01 June 2011

Up in the Air

It's "there's no denying that summer has arrived" week in the SE as temps soar over the 90s Fahrenheit and are expected to stay there all week long. And as it is still technically May, this means that I have about 4-5 full months of back-sticking, shade-finding, mosquito-swatting, near hot-as-Hades weather to look forward to. Which means my hair is one low pressure dip away from a full-on asian fro, and that ain't gonna be pretty.

I've tried a ton of different "de-frizz" products, but so far a combo of Garnier Fructis Smoothing Cream mixed with Citre Shine Anti-Frizz Serum during my daily blowdry has kept my hair at bay without completely flattening it out, but I see the flyaways congregating, and they're starting to gain ground. Plus I feel like I'm lacking in that glossy shiny locks department - wasn't that supposed to be part of my "being an asian" package? So short of tying my hair in a big knot on the top of my head and leaving it alone until October or opting to buy hair spray by the case, how do you gals battle the summer time head frizz? Are there any specific products or "techniques" that work for you?


IMG_4846  IMG_4885


Top: LE Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before)
Skirt: Delicia eyelet via Alloy (worn here before - similar here, here)
Belt: Anthro city safari (worn here before - similar-ish here)
Bracelet: The PS Boutique via Etsy (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here before - similar-ish here, here)


  1. ooooh, i just LOVE this!! Especially the shoes and belt together---perfection!

  2. Still so jealous of that belt, and can't find it!
    Awesome look today. And all the talk about your hair, I have been loving it! LOL on the "shiny Asian hair". Too funny.

  3. Don't hate me when I say my hair doesn't get frizzy, and I don't get many fly aways. Just one of those many things I was never graced with in life. What I did stop by to comment on though is how fantastic this whole combination looks on you! I love that belt with that shirt and skirt. I love this whole outfit! You look stunning!

  4. Hmm, I seem to have the curse of flat, lifeless asian hair in the summer vs. frizzy. Product just weighs down my hair, so my solution is to whip it back into a low ponytail.

    Love that belt so much!

  5. Girl you are looking SKINNY!!!!
    Love the eyelet skirt - great summer piece.
    My hair has been feeling like straw as of late, come to think of it. I was thinking it was because I was putting off getting a haircut. And that's only because I'm afraid I'll have them chop it all off if I dare step in the door of the salon :)

  6. You look adorable! I love the whole outfit and the jumping shot ;)
    I use Fekkai Glossing Cream and Aquage Ultra Shine Complex and it really helps tame my frizziness and flyaways in the heat.

  7. You look great. The eyelet and the checks work so well together.

    Have you ever tried John Frieda Frizz-Ease? It's the only product that really works for me. Even then, I have to use it in combination with another product--an anti-frizz gel first, followed by the Frizz-Ease. But I have tried the Citre Shine, and it didn't work as well for me.

    I've found I have to put on the product while my hair is still pretty wet, avoid toweling it dry or otherwise roughing up the cuticle, put on first one product and then the Frizz-Ease on top, and then avoid touching my hair at all until it's dry.

    If you find other products or techniques that work for you, please share!

  8. LOVE LOVE LOVE this outfit! The eyelet skirt with the gingham is so freaking cute!!!!

    As for battling the frizz, I prefer embracing it by making a bunch of braids in my wet hair before bed and letting the frizz add to the crinkly-goodness the next morning!

  9. Thanks, JG!

    modernmom - one thing about this belt that I've grown used to but still don't like is that I jingle all through the day thanks to those dangly zipper pulls! And people never stop asking me if I actually put anything in that tiny belt pocket.

    Kayla - aw, you're too adorable for me to even shake a jealous fist at, haha!

    overcaffeinated - come July, I'll trade your lifeless for some of my frizzy!

    Leah - I get my hair highlighted every few months and I am partly wondering if that has to do at all with my non-shininess, but every time I walk out of the salon, my hair is shiny perfection! So I am thinking it is hair operator error.

    Kim - thanks for the recs, I need to check those out!

    greatblueheron - hm, I never realized towel drying could contribute to my frizz factor but it makes sense, I need to stop it! I had been using Frizz-Ease for a while but it hasn't seemed to work well for me lately - maybe humidity/towel drying that overwhelming Frizz-Ease's usefulness!

    Melrose - oh if I had long enough hair to do that! Plus I am still traumatized by a stint I did through HS when I put my wet hair in curlers, slept in them, and ended up with the fro of all fros in the morning!

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  11. Usually just combing my hands through my hair will do the trick, but when I am in the prairies NOTHING works. :)

    Please enter my JC gift card giveaway here.

  12. I live in Colorado, so our weather is a lot drier (good thing cause I would give Diana Ross a run for her money). Your outfit is adorable. I love the eyelet skirt and the belt is super fun!

  13. You're adorable in your jumping shot! :)

    I suppose I'm lucky because I don't really worry about frizz much. Maybe it's more because I'm too lazy to care, not because I don't get it.

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  14. Wonderful outfit. The skirt looks so cute on you!

    Mo / stufffast.blogspot.com

  15. That belt is too cute for words, especially with your adorable outfit! Love the shoes, too. You look so ready for summer, all you need is a bright red popsicle in your hand :)

    ~carly (strawberryheelsforever)

    PS - My blogger account still isn't working to post comments :(

  16. Love the outfit! I second the Fekkai glossing cream. I also picked up that new Loreal Ever Sleek Reparative shampoo and conditioner from their sulfate free line to space out use of my salon brand since its so expensive. Suprisingly, I have been going back to the Loreal more and using my salon brand less. Does what it says and doesn't make greasy or weigh down. HTH!

  17. You look adorable in gingham..I'm sure I've told you that before!
    My hair routine is pretty simple. I just wash and go. And if I'm off to a special occasion, I just blow dry it myself, albeit half arsed..hehe. When I was younger and had more time, I used to use hair serum to smooth flyaways. You got rub pea sized amount in your hands and smooth the frizzies down.

  18. I always have fly-aways... so annoying. But I have such fine hair, it's next to impossible to find a product that will kill them without killing the little volume I can (sometimes) achieve. So, for now I just deal with them. Speaking of, I need a trim...

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  19. Ok, you are cracking me up with the hair talk...I think it looks great! I have the opposite problem...my hair is as flat as a board. I love this cute outfit on you...so classic and cute! Your pictures are always so fun!!

  20. Awesome outfit!!! I really love the checkered top with the white skirt, so cute!


  21. LOVE that top so cute! how does LE run? I am pretty small but got some boobs :)

  22. Cute pics! Do you have a bit of curl to your hair - mine is stick straight no matter what the weather - which can be good or bad, depending on your POV.

  23. Wow! You are absolutely darling from all sides Lisa. White Lace and Red Checks become you.

    Wow #2. The City Safari Belt perfectly highlights your itsy bitsy waist. Exactly how high are those Seychelles?

    I love John Frieda Fizz Ease Products. They are inexpensive and very low amounts of perfumes, it any. They comes in a variety of dispersals for every hair tyle. Gel, mousse, pump spray. No build up, or extra weight. Plus they are readily available at discount stores.

    You must be feeling punchy today.

  24. I love this- so much country/cityfied goodness. eyelet and gingham are made for each other, apparently!

    I love this hades weather...mmmmm....yum. But then the heat actually gives my flat locks a little bit of body, so I guess I'm in the minority for humidity appreciation!

  25. Your hair looks beautiful! and the jumping shot is awesome!!

  26. Frannie Pantz - when I lived in the SW, I dealt with killer head static!

    Melissa - your hair always looks great - your not caring system suits your hair well!

    Carly - I'm still having trouble with my blogger commenting too - but Jenni mentioned that if you log out of Blogger, then log back in (leaving that "stay logged on" button UNchecked), your commenting should be fine. It totally worked for me.

    Michelle - I'll need to check into Loreal hair products, thanks for the recs!

    Jenni - What?! You mean your glossy wavy locks are not natural? Oh you could have fooled me - your hair always looks fantastic!

    Allyson - I wish I had your "problem", haha! I find regular LE runs about one size big, but LE Canvas has been pretty TTS so far, at least in their button-ups. I take the same size in this shirt that I do in J Crew. However, if you've got boobage, you may want to go up one size in the LE Canvas for their canvas poplin shirts to accommodate "the girls." Good thing is that LE and LEC often offer free shipping promos and you can return items to your local Sears - and a lot of Sears now carry LEC so you can try the items on for yourself first!

    eek - I'd love to have a bit of curl! Unfortunately I think the natural shape of my hair is best described as "broom." I've gotten pretty vigilant with using a big round brush when brow-drying my hair because at least I can try to tuck the ends in, otherwise they each fall straight and want to go in different directions!

    Laura - this belt must be awesome because you're the first person to say that I must have a tiny waist! Because in comparison with the rest of my bod, I think I am pretty much 12yo-shaped - I love belts!

    thatdamngreendress - yeah, I get a humidity lift too, but not the kind any of us would want!

  27. Seriously looooving this! the perfect outfit to be the heat:)

  28. & i love it! i love it soo much!!!

  29. I love love love this outfit! You look amazing.


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