18 July 2011


One of the things I enjoy doing to "de-mentalize" from the work day is to go online window shopping. Visiting my favorite stores from the comfort of my couch and zoning out while I mouse my way through endless virtual rows of pretty shoes and frilly frocks, filling my brain with visions of me brandishing new purses instead of balancing expense reports or reviewing contract terms.

My virtual hunting is mostly harmless - there are probably dozens of abandoned shopping carts scattered amongst the Internet with my half-forgotten items in them. However, sometimes I'll not be able to help myself and I'll clickety-click my way right through a purchase (or two, or ... ) - hankered on by my mental justifications that I "need" a yellow skirt, I've-never-had-one-before-in-my-life-and-this-will-make-my-world-complete, or as a little reward, I've-had-a-really-hard-day/project/week-and-should-rightfully-treat-myself-to-something-fantabulous, or better yet, it's on sale! plus free shipping! plus an additional % off!

Do I shop online a ton? Well, I probably see my UPS guy more than most. Has online shopping taken over going to a store? Not completely, though it has definitely enabled my shopaholic tendencies. I definitely shop more in general now thanks to the web - it is just so gosh darn convenient, after all. And honestly, I hate going to the mall (parking, people crush and never finding the item I was looking for - ugh).

How do you prefer shopping nowadays? Do you shop online more than you do in-stores? Why do you do what you do?

This beautiful necklace was sent to me by the lovely Pam from Simply Lively. If you love jewelry from Anthro, I highly recommend you
check out Pam's Etsy site - it is filled with off-beat baubles that are laidback but glam!

IMG_6180   IMG_6205

Top: Talbots (similar here, very sim here)
Dress: Anthropologie Nell Couture june, july, august (worn here before - similar maxi here, here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar luxe here, here)
Necklace: c/o Simply Livly via Etsy


  1. I have to shop online for some items so usually I just go ahead and do a full order. None of my local stores carry long inseam pants so if I want to actually wear pants, I have to order them online (and either hope they fit or try to get free shipping). I do find that I probably consider more things online shopping than I would in the store. I tend to return a lot though and don't think twice about hauling an entire order into a store to return so I don't think I end up spending more money in the long run.

  2. I think this every time I read your blog, but never remember to post it: I love your freckles! :) Super cute outfit-- those colors are great on you.

  3. Hi Lisa ~ another great topic, as always! I tend to shop online when I am on the hunt for a particular item/size/color, etc. But if I am doing general browsing, I like to shop in store so I can wander around and see what catches my fancy. In some cases (especially Lord and Taylor and J. Crew), I find that the store prices are better than online, so that helps restrict my online shopping, a bit. And when it comes to Anthro...there are TWO Anthros on my way to work, and another that's just 6 miles north of where I live. And that's not even counting all the NYC Anthro stores. So, I definitely do most of my Anthro shopping in store!

    Love your shoes -- cannot beleive those are from Target!!!

  4. Hi Lisa, I window shop online a little too much =) With kids and dogs, it's hard to leave 'em at home and whiz out to the mall. I much prefer having them w. me, that way I can get their opinions. A nod or a fierce shake from my daughters or a woof from my pooches.

  5. You look great here - love the Anthro dress on you.

    I definitely online shop more going to stores for all the reasons you mentioned above. The only thing is that sometimes in-store deals are a bit better than online ones. But I typically only go to specific stores and try to avoid the mall when I can.

  6. Love your outfit, the print on that dress is so gorgeous!

    I online shop SO MUCH! I shop mostly out of boredom and like you have dozens of abandoned shopping carts scattered across the interwebs but my rate of checking out is getting pretty high these days...must...resist...

  7. i online window browse during the day but i'm kinda one of those instant satisfaction people - if i can get it in the store for the same price as online i'm gonna want it right away. i hate waiting for the mail, especially when stuff is sent ground from across the country. eep!

  8. I pretty much do most of my shopping online, nothing takes the place of going to the store but... unless I can go sans kids I totally prefer online. I just hate returning a million things when they don't work out!

  9. LOVE that dress!

    Before I discovered the joys of thrift stores, 95% of my shopping was on-line. Now I probably do 50/50.

    md / stufffast.blogspot.com

  10. I spend most of my shopping money at thrift stores, fabric stores and the occasional big brands. I rarely shop online unless that's the only way I can find it.

    Lovely dress and her pieces are similar to the Kie and Kate jewelry. Really love love your shoes! :)

  11. I prefer shopping in store, especially when it comes to shoes. It's hard to tell online whether something will fit perfectly. It's unfortunate stores like anthro are nowhere to be seen in oz...which is why I rely on online reviews and bloggers! Lovely outfit!

  12. I love shopping online. The UPS guy comes by at least once a week. I shop for vitamins, make up, you name it!!! But like you, I have a ton of shopping carts scattered around the web, left abandoned and forgotten!

    I totally regret not getting that dress and have been watching for it on Ebay! hence, another future UPS delivery!

  13. I pretty much shop whenever, wherever......(not saying I have a problem or anything, but....you know ;) hee hee We don't usually see you in pastel colors so this is a nice change up and I love that necklace!

  14. I shop a lot online, though of course I also have abandoned shopping carts too. Then I go to the mall to return things and shop more... but I'm much pickier in-store than online, since I can try things on and feel them and critique the fit before putting down my money.

  15. I shop for just about everything online, except for pants. Pants NEVER fit me, so it's not worth the inevitable return.
    That dress is adorable! I think I could buy every dress from Anthropologie and be happy as a clam.

  16. I love to shop online- esp. if I know I can get something cheaper/better/nicer. . or because I'm supposed to be doing some work and it's such a distraction. Either way, the postman comes very often :)

  17. Stores! Absolutely never. Online! The way to go. I think it would be different though if there was an Anthro and a J Crew in my town.

    I am full on Addicted to the J Crew Jackie. Can you believe that from a hard core Anthro Freak like me? I check J Crew online every day. I'm already up to 7 of them. But so far it has spread no further than that. Cardigans are easy. Dresses are not. Pants almost impossible, so I have given up wearing them almost entirely.

    I wasn't much of a shopper. Ever! I would take $500 to the Mall twice a year. Often times I hard pressed to to even spend it. I bought the cloths because mine were worn out. Now I easily spend more than that each month. It's shameful!

    I think you can wear just about any color Lisa. Royal Blue is probably my favorite on you. But then I see you in sweet Girly Purple and Pink. These colors Soften and Brighten at the same time. Is that possible?

  18. I'm scared to buy clothes or shoes online because I don't know if they'll fit! Lately all I buy online is ebooks from Amazon for my kindle app. By the way, lovely outfit and I adore those shoes!

  19. I never go mall shopping unless forced to, I love online and I must say thrifting is so much more exciting and eventful than the Gap (but I do love the Gap).

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    July giveaway

  20. I love to shop online, especially if I get free shipping and if the stores have a great return policy. I find that they usually have more petite sizes and styles online. I'd much rather shop online than take my kids to the mall with me ;)

  21. Like most I prefer my shopping online from the comfort of my couch. I will agree, however, that it can get dangerous depending on the level of alcohol consumption on any given night :).

    I'm really digging the dress and that necklace is divine - reminiscent of an anthro piece from a season or 2 ago but much fuller and I LOVE the grey cord.

  22. Kathleen - I do totally consider my purchases more often online than in-store too. I think in-store they get you with the "skinny" mirrors and flattering SAs so a lot of times I've walked out with the item I wanted, and about six more ...

    Jamie (Thrifty Threads) - I think the gals who go to my Anthros and J. Crews must be around the same size as me because if I spy something online, I NEVER EVER find that item in-store. It either hasn't shown up yet or got snatched up in a hurry! And my malls aren't "on the way" for me (luckily) so I hate having to go back!

    James and Tricia Thomas - returning something to a store is my (awful) way of going to the mall (i.e., doing more browsing, because my returns more often than not end up as exchanges if I bring them in myself!)

    vintageglammz - I'd normally agree with you, except these shoe retailers here (I mean you, Endless and Zappos) make it far too easy to shop and return for free!

    Pamela - and don't you hate the retailers who clear out your shopping carts once you leave the site? Leaving stuff in shopping carts is like my little "maybe" pile for the store - if I go back and ogle that item again and again, then I know I needs it!

    Mads - I haven't purchased pants in forever - because the fit is always seemingly funky! I took some pics (incl. back and side views) of me in my current rotation of trousers a few months back and ended up getting rid of a bunch of them - apparently I don't have a butt because they all looked so baggy-butted on me!

    Laura - J. Crew does basics well and one piece they've been smart enough NOT to mess with is the jackie cardigan. I've got a bunch of colors myself - they are the perfect foil to a busy and more embellished Anthro dress or bold necklace!

    Val Fox - I've been using the Nook app on my Xoom - waaay too dangerous how easy they've made it for you to buy books nowadays. What irks me is that eBook prices are often higher than you can get the actual book for - boo!

    Michelle - I'd rather shop online than take my BF with me!

    Michelle - haha, the good thing about me drunk onlining is that I rarely get the sequence of my credit card number right!

  23. I shop online a LOT. I live in a relatively small town with a terrrrrrible mall and only a couple good boutiques. Unless I want to drive an hour to the closest good shopping areas I'm stuck with shopping online to get the best options. I stick with brands I'm comfortable with so I very rarely have to return things. I also look that I can hunt for the best deals online by comparing prices and googling coupon/discount/free shipping codes.


  24. This dress is for you!!!! Faaaabulouuuus (in my Oprah sing-songy voice)!

    And although I hate going to the mall, too, I find that I get better deals in-store than online. But I do also partake in the online dream-shopping! :)

  25. I am in all sorts of love with the way you've styled this dress. Love the neutral shoes and bling neutral of the necklace, and the fact that your cardi isn't matchy-matchy make it so interesting. Nailed it! I definitely shop more online, and as a mom to young kids, it has saved me from the hassle of wrestling many a time. However, I am also a touch and feel kinda gal, and need the personal interaction of shopping, especially with Anthro. So I keep up with both. Just glad I live in an area with decent accessibility to where I want to shop.


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