" and really like it as well as my Jillian videos.

    Now if I could only be better about healthy eating . . .

  31. Hi there. Just found your blog yesterday. I love it, especially since we have a very similar body type (I'm also 5'2" and Asian... not sure about US size as I live in Canada but I think we're similar). I read your post about shopping in Singapore and how sizes are much smaller there. I experienced the same thing when I went to Japan. I was able to fit a medium, but forget jeans. Seriously, some jeans were so skinny that I don't think the leg would even fit my arm!!

    I just wanted to add my two cents worth about P90X. Personally, I love this program. I'm actually partway through my second round. I saw pretty good results after the first round, but now that I'm way fitter and stronger, I can really push myself and get the most of the workouts. I also have Insanity and try to add in an Insanity workout every week for a cardio component (because Kenpo X sucks). I've been a runner for over a decade and done weight training on my own, but have never been able to achieve anywhere the results I have with P90X.

    Even if you don't have the time to do the full workout, you can always just do half (a lot of the resistance workouts are easy to cut in half, like Chest & Back). There's also no need to slavishly follow the program. I've never - not even when I trained for a half-marathon - worked out 6 days in a row. I usually do 2-3 days, rest, then another 2-3 days.


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