29 April 2011

I, Comment

I know I'm not the only one it happens to - you spend time reading and responding to each one of your comments from a post so you end up with a looooong response. And then when you click "post comment," something within Blogger freaks out and you end up with a whole bunch of nothing. No posted comment, no going back to what you've just typed, it all just disappeared into the great electronic ether. And of course, you're left with twenty minutes you'll never get back.

This is pretty much what happened to my last post, and I am frustrated becauseI haven't left you feedback when I wanted to and because I think I wrote some darn witty things that'll never get recouped.

So my mind is having thoughts to upgrade to a better commenting system, but I need one that the technologically stunted, like me, can use. I know some of you gals use IntenseDebate or Disqus or similar - was it difficult for you to load the system onto your blog? Is it hard to manage? What do you like (and don't like) about it and what do you recommend?

And for you gals who post comments via those commenting systems, what do you consider good or bad about being users of those systems, or should someone like me just stick with Blogger and not trifle with the blogee gods?


IMG_3747  IMG_3763


Sweater: J. Crew celosia (worn here before - similar here)
Top: Forever 21 effortless calm tunic (worn here before - similar here or cheaper here)
Skirt: NY&Co. abstract print (worn here before - similar here as dress, here)
Belt: Anthropologie bow & angle (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (worn here before - similar here or luxe here)
Necklace: fuzzyelephant via Etsy (worn here before)

♠   ♠   ♠   ♠

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  1. Ok, first of all, I love your outfit today! You look so freakin cute!! That skirt and blouse are amazing.
    Second, I recently switched to Disqus and LOVE it. It's SO simple to manage I could do it in my sleep, and I love that I can easily moderate/block/delete when necessary. I also love that I can reply directly to commenters, rather than typing up one big, long comment. I've heard Intense Debate is a little more for the technology savvy.

    Lastly, your pup is too cute & thanks for the link love!

  2. oh, I HATE when that happens - although I reply to (most) comments on my blog via email, so it only happens to me when I try to comment on other's blogs, which is SO annoying - I usually give up.

    That being said, I HATE Disqus. It rarely loads properly for me, so that's really kept me from commenting on a lot of blogs that I love.

  3. I am new to the blogging world and I am so glad that you posted this! I have been in a technology repellent cave apparently. I have little to no idea the technological side of these things. I also have been trying to "reply" to comments (I use Blogger too) and get frustrated that I can't. Thanks for bringing this up. I hope to gain tips from others as well.

    On a more fashiony, chipper front, that skirt is super cute. You look very nice in it, especially the second pic on the left. I love your blog and your posts are intriguing.

    Hope you figure the comment thing out. On a selfish front, I hope that I do as well. Happy weekend! ;-)

  4. Yes! So frustrating! That has happened to me a quite a few times. I have started copying before posting, just in case. I am curious to see what everyone else has to say about this. Disqus seems great most of the time, but I have had occasional problems with it not loading properly (on other blogs).

    Love your outfit today! The red and gray are great together.

  5. I don't know but I also want to switching my commenting form but I am waiting for a little more experience.

    I am also having a give-a-way: http://behindtheleopardglasses.blogspot.com/2011/04/best-day-ever-give-wayyyyyyyy.html

    <3 check it out if you want =)

  6. I adore disqus because I needed it desperately last year after a really awful person (who said they were doing it all for "science") kept leaving terrible comments about my daughter. It allowed me to see that a whole bunch of different comments were all being left by the same IP address, with different names. It makes me feel like I have more power on my blog, which is HUGE.

    That said, many people prefer blogger's own commenting system, but I, like you, also despised how difficult it was to respond back to people. Now I know when I comment back to someone, they get an e-mail alert and I feel like I am more actively engaging someone, even if it is days later (sometimes it takes me a while to comment back).

    Onto more frivolous matters, I adore the combo of grey and orange, yum!

  7. Awwe, you look great today! I love your outfit :) I've actually been looking into changing to Disqus too, but I can't quite figure out how to do that right now. I am so not tech-savvy. If you do switch and find some easy tips for doing so I'd love some advice! I think Disqus is probably the best commenting system compared to other choices... they all have pros and cons but that one seems to be the easiest to manage.

  8. Cute skirt! & thanks for posting about my giveaway :)

    And omg, I hate when that happens -- it's happened to me a few times via Blogger. Then I feel like my second comment isn't as good. I personally don't mind commenting on Disqus but I know some bloggers hate it because it takes awhile to load - but it seems pretty quick for me.

  9. I am a new follower of yours... well really a new blogger in general. Love you blog, and your outfit today is amazing!


  10. Lisa,
    I couldn't help but just reminding myself a week ago when those disappearing comments happened to me! Oh boy was I angry!!! Since then I was very discouraged on replying back to lovely comments! I know I think I am slowly recovering now hehe

    It will be really nice to have some dependable commenting system you know for all bloggers!


  11. you look so cute!! LOOOOVE your skirt!

  12. To those of you wondering how to install Disqus -it's super simple. Go to Disqus.com and they'll walk you through it, and then you just install a widget at the bottom right sidebar of your blog. It will automatically transfer all your comments over from blogger in about 2 hours.
    I have found it to not load properly a few times, but if I close my browser and log back in, it's fine :)

  13. I love blogs that have disqus since I get an email when there is a reply back (not that every comment I leave out there warrants a reply). Blogger's lack of interaction totally bugs me. It's not practical for people to comment and then expect them to check back for a reply- I know I usually don't unless I ask a very specific question. If I had a substantial amount of followers, disqus would be what I used :) And I love your Pacey pics!!

  14. I installed disqus very easily to try it, but took it right off because it makes all previous comments go away. It freaked me out a bit. I might go ahead with it since it's a good system to easily respond to your readers. Lovely skirt!
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Spring Necklace giveaway

  15. I hate the disqus thing because sometimes it just says 'Please Wait...' and I end up never being able to leave a comment.. so much for the "disqussion" hah

  16. Oh yes, thats happened to me so many times and it's very frustrating! That's why I now type my replies in a saved word document and then jus copy and paste. I haven't switched to disqus etc but since a lot of ladies here have raved about it, I'd say it's something to look into.
    I love that skirt of your!

  17. I learned my lesson after blogger ate up my comment one too many times. So now I always copy my response after I've finished typing, just in case something goes wrong and I can easily paste it back in. Sometimes I like to write everything out in Notepad and then copy and paste it into blogger.

    I've noticed that many bloggers have recently jumped ship to Disqus and they've never looked back. Personally I like blogger, so I probably won't switch any time soon. The one thing I do like about Disqus is the "thread" look ability to comment, where a response is indented right below the original. If you do decide to switch, Kileen @ cute and little wrote up a how-to for installing Disqus.

  18. The same thing has happened to me on more than one occasion and I get so annoyed! I LOVE your cute outfit...the grey with the bright colors is perfect and I love the striped belt. You have a greta styling eye!

  19. I like disqus because I can reply directly to another comment, on-the-go responses are so easy and I don't have to login on other disqus-friendly blogs.

    I use tumblr and it was super easy to install.

  20. I wrote a blog entry about disqus v. intense debate: http://www.stuffjewishgirlslike.com/2011/01/new-commenting-engine-disqus.html

    In short: Disqus. ID has better customer support, but I found it to be infinitely more glitchy. I haven't had any problems with Disqus, and I've been able to successfully blog the IPs of a few trolls who were leaving hateful comments. It passes all tests in my book!

  21. This is a great outfit! I love the mix of patterns and textures.

  22. disqus rocks but it wipes away ALL of the previous comments :( I just switched over.

  23. You look great! I love that starfish top, I've been obsessing over them lately. I sadly, am technologically handicapped. I'm thinking I send out waves that disrupt the technology around me. I have nothing to weigh in on the commenting debate. I can share your frustration with blogger however. Let us know what you find out!

  24. Hi Lisa, sorry I don't know much about IntenseDebate or Disqus. But when you make that trip to KL, give me a holler. I have tons of awesome food places to share. seriously, good food there is so plentiful it'll make u dizzy.

  25. FUDGE!!! I just wrote a long comment here and this just happened to me!!! Go Disqus. Stupid blogger, grrrrr....

  26. Love your outfit especially the your blouse and that skirt. The print is beautiful!! I have never used anything other then blogger, but would love to respond back directly to each person. I think you should try another commenting system and if it doesn't work come back to blogger.

  27. Thanks for your feedback and input, ladies! It sounds like if I am looking for an alternative commenting system, Disqus is the way to go. I love the idea of being able to respond to folks individually and not losing comments!

    I do admit though, I've been the recipient of where I try to comment on someone's blog with Disqus but it takes forever to load up (even after repeated clicks on "reload") that I give up and don't comment - glad to know that it is not just me, but how discouraging!

    I think I will stick with Blogger - for this week at least. But I am going to do my research on Disqus and get all the info on loading, so you may see a new commenting system up shortly!

  28. I haven't been at this for too long, but started my blog after I had read many gripes from other bloggers about their commenting systems. I decided Intense Debate would be the surest shot, and I really love the way it's set up and that I can respond to individual comments one at a time. That being said, I have nothing to compare it to.


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