29 August 2011

Having a Moment

I hope Irene was a non-event for most of you ladies and you can all still look forward to enjoying the impending Labor Day weekend with(or -out) your friends and fam!


So on average I consider myself to be a pretty decent member of modern society - I hold the door open for people behind me, I don't throw trash on the streets, I return shopping carts to the corral, I don't get on the 15 items or less line with 16 items, I don't steal parking spots if I notice someone else already going for it, etc.

But once in a while, I fail. Actually about once a year, I have a douchebag moment - completely unintended of course, but it happens, and honestly the sooner it does in a given year, the quicker I can mentally check that off and have it behind me. So let's call this post my annual bad person confessional.

This year's D-bag moment waited until this past weekend, when I was drawn by a power beyond me to go grabbing for a box of toys (for the nephew) near the bottom of a Costco-size display of the exact same toy, whereupon, of course I started the unstoppable avalanche of Erector sets. And as I was alone in said aisle and turning twelve shades of purple, I turned on the big neon "D" on my forehead and walked slowly away from the mess, la dee da.

IMG_7762 IMG_7769

Last year, my big D held out until literally the last possible day and involved another superstore, my BF and my pup. BF and I were so excited about adopting our little furry pile of love that we didn't realize until we were on our way home from the pound that we had nothing to support a dog - not a collar, not a spec of food, not a bed. So we detoured it to our neighborhood pet supply store, BF with Pacey in tow and me pushing a shopping cart. Halfway down the first aisle, poor anxiety-ridden pup couldn't hold it in anymore and made a splattering - uh huh - mess on the floor. So BF and I did what any other decent new dog owner would do and wordlessly parted ways - he towards the exit with the pup and me whistling my way down the aisle and through the rest of the store to finish our shopping.

I recall driving too close to a parked car when I was just learning and bending its side view mirror all the way back, then skitting off at my breakneck 20mph. I knocked the arm off one of my dad's porcelain statues as a kid and super-glued it back on without telling him. I convinced my high school music teacher to write me a tardy slip even though we both knew I had been goofing off somewhere. I was ticked that someone was following me too closely on the highway so I tapped my brakes (hard) and squealed them away.

IMG_7764 IMG_7737

Typing this all out is giving me a major case of the Guilties, even though those some of those incidents occurred a long time ago, and thankfully they were brief and rare. And if I could totally go back and undo or choose not to do them, I totally would.

Oh please tell me that I am not alone in human faulty-hood. Let's play bloggy confessional - do you have any rare "why in the world did I do that?" moments you'd like to share?

Dress: Velvet via Anthro whirligig (sim here, Dreamy Drape orange twin here)
Belt: Anthro city safari (worn here - sim-ish here, if this belt was a pair of shorts here)
Shoes: Seychelles she's got the moves (worn here)
Earrings: T+J Designs (worn here)
Polish: Opi teal we meet again


  1. Oh, Lisa, this dress looks fantastic on you! The cut, the color--so perfect. I forgot completely about the belt, and this post just got me so excited about it!

  2. I was at a law firm's new office open house (for work) late last year and was eating a carrot stick. An attorney for the firm asked me a question about my work (we use their firm for our employment legal issues), and I swallowed, then answered - only to have a renegade piece of carrot fly out of my mouth AND ON TO HIS GLASSES. We both just stared in silence, and then he took his glasses off and wiped them...then just walked away. I DIED. DIED.

    (PS, I like your combo here...I might try that tomorrow :) )

  3. I love your belt so much!!!

    I'm certainly no saint. I have douchebag moments too but then I beat myself up about it way after everyone else has forgotten the incident.
    I'm a really non-confrontational person. I avoid fights and disagreements like the plague, but every so often I just BLOW UP.
    Now, it's normally not to a person or anything. For instance, I recently put up a grumpy facebook status about the London riots and the brats who were doing it. Afterwards I felt so mean. I worried myself sick because I thought everyone thought I was a terrible person (even though it got, like, a billion likes).

    All we can do is learn from these things =]

    Lee x

  4. You look fab girlie! I'm loving the belt btw ;)
    Thank God Irene was uneventful, I still have power and water, I was just frustrated that the MTA had to shut down, felt like I was under house arrest all weekend!!! >_<

  5. Hmmmm...I can't think of anything right now so I'll get back to you with my list..ha ha

    That dress looks great on you and I love the print on your belt! Once again I need a pair of those earrings!! :)

  6. The dress looks lovely on you!

    Me? I NEVER had a moment like that in my life... not sure what you're talking about. :D

  7. oooh! I bought that lovely dress in navy but in that orange color I'm debating an exchange! It looks fab on you!

    Oh, I've had a few douchey moments, but off hand I can't think of any! My mind is blank. Now, ask Mr. M and he could tell you a ton!!!

  8. I just love that dress on you. I never looked twice at it, but now I will!

    I think your actions are perfectly human. Just like every single other person out there. We are all human and all have some silly missteps at one time or another (or a lot). Don't fret. Goodness knows I fail multiple times a day, especially with my kids. The good news is...everyone is human and everyone makes a mistake here or there!

  9. These days, every time I drop something in stores I just walk away. I can't bend over easily these days, so that's my excuse. I don't return carts. I've stolen parking spaces, cut people off. I finally let go of the guilt. I'll right everything again in the future. lol*

    You look lovely in the whirlgig!

  10. This post cracked me up big time Lisa! You are so funny, and I have totally had something fall/make a mess in a store and I've run away from it! I've also had my dog do his business and not have a bag to pick it up, so we do the poop and run :) You're not alone!
    You look gorgeous in this color by the way!

  11. such a pretty dress - the color and neckline look fab on you! And I know we all have these moments, its just great that we can laugh about them later even though at the time we might be mortified. This post was really funny!!

  12. Lisa you slay me. I love how honest you are. Of course we all have those moments.

    I did probably a good baker's dozen's worth of hit and runs from ages 16-25. Mostly parking. Once it was two cars at one time. One was the day after I got my license. (Don't worry, my hit and run karma kicked my ass in the end wherein I was hit by a speeding car running a yellow light, totaling my car, the driver drove off never to be found again). Woopsie.

    This dress is RAVISHING on you. Truly amazing. And your belt is so adorable! Love this outfit. Loved the post just as much.

  13. That belt is completely awesome...and don't worry, we all have our moments lol

  14. That is an amazing outfit. I'm going to be on the hunt for the City Safari belt for sure now! I have to confess there was more than one time when I broke/jammed/used all the paper and staples/etc. the copy machine at work and left the copy room because I was in a hurry. Please don't judge! =P

  15. i LOVE this dress - so much so its my bridesmaids dresses! and i'll be donning it tomorrow for a work event!

    i usually say something stupid. gah.

  16. Effortlessly chic, as always!

  17. I love the new dress! Great pairing with the belt.

    I tend to get road rage more often than I should and don't let people in front of me like I should.

  18. this dress is gorgeous on you! the cut and drape...it's just beautiful. oh how i wish i could wear this color. and the belt looks amazing with it. it all works beautifully together! ~ susan

  19. I have a lot of those moments, usually involving my husband and small little things that I flip out over. I love the orange dress from Anthro with that belt! I would have never thought to put those two together but I can totally see why you did. It's genius! I recently convinced my sister to buy this dress and am excited for her. The color is gorgeous.

  20. LOVE the dress on you - the colour looks amazing. I got it too (in the purple-pink) and can't wait to wear it.
    I have many D-bag moments...like sending out an email to the whole company when i shouldnt have!

  21. your belt is amazing!!


  22. Lisa you look so beautiful in these pictures and what an amazing dress!! Sadly we all have those D moments, I try to forget them completely if at all possible ;)

  23. Ha Ha- Loved this post! I'm glad I'm not the only one who has D-bag moments! Your dress is GORGEOUS, I love it!!!

  24. Love this post! Cute stores. We all have those moments and loved that your shared them :)


  25. The dress is just....wooow....beautiful!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  26. i love this dress on you, that belt is simply perfect with this dress. simply beautiful.

  27. I'm jealous you got the whirligig! I've tried to order from popbacks 3 times and had it cancelled 3 times, booohiss! It looks great on you!

    And my husband and I did the same thing with our dog, but after he leapt out of the car and tried to run away at the gas station (hence the name Zipper) we took him home and stayed in our apt with him while J went on the Petsmart trip.

  28. You are wearing one of my favorite color combos! Gorgeous!

  29. Amazing dress dear!
    Gorgeous blog! Following! Follow back? <3


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