02 May 2011

A Motivational Stripe

For you gals who have read my posts for a while now, you know that my diet is typically atrocious and my exercise routine perpetually stalled. Well I know this is still too soon to say, but using the "if I shout it from the Blogtops, then I need to live up to it" mentality, I am hoping my lackluster days are behind me now.

On the diet front, I've been keeping a food diary for about two weeks - though I haven't been keeping up. However, the process of writing it all down has helped me mentally think of what I'm consuming so I'm not just randomly grabbing whatever suits me and stuffing it into my mouth. That, and opting to chew gum when I am bored, plus having a bunch of healthier food options available, has definitely help to (mostly) curb the junk food munchies.

As for my non-fitness routine, I actually went to the gym two whole days in a row (seriously, big deal for me) and spent time on the treadmill - on Saturday I ran/walked almost two miles in twenty minutes, and yesterday I did over one mile on the treadmill before working some of the weight equipment and playing a few rounds of racquetball with the BF.

I'm taking small steps to get into a Healthier Lisa groove but it certainly isn't easy - I had fried chicken for dinner last night and I am struggling to get the excuses out of my head today so I can squeeze in another quick trip to the gym (I can't get myself motivated enough to do it first in the morning!) How do you gals keep yourselves exercising regularly?


IMG_3799  IMG_3797



Sweater: J. Crew sunshine peony (worn here before - similar here or more pink here)
Dress: Anthropologie Maeve slate stripes (worn here before - really similar, I want to buy it too here)
Belt: UO Deena & Ozzy stretch (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Seychelles sophia (similar here in navy)

And this is my one non-total slob outfit from this weekend, in my fave I-may-look-preggers-but-I-can-eat-what-I-want shirt:

IMG_3780  IMG_3775

Top: Anthropologie city cousin (worn here before)
Shorts: Old Navy (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Toms kenya stripe wedge (worn here before - I have a size 7.5 available on my blog sale here)

♣   ♣   ♣   ♣

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  1. Lisa I love the striped dress on you...and kudos to you for trying to get/stay healthy. I do Jillian Michaels workout dvd's and Karon Karter yoga (veria channel) in my living room. If I had to go to the gym the sheer intimidation factor would keep me at bay. You go girl!!

    (and pass the fried chicken)


  2. Keep up the good work... its about lifestyle changes not crash diets, I think you are on the right track. Jumping head first into a change never ends well...

    As far as motivation, the more you go, the more you want to go... The feeling you get from leaving the gym and feeling so healthy/good about yourself gets addictive. Maybe try adding something else you enjoy - a class at the gym or doing something outside (riding bikes) that is kind of exercise in disguise... the gym routine can start to drag after a while....

  3. I love your weekend outfit. So relax and still put together. The white and gray combination is very calming. And the TOMs are the perfect finish to the whole outfit.

  4. First of all you look fantastic! Secondly, I stay motivated by how I feel. When you are lucky in the gene pool and you aren't have to work-out or diet properly in order to fit into your clothes it can become even harder to stay motivated. I do find though that when I eat right, get more sleep and enjoy working out I just feel better. I have more energy and everything feels like it's working better. There can be no motivation than that! Keep up the good work!

  5. for me motivation is the hardest part. its so easy for me to just say ahh screw it and go home to my sofa and my cat. but the fact that heart disease, cancer, and high cholesterol runs in my family - and i'm getting married next year is starting to be the butt kicking factor that i need to really re-evaluate myeslf and get going. i want to be around for my kids and grow old with my future hubby.

  6. You look so pretty I love the mix of prints with your dress and cardi. As for workout's I have anxiety and have to run to help keep it at bay. I run 5 days a week and if I miss a workout I FEEL it! I actually really enjoy the time to myself where I can blast my music and just work things through in my head. I think it does become addictive but you have to keep up with it.

  7. you look adorable!!! Love both outfits! Good job with the gym AND eating better!!

    Here are some helpful motivational ideas to get you craving the gym...

    ~ exercising reduces risk of cancer, type II diabetes, and heart disease

    ~you can meet a lot of fun, energetic new friends who may help you lead a healthier lifestyle in your gym...make friends there!!!

    ~ having muscle tone will make you look younger

    ~ increasing lean muscle mass will increase your metabolism--an increased metabolism will give you more energy (you won't tire out after hours of shopping) AND will help you burn off the cherry frosty you got on the way home

    ~a healthy, regular exercise regimen will help you have a healthy, regular G.I. tract (gross I know, but that can really suck!)

    ~ exercise-induced endorphins is a natural high that will boost your mood for hours after you exercise

    ~ you get to wear super cute and super comfy clothes (check out lululemon athletica...my fav)

    ~ keeping your body in it's best condition possible will help you in all areas of your life...your body is a machine, it can't operate it's best if it isn't well nourished, oiled, and conditioned...period!


  8. Love that dress and whole outfit combo in the first pictures. & don't get me started on how AWESOME your toms are! I have a pair of wedges, aren't they so comfy?!

    I am wearing hot pink ones to my wedding =)


  9. both of these outfits are amazing! I love the pattern/color mixing in the first, and then I love the casual simplicity of the second! also, good luck in your healthy endeavor, I have no advice though, because I need to work on that myself. you can do it though!

  10. Lisa- You are knocking it out of the park with your outfit combo's lately! Thanks for all the inspiration. Also, I love that you are doing some changes, but being realistic about it too. I think so many quit because they are too extreme. Keep it up, girl! :)

  11. As you said, writing it all down helps thinking about what you put in your mouth. Don't beat yourself up about the fried chicken. Don't deny yourself anything you want, just use moderation.

    As far as keeping motivated, exercising is something I MAKE TIME for. It also helps that the treadmill has a tv. ;)

    Keep it up! You are doing well!

  12. I am in love with both of these outfits. You look so summery and flirty! You are seriously just cute as a button, Lisa! I am proud of you for going to the gym two days in a row and squeezing in time for a treadmill jaunt and racquetball game. I know how hard it to get going with these lifestyle changes, believe me! Keeping a food diary definitely helps, and since I've learned how many calories are really in some of my go-to foods, I've become a LOT more wary about eating them too often. For example, I used to go to Whataburger all. the. time. Now that I realize that each meal I get from there contains 95% of my daily calorie budget, I haven't been back but once in the past 3 months!

    As for exercising, I find that having a workout buddy helps. Boyfriend and I keep each other motivated, by which I mean we both guilt each other into working out, haha! Good luck, Lisa!!

  13. This is the first month of my gym membership suspension for the summer. When I would spin at the gym, getting up first thing every other day felt good and routine. I couldn't do it every day, I'd burn out. But knowing the workout is done and I didn't need to do it after work was a relief. I've got to develop a new routine for week days now, so this should be interesting. I think if you find something you like, you won't mind making time any time of the day. Playing raquetball sounds fun to me!

  14. this free bird - I cheat because my gym is really the local YMCA. So loads of oldies and kids, no intimidation factor there (me using the weight equipment incorrectly because I didn't bother looking at the instructions with drawings on them is neither here nor there though ...)

    E Hayes - right now anxiety is keeping me motivated, haha! But you're right, I won't keep it up if I think of exercise as a chore.

    Inkmark - I am beginning to fall in love with Toms, now if they'd only make more colors in the wedges!

    Kayla - aw girl, I'm not gene pool lucky, I just know how to hide my lumps and soft spots behind belts and full skirts, haha!

    makeupandpearls - you go! And I agree, I am queen of the excuses - well, excuses no more!

    triciathomas - I hope to get there myself!

    Oh Anne, I need to live closer to you! You'd keep me motivated! Or I should just look at your outfit pics more often and wish for your shoulders, arms, legs ....

    emma basilone - wait a minute, they've got hot pink Toms?! Hold the phones!!!!!

    Thanks, Alex!

    modernmom - thanks! I think I am finally understanding why you runners love to run so much - for a while, there's nothing but you and breathing and moving!

    Rose - you're going to think I'm nuts, but I actually can't run on a treadmill and what TV at the same time, I find it too distracting! It is hard enough for me to keep one foot in front of the other, haha!

    amy kelinda - You're right, having the BF at the gym with me motivates both of us to stay longer and go more often, though he's ALREADY giving me the "oh no, don't mention the gym again" look!

    Pamela - I would think having a gym membership would motivate me to go more often, but we won't discuss the months I paid for me NOT to go, haha! I am proud to say I made it three days in a row though - but I think I need to "find" more time in the AM to work out!

  15. Congrats on your efforts. It's all baby steps, right?

    Working out has become just a part of my life. I gained a bit of weight when I first started college, started working out then and have pretty much done it all of my life since. I think if you make it part of your routine, it eventually becomes something you do. So if you schedule your workout in your calendar like everything else, then you have to do it, right?

    Obviously some days are harder than others but once you start going regularly and see what a difference how exercising makes you feel, I think you will be more inclined to do it more.

    Just my 2 cents :)

    P.S. I love those flats...are they comfy? And how do they fit?

  16. Exercise? Whats that? I don't do any exercise besides a walking to the bus stop, walking around the mall and the occasional hula hooping. Other than that, I'm a classic couch potato! I did do 10minutes of aerobics the other day. I find that turning on some upbeat music helps motivate me and gets me moving. I'm on a mission to get healthier too. Theres a campaign in Australia right now which promotes "don't stop it, swap it" . This means swapping junk food for fresh food and swapping driving for riding a bike. The other day I swapped potato chips for banana. Yesterday I swapped easter eggs for Oreos...hehe

  17. Forgot to mention tha I love your striped dress combo!

  18. I love this outfit!! Well both, but the first is such a beautiful combination with the stripes, the cute shrug and the shoes. Perfection!

    Glad to see you've gotten motivated to get healthy. It ain't no easy task I know. I yoyo between super fit and just plain thin and soft. :) But I did start blogging about my healthier cooking and workouts and it does keep me somewhat accountable. Blogging about how I got all nice and fit and then did absolutely no form of exercise or healthy eating from Thanksgiving to well, about 2 weeks ago, was not fun. I wouldn't mind reading about your workouts and diet stuff here. Best of luck to you!!

  19. Gym motivation has been easy for me lately (although I'm still up 5lbs, I haven't forgiven my body for this yet) my bf just keeps nagging at me to go with him. When that doesn't work he goes into a diatribe against someone signing up for a 5k and not training for it, getting me every time. And then there's the job I have that involves swimming twice a week.

    You look fantastic, I love the mix of patterns and color! You really have a knack for it that I've been trying to meticulously study. Anywho, have a great night and happy gym going!

  20. Such a cute outfit! It's so breezy and summery.

    As for going to the gym, I prefer to bring the gym to me! Netflix has a huge variety of exercise dvds to watch instantly, so I can do them without having to brave the crowds in an actual gym... although a killer combination of a bad break-up and a surplus of Easter candy are working against me in the motivation department right now. But as of tonight, I'm back on the yoga mat! Routine is key for me, because otherwise I find other things that I need to do instead of exercising.

    hope you're having a lovely night!

  21. wooo eee woo. i have the same struggles. i may have had bagel bites for dinner tonight. (hellllo, college dorm room!) but i promise myself I'll go to the gym at least 3 times a week, if Thurs rolls around and I haven't gone yet it means I have to go Thurs, Fri and Sat which is the suck. So I usually make it earlier so I can knock it out.

  22. Wonderful outfit and the close up of your shoes is making me jealous! I love coming to your blog it inspires me to mix prints a lot more.

    Lol, the I can eat with I want shirt is priceless! ;) I recently started doing the P90X with my husband and almost gave up. So right now I'm slowly trying to regain muscle strength and a healthy diet.

  23. Go girl, proud of you! I *really* need to get into the swing of things again. Your seychelles are adorable. :)

  24. Lisa...kudos to you for taking better care of yourself. I love how you're doing it to get healthier rather than just focusing on weight. Keep it up...once it starts to get routine, it'll be a part of your life and really easy!

  25. I love your style! Your outfits totally inspire me.

    As for fitness, I do a boot camp - not the kind where you get yelled at, but sort of an outdoor group fitness class. It is intense and pushes me much harder than I would push myself at, say, the gym, plus I like working out outside with other people. You start to get kind of competitive, and that pushes you to work harder. I run much faster when I'm trying to keep up with other people than when I'm zoned out on my treadmill! The classes are an hour each, and I feel really accomplished afterward. I'd recommend something like that! When I don't go, I feel mega guilty.. especially because I've already paid! I feel accountable, and that helps me stay on track.

  26. I love that dress, Lisa! I almost picked it up from the sale room once and I have regretted leaving it behind ever since. I love the way you styled it! That is such a pretty cardigan.

    As far as motivation to work out, I am struggling with that myself. I'm hoping that if I can just push through and stick with my new workout habits for a little while longer, they will just become part of my everyday routine. Good luck!

  27. So cute! Nice break from the usual striped shirt! I love love love the belt!

  28. First off, that striped dress is stunning. I really love it!

    I think that having a routine written down really helps. I actually did P90X a while back and I can easily say the reason I stuck with it was because I knew what was coming and what I had to do. Afterward, I kind of fell off the working out bandwagon and lost most of the muscle mass I had accumulated through the program.

    Now that I have a dog, she's my motivation. I walk/run her between 2 and 3 miles every night. I even had someone tell me it looked like I had lost weight. Totally not my prerogative, but I'll take it!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

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  30. think the hardest part of exercising is simply getting ones self into the habit of doing it! I don't exercise right now, but I did a year back for 1 hour/5 days a week. It was a real struggle to get started (which is my problem right now) but once it was a routine for me, I would feel bad and really miss it if I couldn't fit it in! I lost access to my free gym and haven't gotten back into the routine since. Keep encouraged...you can do it!

  31. This outfit, every piece of it, is so fresh. No tips on the regular exercise, though I am finding that I love the structure/build of constant challenges and improvement.

  32. Eek - thanks! These flats are super-comfy - they've got a tiny wedge heel and padded insole, so they felt great as soon as I put them on. I also found the fit TTS.

    vintageglammz - don't underestimate the power of walking. When I lived in NYC, I walked everywhere and it kept me fit just fine!

    Katrina - I got the soft part down, haha. Now I think I am beginning to build muscle beneath the soft layers!

    Minnesota Maven - that's awesome - hey, guilt trips help sometimes!

    Julie Rose Sews - I love the Netflix exercise vids, especially the ones they've got on What it Now. I like the 10 Minute Pilates ones and the Crunch Pilates.

    anotherfishinthesea - I already have the nagging in my own head about needing to go workout today. I need to get on an early routine so I stop bothering myself, haha!

    Mrs. J - P90X, ugh! I didn't get past the fitness test, haha!

    Thanks, Ashley/Cindi/Koyu!

    JanAlyssa - At this point I'm more motivated when I am at the gym than when I try to run by myself because at least there are people there, so I totally agree with you on the other people motivating thing. Once I can actually run some distances without stopping every five minutes, I'll need to look into that, thanks!

    kristin - this was one of those "I have no idea why I purchased this" items that have since become a fave in my closet. I love happy accidents!

    Melanie - you are awesome for finishing P90X - I literally didn't get past the fitness test! I agree, though, having a pup certainly has helped me become more active, though my pup has doggie ADD and needs to stop and smell something every 20 ft - they'll be no running with her yet!

    Leah - I'm on the same page as you and it is my mental guilt that has kept me "motivated" this past few days more than anything. Hopefully the "getting used to it" and "routine" part will eventually override the guilt, haha!

    Thirteenlbs - I think once I actually start seeing some improvement, that'll give me the lift I need to keep going!

  33. Haha! Who said anything about running? I walk on it. I could never watch tv and run at the same time! :) I work my pace to about 3.5 mph and that is fast enough to get my heart rate up where it has to keep for about 20 (I keep it there for about 40) minutes.

  34. I think it's hardest at first to start a routine, but for me I started when I was a tween. I've been exercising 5-6 days a week since I was 12. And I'm a bit addicted. truly. I'm endorphin dependent. It's amazing how calm, collected, and happy I feel the rest of the day after a hard workout. Nothing better. Just do it. Slip on the shoes and out the door. I have a friend who hired a personal trainer after many years of no exercise. She tweaked her knee and had a really rough recovery, so hired a trainer, telling me that, "this is cheaper than an entire knee replacement". Exercise is prevention- you're taking care of yourself.


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