06 April 2011

Dude (Looks Like a Lady)

I don't know whether to blame the skirt or myself, but after today is done, I think my relationship with pencil skirts may be coming to an end. As much as I like their trim and slim silhouettes, I apparently don't know how to move around in them. I can't get up the stairs, I take teeny tiny steps and I may have had a Hilton sister moment when I got out of my car earlier.

I'm not typically a specific clothes-hater. I typically am open to trying most anything at least once (remember these? They may come back), but since I have body issues like most every other breathing human, mine tend to keep me away from any tops that are too bare and strappy, Herve Leger or bondage anything, itty bitty minis, bathing suits. And because I am a total klutz, my heels are not typically sky-high and I can't wear white pants (i.e., ketchup magnets or thigh huggers, take your pick). I guess now because I apparently walk like a trucker, I'll need to add pencil skirts to that banned list.

So here's a rare very lady-like outfit for me today and one of the few times you'll see me in a pencil skirt (and Crocs - I'm in Crocs!) Are there any particular styles of clothes that you stay away from? Or am I alone in my neurosis?


IMG_2930  IMG_3020


Top: Forever 21 lace tank (worn here before - similar here, sheer here, black here)
Sweater: J. Crew cotton (similar here or jacket here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Blue Robin twilit (worn here before - similar here or here)
Shoes: You by Crocs emmilou (no joke - similar here or here)
Necklace: Anthropologie double torsade (worn here before - similar here)

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I've been a slug and hadn't had time to put together this week's Respect the Outfits post - so if you haven't submitted an Anthropologie-inspired outfit pic yet, there's still time! Post will go up this Friday, so please send your outfits to respecttheshoes(at)live.com by Thursday night.

For you lovely ladies who have already submitted outfits - thanks so much for participating!

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All you Atlanta fashionistas - Leifsdottir is hosting cocktails tonight for the SE debut of their shoe collection at the Buckhead Bottle Bar. You way cooler than me gals need to go and tell me all about it!


  1. obsessed with that tank, can't believe its F21! and crocs, really.. wow?!

    I totally feel ya on not being 'lady like' enough for fitted skirts.

  2. Bahaha- Yessss! I'm glad I'm not the only one. While I love my J.Crew pencil skirts (and, of course, my $9 Twilit skirt) I have the hardest time walking up a stairway or crouching to get into my husband's cruelly low-built car. So far, I have managed to actually rip 2 of my beloved pencil skirts due exactly to this problem :/

  3. They are so darn cute though! I can handle stairs but the getting out of the car thing makes me a little nervous :)
    I just love the ruffle detail on your pockets and the lace detail on your top!!!

  4. Ha, Lisa, I feel the exact same way about those pencil skirts! Flowy skirts are just so much easier to move around in because you can sit how you want! You look absolutely gorgeous and lady-like today! Love that necklace! :)

  5. I love that tank...really cute! You look so pretty today! I love the necklace thrown in there with the other colors...it looks perfect. Have a great day!

  6. Ok, now listen, I own that very same skirt and it is a bitch to go up and down stairs in. It's a bitch to sit down in, and it's pretty much a bitch completely, but I still love it and wear it. I just walk super slow in it ;)
    You look awesome in this outfit- I love the skirt on you, so I do hope you wear it again1

  7. I cannot believe those are crocs! I didn't know they made cute shoes (like yours), however they are undeniably comfortable. You look great but I can completely sympathize. I only own two pencil skirts and one is made out of jersey so it stretches the other has only been worn twice. I don't have a problem with walking but bending, getting out of cars, you know the basics of daily life are much harder in them. I don't really mind cause they aren't the cutest on me, so it works!

  8. I think you always look so ladylike! The skirt looks perfect on you, but I hear ya on it not being the most comfy. I am going to try to get an outfit together to submit...haven't taken any pics this week!

  9. Very pretty! I love the pop of mint from teh necklace and the color from those shoes. Are you sure they are crocs? They look too nice to be crocs.

  10. this post is hilarious ~ it's too bad about the pencil skirts because they look fantastic on you! those shoes are too cute ~ i'm a crocs hater, so i must say, i'm shocked. i can't wear anything too low cut - i'm a little busty and don't strive that hooker-look - or mini-skirts. i'm pretty sure i'm past my prime on that front. ;)

  11. ahh that cardigan! love it.

    i like pencil skirts because i think they flatter my shape better than flowy skirts. what annoys me most is when my belt doesn't stay put or my shirt comes untucked.

  12. You crack me up! I am apparently allergic to skirts. Have bought the odd one now and then, just sits in my closet until I can't stand it any longer and ditch it. Dresses I can manage, wear one once or twice a year. I don't mind strappy or low cut, but absolutely will keep my thighs (the whole thing, not just upper) covered up, except in a bathing suit poolside/at the beach. No short-shorts or minis for me! ;) Those are Crocs? WOW! Next thing you're gonna say you're wearing Uggs. hehe.

  13. LOL. :) I enjoyed today's post. I think you look darling, and it works on you, but you need to love it, so to speak.

    I actually am wearing a bright yellow-green (olive) jacket and a grey pencil skirt...and that was *without* seeing your post. Great minds and all!!!

  14. I love how you are mixing mustard with orange!

    I'm with you on the pencil skirts. I often feel like I should own more, but I tend not to wear that particular silhouette very often. It's hard to walk fast, squat down gracefully (mom of a 4 yr old here) or even climb into an SUV. I also find it the hardest style of skirt to play down for more casual looks.

  15. Hilton moment or not, you look like a super classy dame in this. I actually avoid breezy, flowy skirts for a similar reason-- they always leave me standing in the street, trying desperately not to flash someone. I've taken to wearing bike shorts underneath!

  16. LOL! I've managed to get the stairs thing down but the car thing is another story! It looks great on you though!

  17. Love your outfit!! Too bad the skirt bothers you so much because it looks great on you!! I think part of my problem is there is nothing I will stay away from. I'm not really sure what my body type is, and what is supposed to look right on me, so I will wear whatever I like. Maybe that's why I dont' always look as polished as you!! ha ha!! What is your anthropologie-inspired outfits??? i want to participate!!

  18. i love this outfit! (as in, i want to copy it badly!)

  19. I like pencil skirts but they're so restricting on me because I have a big butt. :( So I feel you!

  20. Aww, but you look so lovely in this. Must you really banish the pencil skirt?

    Hey, we have the same sweater/jacket!! I wore my blue one this week too. Great minds!! And I love the colors you mixed up in this outfit. They work so harmoniously together.

  21. I love the lace shirt! And I can't believe those are Crocs! I had the same problem with the Easy Keeper Skirt. It's the most narrow pencil skirt I own, but I just walk a little slower than usual.

  22. i totally hear you on the whole pencil skirt restrictive thing, but it needs to be said the skirts looks AMAZING on you. I love yellows with grays and the necklace just ties everything together. although if you ever decide to sell that skirt, please let me know. be more than happy to take it off your hands.

    also i think we all have styles of clothing we stay away from. For me it has to be tube tops or tube dresses. i'm not exactly endowed in that area and all that constant tugging and checking is just not worth it!

  23. Lisa, you look beautiful in this outfit! I definitely empathize with you on the awkwardness of pencil skirts, but you're totally rocking this one. What gets me about pencil skirts is the wrinkle lines around the hips when you sit down - I look like a mess and far from sexy-mad men-secretary-in-a-pencil-skirt. You are not alone my friend.

  24. You look so prim and proper in this outfit! Pity how the pencil skirt made it difficult for you. I like pencil skirts but need ones with a slit at the back so I can walk. I don't really wear pants as on me they sag around the butt and thigh area. I'm not a pantsy person unless it's a pair of skinny jeans or leggingd

  25. Well, this outfit is gorgeous on you and it was worth the hassle of shuffling along all day in that skirt - you look beautiful! Nuh-uh on the crocs!

    I don't mix well with pencil skirts either, I always feel stumpy in them. I also discriminate against most things double breasted or cable knit.

  26. The color of this outfit is very beautiful. Guess you will just have to walk like Japanese women in kimono. Can't be harder than that, right? I am recently in love with J.CREW's pencil skirt. They had a opening at the back and it seems to solve all the moving problem.

  27. It's a shame that pencil skirts are now on your x list because you wear them so well! But if you are not comfortable, then that means nothing. It's no surprise that I love everything about this outfit, and I'm so happy you're rockin' the crocs! I have a pair myself, but they aren't as cute as these :)

    Hmmm, clothes that I stay away from...there's so many! How about jumpsuits/rompers? They don't work for me because my torso is too long. It's gross. You don't ever want to see that.

  28. NO! WAY! Those are crocs?!?!?!
    I love the color and they look adorable. Next you're going to tell me they're comfortable too. WHAT THE????

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  29. OK, you gals are all a hoot because it all sounds like we suffer a bit more in a pencil skirt - and especially this one with the tiny back slit! Oh the things we do for fashion.

    There's something a whole lot more grown up about a pencil skirt though, and a suit isn't exactly "slick" if the skirt isn't a nice streamline.

    Nonetheless, pencil skirts, you are still on my banned list - temporarily.

    Tara / Kim - oh I couldn't help cracking huge smiles reading your comments - so it really IS the twilit skirt and NOT me!

    littlemissfanciepants - I had no idea that Crocs made real shoes. But a gal friend wore a pair of boots them this winter - huge high wedge, leather upper, buckle detail, and she pranced around comfy as can be all day. I had to try!

    Closet Crisis - oh girl, I do have a pair of Uggs - though not the kind with the fur!

    overcaffenaited / Jessica - I still have horrible flashbacks of going to lunch with a friend a while ago while wearing a denim pencil skirt - and he picked me up in a F150 truck with a lift kit and no running boards!

    Anne - hey, fashion IS about trying new things! The next reader post is about putting together an outfit that is inspired by the look of Anthropologie, but without any (or at least very few) actual Anthro pieces! It doesn't have to be a brand new outfit, even something from a recent post is great!

    Dianna - oh tube tops got banned for me a long time ago ... this little missy ended up flashing the beach about half a dozen times in her first and last tube top adventure!

    Dea - Oh the dreaded belly bulge! I get them the worst because I have an affinity for tulip shape skirts - and they look like hell when you're not standing perfectly straight up!

    vintageglammz - a few months ago I had the idea to take pics of myself in my trousers - front, side and rear. Holy cow, the number of pants I got rid of - who knew I was walking around looking like little miss flat ass?!

    Inkmark - unfortunately Japanese women are a lot more graceful than I am!

    Sweet Laundry - haha, rompers are on my banned list for another reason - uh, undressing to use the ladies room? No thank you!

    Molly - I won't say these shoes are comfy then - though I think my feet are singing ...

  30. ive had the same problems with pencil skirts. but i have one made from this really stretchy fabric which makes a world of a difference because I can actually take normal size steps and walk for a change! btw, did you get a new banner? i like it :)

  31. Love the colors! And I can't believe those are Crocs, lol!

    I've actually learned I should avoid pencil skirts because of my broader shoulders :( I love wearing them though!

  32. I love pencil skirts in theory, but have to agree w/you about mobility. I will probably keep many that I have, but think long & hard before adding more. I usually avoid mandarin collars, but ignored that on J Crew's Delaney eyelet shirt. The pattern was too pretty.

  33. The look great, but moving in them is terrible!

    New update online! Come check it out!

  34. You should see me walking up the three flights of stairs to work when I wear a pencil skirt! I walk side saddle the entire way!! But they do look good! Esp the Twilight skirt you're wearing! It's too cute to give up on! :-)

    I can't believe those are Crocs. I think may have single handedly boosted Croc sales by posting those!

  35. Just realized I had a serious case of exclamation point overuse. Sorry ;-)

  36. So beautiful! That lace tank is adorable, think I need one in my life!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  37. Haha! I know what you mean about pencil skirts. They're great if all you're doing is sitting in an office, not walking around. And sadly I know what you mean about walking like a trucker! I had someone tell me before that for such a small person I make a lot of noise walking. Since I take the bus to work and walk to the bus stop now I have steered away from any heels.

    PS: I love love love the color combo of orange/yellow/light turquoise.

  38. I am sure that you don't walk like a trucker. You probably just take long strides, so pencil skirts are awkward for you. The car thing? I can't rationalize that. I have flashed oh so many people. I have no shame anymore.
    I have learned to make sure that, if I am wearing a skirt, to wear cute underwear because chances are that somebody will get flashed.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  39. I hear you on this one Lisa. I do love a pencil skirt and you are looking slammin' in yours, but here's the thing I find. As I'm walking the thing starts to ride up in an attempt to become a mini. I don't want a mini, I want a pencil so I spend half the day writhing around pulling it down only to come home, rip it off, and ball it up in a corner of the closet until enough time goes by to where I forget the hell I've been through and try again.

    It's a vicious circle.


  40. Meeting bloggers in the flesh was a bit weird. You've already given them a "voice" from reading what they write and hearing them in person... it's a bit strange.

    I love this outfit. Don't give up on pencil skirts! They're my love right now... though I do have to agree with you about getting out of the car. That's a tricky situation.

  41. I love pencil skirts I always feel like a lady in them, but I do understand your issue. Sometimes it's impossible to sit right or even bend down in a pencil skirt. "Hilton Moments" Lol

    You look lovely though and I really love that jacket. I can't believe those shoes are Crocs. Fabulous!! :)

  42. You can't hate pencil skirts. YOU can't hate pencil skirts, Lisa. Because you look incredible in them. It would be detrimental for you NOT to wear them because you look TOO good in them, and that's that, haha! But I understand how difficult it is to walk in them sometimes, especially the ones that don't have any vents (WHY do retailers put out pencil skirts without back vents?!). J.Crew's double serge pair from last spring are the most comfortable pencil skirts I own because they have TWO back vents. Genius.


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