02 August 2011

Candy Canes in the Heat


Nothing like a fun knit dress to help me make it through the hottest of summer months and still be work-appropriate. I've been amassing knit dresses like crazy this year as I love the idea of essentially wearing a dressed up t-shirt out - my inner lazy monster is pleased.

However when it feels nuclear hot outside and I don't have meetings, I always reach for a pair of shorts and a gauzy button-down. Those stretchy smock-waisted ones have been awesome - like wearing an old pair of boxers or jammie pants.

What do you reach for when the thermometer sky rockets and you've got to put on clothes?

IMG_6778 IMG_6784

Dress: Modcloth got it parade (similar here, maxi here)
Necklace: c/o simply livly via Etsy (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie looping lanes (similar-ish here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, here)



  1. I too live in knit dresses when it's this hot outside. That's practically all I've been wearing because it's been 100 degrees here. That dress and necklace are super cute!

  2. I have to stop coming to your blog because I want to buy everything that you wear ;)!!! You look gorgeous in this dress!

  3. I love this dress on you! I have also recently been gathering cotton dresses lately! I think there is nothing better in this heat!

  4. I love your dress :)) So pretty :) It looks great on you

  5. Ahhh you need to check out the latest in the Petiets Fashion Challenges to answer this question!

    Your outfit makes me happy! Loving the red and grey stripes paired with that necklace!

  6. Lovely dress! Love the stripes, and love that you chose to pair turquoise jewelry with it!

  7. Love the dress! I actually have a similar-ish one from Old Navy, which I don't like as much but I do like the price, heh. It's called the Cross-Front Jersey Dress, in pink stripe--the color is actually coral IRL: http://oldnavy.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=68334&vid=1&pid=864357&scid=864357032

  8. A maxi! That is absolutely the way to go. It sounds counterintuitive in sweltering temps, but I've been really happy in mine. I think there's opportunity for a breeze to get caught up in there and cool things off. :)

  9. Cute dress!

    I reach for the... hose! :)

  10. I love, LOVE the pop in the necklace. Love it!

    Hm...cotton dresses work for me in the summer. They're perfect!

  11. I totally agree with you, knit dresses are the way to go in the summer! A few summers I stocked up at a major sale at jcrew and I get so much wear out of them every year! If I'm in out and all day and having to deal with major extremes of frigid air conditioning and lots of heat and humidity then I go for a maxi or knit with a couple layers (snuggies work too! :)).

  12. I like that dress and now I have a new design inspiration for my knit fabric!! Beautiful!! When it's hot/humid outside I grab a simple dress!! Easy to get on and off! :)

  13. Love the necklace with that dress. Thanks for the dress links, I am so bummed that the Gap dress is sold out in my size. I am going to have to stalk ebay.

  14. When it gets crazy hot, a loose sundress is the only way to go!
    I love your red and turquoise color combo!

    Chic on the Cheap

  15. I've posed the same question and the answer is wear as little as possible!! :)

    Very cute dress!!!

  16. When I was in vegas, the heat was terribly unbearable. I opted for cotton-anything and air conditioned interiors :-)
    You look adorable!

  17. I love that dress, but I'm always a little about ordering from ModCloth. How do you find the sizing? Great combination with the necklace. I love pops of turquoise!

  18. Love the dress....particularly the unmatched hemline..so pretty on you!

  19. I love a knit dress + sandals when it's hot out. Any kind of sundress usually helps beat the heat!



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