14 June 2011

When is it "Too Much?"

Believe me, it takes a whole lot of effort to look so blatantly disregardful of fashion trends, rules of color engagement, look like a nominee for the Big No list for Stacy and Clinton. Why, it wasn't only about a year ago where I was gracing the bloggy world with my pitifully mousy ensembles no need to look back, you'll be bored out of your mind and now here I am going out like a big smiling pattern-blind fashion-schizo:

IMG_5169   IMG_5162

I actually felt pretty good when I put these pieces together last night and didn't really bat an eye this morning when I threw everything together. Heck, I thought I even put together some as-fierce-as-I-can-be outfit pics and was all ready to post and go about my business when I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror. That's when the big "Hmm..." hit.

Now I'm typically the first person to say that one of the fun parts of fashion is experimentation and trying new things - and heck, a bad outfit won't kill ya. But sometimes things just look a little off, a little bit like you're on the tip of Fashionable and you start teetering too far towards Tacky. There's a lot going on and sometimes more is not better (though don't tell Man Repeller).

So crazy babble short, I reassessed and this is what I ended up with:

IMG_5181   IMG_5190

When you put an outfit together, when do you consider yourself "done?" When do you consider an ensemble "overdone?" What have you put together yourself or have seen on others when you have thought "whoa, that's way too much?"

IMG_5183   IMG_5212

Jacket: Anthropologie Daughters of the Liberation cropped wisley
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger
Top: Forever 21 (worn here before - similar here, white here, steal here)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here, luxe here)
Dress: Anthropologie Maeve slate stripes (worn here before - similar here)
Belt: UO Deena & Ozzy stretch (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Nine West patent temani (worn here before - similar peep-toe herehere)


  1. Haha, I actually have this problem all the time, but in the opposite direction. I tend to be overly matchy and have trouble putting together things which "go" but don't "match." My boyfriend is eternally amused by this and always calls me some sort of "[fill in the blank] Barbie." I know that's my cue to switch something up. And that's why I'm doing a 30 for 30 remix, to work on my pattern mixing!

    I actually like both of your looks above!

  2. I actually really love that first outfit! That jacket itself is fantastic.

    I think when an ensemble begins to look more chaotic and like the person is trying to be noticed rather than look put together, that's when it's too much.

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  3. I'm definitely more of "less is more" kind of girl, but admire chicks who can accessorize to the hilt.

    I actually like the first outfit quite a bit. I think if the stripes were not quite so bright it would have worked a little better. That said, next time you should go for it!

  4. I actually like to top outfit! I think it's chic, and not to bold at all, but I must admit I do prefer the second outfit. I know exactly what you mean. There are times that I feel great until I take that second glance in the mirror and have to think, wait a minute!

  5. I under-accessorize. Always. But for the record, I like the pattern mixing in your first outfit.

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  6. Call me crazy...and I'm no repeller (happily so), but I love that top look. And the bottom one, too, but the top is SASS!

  7. I totally have this problem because I LOVE prints. I also happen to love both the looks but I do think that the first one is harder to pull off. You do so amazingly!

  8. i'm one of the less is more girls. i love to class things up with pearls. i don't wear a ton of jewlery (or colors, for that matter, haha).

  9. I'm not hating on the first outfit at all! It totally looks like something I would wear, too. But I know that slightly off feeling I get when the outfit isn't really working, so good for you for following your fashion instincts! I love those shoes with the jeans.

  10. I dig both outfits, but if I had to pick one, I really loved the first! This should be an "item worn multiple ways" post, because you did it right on both, for sure. Flitting off to France you say? I'll just melt by my pool in exotic Texas while you're gone. boo! But yea for you!

  11. Love your jacket jeans combo! I tried it myself weeks back thinking that it will definately be coming home with me when it hit a good sale... but even with last wknd's 25% off I wasn't so tempted...I don't know why.

    I consider my outfit overdone whenever I reserve it the night before but not wanting to actually put it on the next morning.

  12. The second outfit is great, but definitely playing it safe. I think the first outfit would work really well sans necklace--the statement necklace, on top of statement pattern-mixing, is too much, especially when part of the necklace overlaps onto stripes.

  13. That jacket is so cute!! I really like the pattern mixing! I also LUV those shoes!

  14. I feel like I'm always having the opposite problem cause I don't accessorize much so my outfits always look plain haha

  15. i really love the jacket with the dress. but something is keeping me from embracing the look TOTALLY! it's still chic, but i'm not all the way convinced. but i understand it. i get it. i dig it. but i can't thubps up ALL the way, there's this resistance.

    but it is something i could also see myself coming up with.

  16. Um... I actually love the top look. Does that make me a bad person? Haha! I think the prints do go well together because while one is loud and darker (the jacket), the other is more subtle (the dress). So to me, that look works! It definitely looks more relaxed in the second outfit, though -- there's nothing quite like dressing down an outfit with some awesome jeans!

    For me, "too much look" comes into play whenever I have too many pieces going on -- like necklace + bracelet + rings + hair thingys + busy clothing. I think that's why I tend to wear the same necklace and rings over and over again!

  17. I love the first outfit too - it's really fun! I think next time you should just go for it. =)

  18. I usually don't feel complete without some accessories, lately I've been loving hats!

  19. Lol, I've had some moments of too much going on from the hairstyle to the outfit. I usually just take some pieces off.

    I love both outfits, but feel like the casual looks works well for the jacket.

  20. Gah, I LOVE them both. Oh, want, want, want. Must stop looking at super chic ladies like yourself, as my funds cannot support such looks (although I *suppose* I could shop my closet, lol).

  21. I think I really like the first outfit! It is bold and daring and teetering on too much, but that is what is so great about it! You pulled it off without it being too much! The second look is adorable as well, love the necklace!

  22. I'm with the other ladies here, and really like the first outfit on you. What a great little jacket - it's so versatile!

  23. Great gams ;). I like the 1st look. I think you can totally pull it off & the shoes are the perfect color. I can't recall if you wear your hair up at all. Maybe try the outfit and wear a different hairstyle so the 2 patterns shine and don't get any other competition.

  24. I love the top outfit! The second outfit is cute too but I do love a great pattern mix and this one is really great!

  25. I like both outfits, but definitely like the second one better. I'm kind of a traditionalist, though, so... I don't know.

    I always worry about being too over-the-top with my outfits since I live in a small, southern college town.

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  26. I'm totally loving both looks! Sometimes I do look in a mirror and think I'm taking things too far and then do a few modifications. But I think your first look is fun!

  27. I love your little jacket... and that striped dress, oh lala! So flattering on you!

  28. Good question. Honestly, I don't really know, lol. I play it by feel I suppose and when things get TOO busy, I stop. It's usually easier to see when an outfit doesn't feel complete, but once I cross a certain point, too much or too too much both would seem complete to me :)

  29. uh oh- I love both. I guess I love the second one more (maybe if the stripes were a little darker? I think it's actually the denim that makes the second look slightly more striking?)

    But then, I'm always afraid of 'fashion blogger eyes'- where you become so used to wild combos you're unable to assess what works in real life. It's like when I look at a specialized graphic design book- the font and layout become so sophisticatedly for a graphic design audience that my untrained eyes can't actually follow!

  30. Gosh, I love these outfits Lisa! You look just right...not under or over done ..just right. I tend to keep things simple and follow the infamous coco Chanel motto of taking off one item before leaving the house.

  31. I love both look on you, they're both very "Lisa". I'm a safe dresser and would only every do 1 key colour or 1 pattern. Very much admire your ability to mix it up.

  32. what a fab little jacket Lisa, I love it! Particulraly with the jeans :)
    I love colour and pattern and try to steer clear from black (which is partly why maternity wear was grating on me in the shops, who wants to wear black in summer??). So I've always tried to wear some colour and/or pattern then in 2009 I came across Boden. Some of their pattern mixing is too much for me but I still keep all the old catalogues for inspiration if I get stuck on how to remix an old piece of theirs :-D

  33. Bar Chic - my first instinct is totally to match things to death! I am learning slowly though, that nothing everything needs to match, but most of my outfits still have me pulling colors from different pieces!

    Jin - YOU'RE part of the reason why I bought this jacket! I've eyeballed it a bunch of times but when it hit sale, I scoured the net for blow reviews and you looked so darn good in it, it totally pushed me over the edge!

    Teej - I know what you mean. I like the combo myself and see how it could work, but I just wasn't feeling it!

    amy kelinda - I am totally preK level when it comes to jewelry layering. I haven't passed that whole not getting two necklaces in a tangled mess step yet!

    dinagideon - uh yeah, I've got to stop looking at YOUR wardrobe, you make me want EVERYTHING!

    gigiofca - good point, I never give my hair enough thought, especially about how it can affect an outfit.

    The Blonde - I know what you mean. I do always kind of have to think about what I'm plannig to do that day when getting dressed - if I'm having important vendor meetings, then maybe that's not the day to mix patterns and wear some quirky dogs on my shirt, haha!

    thatdamngreendress - "fashion blogger eyes" so true! Though the BF just doesn't get girls' fashion, I appreciate his "normal eyes" being able to assess me sometimes and march me right back into the bedroom if necessary! Sometimes what works for a great image may be a tad too wacky for outdoors!

    Closet Crisis - my BF just calls it being "pattern blind."

    Louise - I love Boden but I always have a hard time with their stuff and blame it on their web photography. Some of the prints looks way too out there online, but when I see you or Dina or some other bloggers rocking a piece and how flattering it actually is, it is usually too late for me, argh!

  34. this is great!! LOL...I adore your second look. I tend to under-accessorize so I don't have trouble with too much. I think I'm almost always lacking some accessories.

    I very often look at some outfits much like I look at the outfits my kindergarten daughter puts together "cute in an endearing way, but a little too dress-up-ish or crazy bag lady-ish" LOL. but I'm admittedly very skimpy when it comes to accessories...so what do I know???

  35. I love the first outfit, but I see what you are saying. Sometimes classic and simple is better. You look lovely in both! xo

  36. i love this jacket! it fits you perfectly and i love all the colors!

  37. ***I feel the need to make it clear that I'm saying MY outfits start to look bag-lady-ish if I try to pushing my limits...didn't want to sound like I was saying YOU looked that way. LOL..you always look well put together :)

  38. I think the top outfit works perhaps minus either the belt or the necklace or both. To me, if the outfit has something interesting to it (print, texture, sparkle, shape), then you don't need to add competing interests through accessorizing. I'm a less is more kinda girl. And always trust your instincts. I think sometimes things that look good in magazines can look a little kooky in real life. :)

  39. Lisa, my love.. it's been so long... but I haven't left you, I promise. :) I still visit, just without the commentary. :D

    I hope you've been well!

    Both looks are great, but I'm loving the first one a little better. I'm all about print mixing... especially when they compliment one another (instead of compete). You've done such a great job. :) But you always look fresh and polished, so why would I expect different from you!

    I'm thankful for the hubby to "check" my outfit before we leave the house. LOL. I'm an over dresser. I want to wear all my favorite things all at once. And while sometimes it could work, most times, it doesn't. We have a mirror by our entrance, so another trick I do before I leave the house is look in the mirror and if I'm over accessorized that day, I'll take off a minimum of 2 things. heheh

    Well, I hope you're enjoying the remainder of your weekend! Muah.

    xx Love & Aloha


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