28 July 2011

Respect the Outfits (Outtakes)

Your hair is bouncy and glossy. Your lipstick is shiny smacking new. You've straightened your collar, poofed out your skirt. Hand on hip, straight back, big smile at the camera. Your photographer zooms in or your self-timer beeps away. A milli-second before picture perfection something goes horribly-humorously wrong.

And you end up like one of these gorgeous self-deprecating ladies who decided to share in a pretty outfit and good-natured chuckle. Here's this week's Respect the Outfits reader feature - outtakes!

♠   Lisa from Sweet Laundry Loves:

♠   Kim from Anthroholic:

♠   JG from Stuff Jewish Girls Like:

J.Crew Factory Silk Printed Pocket Tank / Anthropologie Fantastic Fields Skirt / Anthropologie Looping lanes belt / Anthropologie Basotto Necklace / Anthropologie Pave Posts / Kate Spade Crystal Confection Ring / ALDO shoes / Kate Spade Head in the Sand Melinda

♠   Jen from vintageglammz:

♠   Cortney from Literature & Lace:

L - Black Cardigan: August Silk, from Ross / Yellow Tank Top: American Eagle, gift from sister / Shorts: American Eagle / Black wedges: White House,
Black Market / Pearl Necklace: F21 / Pearl Earrings: X-mas gift. R - Pink Cardigan: Jones New York, Ross / White Blouse: White House, Black Market /
Jeans: Current Elliot / White Flats: Blowfish / Pink Headband: gift from sister

♠   Peggy and Maggie from She Hath Done What She Could:

Tops: Target / Skirts: Old Navy, NY & Co.

♠   fshnonmymind from Notes from the Dressing Room:

Dress- I "Heart" Ronson  / Green blazer- Zara / Brown belt- thrifted / Leopard flats- Magnolia / Lilac studded bag- Spotted Moth /
White studded bracelet- Forever 21

♠   ♠   And my goofy self in various iterations:
I was really there first.
This is how to look annoying in an outfit photo.
Self-timer perfection.


  1. Hahahahaha. Oh, man, love them all. Peggy's is the best, dual awesomeness. You all are brave, I have about a gazillion of those myself but I just can't do it...yet. (Maybe I will pluck up the courage to show me half-winking with fearsome open mouth and child screaming in background. LOL.)

  2. Lisa, I want to steal your dog. He's adorable!

  3. I seriously love outtakes! Thanks for including me. These always make me laugh!

  4. Lisa, that last picture is too funny. So glad I could actually participate this time around. :)

  5. Hehehe! These always make me laugh. Thanks Lisa!

  6. Outtakes RULE! What a fun post.

  7. I think your "annoying" photo is kind of cute. :) And I love your dog! That's definitely something the dogs in my house would do. :)

  8. Funny photos! I love these posts :)

  9. Hahahaha, this is such a funny concept! I missed the deadline this time, but I'm there next time around with plenty of material!

  10. ha...what a fun post...loving the one where you are rubbiing your eyes...too funny.
    You would NOT want to see my outtakes..usually yelling at my hubs that he is too slow, too fast, not the right angle...total blogger diva over here. lol.

  11. TOTALLY in love with this feature. Too funny

    Emily http://www.mywordsinterestslife.blogspot.com

  12. so fun - love this feature! Thanks for having us!

  13. Hahaha! I love this feature:)

  14. Thanks, ladies!

    dinagideon - I have way too many photos with some portion of my dog in the background, usually butt-end out!

    Tien - depending on the time of day, you can take Pacey, haha!

    fashnonmymind - nothing like getting all ready for a photo and deciding to rub my eye!

    Mads - me too! Just brushing her shoulders off!

    Cortney - Pacey can't stand it when she's not the center of attention, so decided to put herself right into the middle of it - walked right over and laid right down!

    Carly - I use a self-timer, so I've gotten it down pretty good to yelling at the pup one second and then staring at the camera right when it goes off with a smile and hand on hip, then right back to yelling!

    Peggy - you are Maggie are hilarious and so fun!

  15. Teehee, love this feature. Your own outtakes always crack me up, Lisa!

  16. That last one is my favorite... pretty much sums up how I feel right now, haha.


  17. LOL i have sooo many hilarious outtakes. this is a good idea.. maybe i'll compile a post of them one day! ;)


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