25 April 2011

Ruffly Striped Noodles

I hope you've all had a fantastic weekend, ladies! To start things out, here are some of my outfits from this weekend:

IMG_3507   IMG_3501


Dress: Anthropologie Eloise stormy seas chemise (check stores, similar less here or here or here)
Sweater: J. Crew featherweight cardigan (worn here before - similar here or pattern here)
Shoes: Toms kenya stripe wedge (size 7.5 available in my blog sale here)
Necklace: gift from friend (similar-ish here)

IMG_3525   IMG_3521


Top: Crewcuts dazzle (similar tank here)
Skirt: J. Crew linen mini (similar here)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks edamame (worn here before - similar here)

♣   ♣   ♣   ♣

As for my Easter dinner, I didn't cook the "great American Easter version of Thanksgiving" dinner. Seemed like too much hassle for just two people. Plus I was just clueless and didn't feel like making a whole ham. So we grilled some meats and had them with salad and some dinner rolls.

However, on Saturday night, I did try out a new-to-me recipe I stumbled onto from The Pioneer Woman - her sour cream noodle bake. When I first read the ingredient list, I was a little dubious about the flavor combo, but the yummy food photography swayed me and I am glad I tried it. BF even had seconds! which is typically a sign of recipe success - BF is worse than Mikey!

We used fat free cottage cheese and sour cream to lighten the load, and next time will try this with some ground turkey or chicken. I did toss in some fresh basil, but pretty much kept true to the recipe. And of course I made enough to feed a small army.

So because I am nosy and a total food addict - what did you all have for Easter dinner?


  1. Falling in love with that J Crew skirt and the chemise. I envy how lovely you look everyday.

    Now I will have to try your noodle bake. That looks so delicious! I wasn't as motivated as you this Easter. it was just me and the hubs so we reheated a few chicken burgers. They were pretty darn delicious though. :)

  2. I don't celebrate easter (in neither religious nor bunny/candy sense), so it was just a normal food day for me. I had beet and goat cheese salad with arugula, oranges and raspberries for dinner (never tried beets with raspberries before, it was yummy!).

  3. My brother and I made shrimp and grits w/asparagus on the side for Easter dinner...kind of outside the norm but it was delicious. Love all your outfits!

  4. okay that looks yummy. i'm always hunting for stuff that will reheat the next day for lunch.

    we had ham. and mashed potatoes. salad. green bean casserole, cranberry sauce (?), applesauce, and jello mold. lol.

  5. Oh, that chemise! It's too cute! Must check stores! (Erm...just to look...) That noodle bake looks delicious, but I wonder if my husband's healthy-eating regimen would hate me for making it.

  6. Food looks awesome! I had some chips, a slice of lunchmeat and cheese. And candy - it was a busy day and I don't do Easter dinner! haha

  7. I love that ruffle dress it's so cute! We had the traditional ham, potato's dinner and it was soooo good!

  8. I made a feast of all our favorite foods. Each family member picked a food:

    Shrimp Etouffee
    Steak tips (with sauteed mushrooms, peppers, and onions)
    strawberry spinach salad
    steamed peas and sugar snap peas

    I had all the stuff ready to make a strawberry torte cake for dessert but my kids asked me to save it for another day. "We have eaten so much candy today, we don't want anymore sweets!" LOL!!!

  9. Lisa that first ruffled dress is gorgeous!! And I am loving the stripes on the skirt. Pass the fab!!


  10. I want that chemise-as-a-dress too!!! Looks great on you!
    My man smoked a turkey in the Big Green Egg (google it), and my mom made yummy potato salad and broccoli casserole, and I made deviled eggs. My sister made a cherry pie and a keylime pie.

  11. I adore your striped skirt - you look darling!

    As for Easter dinner - the hubs and I don't celebrate in the traditional sense - we just ate out with friends!

  12. Katrina - I'm starving right now, so all this food reading is killing me - argh, chicken burgers, nom nom!

    tasty moog - aw, a gal who loves beets too! Hard to find!

    makeupandpearls - that cranberry sauce thing that comes from a can is the best darn holiday condiment out there! BF's niece will eat slices of just that for dinner and dessert!

    Carol - well I bet everything could easily be subbed with low or non-fat foods, ground turkey or chicken and whole wheat noodles. I'm definitely going to try to sneak in the ground turkey on my BF next time!

    Peggy - I don't know how you cook most days, your schedule usually seems jampacked!

    Anne - oh can I please come over for leftovers?

    modernmom - my neighbor has one of those eggs! My BF eyeballs it enviously all the time - especially when the neighbor is out smoking chicken, ribs, etc. Mm, mm ...

  13. Oh goodness, I didn't even have an Easter dinner! I made vegetable curry with rice. It was just the two of us as well, and I had plans to make a feast, but then got lazy and didn't. Oh wellies. Love the Anthro chemise!

  14. Food looks really mouthwatering Lisa. We went interstate and ate out during easter.
    Loving your holiday outfits. That chemise is beautiful ! Too pretty for sleepwear. It deserves to be worn during th day. Also love t hat jcrew mini! cute!

  15. The Anthro chemises are the best little dresses for weekend wear. You look so comfy yet so cute.

    We had a nice brunch Sunday afternoon and then grilled Sunday evening. We even had a bit of sun, which was nice.

  16. WOw, that first outfit is so cute! I love it paired with the yellow cardi! Your dinner sounds yummy!! My husband is out of town so we didn't do anything big...I made porkchops, noodles and rolls...it was good though! =)

  17. I made a gigantic passover feast, seriously, gigantic.
    salmon, latkes, matzoh ball soup, noodle kugel, green beans with garlic and almonds, flourless chocolate cake... i think I'm still full!

    I love that us shorties can rock a chemise and call it a dress- being short has its perks!

  18. The blue and the olive green in your second outfit is such a wonderful pairing! I like how you opted for a longer length top and let the stripes of your chemise peek through.

    Yummy dinner...oh my goodness gotta try that out for my man when I get the chance.

  19. ah! I wore the chemise this weekend too!! You look gorgeous!!

  20. Sweet Laundry - that was totally me for Easter dinner too - we grilled, which meant that the BF grilled, haha!

    Pamela - and Anthro chemises are way cheaper than a real Anthro dress - I'm a huge fan of their loungewear!

    spiffy - I think I'm on SATC rerun overload, because your comment made me think about that episode when Charlotte made Passover dinner for Harry! But mm, mm, matzoh ball soup, latkes ... oh I miss some good NYC Jewish food - where are your, knishes and NYC-style bagels?!

    Keiko - oh you knocked it out of the park with your chemise and how you styled it, you totally dressed it up and made it look fantastic!

  21. Love your dress with the yellow cardi! Ruffles catch my eye every time! :)

  22. o0o I love that sparkly shirt!! And the ruffles are so cute! <3


  23. love the striped jcrew mini, super super cute. perfect for spring!

  24. Both outfits were wonderful, but the J. Crew mini is calling my name! I didn't eat anything special for Easter I did have a good time though. That dish looks yummy I may have to try it out!! :)

  25. I'm so glad I always go back and check your Posts. I love how you styled the Snowflake in for Spring with an Anthro Nighty. This is so cute and can't even tell you how much I love it. OK! Both outfits are cute, but I like #1 the best.

    We had ribs on the Barbie for Easter Dinner.

  26. I love your outfits but I'm totally distracted by that yummy looking casserole!

    I have a feeling I'm about to spend hours on the PW website!


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