12 July 2011

A Hair Above (Misikko Review)


IMG_5824    IMG_5845


Top: Gillian & O'Malley via Target (worn here before - similar here)
Cardigan: Loft cotton (similar here, long here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Odille drawing parallels (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Keds spright (worn here before - similar here, here)
Necklace: Laila Rowe (similar here)
Shoe clip as brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy (worn here before)

Most of the poor folks on the Interweb have probably heard my post cries way too many times over my weak attempts at making my hair look decent. Oh sure, I have the occasional obedient hair days, but far too often do I end up dealing with frizzy, flyaway, flat banged hair - good for you that I don't take a lot of hair close-ups, haha!

Well the nice folks over at Misikko must have seen my virtual white flag waving about my hair because they offered to send me their HANA model hair dryer to try - aka the best blow dryer in their hair care equipment arsenal. And when I got my package, well, those guys are not joking!

Aside from the gorge packaging and tons of styling products and other goodies that the dryer came with, I've been using the HANA all weekend and I am considering putting my white flag away. This thing is heavy duty - definitely professional grade in my books: long sturdy power cord, good heft to the dryer, different settings for heat and wind. Shoot, I could dry my entire head of hair in about three minutes on hot/high if I wanted that really wind swept look.

This is me after using my old dryer and a round brush - no products. Frizz Town, hello!

I'm certainly no dryer expert - my previous model had been an old Vidal Sassoon model I think I bought at Walgreens a few years back that pretty much was either on or off. But this thing certainly performs like a luxury sedan! The different settings really offer me great flexibility in styling my hair and the dryer is hefty without being heavy in my hand. This means I may have a fighting chance at beating the frizz!

This is me after using the HANA dryer - still only with a round brush and no products.
It's not styled, but notice how much smoother my hair is?

My down-side is that where the heat button is located is right around where my thumb rests on the grip, so I've been turning the air down to cold a few times when I am styling and drying my hair. That and I think the cord is too long - but as my outlet is located about two feet from where I am standing, that's probably a "just me" thing!

Misikko also has a wide range of curling and flats irons, free ship for orders over $50, customer reviews for each product, plus they offer tons of specials and deals if you sign up for their newsletter. So please check them out for your hair care needs!


  1. I'm getting ready to do a review for them also! It's a great product, I love it so far. :)

    I ADORE the navy, green and red in this outfit! What a FUN combination! You look gorgeous.

  2. I think your hair looks fabulous!

    Great styling as usual too Lisa :)

  3. I simply must try this product! Wonder if it works wonders on curly heads as much as the (privileged) straight heads? Hmmmmm . . .

  4. LOL...I just posted my review of them today too...seems like we pretty much agree on the quality of the product! :)

  5. Oooh, sounds like something I really need, myself! Your hair looks fantastic. Love your outfit, too, Lisa :)

  6. Hmmm if only a blow dryer made my hair behave! No such luck good thing I like my wild lioness look..lol Can I tell you how great your red, green and navy combo is!

    Super cute outfit!!

  7. love the outfit, love the hair.
    clap clap

  8. Cute outfit and really cute hair! The difference in hair dryers is amazing!

  9. This sounds fabulous. My hair is even frizzier than yours and I hate blow drying it (takes forever!) let alone styling it. Thanks for the intro, I'm off to check them out now!

  10. So great to see such fab results! I'm about to post my review of the dryer as well, hahaha. It is pretty fancy, no?!
    Super-cute outfit, and love your big smile that goes along with it!

  11. Wow, what a difference the dryer makes! Your hair looks so smooth. The packaging is cute too! Is that a soft toy with it?

  12. Wow...if it had a diffuser attachment I'd spring! Love the hair (and your freckles!)~

  13. That's such a difference! Your hair looks great!

    I love the little details in your outfit, from the stripes to the necklace to the flower pin.

  14. Ok I've been contemplating getting a new hair dryer because my Conair one is just not cutting it. I love Missiko - they have the best customer service...I'll have to check this dryer out.

  15. great review, lisa! now i am excited to use my hair dryer. :D

    p.s. come and join my Perricone giveaway! :)

    <3, Mimi

  16. There are two great styles going on in this post: #1. Your outfit. #2. Your hair

    Yea for both!!!

  17. wowser -- what a difference! I honestly didn't realize that a hair dryer could have that much impact on the frizziness. Shows what I know! I may need to invest in the Misikko, especially if the results are this great.

    Thanks for this review, Lisa. It's so, so helpful!!!

  18. Thanks, gals! Tara, from Mix and Match Fashion, also had a review out of the Hana dryer here: http://www.mixmatchfashion.com/2011/07/misikko-hair-dryer-review.html

    I believe she had pretty similar results as I did - and no, I also had no clue that a blow dryer could make a difference in better hair. Though this explains all the WTF hair days I get when I am on the road traveling and forced to use a hotel dryer. I definitely have incentive to bring my own now!

    The dryer is splurge-y, but like I mentioned, Misikko often has coupons and promos going on so you may be able to get a great deal!

  19. I love that skirt! And the Keds are darling too!


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