20 April 2011

My Picnic Tablecloth Shirt

Thanks for your feedback and advice yesterday on my less-than-stellar eating habits, ladies. I've only kept a food journal for two whole days now, but I've consciously been cutting back on my consumption of random junk - though it's so hard when you're a bored eater like me, and when your live-in wants to have cheese sticks, Buffalo wings and fries for dinner!

I think I may need to take some more drastic measures and do a cupboard cleanout (do we need to keep four bags of chip crumblies, probably no ...) - I'm not so ambitious that I want to get rid of all junk in my home, but to clear away clutter to make room for some better foods. If I have fewer bags of chips or sweets and more good stuff, maybe I'll reach for that more.

The whole drinking something in place of eating something is a bit more difficult for me to get over, though. I commend you guys who can drink some tea after dinner and be satisfied and I am trying to abide by the not eating after 8pm thing, but it is hard. Only recently have late-night sugar cravings been kicking in and drinking juice won't satiate them. Somehow a spoonful of Cool Whip did the trick - but I don't think there's one naturally-occuring ingredient in there?

And that is a really random lead-in for what I really want to know - with Easter Sunday approaching, what are you gals planning for dinner? The BF and I want to do something special for dinner that evening (it is the springtime version of Thanksgiving - or am I the only one that thinks like that?) but I've done zero planning so far - and it always difficult for me to make a special meal for just two people.


IMG_3389    IMG_3396


Shirt: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (similar here)
Skirt: Armani Exchange pencil cargo (I know it's a pencil skirt - but look at the front slit, I can walk with that! worn here before - similar here or here)
Necklace: lucie0ellen by Etsy (worn here before - similar-ish here)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target (worn here before - similar here)


  1. You look so cute! I really love the bunting necklace (am browsing the store right now).

    Unlike most people, I have a hard time keeping the pounds off in warmer weather. This is because my DH likes to cook wings and ribs on the BBQ daily for dinner. So I can totally sympathize with the bad eats due to the SO. We also have 3-4 bags of chips on hands at all times for last minute guests dropping in to catch the football/baseball/hockey games. It makes it so hard to eat healthy!

  2. No food after 8/9pm is a good idea. I definitely graze after dinner, as I tend to eat smaller meals throughout the day. The last couple of nights, I have been snacking on chickpeas. From a can (I get no salt added but I still rinse and drain them). Weird, I know. :P

    I'm just glad that Easter is easier to avoid than xmas, so we don't cook anything special. We do go out for breakfast at our favorite spot because it's less crowded Easter morning.

  3. Also, man man is from the midwest and had some bland/bad eating habits (like, the only veggies he ate were potatoes, corn and carrots), but now he eats all sorts of yummy veggies: squash, asparagus, zucchini, kale, leeks, spinach, etc. Some people grow up only knowing veggies from a can or fresh/frozen veggies that have been boiled, salted and/or buttered to death, and don't have a sense of how good they can actually taste.

    He's still a meateater, though. Can't win them all. ;)

  4. Such a cute skirt...and I'm lovin' on these wedges again!
    You have to at least have ham and deviled eggs on Easter :) That's all I could think of off the top of my head!

  5. Hey pretty lady!! I'm currently in a fitness challenge where Rebecca Meyer (the Biggest Loser Season 8 at-home winner!) is my personal trainer! You're definitely on track with the food diary - it really puts into perspective what is going into your mouth and what you can eliminate from your diet! Some GREAT foods to munch on are PopChips, 100 calorie bags of popcorn, raw almonds, grapes, baby carrots dipped in hummus, fat free pretzels with a wedge of Light Laughing Cow cheese, sugar free gum, etc.!! They are healthy yet satisfy that urge to mindlessly munch on foods! And an easy way to cut calories is the beverages you consume - like flavored and iced coffees, soda pop, alcohol, fruit juices, etc. I lost 12 pounds the first week of my fitness challenge and I'm confident it's because I eliminated all those empty calories I was drinking!!


  6. As for Easter dinner, I'm having either salmon or chicken breast for my meat and I'm staying away from anything that's white - no rolls, mashed potatoes, pasta salads, etc.!! It's going to be difficult because I'm from Iowa and my in-laws are a farming family, so there will be tons of home-cooked comfort foods all over the kitchen come Sunday! But think about how you will feel by eating the food (will you regret it later?) before you do!

  7. I also find cooking a special occasion dinner for two can be difficult - but then, I guess it's still easier than cooking for one!

    I'm contemplating Engagement Chicken for Easter (not because I'm hoping for that outcome but because if it's supposedly good enough to make a man propose, I want to eat it myself!) Recipe online here: http://www.epicurious.com/recipes/food/views/Engagement-Chicken-364889

    I also saw some pre-prepared duck fillets filled with foie gras down at my supermarket (one of the perks of living in France!) so I might try those instead. Throw in some roast vegetables and I'm done!

  8. I love your cute shirt and those shoes...fabulous!

  9. LOVE this skirt. And is it weird to tell you you have great lips? LOL That last pic of the necklace is great.

    As for Easter dinner here - no idea. I think me and the Mr. will be kidless so probably wine and tapas of some sort. :)

  10. I love the whole look, but the shoes are like WHOAH!

    Re:Easter- what about a roasted duck or chicken, with your favorite sides?

  11. Cute top!!! I also love those shoes! As for Easter go with the traditional ham and funeral potatoes! With a green veggie on the side.

  12. love that necklace!!

    I am having a give-a-way on my blog, check it out if you like! ($25 to Vantage Point Vintage's online store: http://www.shopvpv.com. Please include it in any of your give-a-way lists that I LOVE!!


    <3 emma

  13. You look so cute in plaid! I wish you success in your eating habits. I'm pretty good at not eating junk, but I've been trying to eat more and more disciplined the past few months. I swear once I hit 30, my whole digestive system changed. It helps when you're marrying a personal trainer ;)

    As for Easter dinner, my mom is cooking a big spread. Ham, Lasagna, scalloped potatoes, asparagus. I can't wait!

  14. Hey Lisa, First of all, love that outfit....how cute is that skirt?!! Next, I missed your post yesterday but I wanted to let you know that I've kept a food journal for the past several years and it's worked wonders! Over several years of marriage my husband gained a significant amount of weight and finally asked for my help to help him get back down to a weight that he was comfortable with. By helping him cataloge his food intake, he has painlessly shed 50 lbs and now says that he feels he has the tools to stay at a healthy weight without giving up his favorite foods. I love the food tips you can find on hungrygirl.com and have even bought one of her recipe/ready-to-eat food books (a significant fact for me since I don't own cookbooks ;) As far as Easter goes, I never plan my meals ahead of time because I never know what I'm going to be in the mood for.

  15. i love this outfit!

    this week i feel as if i'm really paying more attention to what i'm eating as fiance is observing passover and i kinda feel guilty eating a sandwich or pasta in front of him...

  16. I love this outfit! That skirt is so unique and fantastic!
    On the food front, I have this frustration to share. I've been running my heart out for the past three weeks and gained 5 lbs. REALLY? So I'm starting the food log as well. I'm using nutrimirror, which seems totally user friendly and so far has worked well!

    p.s-what color lip gloss are you wearing? I love it!

  17. Everytime I comment, I just want to start off by saying how cute you are! But I don't. I really like this pencil skirt and gingham top. I'm off to check the Lands End website because this is the second really cute thing I've seen you wear from there!

  18. love, love, love the gingham on you! so fresh and crisp i love it

  19. Loving your shoes. I have been on a hunt for yellow shoes forever it seems!

    We are going to get Thai take-out for Easter! I just don't feel like cooking a huge meal for just my small little family.

  20. Loving your outfit yet again today!! So cute.

  21. I'm not a huge celebrator of Easter but I can see how it's a huge holiday for some. And I totally understand the whole drinking thing rather than eating and I sometimes like to just slap my friends who say they just had water and all of a sudden they're not hungry anymore. Bah!

  22. How adorable do you look in gingham! We don't really celebrate Easter. To us, it's more of a holiday break. Cooking a special meal for two can be a little tricky. Sometimes it's easier to just eat out at a nice restaurant!
    As for drinking something instead of eating... Try a cup of holicks with milk. Not sure how healthy it actually is ( I think it's got fibre at least) ..but it'll satisfy you!

  23. overcaffenaited - I have to keep myself away from looking at Etsy too often, because before you know it, two hours have gone by and I don't even remember what I've bought, there is so much good stuff!

    tasty moog - my dad loves to use chickpeas in salad, so I know all about eating those things from a can - they're awfully good!

    Leah - the BF loves some deviled eggs so I think I will need to do that, thanks!

    Angela - thanks so much for the good advice! It is so hard to keep myself away from carbs, especially those naughty white ones. I've tried substituting whole wheat but it just isn't as good. I don't think I can cut those carbs from my diet but I definitely need to eat less of them! And my BF's fam are from TN - so when we go see them, they are all about the "country home cooking" - hard to resist!

    Lauren - I've always been intimidated about preparing duck, but I really enjoy it! Mm, mm smoked or grilled duck breast ... I may need to try it!

    Thanks, Jenni!

    Katrina - hey, nothing wrong with an adults-only Easter!

    Thirteenlbs - vote two for duck!

    triciathomas - funeral potatoes? I must Google that - if you're recommending them, they must be good!

    Thanks, Emma!

    Kim - ooh, can I come over for dinner? ;o) I unfortunately am the good eating and good living motivator in my household, so you can see I have an uphill battle, haha!

  24. Callandra - isn't it awesome/frustrating how when men decide to lose weight, it just "falls" off? My BF has lost 10 pounds recently bc he started going to the gym more regularly - and all he does is lift weights there. Oh, and sometimes he "forgets" to eat - I remember to eat for the both of us!

    Alexandria / makeupandpearls - thanks!

    Minnesota Maven - wow, a compliment about my lip gloss, haha, thanks! I think I am wearing an old tube of Almay called Chai I Love You.

    Sweet Laundry - Lands End Canvas fulfills my pretty heart's needs! Plus they're keep and they run off of regular Lands End's return policy, which is whatever, whenever!

    Thanks, Rosa / Peggy!

    Alicia Marie - ooh, that is so tempting ... because when I cook, I cook for at least 6-8, I can't portion control!

    Cindi - yes, you definitely are like my eating soul sister, haha! Sometimes the BF wants to do a smoothie for lunch instead of solid food and I'm like - "wha-what?!"

    vintageglammz - hm, must Google holicks, but it definitely sounds intriguing, thanks!

  25. I love this outfit, need those yellow sandals and want that skirt. I can't wait to spring finally gets here!

    BTW, I agree Easter is the spring version of Thanksgiving. Since I live closer to my husband family we are all going out to dinner. So I'm going to miss out on my mom's home cooked food. :(

  26. You are looking faboosh in this outfit Lisa. Red/yellow combo has my heart! Oh girl I feel you on the not eating after 8, but once you get in the groove you'll handle it no problem. If I'm in a pinch I eat some apple slices or celery sticks w/a bit of pb on them. Yes, I eat like an elementary school kid. Totally works!


  27. This is killing me- I love every element (and what a great skirt...)

    We usually do up a big family dinner, and last year my lapsed-vegan-now-gourmande BIL insisted on lamb. It was pretty tasty, much to my mother's horror (she always thought she'd hate it!)

  28. This outfit just looks like spring! I love it!

    I try to eat "clean" that way when I splurge I don't feel so bad about it. Sometimes it's not so easy, especially since I've never met a carb I didn't love!

    I wish we could do a nice quiet family Easter but I have to go my in laws where there will be a mmillion people and half of them misbehaving and rarely disciplined kids...good times:(

  29. Everytime you wear your LE gingham shirts I decided I need one... still haven't placed that order though. I totally agree, Easter *is* the springtime version of TG. My sister requested to host this year, which means it will be a potluck with everyone else doing the work. LOL!

  30. You look so springy in your outfit. And you wear those LE shirts better than anyone else I have ever seen, I swear!

    For the second year, we are going out for Easter Brunch. For dinner, we usually eat something pretty light. If it's decent, we'll grill and I already have a couple portobellos on standby for a good portobello burger :) Growing up, Easter always meant: ham, potatoes, babka (sweet bread), sausage, sauerkraut and rolls. Of course, all of these things were blessed at church earlier in the morning. Boy, it was a SPREAD and while it was good, it wasn't the healthiest. As we've gotten older and our families spread around the state, we've gotten a bit lax in Easter celebrations and realized we enjoy letting someone else do the all the work!

  31. What a darling necklace! It adds the perfect amount of whimsy to your look!

    The hubs and I are not big Easter celebrators. I think some friends are having a brunch on Sunday and we will go there, but otherwise, since I am not working this weekend, we just plan on hanging out!

  32. Your outfit is amazing. Seriously, every single time I look at your blog I wish I was your friend in real life and could steal your clothing. I swear I'd give it back. Eventually.
    I really, really struggle with making any meal for just two people, let alone a special occasion meal. Luckily, we'll be in PA with Steve's family so I get to take the weekend off from cooking... good luck dear! Sorry for being absolutely no help at all.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
    Follow @UnraveldThreads on twitter!

  33. Really cute shirt! Also really like your lipstick (like another commenter said, I felt creepy saying that... but it's true!).


  34. Mrs. J - our own moms really do cook the best, don't they? Aw, I'm going to miss my mom now ...

    this free bird - have you ever tried mixing the PB with a bit of syrup? Yes, it is sugary overload, but that sweet depth really makes it - and unfortunately I slather it on my apples!

    thatdamngreendress - I'd hate to say it too, but lamb IS tasty. And so is duck.

    Courtnee - I've spent a few holidays and big family meals with the BF's fam, so I know what you mean. His sister's little kids are really sweet, but trying to eat with some child's bare foot on my thigh is weird!

    Ashley - I like your sister's idea of hosting, haha! The good and bad whenever my parents decide to host anything is that my dad does ALL the cooking - he's a great cook, but that also means by the time the meal is ready, he is also over it!

    Pamela - one thing Wisconsiners know how to do well: COOK! Ooh, I hadn't thought about doing a nice brunch - or better yet, going out for brunch!

    Eek - We're not big into Easter either, but I will get into any occassion where I can plan a nice meal. Except I haven't done any planning yet and we'll probably end up with a huge ham that will be able to feed an army!

    Thanks, Rose!

    Melanie - I am the same way as you, I think I can only cook for groups of 6-8. I made enchiladas last week and we're still eating up leftovers!

    Mary Lane - thanks! No worries, I think I told someone else they had really pretty feet before, now that sounds creepy, haha!

  35. I always prefer inviting over a big crowd, as this was the scene for me growing up. We're going all out: ham, turkey, twice baked potato casserole, green beans, rolls, pie, salad, etc. Yup, spring Thanksgiving. I say yo have two choices at this point: go to a sweet buffet instead of cooking all day for two, or invite over the entire neighborhood!

  36. That's a really great skirt! :)


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