03 August 2011

Gingham Goes Tribal


I haven't broken any bones yet after wearing my cheapie Target platform sandals to death (and I've surprisingly survived these loafers) so my usual klutz-magnet self is feeling a bit bold and bad and I'm venturing into untested territory for myself - a platform shoe with a skinny(er) heel.

I've teetered a bit this morning but not yet tottered, so we'll see if I survive the day in these babies. I think it is time I joined the land of the grown-up womens' shoes - meaning sleeker, higher quality and yes, more heel(I've got my eyes on you next, then you)!


To me, being more mature sartorially involves the proper "lady-like" footwear. I obviously have a penchant for bright colors and patterns which are not going away anytime soon, so my daydreams of enrobing myself in sleek designer classics, à la a Kors-clad Rene Russo in The Thomas Crown Affair, will have to wait a bit longer. But lady-like footwear, I can do ankles be willing.

Does this mean my pink Toms or chunky Seychelles will be relegated to the back of my closet? Am I going to be all about the big expensive labels soon? Heck to the no - but I think it is time I start "investing" in some wardrobe pieces that would look good on me regardless if I'm 25, 35 or 45. And I'm a believer that quality and fashion investment does not have to start with a  "C" or "LV" - though they are oh so pretty. I figure shoes are probably the easiest way for me to start!

What pieces from your closet do you reach for when you want to look timeless and chic? Are there classic investment pieces that you're looking to add to your wardrobe?


Top: J. Crew neon gingham perfect (worn here before - sim but not neon here)
Skirt: Ruche bold as love (worn here before - sim here, ruffly here, same print as dress here)
Belt: J. Crew factory web (sim here)
Shoes: Michael Kors hamilton (sim here, here, peep here, loafer here)



  1. I can't wear shoes that high anymore but I love them =)

  2. I love the toe shape on these shoes! Yes, they look a little bit high for my walking ability, but the heel looks sturdy so I think you've chosen a great pair of shoes to "practice" in :)

  3. Cute outfit, love the tribal print of that skirt!

  4. The shoes are soooo pretty. Oh so pretty. Not sure if I can sport that high these days...but sure wouldn't mind trying! :)

  5. Gorgeous shoes! I adore the heel height but my legs can't take a full day of anything higher than 2" these days...aahh, the joys of getting older!

  6. I've been adding more heels to my shoe collection. "Grown up" sandals have also made an appearance.
    It helps to spend less on name-brand pieces and more on classic quality pieces. Not only do they last longer, but they outlast trends.
    Love those shoes!

  7. I love this skirt! I've been on the lookout for one with a similar print :)

  8. Check you out in the fancy lady shoes!! They look fab and you should totally get those spikey black heels. So cool!

    My feet are all kinds of uncooperative when it comes to high heels. It's hard for me to find a pair that is walkable and still cute/sexy without leaving me hobbling after a few hours. Sigh!

    I'm all for investing in good quality pieces although me and F21 have been the best of friends. I have a pair of wool Theory pants that are fabulous and comfortable, same goes for a pair of Miu Miu heels I have. Good thing I was able to find them in a consignment shop for a wallet friendly price.

  9. This is a great outfit and those shoes are killer. It took me a while to get into high heels but once I got my confidence up there was no turning back. Now the higher the heel the better! Look for shoes that have a thick, borderline chunky platform, they'll add height without killing your feet or your stride! So glad I found your blog!

  10. Your shoes are really cute! My Mom has a Ralph Lauren pair that is very similar but neither of us can wear them because the platform isn't steady. Seriously, it wobbles whenever we take a step! Horrible.

    I absolutely love wearing high heels. :) It was definitely a learning experience though. :) I went out and bought a high skinny platform pump and walked around in it at home for a looong time before I was comfortable wearing them out and about. :)

    I also like to invest good money in shoes. :) I've discovered there really is a difference! As for classic investment pieces-- I own A LOT of black and white. I'm still looking for the ever elusive white button down though! I can never find one that works for my figure...

    Sorry for the super long comment. :)

  11. I saw a comment from you and when it said "Respect the shoes," I had to stop by! I love the outfit you have on, the ikat print skirt is adorable and I'll have to scroll through to find your bargain wedge sandals from Target! For classic looks I always reach for my Louboutin Black Pointed Toe Heels and my Black LV Epi Speedy 25. If I am feeling adventurous then the red CLs come out. :) So glad to discover our blog and hope you'll stop by! Maybe we can follow each other?

  12. a blazer with a button down!

    love that skirt, oooh!

  13. When I want to look timeless, I just reach for the trench coat. and yep, I do want to invest in some expensive-ish classic items ... A Burberry trench coat for one ! Also wouldn't mind a Chanel bag, but prob not in this lifetime. I think you can get decent quality timeless classic pieces that are not designer:-)
    I love your shoes! You'll wear them forever.

  14. I can't believe you mentioned the Thomas Crown Affair! Her outfits were so inspiring.....I also love Diane Keeton's outfits in "Something's Gotta Give".....Drew Barrymore in "Music & Lyrics"...Audrey Hepburn in "Charade"....I could go on and on!

  15. Love those shoes! They're definitely timeless and chic. I have a pair of round-toe black patent Michael Kors heels that are definitely my go-to timeless shoes.

  16. Work it, girl! And Amen for Michael Kors!

  17. Oooh, such FABULOUS shoes! Lovely outfit as well especially that pretty skirt. I would love to have enough money for more expensive shoes and bags. I definitely feel like those pieces are investments.

  18. Great outfit - the shoes are awesome! xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  19. lovely outfit.....i followed you

  20. Sigh. You are more gorgeous than ever!

  21. I love this look, the skirt is just fantastic and wooahh those shoes are amazing! I am like you and have a tough time in most heels but I keep trying to wear them so that I too can be adult :) I love a good bargain so I have been shopping DSW a lot lately to get a nicer pair of shoes for a price I like

  22. PetiteLittleGirl / Sweet Laundry - oh believe me, there was no running that day in those shoes. Not even rushing. Shoot, I may have had to pre-plan my bathroom trips!

    eek - oh you've got some "serious" shoes in your collection, I've seeing you rocking those sky-high platform sandals!

    fashnonmymind - I may need to take a feet breather before going out with more teetering heels again - I guess I'm just not totally used to them yet and I am so not used to taking smaller lady-like steps!

    Thanks for the info, woreout! Platforms have seriously saved me from having to live in Clarks and Aerosoles forever, haha.

    Cortney - I lived through the day in those heels but I seriously have no idea how girls go out partying in platform stilettos and not die!

    B.inspired - they were the teanna platform sandals by Xhiliration. They were like $20, so perfect for my first foray into a super-high heel, and strangely comfy for a cheapie shoe!

    vintageglammz - I've literally spent years looking for the perfect trench and I still have none - I'd love for a Burberry, sigh ...

    Callandra - I'd pull a Rachel Zoe and die for all of Rene's outfits in that movie!

    Mrs. J - I was never a believer that more expensive shoes are better for your feet, but nice padding and real leather lining makes a difference! Now am I going to start throwing down serious cash for some Choos or Manolos, probably not there yet - stilettos are still a safety ban for me!

    Carly - aw, thanks ::blush::

    Emmy - DSW has some surprises! Plus I love their layout - I can just help myself to try on whatever shoe and don't need to wait for the salespeople!

  23. Beautiful shoes! Skinny heels can be tricky, but once you get use to them it gets much easier.

    My classic piece is a pair of nude pumps. I've been without them for a few months because I need to get the heels replaced and I really miss them because they go with everything!

  24. I love the shoes though I can't wear heels. they make my feet hurt. But you look great in them. You stand out as a confident woman.


  25. Tribal goes straight up divine on you, is what I'd say. Love the mix of prints and hope your ankles survived the MK's! And I couldn't agree more about your sentiment that quality and fashion investment doesn't have to start with....insert designer label here. Cliche, cliche, right?

  26. i love love love this!! i love the lime green with the black!

    you just inspire me to be a NICER friendlily person. i am not. i am not a nice person at all.

  27. I keep seeing these neon J.Crew tops and I'm dying for one. I love their perfect shirts and I dont' know how I've never run across a neon one before!



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