01 August 2011

Boys will be Boys


I genuinely appreciate it that “I’m so embarrassed” is not a phrase that come across most men’s lips very often. I feel like for most guys – and I use the term “guys” to span pretty much everyone on that side of the gender table from age 2 to 82 – things that would make us gals turn twenty shades of red and have us headed for the hills if seen by others or revealed is actually a badge of honor for them.

How else can we explain the rampant popularity of “fail” videos on YouTube or shows like Jackass? Or that guys enjoy one-upping each other in the messy/gross/inappropriate category when they hang out together? That’s one thing that makes most men a perfect foil for us gals and I one of the endearing quantities about them aside from being good human space heaters, bug slayers and jar top wranglers.


But let’s be honest – because we are who we are and they are – them, doesn’t it feel like a little league team’s slumber party a wee too often sometimes? Take for example, my BF – and I can write this freely because he doesn’t even know my blog’s name, and let’s face it, he’d find no shame in it. Confident self-starter in the boardroom also happens to still find farting under the covers a gigglefest-inducing maneuver. BF and his male co-workers – grown men of assorted ages - enjoy fart-bombing each other’s offices. When BF blows his nose, he makes sure the entire county can hear him. Same for when he needs to clear out some flem in his throat – over the kitchen sink. BF just purchased a headset to better help him play Call of Duty – now he can smack talk over online play with the best of the other seventh-graders. I have to go shopping with the BF or he will come home with a pair of camo cut-offs. And if he comes home with them, he will wear them. In public. Probably with his "*bleep* y'all, I'm from Texas" t-shirt (he does and he's not).

Are there things your significant other (or father or son or whoever the dominant male figure is in your life) does that you wish they kept to themselves?


Dress: Old Navy chambray shirtdress (great for us shorties - I'm only 5' 2" and see where this hits me)
Belt: Anthropologie skinny weave (similar here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement (worn here before - similar here, ivory here)
Shoes: Sofft ramona II


  1. oh my gosh...just last night my boyfriend had his two best guy friends over and they were having a farting contest while listening to the baseball game at an insanely loud level...and shouting so they could here each other over the tv. I was just so confused! Why don't they turn the tv down so they don't have to shout, and excuse themselves if they need to pass gas instead of trying to make it as loud as possible (they were even trying different techniques like sitting on the hardwood floors vs the coach vs the rug - SO GROSS!). And my boyfriend just spent $50 on football player action figures. sheesh.

  2. My husband also wears a headset when playing Call of Duty and enjoys talking "smack" to random strangers online. I think it's pathetic, but it's apparently the highlight of his...daily life. Def wish he'd tone down the video game enthusiasm--he's almost 30:( Let me just say I'm a little nervous about our future as parents...:P

  3. So basically, your BF is playing Call of Duty with my 6, 15 & 17 yr old sons? And he is probably "smack talking" my 6 yr old b/c he is getting killed by him? :)
    My husband thinks it is an Olympic Sport to hock a lugie (sp?) and hit a moving target. Of course, when I protest, he says that is why I am always sick... I don't spit or fart. So my sinuses are always congested and my tummy always hurts. Right?

  4. Very cute, LOVE the shoes! Oh, and I don't think boys ever out grow video games, put I keep praying lol

  5. My hubby has a head set to play Halo and Call of Duty! I always tease him that he is playing with kids! That dress is so cute on you!

  6. Ashley - I think your BF and my BF need to meet, they'd become instant playground buds!

    violinista - well if BF and I ever have a son, that boy will be set with a play friend for life!

    modernmom - I'm cracking up over here - because it is oh so true! Nothing like hearing the voice of some Call of Duty badass name "killer" or something and he sounds about 12 and you hear his mom in the background that he can only play for 30 more minutes!

    plastic_fashion - thanks!

    Tara - BF keeps trying to find a game we can play together, so far the only one that's worked out is Portal 2, but I get so confused with the buttons!

    triciathomas - we have a PS3 and Wii, and I am forbidding BF from bringing an Xbox home - because we don't need one and because I don't want him up to 4am every night playing Halo!

  7. Honey you didn't even get to all those fantasy sports leagues and the yelling/obsessing that ensues season to season. It's pure hell.


  8. I love this look. You look so casual chic!

  9. Love the denim shirt dress and I have to really think hard about that question...

    hmmmm..my husband doesn't play video games and most of the things he does is normal to me. I guess I'm use to tolerating the crazy male species. I have a older brother..lol

  10. Haha...oh my, Im too scared to reveal the toilet humor that my hubby takes part in! Let's just say I wished he wouldnt leave his dirty clothes everywhere around the house..hehe.
    You look adorable in the denim dress Lisa!

  11. Oh, my husband does loads of embarrassing things. I can't even stop him. I give him a list of "don't do this" and "don't do that", but he always seems to come up with something ridiculous to say or do. Don't get me wrong, I'm pretty sure that's why I fell in love with him in the first place because of his goofyness, but it has there are some embarrassing moments.

    And to top it all off, he invites my brother or my brother invites himself over so they can spend hours playing Call of Duty together.

    Great dress by the way!! I love the length and the way you accessorized it.

  12. i gasped when I saw this pic on my sidebar, I KNEW it was the new ON dress! I have it on my wishlist in navy - soooo cute you on!

  13. You look adorable, I am in love with that dress! And I love the way you styled it with just a hint of color, really lets that dress stand out.

  14. wow...too many to name (and he'd probably stop talking to me if I listed them online :) ) Plus, I do some (read: lots) of stupid stuff too so I can't really be condescending to him. :)

    Your outfit's so pretty though, I like the denim + yellow + red combo. :D

  15. i love reading your posts! haha my man does some crazy goofy stuff but i suppose that's why i like him ;)

  16. Love the dress!

    My husband openly plays Dungeons and Dragons. Every Sunday a group of 30 something year old guys come to our house and play it in our basement. My dear husband is a 35 year old Dungeon Master and he shows no shame about it.

  17. What sz did u get?

  18. Lol. I think COD is the new crack. Ur BF or FH (future husband) sounds like another version of my husband! He is loud with all his nose blowing, coughing n clearing his throat as well. he also bought headsets for COD gaming. He bought one and found out that there was a better one and bought it! I let him play bc it is his only outlet and it's better than other addictions out there. :)

  19. can't even begin. oh, can't even begin. then again, there are those who possibly might think I fall just the teensiest bit short of perfect....

  20. My husband turns into a different person during football season. He gets soooo into college football (yelling at the TV, etc.) that it's pretty embarrassing.


  21. Well, my sons are like the "typical male" you describe, but my husband is the prissy one between us about bodily functions. I'm unfortunately the one that burps and farts along with the kids and the messy one. I would never fart bomb someone's office though. Ewwww!


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