16 May 2011

Back to the Future

I'm sure we're all feeling a big ole "bah humbug" about the Blogger-out days last week and the scores of now-missing posts and deleted comments. I decided to just stay clear of blogging for a few days while Blogger tries to fix itself right and save myself from frustration.

✿  ✿  ✿  ✿

I am back from my fam visit in NYC now with a slew of new-to-me pieces handed down from my big sis - and I've been fairly good on the shopping front too (we will not speak of the upcoming big Anthro tag sale set to hit tomorrow). All those temptations in the big apple and all I purchased was a pedometer (woooo weeee, I know) and a hat that is actually large enough to fit my apparently giant-size noggin.

Though I alwaus love the fam, it is always kind of weird to me coming home as an adult but still being treated like the baby of the family, such as:
  • When I walk into a room and my parents are discussing “adult matters,” they still get quiet so I don’t hear them
  • My parents and my big sis don’t let me pay for anything
  • My mom wakes me up in the morning about 30 minutes before my alarm – and she sticks her head into my room to tell me good night (regardless of whether or not I’m already asleep!)
  • My parents don’t trust me to drive by myself – my dad prefers to drive me everywhere and then pick me back up later
  • My mom likes to make the (innocent?) comment about how I look skinnier or chubbier after not seeing me for a while – but then proceeds to shove as much food in my direction as possible
  • My parents won’t let me cook - because of course I can't
  • I get frowny looks when I turn on the TV during the day
  • My mom still calls to ask when I’ll be home, if I have my keys, etc.
  • Fashion gets over-ruled by practicality – because who knows when someone will ask you to go mow the lawn, water the garden, take out the trash, crawl under the desk to plug/unplug something, baby sit the nephew
  • See above – chores still do exist
Do you gals feel weird about going home again after you've left the nest for a while?


IMG_4244  IMG_4229


Dress: Forever 21 linen frond blend (worn here before - similar-ish here, here)
Jacket: Juicy Couture knit peplum (similar here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (similar here)
Shoes: Nine West temani (worn here before - similar color here, peep-toe here)
Necklace: Old Navy ethnic statement


  1. LOOVE your dress!!!

    This post is awesome! I'm the baby and OMGosh i get treated like a baby when I'm home. My older sister will actually spell things that she doesn't want me to hear. ha ha!! My Dad will tell me "it's getting late...you should get to bed." LOL..so funny..

  2. That is hysterical. Funny how you aren't too fragile to do chores. I'm not the baby, but just got into it w/my mom about going out "late at nite." I was at a movie w/my friend. Umm...mom, married & in my 30s. Jeez. We know they mean well. :)

    I love the print on your dress.

  3. i adore this outfit!

    home is only ~20 mins away, so no oddness here. ;)

  4. I always feel like I've regressed to 16 when I go home to visit the fam.
    love the old navy necklace.

  5. That is hysterical--almost similar to when I'm home! Last time, I offered to drive my brother and gf back to their house (15 min. away from my parents) after bringing them home for dinner. It was late (11 or midnight) and my mom insisted on riding with us so I wouldn't drive home alone. My brother and his gf thought that was "weird" since I'm almost 30...lol. It just means they love us:P

  6. First of all, I love your outfit!

    I have a similar experience when I go home--my mother always makes weight comments and pretty much spends the entire day in the kitchen cooking, and she always tries to give me a bunch of stuff to take which I can't always carry on the plane. Pretty funny. I'm actually going home in a couple weeks for my baby brother's high school graduation (eek!), so we shall see how this trip goes.

  7. You are too funny. I love your dress. I don't really have the same experiences with my parents, but definitely with my Grandpa. He is the best!

  8. I love this necklace!!!!!!!! It's so funny the way your parents treat you when you go home, mine are exactly the opposite and don't seem to care what I do now...maybe 'cause I'm an old lady and they realize I'm an adult and can't tell me what to do...or maybe its even with all my decisions (like getting a tattoo) they realize they can't criticize me because I'm actually doing something real with my adult life and holding down a good job, etc...who really knows??? Parents are strange :)

  9. I think living close to my parents helps. Because I'm visiting them almost every week they've had time to adjust to me being adult and now I'm wishing they would let me act like a kid again :)

    Meanwhile, that dress is fantastic on you!! I love that pattern!

  10. LOL - your parents sound like typical Asian parents, no? That said, mine are actually pretty normal. Now that my sister has 2 babies, that's all they are worried about anymore :)

    I can't believe your necklace is from Old Navy! It's gorgeous!

  11. I can really relate to this post so much, Lisa. I think, for my parents, time has stood still. And in a way for me too - because we don't live close together they remember who I WAS rather than who I've become and vice versa. It was really hard on my dad to finally come to CA and visit me - and see that I'm an adult. It bothered him that I don't own a home, but I think also kind of made him sad that I'm old(er). I felt the same way...it was so bizarre to see my parents sleeping in my bed. And my mom STILL tucked me in in the spare bedroom AFTER she had gone to sleep. I love her for caring so much about me :)


  12. So pretty that dress is BEAUTIFUL!!! Mom's never change even though I am in my mid 30's have 3 kids my mom still treats me like a kid and it irritates the crap outta me!

  13. After graduating from college, I moved back in with my parents for the summer and the first time I headed out to the bar with some old friends, my dad tried to set a curfew of 11:30pm. It was like I was 16 again.

  14. wow- great f21 score... that dress looks vintage! i've been seeing so many bloggers rock the f21 dresses lately. did your sister give you this one?

  15. I still get some kid treatment from my mother and it doesn't help that she's overprotective. I still have to call her and tell her I made it safely when I get home after we've gone out for the evening.

    I love that necklace and it's even better that you got a deal on it.

  16. Anne - cracked me up! My BF's mom did that just this Christmas, it was hilarious! She was telling us what she got her daughter (BF's big sis) for Christmas while she was in the room. We're like, hello, she's right there and in her late 30s, I think she's got the spelling thing down!

    gigiofca - too funny, but I sometimes have to REMIND myself that they mean well.

    Thanks, Sal!

    makeupandpearls - oooh ... depends on the day, but sometimes I'd love to live that close to my parents! Sometimes.

    CTcupcake - at least they don't have to make us do our homework anymore!

    violinista - that is hilarious!

    Terrie - you cracked me up, because my parents STILL make me sandwiches "for the plane" and buy me things to take home with me, like I don't have supermarkets where I live!

    Frannie Pantz - aw yeah, who will always spoil you more and treat you like a kid in a good way more than your parents? Grandparents!!!

    WILDasaMINK - yeah, my parents don't ping me about work. I think they don't really care what I do as long as the pay is decent and I'm steadily employed. Now we won't go into the whole marriage and childbearing thing though!

    Kayla - hey I have no qualms about the whole not letting me pay for anything thing! ;o)

    eek - haha, oh absolutely!

    this free bird - you're totally right. I think seeing us older also makes our parents remember that THEY'RE also older.

    triciathomas - in all the good and not so good ways, we'll always be our parents' babies!

    Andrea - haha, my parents kind of did the same thing to me a few months ago. I went out to dinner with friends and my dad told me he'd pick me up from the subway station after I got back and he wouldn't take no for an answer. So reading between the lines - dad goes to bed around 10:30pm so guess who would have to get home prior to that?

  17. chantilly - I actually got this dress last year sometime, but you're totally right, F21 dresses are super-popular lately! Probably means I need to check them out again ...

    fshnonmymind - my mom is the same way too, and I sometimes catch myself saying things to the BF that she would usually say to me. Just means we all care, right?

  18. LMAO to your list. Word to everything you said. Especially the skinny/fat comment followed by stuffing you to the point of being sick (why won't you eat more? you don't like my cooking anymore??!!).

  19. Your list is too funny! I usually get the chores part, I'm allowed in the kitchen and encouraged to have an adult conversation with her. I rather not since it usually leads to the "grandchildren" discussion..lol

    Very cute outfit, the print on your dress is screaming for my closet. I may have to visit F21 when I go home next week. I'm jealous that your Old Navy sells jewelry! That's another store I will visit on my trip home! :)

  20. great post! In some ways my parents have always treated me like an adult.. I think it's a product of my parents divorcing when I was 11 and the various adult-related responsibilities that come with being shuffled back and forth from house to house, so I don't really feel any kind of child-like treatment when I go home (maybe also because neither parent still lives in the house I grew up in).

    I do still like to sit in the kitchen when my mom cooks and stick my fingers in everything and I get a little bit impatient with my parents and snotty (like I'm a teenager again) but they just ignore it so I guess I am the one that regresses.. and they still treat me like an adult-lol!

  21. I wish my parents would "spoil" me like yours do you! Especially the not-paying-for-anything part :) Love this dress, but especially this jacket. And so surprised this necklace is from Old Navy!

  22. Love the dress Lisa!! Its an instant mood lifter and looks gorgeous n you.
    I'm married now and live separate from my parents, but yes, whenever I visit they still take care of me like a baby. For eg, They will force feed me until I'm more than full. My parents don't like me driving by myself either...they don't trust me. Oh wait neither does my hubby or I!

  23. Haha, my parents totally does this "you put on weight you should watch your diet" then stuff you thing. Is that a common trend for Asian parents?

    My dad left the country when I was 12 and my mom join him 2 years later, so I spend my teenage years home alone till I was 17. Blame the US embassy won't grant me a visitor visa! Then I went off to college so I was very independent, with those years living on my own. Imagine how surprise I was to hear my dad ask my mom I heard my dad ask my mom "Is baby asleep" during a family vacation when I was 24?

  24. Oh my gosh, that is too funny! When I go home, my mom has 20 questions when I first get there. Then, when I go to bed or get up, it's, "are you going to sleep already?" or "what are you doing up already?". I can't win!! :) but I love it!

    I also love that necklace! The colors are pretty.

  25. ha- family is hard for sure- you will never ever be able to grow out of the being they remember you as from some random point in your childhood!

    You have such a great eye for pattern- this dress is gorgeous, and the necklace is the perfect accompaniment (but wow, that jacket is ever so splendid!!)

  26. I love coming home too!!My parents make me feel uber special :) Great outfit today...I really love the shoes!

  27. I'm the baby too, and all of the above apply!

    This necklace is BEAUTIFUL! I love the dress and your cheerful smile.

  28. Ahh, AMEN about the blogger-out. I steered clear for a while too and was lucky enough (knock on wood) to not have had anything deleted. You look so cute though!

  29. i was waay frustrated by the blogger outtage :(

    love love the collar on this jacket. Great look!

    My trips home are FULL of chores. But I will do chores in whatever I happen to be wearing. My parents love it when I cook (they feel like they miss out from not living near hubby and me and getting to eat our food all the time, lol)


  30. This is a fantastic outfit -- I remember seeing this F21 dress on you last year and loved it. With the necklace, it's even better. Totally looks like something that would pop up in Anthro's jewelry department.

    And my parents/extended family members are EXACTLY the same way. My Chinese grandmother will always tell us that we are gaining weight -- and in the very next breath, she will offer us a piece of chocolate cake and juice. And wonder why I don't want another helping at lunch.

    I'm planning a vacation home this summer, and my parents keep trying to pay for my plane ticket -- even though I've been working full-time for two years!!

  31. I think this is one of my FAVORITE outfits of yours, and that's saying a lot b/c I love all your outfits!

  32. First, you look GORGEOUS in that yellow dress! I love the pink accents in the necklace!

    Second...um, I kind of live with my parents again. My daughter and I are there until I can pay off some debt and get a place for us. I'm not the best person to ask about that. ;)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  33. Mrs. J - I usually do ON online. They sometimes have % off sales that they don't run in-store and with free ship on orders over $50, can't lose!

    spiffy - the BF's parents divorced when he was young and between private school, college then work, he hasn't really been at home for years. He gets the adult treatment too when he is home - but he milks the whole "being with mom" thing for all he can!

    Inkmark - aw, that is so sweet! Yeah, you'd never hear my dad call me "baby"! Actually he'll usually sign real loud first, then say "Lisa ..."

    Pamela - haha, I get the ole "don't stay up too late" and it's like 10:15pm!

    thatdamngreendress - thanks! My fave part of this jacket? It is made from a fancy sweatshirt material, so it is super-comfy!

    Lori - I don't mind the chores either, but it is funny to see whenever I go over, there suddenly is a whole lot of "oh yeah, could you ...?" popping up! I typically love to cook but my mom and dad don't want me when I am home for some reason. I guess they're set with their routine!

    Jamie - ah well, it isn't ALL that bad if parents want to pay for their kids every now and again.

    Melissa - I totally understand, girl. About two years back, my old company folded and I had to go back home for a few months too. Such is life - good thing we have such supportive parental units!

  34. Oh. my. goodness. I totally could have written this! I am also the baby of the family and I'm also STILL treated like a child. No one ever lets me pay for anything, I'm never consulted or told about important matters and yes, I can't cook either even though I cook nearly totally from scratch every night! Ugh, so annoying huh?

  35. Love this outfit. Obsessed with the dress. Fed ex to me immediately. Well, no, don't. Surely won't fit. I so wish it did. It's still quite a trip to go back home as a married with 3 (almost 4 ) kids and a husband. Still get treated like I need assistance getting to bed on time, lectures on eating come as frequently as a cuckoo clock, and chores will ALWAYS exist. I'll never be a "guest". :)


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