17 May 2011

Big Hair, Jambu, Smashion

I've got a blog-podge of a post for you ladies today. My blog cup runneth over lately and I am so appreciative of all you great readers for taking the time to visit my little blog. Your comments have provided me with so much good humor and insight - and I am consistently impressed with your unique senses of style, imagination and varied areas of expertise.

So in your honor, I sport ridiculously-big-for-me, I-obviously-don't-know-how-to-use-a-curling-iron-so-that's-why-I'm-smiling-like-a-goof hair today:


IMG_4298  IMG_4304


Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before)
Skirt: J. Crew dorrie (after a month of being on backorder, it finally came in)
Shoes: Coach ireena
Bracelet: The PS Boutique via Etsy
Clutch: Rebecca Minkoff pouch (1 of 3 from a set, now on sale sale sale)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

First, the nice folks over at Jambu asked for me to try out a pair of their shoes to review. Jambu is a comfort shoemaker that uses partially recycled rubber outsoles, recycled and recyclable packaging. They also have a collection of completely animal-friendly footwear for you Natalie Portmans out there.

I decided to go with the Espy style in grey, which I thought would be a nice casual-day shoe in a fairly go-with-anything color:

IMG_4196  IMG_4194
I only look like I am in my jammies. I actually wore and went outside in this entire outfit on Sunday. No, really.

Cons about these shoes? They were heavier than I had expected and felt very "dense" (hello, recycled rubber). Plus the thong part rubbed a bit against the inside of my big toe. And let's be honest, these most likely are not going to be your what-to-wear-when-you're-dressing-to-impress-shoes-of-HAWTness.

Pros about these shoes? Super-duper comfy sandals. I wore these all day on Sunday to run errands and take the dog to the park, etc. and had no breaking-in issues at all. The sandals didn't feel heavy on, the platform and wedge provided me with some needed height and though the toe area rubbed, it never got bad. And the fit is TTS with a thin adjustable leather velcro ankle strap.


So what do I think? Will I reach for these when I have on my prettiest dress or frilly skirt? Probably not ... but then again, they aren't that kind of shoe or company. However, I'll likely wear these sandals a lot this summer on those casual weekends when I'm running around, and I think they're really cute. Thanks again, Jambu!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Second, THANKS to Natalya - I won her giveaway! Natalya is a fashion design student chasing her dreams and looking fantabulous while doing it. Check out her blog if you have a moment.
♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Third, check me out on the Smashion Lounge - I'm one of their featured interviewed bloggers! If you haven't checked Smashion out yet, it is a social fashion site that is home to a marketplace, forums and outfit gallery for that stylish inspiration. Ah, like a virtual fashion bloggy mecca!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

Lastly, OK, let's get down to it - Anthro's semi-annual tag sale. As my personal shopping ban rules for the month consist of one in-one out, this means I need to work that much harder to put up stuff on my blog sale and sell, sell, sell! However, I haven't bitten on anything online yet and am waivering on whether or not I should take time out to trek to a store. What kind of damage have you gals done, or will you be hoofing it to a store in hopes their offerings will be better?


  1. Love the big hair! And the clutch is pretty.

  2. Go big (hair) or go home Miss Lisa!! I was totally going to the Anthro tag sale...if it wasn't pouring rain this morning I would have taken a stroll through, but the traffic scared me off. My wallet is happily sitting in the corner :) I'm feeling like I'm missing out on a million deals. Quiet brain, quiet. hehe


  3. OMG I've been wanting a pair of Jambu sandals for a long time ... you're selling me on them even further, Lisa! :)

    Love your hair curled, you look precious!

  4. You know what they say about a woman with big hair . . . . just kidding. I don't know what they would say other than you look adorable. Thanks for making us laugh (yet again). Cute combo with the red skirt. I'm wearing a red pencil skirt today (I know, you are not a fan of the p.s.), so I guess we were both thinking on the same lines!

  5. I am loving the big hair and that wondeful pop of orange.

  6. love the hair
    love the shoes--- comfort sandals scream my name!
    I haven't bought anything and I'm not going to check out a store this week. I'm too busy and too tired. Besides, I'm kind of liking all the extra money hanging out in my account this month :)

  7. I am lovin' the curls today :)

    I picked up a few things at Anthro today...got an extra 15% with my bday discount too!

  8. I love your "big hair". I wouldn't call it big hair, but more like Hollywood hair.

  9. I'm with the other ladies, I love the loose curls. So pretty!

  10. i'm on a ban - but gosh two of my wishlist skirts went on sale. sigh!

  11. I'm loving the big flat clutches I've been seeing around blogger land lately. I must get one!

  12. LOVE that big hair on you...you're cuter than ever! The striped clutch is fabulous with your outfit.
    The Jambu sandals look much more solid than any other ordinary sandal i've seen. I totally believe you when you say they're comfy - they look it!!

  13. Lisa you make me giggle :) Practice makes perfect! that's where I kept on practicing my curling iron skills! But I have to say your hair turned out real cute!!!!


  14. Love the hair and the clutch...and where, oh where did you get those SHORTS? So cute!

  15. LOVE the gigham shirt!! And with the orange skirt it is amazing!!! Lots going on - but that is always good!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  16. I am swooning for this outfit with the Dorrie skirt! Love the gingham and stripe clutch with that vibrant red!
    And of course I am loving the big hair.
    I AM from Jersey remember! ;)

  17. I really like the hair Lisa.....and it definitely isn't what I'd term "big" by any means. Great outfit!... (as ever) btw ;)

  18. WOW - you are rockin' that hair!! I love it!! I also love your printed shorts and adorable little sandals :) You are too cute, as always.

  19. The shoe review is interesting. I'm always on the lookout for workhorse sandals. Something better than flats, but still casual. Love your outfit :)

  20. My store tag sale was a total bust. I ordered shoes at 2am and that was it.

    I like your hair full like that!

  21. Love your hair, Lisa! You did such a great job styling it. Love your vibrant skirt, too :)

  22. LOVE that skirt. So incredibly pretty! The color is amazing. I'm offically jealous. I'm following you now.

    Method Clothe

  23. Is Jambu the same as J-41? I am a huge fan of their shoes.

  24. this free bird / Spiffy - I know, this extra money business is good stuff. But then again, you can't take it with you when you go ...

    Tien - haha, I've got to use that "Hollywood hair!"

    Thirteenlbs - Target juinors section. They've got the awesome stretchy waist!

    Eleanor - I think your idea of big hair differs greatly from Snooki's! ;o)

    Callandra - oh you should have seen it after I first curled it then proceeded to brush it - apparently that is a no-no?

    gigiofca - I am with you. Flip flops and I don't have a close relationship for some reason, and I love any excuse for some more height!

    Aw, thanks, Angela!

    Inkmark - I think J-41 is now known as Jambu, at least that is what Google told me!

  25. 1) I like the big hair and the red skirt with the gingham print. Very classy Texas gal!

    2) Those shoes look really comfy, but the wedge/platform would bother me. If it's a easy wear maybe I'll invest in a pair.

    I don't live near Anthropologie and won't be back home(NJ) until Monday. So I'll just have to miss out or skip the sale.

  26. Your hair looks beautiful! I love that red skirt too.

    And those gray shoes are super adorable, what a fun way to buy recycled!

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  27. Yes, your hair looks great! And I love this gingham shirt. Great interview on Smashion as well. I love how all of my favourite blogs are being featured. My interview is supposed to be posted on Sunday so watch out for it!

  28. I am officially the biggest fan of this Dorrie skirt black checkered shirt outfit. You look so rockin. And your hair's NOT big. I live in Texas, I should know. Loved your smashion interview! I need to get on filling mine out...


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