12 August 2011

To the Max

Thanks for your great comments and compliments about my color blocked outfit the other day. When I initially pulled the pieces from my closet, I was half-thinking of some sort of "this is what happens when you overdo a trend" post because I thought I was going to be totally out there with the look. Then I put everything on and went "hey, this kind of works." And BF approved, and buddies approved, and you guys approved - even the light-ratio-to-camera-lens-for-good-photo gods approved. It was a nice little outfit score for me.


And then I come to the days after a really good outfit. I like the inspiration and challenge of putting together interesting outfits, but come on, we don't have winners all (or most) of the time. Sometimes we have a run of "meh"-worthy ensembles, or outfits that work in our heads the evening before but don't translate to real life and have us scrambling for anything else in the morning. Sometimes you're stuck with "I loved my outfit from yesterday, but now what - how do I top myself?" Even though I know there's no competition here - personal mental pressure!

As much as I absolutely adore the inspiration that has come from fashion blogging, sometimes I do feel pressured to put together extra-interesting outfits for my posts. Personal pressure again! I could get by with "just being dressed" in public, but amongst you fella fashionistas, I have to do better than that. And while 99% of the time I love love love fashion and styling myself, sometimes I have a mental creative block and can't put two pieces together. And it did bother me for a while. It almost felt like for a bit I was dressing to blog instead of blogging what I wore.

IMG_7191  IMG_7187

But as quickly, I got over myself. I take pictures of my outfits and post them because I enjoy it, not because I have to, so if I don't feel it or can't get my act together, I just won't post an outfit for a day or two or whatever. We're all regular women here with lives and priorities outside of blogging. Not having a super-fantastic-best-dressed-in-the-world-in-my-mind outfit does not mean I'm not trying, or I don't have an interesting unique look, and if I just don't feel it, so what. World keeps spinning, fellow bloggers and readers are not pointing fingers and abandoning me, it's OK.

So here's a slew of questions for you ladies - How much time do you spend planning your outfits for the week? How long does it take you to get dressed in the mornings? If you fashion blog, do you photo and post your outfits even if you're not completely satisfied with it? Do you feel pressured sometimes to put together more adventurous and time-consuming looks specifially because of blogging?


Dress: Forever 21 textured maxi (sim v-neck here)
Jacket: Anthropologie Daughters of the Liberation cropped wisley (worn here before, sim here, here, here)
Belt: Anthropologie looping lanes (worn here before, sim here)
Necklace: camelia overlay via Overstock (sim here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before, sim here, here)


  1. I love that dress on you. Very flowy and perfect for summer =)

  2. This dress is great on you...you look so pretty!
    As far as outfit planning goes, it depends how motivated I'm feeling. Sometimes I will spend a few hours on a Sunday trying on outfits for the week. Other times it's a total last minite scramble. I sometimes will post an outfit I'm not totally happy with...other times not lol...depends on how bad of a train wreck it is ;)

  3. I LOVE this dress. It looks great on you. I'm a big fan of flowiness, and this dress has plenty of it! :)) It looks really fun to wear :))


  4. Lisa! That dress is fantastic. I want to run over Forever 21 right now and buy it! It is so pretty.
    I have often toyed with the idea of starting fashion blog of my own, but am always worried it would be too boring. I love getting dressed, but quite honestly, I only put real clothes on 4-5 days a week, the rest I usually am in lounge clothes if I am not leaving my house. Do you post your outfits day of or whenever you feel like it? Do you feel a pressure to post something every day?
    Anyway, I love this outfit.

  5. I really enjoyed reading this post. I think blogging is so interesting because it makes you aware of audience as you write, take pictures, brainstorm ideas for topics, etc. I decided to challenge myself and post everyday, so I am feeling a little bit of pressure to have a great post by the end of an often tiring evening...which is why most of my posts are timestamped 11:59 p.m. LOL. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Seriously my jaw dropped when I saw this dress, it's gorgeous!!

    I don't spend that much time getting ready (dressing anyway, makeup is another story) - I used to look at my closet and think "I have nothing to wear!" but since I started blogging I think I've been more creative and have shopped better so items in my closet just seem to go together a lot better and I'm slowly getting over those "rules" that you get stuck in your head. I don't post all my outfits, not b/c I worry about not looking creative or anything but a lot of my outfits are repeats :P I am a regular person after all and I don't have an unlimited so I will wear the same outfits week to week. I don't really bother posting it if it's something I've already shown on the blog.

  7. Gorgeous pairing. The short printed jacket is such a pretty and fresh counterpoint to the ladylike dress. I love!

  8. I spend about five minutes "planning" my outfit before I walk out the door in the mornings. A lot of times it is trial and error. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Sometimes I love it and other hate it or vice versa. I feel the personal pressure as well and I am sure all bloggers do to some degree. However, I love this maxi dress on you so I hope you liked your outfit today!

  9. Yep, sometimes I feel the pressure of having to post something great in terms of an outfit too. During the school year I post whatever I wore to school, sometimes good outfit and sometimes the meh outfits. But during the summer I try not to scare everyone away with my PJ's and gym wear. BTW, I love this floaty maxi on you!

  10. It takes me FOREVER to get dressed in the morning. I usually try on 3-5 different combinations before I'm happy with what I have on. I do think it's partly because of blogging. I'm always thinking "Oh I can't wear this. They just saw me in it a few days ago" or "This is too plain. No one wants to see this".

  11. Lisa I love this dress on you, you look so summery. (duh.) And to answer your questions, yes I do feel more pressure if I am going to post an outfit. This is part of the reason I took a break from blogging, just to breathe. And I know this is a major delay, but I haven't really been commenting on blogs lately, but CONGRATS on your engagement. Hoorah!

  12. The day I take a picture is usually not the day I dress up nicely. If my outfit is not cotton, I tend to change to lounge wear right after I get home before hubby get any chance to take picture. I typically think of what I want to wear in the shower, unless I read somewhere about specific fashion topic like EBEW. My biggest time sync is picking the cardigan to go over whatever I had. Maybe because I have too much choice :P giggle.

    Glad you finally decide to try maxi dress. I love how this dress flows. The color is very nice too, remind me the gown a roman goddess wears :-)

  13. First of all, you have amazing style! I love your outfit today. That dress is Gorgeous. Yes, I do feel pressure sometimes. I'm a casual dresser most days because I have a 1 year old & well he requires casual. I look at other bloggers and think WOW but in reality prancing around in heels all day is too impractical for me. I don't dress for my blog, I dress for my life. I keep my blog real so what you see is what you get!

  14. If I plan the outfit the night before, I am dressed in 5 minutes flat. If I'm standing in front of the closet in the morning, I'm usually running late and my brain freezes. I don't always feel so good in those outfits. I don't create outfits specifically for the blog because I don't share ootd outfits daily. I don't feel the pressure. That said, I *do* think about whether an outfit is one I want to bother sharing or not. I don't feel like they have to be particularly exciting, though.

    The dress is awesome on you. And I like seeing how you work that jacket into your different looks.

  15. I don't know if I've ever seen you in a maxi before, but this one is simply fabulous. I love the feminine quality of it paired with the flowered blazer.

    I don't plan all of my outfits and that can cause me to throw on whatever and that's why I don't post all of my outfits. I don't have the most exciting wardrobe, but I do feel some pressure to at least put something out there that is creative and stylish.

  16. Oh I totally know what you mean about getting trapped in that bloggy/fashiony whirl. Cath and I are known around town as "the fashion bloggers' too so even without a camera I sometimes feel I have to do better just grabbing a quick bite in town. Cath and I usually just blog about fashion/outfits a few times a week. Doing it without pressure and just when we feel like it has helped us keep the blog going for four years.
    Love your maxi - you look gorgeous!

  17. I totally know what you mean! I don't spend that much time planning outfits (it's usually a mad scramble morning of, I'm terrible at planning ahead) and sometimes I just really dislike how the outfit looks or photographs and I won't publish it, or even bother taking pictures. I try to only showcase outfits I really like on my blog. And I totally feel pressured to dress better if I know I'm going to be taking pictures! :)

  18. What a cute Maxi dress! I've been wanting to try a maxi, but the floral prints scare me away. There is a fine line between fun florals and a muumuu.
    LOVE this one.

  19. such a pretty maxi, so feminine and ethereal. i don't spend too much time planning ahead, so i always scramble in the morning.

  20. Being a fashion blogger does make me over think a outfit sometimes. I usually try to put on what I like regardless though.

    You look lovely and I really like your 70's style maxi dress.

    Have a wonderful weekend! :)

  21. I really like this dress on you! The outfit really looks amazingly well-planned, not MEH at all! I am not usually a planner. I like to pick things as I go, which means I take a while getting dressed -_- Not the best of ideas, but it works for me :) When I DO have occasions where I want to look AWESOMETASTIC, I spend a couple days planning them.♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  22. I really like this outfit! I think you did a great job of following up a great outfit. Sometimes I plan my outfits out in excruciating detail, but sometimes I just stand in front of the closet and grab things and hope for the best. :)

  23. wow! You are a tall drink of water in this outfit. So gorgeous!!!

    I tend to visualize outfits in my mind and if I have time, play in my closet on the weekend. Sometimes it works and then sometimes when the workday morning rolls around, something hits me that is different than what I planned out. I rarely wake up not knowing what to wear at all. Mostly because if I spend any large amt. of time trying on different things I'll be late for work! ha! I do take into consideration that I'll be posting pictures. I'd say 99% of my outfits get posted. The only ones that don't are the days when I'm literally running around in the community and I have to wear something with my Gov't ID on it. No one cares to see THAT, it's not all that exciting. What I love about the blogs I follow that it's women wearing real things that I can relate to. So if it's a fun day dress or a pair of jeans and sweater, I still gather inspiration from it because it's relateable. While super trendy items are fun to see on people, I can't relate to wearing it IRL.

  24. I feel like if I actually spent time planning I may feel better about my outfits. Lately I have felt a lot of pressure with photographing and publishing my outfit photos and sometimes I end up just taking a little break from it all. I have so much enjoyed the fashion blogging community and the inspiration I have received, so I try not to let the pressure get to me! :)

    Just have to say, I love this dress so much. I have a cream dress and I plan to style it into Fall...hope that's not too awful taboo for fashion rules!!

  25. My outfit planning is a daily task. I'm not a pre-meditator. Although I do experience the ease of it, I just prefer not to do it. In my mind that's one additional thing I have to do at night and that list is long as it is. As for photos, I've learned not to ever post photos of outfits you were never think about wearing again. If I wouldn't consider repeating it, why would I brag about it?

  26. I hear ya - sometimes I feel really inspired and love what I am wearing, sometimes not so much. I typically post anyways, and sometimes I get more responses to outfits I feel are more boring. So you never know!

    You look great in this maxi dress. Now I have to stop myself from buying it! But it seems like it could be very versatile. I am just leery of F21 sizing. (Yes, I am debating out loud).

  27. The maxi dress is very pretty on you! Lots of interesting questions here... I don't do much planning when it comes to outfits, as it's rare that I have a lot of time to play around with what's in my wardrobe. So, I tend to recycle a few different outfits that I know work well, until I decide it's time to try something new. Now that I've started documenting outfits for my blog, I do find that I am putting a lot more effort and thought into planning outfits these days and there is pressure to put together something that has some "wow" factor to it. It does feel like "all the world's a stage" these days!

  28. Wow, that maxi dress is STUNNING. You look seriously gorg.

    And as far as blogging goes, I have gone through a "to quit or not to quit" phase because I really did feel that pressure to post every day. I think I actually did post every day for the first 8 or 9 months and then I realized that no one cares that much. No one is going to freak out if I take a day (or two or three or a week) off from posting pictures. I also sometimes get into an "I have nothing to wear" funk or I look a mess because it's 99 degrees out and I just spent an hour on the train and I'm not feeling it.

    I try my hardest to plan outfits for the week on Sunday that way it takes me like 5 minutes to get dressed during the week. Sometimes it doesn't work out that way though. Like last week. It took me like 10 or 15 minutes of staring blankly into the closet to pick something. Every day, lol. Definitely depends on the week or the day. :)

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  29. This maxi is fabulous on you! Love the blazer with it!


  30. I LOVE this maxi dress. So freakin' cute.

    I definitely know what you mean by "dressing to blog." Sometimes you do start thinking that what you would normally wear isn't interesting enough for your blog....I hate that feeling! I try to remind myself that the point of the blog is not to be as wacky as possible - the point is to just be myself.



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