27 June 2011

Crusty Chewy Buttery Paris

Bonjour mesdames! Yes, I'm still with you and I'm finally back from (grey) Paris!


IMG_5360   IMG_5365


Top: Anthropologie city cousin (worn here before)
Skirt: Banana Republic (worn here before - similar here)
Necklace: Anthropologie gold finger (worn here before)
Bag: Cambridge Satchel (11" w/straps tucked in - similar here, metallic here)
Shoes: Anthropologie Boutique 9 botanist heeled loafers

As for Paris - well, what can I say? To be honest, I wasn't really looking forward to going initially - this was a marathon of a business trip for me and I was anticipating (and received) thorough exhaustion. Plus several semesters of college French had really done nothing to better help me understand the language. And the weather was supposed to be rainy and dreary (and it was).

And what better way to kick off a trip than to have your travel agency call to tell you that your flight had been cancelled - but not to worry, you got rebooked on pretty much the only available flight left. Oh and it is leaving five hours earlier than your original flight so you've got .... oh say, less than an hour to get to the airport and get squared away. Back of the bus, middle seat, woo hoo!

So really what can I say? Not much - except I loved it: Broken French/English interactions, dodging traffic, 14-hour workdays and super-long dinners, gorging myself on every baguette, pate, brulee, crusty buttery confection that crossed my path. The sky cracking open with rain pretty much every time I stepped outside. Trying calvados for the first time and hating it. Treating myself in bed to a midnight snack of macarons and wine. Walking a million miles in heels and feeling like my feet were going to fall off so of course when I got home, I had to buy a pair of even higher heels. Waking up with the worst hangover in years and still making it to work with a faux smile. Emptying the mini bar of bottled water and Orangina. Daily. And not getting charged for it. Paying 25 Euros for a single drink for the "privilege" of sitting in a table directly next to the evening entertainment and not getting a view. Not going to the Eiffel Tower. Eating a "XXL" portion of steak tartare and liking it. Not making an ass of myself with a snail shell and what appeared to be an eyelash curler. Checking out the hookers hanging around outside close to a posh venue where we were hosting a reception. Squeezing too many people into a compact car. Choosing to eat instead of shop even though it was semi-annual sale season.

So here's Paris in a photo medley blur:


IMG_5337    IMG_5334

IMG_5309    IMG_5270

Padlocks for lovers along the Pont des Arts foot bridge.

IMG_5237    IMG_5283

IMG_5300    IMG_5301

A midnight treat.

IMG_5289    IMG_5285

IMG_5264    IMG_5223
A French version of a façade.


IMG_5218     IMG_5217

IMG_5313     IMG_5271


  1. I love this outfit! The yellow is the perfect pop of color, the pattern on the skirt is really interesting and I LOVE those heels, they're amazing! I would be all over those if they wouldn't make me several inches taller than my boyfriend...sigh.

    Your photos from Paris look amazing. Glad you enjoyed yourself :) I lived in Paris for six months and loved it!

  2. Oh my gosh, your pictures make me want to hop on a plane to Paris ASAP! Love them! You look great in this outfit too...the pop of yellow is the perfect finishing touch!

  3. Glad you had a great trip. Paris is a gorgeous city.
    I didn't realize that Anthro is now carrying Nine West shoes! (aka Boutique 9)

  4. Sounds like a whirlwind indeed! But an adventure none the less. Glad you are back! I love your bag!

  5. Oh my, what amazing shots Lisa! I heard the weather hasn't been great in Paris lately, but sounds like you made the most of it!

    I LOVE your purse!

  6. BTW, how can Anthro charge $28 more for those shoes than Nine West? Am I missing something? Are they somehow different?

  7. Bar Chic - 6 months? Talk about total French immersion! Now that I'm back and actually enjoyed my time in Paris, that sounds like a dream!

    Jenni - I'd love to go back - if it wasn't for the whole "getting there" part, haha.

    lisa - Naw, the shoes are probably the same. Anthro often carries brands and styles you can find elsewhere and does their "usual" markup on them. Typically it is less pricey to find them elsewhere unless they hit sale. But when you're in-store and find yourself in shoe love, well ...

    Thanks, Frannie / Elaine!

  8. Sounds absolutely fabulous! Exhausting too :)

    I love the new shoes!

  9. What a fabulous trip! Your brain will forget the painful heel soon enough so you will only remember those beautiful pictures and fantastic food :-)

    Welcome back. Loving the bright yellow purse!

  10. Can I just say that even though it wasn't all the amazing perfectness you could have hoped for, I am still more than a little jealous. All your pictures look good, and what's life without a few foreign mishaps!

  11. Sounds like a whole lot of fun and you had a loads of adventures. This outfit is perfect for a welcome back to the States. I love those shoes they go perfectly with your skirt!

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. Looks like you had a fabulous time! Super jealous! I'm obsessing over your beautiful shoes and bag; they make a great combo.

    Thanks for sharing!

  14. Love it! how exciting! You must have a super cool job!

  15. dear god i miss paris.

    so envious of your travels!

  16. how dreamy! your pictures are amazing and I am so envious! Those macaroons look mouthwatering. I love pistachio macaroons.

    Um, those shoes...they deserve the utmost respect! Sassy!!!

  17. Glad to hear you enjoyed yourself, even if there were some quirks! I'm still oh so jealous of you!

  18. The pictures from your trip are gorgeous! I love that bag, it makes such a statement :)

  19. SO, so, SO amazing! These are fantastic pictures! I'm confused about the snail and the eyelash curler though.

    You look fantastic too, that skirt is divine and the pop in the clutch is perfect!

  20. Laduree macarons are simply divine, aren't they?! This post brings back many fond memories.
    Love your outfit as alwAys! You look adorable. The yellow clutch completes your look.

  21. First, I LOVE the yellow clutch and heels..they are amazing.
    Second, love your paris photos and the fact that you chose to eat instead of shop. I have never had a macaroon. They looks so fancy! :) Glad you enjoyed it!

  22. Your trip sounds wonderful and exhausting!! I LOVE those shoes they will be so versatile and DARLING!!!

  23. Welcome back! Sounds like you had an absolutely jam-packed visit.

    Like everyone else, I am swooning over your shoes. But I am also overjoyed to see that your Cambridge satchel arrived. Hope it was well worh the wait! It look tres chic in this outfit and I'm looking forward to seeing it in many more!

  24. Love the pop of yellow in your outfit! Glad you had fun on your trip. :) Sounds like you had fun eating too! Those macarons look so yummy. Can you believe I didn't go to Ladurée when I was there? Sad.

  25. Sounds like you had a wonderful time Lisa, I'm only sorry that the weather let you down. I came back from 4 days in (northern) France yesterday and it was SCORCHIO, far too hot for me at 30 weeks pregnant. 33 yesterday, 32 sunday....my ankles swelled up! One day I will get to Paris. Loving all the pictures, keep em coming!

  26. Mugdha - I agree, a trip really isn't memorable if you don't have some of the good with the bad!

    Pamela - I have to admit to giving myself some major props for not tripping over myself and dying in those heels yesterday. I can't do skinny heels!

    Melissa - when you order snails in some restaurants, they come in shells, so they give you these weird tongs that you're supposed to hold the snail shells with. They resemble eyelash curlers to me and honestly were dang difficult to use!

    Alicia Marie - the downside of a French macaron is that they're like 2 Euros a piece - like 3 bucks! Well worth it for a splurge on a few though, but there are so many other good things in the world to eat! And I think I tried all of them too, haha!

    Jamie - ugh with the Cambridge Satchel. I am glad I got it now and do love it ever so much but would I wait another two months for a single item again? Not so much ...

    rachel - Laduree was fun but it is definitely making most of its money from tourists! I hadn't yet met a French bakery or sweets shop I didn't like!

    Louise - holy cow, nope it definitely was not that hot in Paris - it was downright chilly some days! I hope all is going well with the baby!

  27. The sky cracking open and dropping rain?! What I wouldn't give for that to occur her in drought-land Texas. Your trip sounds so fun, hangover, clown car, and all! Glad you're back safe.


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