22 April 2011

Classic Meets Lisa

I know what you're thinking. It would have been a real easy winner of an outfit for me if I had just whipped out some dark denim to go with the rest of my ensemble. It would have been classic yet chic, two things I strive for every day when I get dressed - followed quickly by mental head games of "is this look too young?", but that's probably for another blog post. Throw in some killer heels and a fun necklace, and I probably would have hit one out of the fashion ballpark.

But that is not at all what I did. And I don't know if this outfit is now considered a fashion blogging win or meh, but I am having a hard time keeping myself from this spring's "modern red" color from J. Crew. Something about the vibrant orange really speaks to me, and shorts always makes me think of glorious weather and lazy loungy days, especially because it is dreary overcast today.


IMG_3440  IMG_3444
Pacey pup projectile!


Jacket: Boden fringed tweed (if you have broader shoulders, order one size up)
Top: J. Crew max & molly gallery (similar-ish here in color or here)
Shorts: J. Crew chino
Necklace: J. Crew ribbon marble (similar here)
Shoes: Xhiliration by Target teanna (check stores, worn here before - similar here or lux-ier here)

FYI - I'd added some new items to my blog sale - click the "My Shop" button on the right or click HERE.

Happy Easter and Passover, ladies!


  1. you mean I'm not the only one that wonders if I'm dress too "young"?
    I'm 31 so I feel like I'm on the cusp. Like I need to start working on the whole "classic and timeless" thing a little bit more...
    anyway, I LOVE this look. The jacket is so cute and I think this outfit is perfect for spring!

  2. I love the vibrant orangey red color this year! I just purchased a pair of pants in that color and cant decide if I should keep em. The color brings out the red in my skin-not really what I'm going for.

    You on the other hand look great. I don't think the look it too young for you! The jacket adds the right amount of polish and tweediness to pull the look together! Have a happy weekend!

  3. I am digging Modern Red, too. Remember back when they were calling it "Bright Flame"? Let's think of fun names for next year. :o)

    I love this outfit because of your bold shorts and that tee with the puppies. Hope you and Miss Pacey have a great weekend. xo

  4. Wow. That Boden jacket came FAST! :) You look beautiful, and I would love to try a combo just like this...well, once it stays warm for longer than a millisecond.

    Would love to include this in next week's review roundup, if you are okay with it!

    Happy Easter/Passover to you as well!

  5. I'm 27 and I wonder the same thing! Though, being a mom, I feel has aged me more than I'd like to admit. This outfit is a win to me! It's something I'd likely wear if I had each of these pieces in my own wardrobe!

  6. I think this outfit is a home run. I love the pop of color from the shorts.

    I am always asking my husband if an outfit is too MDAL (mutton dressed as lamb). Sigh.

  7. This is definitely a fun outfit, and I know what you mean about dressing too young, haha. SIGH. When did I stop being young?

  8. You look great! Love the orangey red and the tweed Boden blazer!!! I'm 32...when I was 27 with three kids I used to struggle with how I "should" dress--especially since I'm not terribly modest by nature. Not hoochie-mama but I like my shorts short bc I'm short! LOL...Now I'm 32 and I think if you aren't shopping in the juniors dept, you won't look like you're dressing too young (there are exceptions...I will get t's from JCrew/Gap kids sections LOL)

  9. matching tweed jacket with a pair of bold color shorts is not usual but definitely a nice try! i love the look.

    following you now :)


  10. This outfit is so wonderful. I wish I could pull something like this off.


  11. definitly a win! beautiful outfit.

  12. I love me some tweed, so this outfit is definitely a winner, especially since you paired it with some short shorts. This is totally cute!!!

  13. Very cute, I was thinking of ordering those shorts and you sold them for me!

  14. I love this- you are definitely a rocker-of-shorts! The bright orange is just perfect with the subtle play of textures and patterns in your grays...nice!

  15. You look so cute - your legs look killer in those shorts! Happy Easter!

  16. I have been digging shorts recently, but haven't taken the plunge. I really like these on you!

  17. I think this outfit is a winner! The jacket is fabulous and I love it paired with the bright shorts :)

  18. Someone ring the bell cause this one's a WINNER!!!!
    Love love loving everything about this look on you!!!

  19. It's a fantastic color, and sometimes it's fun to try something other than jeans, right? Love it!

  20. Today I was at BP Nordies to pick up some leggings and was browsing around and I noticed these two girls next to me asking one another's opinion of some skirts. They were probably 10. Oy!

  21. um no girlfriend. Your outfit looks FAB as is! I think it's way more awesome than adding dark jeans! And I think the jacket for sure keeps it from being too young. Instead you look classy fun!!!


  22. I think this looks great, as is! And I'm so in favor of SHORTS right now just because it's still too chilly to wear them where I am. But I think the punchy color here works so well and you can always try this outfit with jeans in the fall!

    xo, Ashley

  23. Awesome, cute pics and I love the bright colour of your shorts. : ) Happy Easter.

  24. Dressing up can be really really difficult especially when you feel that you have used the outfit there is in the closet....

    But I like the concept... I love the way you played with the color... I think it added attitude to the whole outfit... It made it look sassy yet staying classy...

    It is always nice to put some pieces of your style to the concept and not just adhering to the norms... Its fun when you color outside the circles too...

    Love the blog...

    Fashion Profiles

  25. I think you hit this one out of the park. I've also really been loving red bottoms. With these shorts, I think they could go really casual (think beach bbq), but I love that you gave the outfit a dressed up twist with the blazer! I think you look really fun and modern.

  26. You look great I love the red-orange on you and mixing the tweed blazer was a bold choice. You look FABULOUS!

  27. Well... I think with jeans it would only have looked an "ok" outfit, may be a bit boring. Here you have something surprising and original. I really love it - it's fun, not boring.

  28. Those shorts are perfect. I'm not a big shorts person and struggle with finding a good length. I love a Bermuda but sometimes I'd like to show off more leg but not cross over in the booty short!! I like how octet offers a variety of lengths in great colors. This orangey red is just awesome! Especially with your heels.

  29. spiffy / Carol / aimee / Anne - I love browsing through the Foever 21 web site for cheap trendy pieces, as well as H&M - and I always second-guess myself nowadays. "Is this trendy or is this dressing like I'm trying to copy the pages of Seventeen mag?" It's hard to find a good balance sometimes!

    dinagideon - thanks so much, I'd totally be OK with it!

    cwhf - oh you cracked me up! That's hilarious!

    Blondie - JC better not get wise to my love of this color because I might end up being clad head-to-toe in almost too bright orange!

    Cindi - well at least those gals know their style - or more likely, they know Miley Cyrus' style, haha!

    Becca - good thing no one went blind because of the shorts! They really photograph Bright!

    Pamela - I've found that the 4-5" inseams are about right for me. I don't need a leak of jiggle thigh from those tiny 2-3" inseams, but I can't rock a bermuda because I'm too short!

  30. Love, love the Boden jacket & this fabulous outfit. You've styled it up beautifully, love the fun & whimsical tee and the orange shorts are such a fab pop of colour. Love and this outfit IS a definite blog win!! xx veronika

  31. Those shorts - so awesome! Much more fun than dark denim!


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