25 August 2011

I Think I'm Doing This Wrong


Yesterday was my last official day of doing the The Shred. And save for missing two days due to travel, I did the dang Shred - or as BF likes to call it, the Rage - every single day for the past month. And I didn't change my eating habits because my goal really wasn't to lose weight, it was to get toned and fit and alright, to lose a little bit of weight. What? I'm a girl, I think we're all (unfortunately) born with this predilection!

And what are my results after a month of diligent Shredding? Um, can I complain a little here? Because I gained two pounds. Sure, sure, I know, muscle weighs more than fat and I probably traded in some muscle for fat here - and I know it is not really about the scale but about how clothes fit you that counts. Yes, I am perfectly well aware that I really should feel blessed about my strong healthy body and be nothing but thankful. I know that I really have nothing to complain about. But can I please be indulged for the few minutes you gals spend on my blog today and have my childish whiney-whine?

So how do my clothes fit me? Well uh ... I believe I've out-thighed myself out of almost every single pair of slacks I own. Seriously. I tried on some slacks when I was picking my outfit for my recent trip and literally every single pair fit really tight in the thighs and even kind of tight in the waist. Like ridiculously I-can't-for-sure-wear-them-to-a-meeting-because-I-may-have-to-bend-down-and-my-thighs-could-very-well-Hulk-Hogan-themselves-out-of-the-seams.

IMG_7565 IMG_7595

Oh Jillian Michaels, you've jump-squatted me out of my clothes!

I expected no miracles here as I didn't change my eating habits, but I did start incorporating 20+ minutes of drenched-self inducing workouts every single day. And I didn't replace other exercises with The Shred because honestly I hadn't been doing anything more strenuous than sitting on my butt and breathing for the past few weeks. And I certaintly didn't lolligag through the exercises either, I really really got into them. I busted my butt for you, lady, every day. I even bought your next two videos so I could continue the daily burn/rage. So all I did was pretty much build some muscle on top of my fat?

So does this mean what I think it means? Does this mean that mini She-Hulk here needs to start adopting some better/lighter/healthier eating habits? Does this mean I need to cut back on consuming three square meals of carbs each day to start seeing more personally positive results? I'm certainly a diet/exercise dummy here, so any advice would be appreciated!


Top: Deletta by Anthropologie pleated yoke
Skirt: Edme & Esyllte by Anthropologie circle the globe (worn here - sim here, pleated here, maxi here)
Belt: Asos metal keeper (and green and black)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction swim n fool (worn here - sim here, luxe platform here)
Earrings: T+J Designs
Outfit inspired by Rachel


  1. I tried doing 30 Day Shred a couple years ago and only lasted about two weeks because I got bored, haha. I had every word and move memorized! I'm a big fan of Bar Method and Dailey Method for getting long and lean. I've only been going for a short amount of time, so no crazy results yet, but all the women who are in the classes I go to have these long, lean muscles and ballet bodies, so something must be working! I love that top and skirt together and I never would have thought to pair it w/the leopard flats-- very cute!

  2. No advice, because I'm equally a diet/exercise dummy--but I sympathize!

  3. Yeah lady, you need to change your eating habits! My fiance is a personal trainer/nutrionist, so email me if you want a lot of detail, but in a nutshell, you need more protein, less carbs. It's 75% diet, even if you aren't trying to lose weight. If you're not eating right and working out, you're not going to get optimal results.
    That being said, you look fantastic and I love this outfit!

  4. No advice from me either, because not only am I a diet/exercise dummy, I'm also a lazy bum who completely lacks the self-discipline to stick to any kind of exercise routine. So despite the two-pound gain and busting out of your slacks, kudos for sticking to the Shred! Anyway, thanks for the shout-out and love that we're belated colour-twinsies. :)

  5. I gained weight after doing the Shred two months ago, but I definitely noticed more muscle tone in my arms. You look really fit though in your pics...love your outfit! I'm really bad at watching my diet, but it really does make a difference. Light weight training is also really good for you.

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  7. Oh that is disappointing :/ I know how that feels to. As someone who has also been pretty blessed on the metabolism scale, I often workout in hopes of becoming healthier and less in hopes of making a major life change. As a result I think I expect some quick results, and when in fact the results are the opposite of what I expect I am the first to back track. Back to Just Dance and nachos for everyone!

    I would bet that you gained some muscle in your butt, and well, J.Lo's booty didn't move like that because it was jiggly :)

    Also, I happen to think you look fantastic!

  8. So cute, I love the pop of color in your belt! And those shoes are perfect, reminds me that I need to break out my leopard heels. And I'm no expert on food/weight loss stuff so sorry I can't help much.

  9. Well, if you're anything like me, maybe step back a bit now and ease up for a couple of weeks. I went for a 45 minute run 4-5 days a week through June and July and was totally frustrated to only get bigger and lose nothing. After 3 weeks of absolutely slacking (vacation- some long walks on the beach, that's it) I've suddenly dropped 5 pounds and things are definitely firmer!

    I forgot that happens with me- maybe you have a lazy metabolism too!

    Or maybe you just require some long walks on the beach...I recommend it!

  10. First of all, you look AH-mazing! But I know where you are coming from bc Cath and I keep discussing the same thing: not weight loss necessarily (though we won't argue if some fat wants to just fly off), but getting toned like we were when we danced 7 days a week.
    What I would suggest is actually not eating too much less, but maybe working your muscles differently. I don't know much about Jillian's workouts (a few of my friends do use her though), but I'm pretty sure that her methods as well as most cardio/toning people push, kinda do bulk you up.
    That was one awesome thing about dancing, you build a really strong body, but it's lean. If you have any interest in Modern dance or ballet, I would definitely try a few classes. Or (if you're like me and enjoy the convenience of an at-home video work out), I highly recommend Tracy Anderson. Cath and I have been using her videos for years and years, and she is the only one that has worked our muscles the same way intensive ballet training did. It would help if I actually used the vids on a regular basis, but I swear if you do, you will get leaning and still very, very toned.
    Whew! I think this is the longest comment I've ever left in blogging history! Sorry to be so long-winded, but I hope that helps!

  11. +2 pounds or not, you look fabulous!!! I completely know what you mean. You work so hard for so long, shouldn't the scale be showing you some love?! My husband assures me that muscle helps your metabolism work faster, thus working off more of the food you eat... BUT... I'm just not sure us gals can rationalize that!

    Gorgeous outfit, and congrats on all the motivation!!!


  12. I know nothing about healthy diets but you look fantastic to me, two pounds gain or not. I am pretty bulky myself so I don't really know how to make one's body leaner - but if you figure it out, I'd be interested to know. :D

  13. I don't think you need to do a darn thing! You look absolutely stunning everyday and your humor gets me through tedious work time. Keep it up!

  14. First off, I love what you are wearing and your hair looks great. It's getting so long! I also think you are gorgeous but know what you mean about getting toned.
    Diet is definitely key to losing lbs unfortunately. That's the hard part. Good luck!

  15. I decided that my post was more of a personal rant so I deleted it! You look lovely! I typically gain before I loose so hang in there. Love the outfit!

  16. My husband and I have been hitting up the gym for the past year, and we went pretty heavily over the summer, incorporating cardio and weights. We saw results in the beginning but are now plateauing. I think it has to do with our diet also. I have the same problems in my thighs as well and that's why I've been sticking to skirts and dresses. But one thing, we stopping going to the gym for about a week because I had lasik done and we lost weight. So it's definitely the muscles that are 'weighing' you down.

  17. Confucius says: Eat 80% full at dinner. Eat dinner early. Go to sleep early so you won't have midnight cravings. Eat a good breakfast and protein based lunch. OK, maybe Confucious didn't say all that, but the Chinese believe "eat full at breakfast, eat good lunch, eat less dinner" and "walk after dinner" is a good way to good health.

  18. i gave up 30 day shred; it was hurting my knees far too badly.

    i'm starting to watch portion sizes and may cut alcohol out except for one night a week. red wine has a ton of calories

  19. This just made me laugh. You poor thing working so hard and then to have this clothing issue :)

  20. I'm not sure how old you are, but I know that as soon as I hit 30, I noticed my metabolism changed. I had always been able to eat whatever I wanted (and I do mean whatever) and not notice it, but that is certainly not the case anymore. Sadly, we must all come to terms with that at some point, I think. :)

    Also, I've been doing the Shred as well, but I've been alternating it with a little yoga. You may just have a body type that is prone to bulking rather than lengthening, so you may have to change it up a bit to get the results you want. I know I've definitely noticed a change in tone, but not so much a change in weight.

    All this being said, you do look great! And, really, what's more important is how you feel. If you're feeling good, go with it, if not, change it up until you do! :)

  21. Haha this post cracked me up, and I too struggle with not wanting to indulge in 3+ meals of carbs a day. (And then not just wanting to, but going ahead and indulging). Either way, you look incredibly fit, so I wouldn't worry too much!

  22. Love the outfit! That skirt is adorable.
    Maybe instead of doing the Shred every day, you can break up your cardio days with your strength training days. I used to do 3 days of cardio and 2 days of strength training. Now I've upped my strength training to 3 days a week. I really think alternating between the two helps with toned muscle, but not bulking up with muscle. I have a huge list of home DVD workouts if you need any suggestions :)

  23. HEY LISA! : ) Keep doing what you're doing for exercise unless you are plateauing. And yes diet plays a huge role. Don't worry about the scale too much. You got to wait and see the real results when you eat more lean, more frequent, and more healthy food! And your arms look nice and toned already so looks like you're on the right track aside from eating habits. Try bodyrock.tv for short and intense workouts. I love them!


  24. Ugh, that's the worst! I like "The Rage" so much better. Jillian tends to put me in a rage too.
    You look great, so maybe focus on how strong your she-hulk thighs are now. Who knows really.

  25. I think you look great! Love the top with the skirt. I have it in the same color and think I will try and copy that. :)
    I like drinking coffee before my workouts (which is just running). I always burn more calories when I do than when I don't. It usually ends up being ~115 calories vs. ~85 calories per mile on my heart rate monitor.

  26. You look super chic today!!

    Do you feel more-muscled now that you've done the workouts?? Sometimes that's the problem/solution: that you're technically in better shape but your clothes don't necessarily fit. I'm always on the eat more fruits and veggies train, so maybe sub them in for higher calorie snacks. Either way, working out = healthier!

  27. Feeling like you're going to bust out of your pants in the thigh area.....sucks.
    Looking great in your outfit today....score!

    And I love the shoes!

  28. I think you look great. I'm 65% thighs myself so I feel your pain on Hulk Hoganing yourself out of your pants. You can always whine to me about that.

    I think like most have said you'll have to make some changes to your diet and do a consistent mix of cardio, strength training and balance/resistance/lengthening(yoga, pilates etc.)type exercises if your goal is to have a noticeable change to your body.

  29. I have no advice since I'm trying to change my eating habits and eat better meals. I'm a carb girl to so I understand exactly where your coming from.

    BTW, I love your outfit simple pieces paired with fabulous animal print shoes. Thanks for the link to your earrings. I may have to buy a pair!! :)

  30. Have you tried PureBarre? It's great for adding muscle/toning without bulking up.
    You look great, though!

  31. To be fair, shred is definitely thigh intensive, so I'm not surprised it bulked yours up.


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