22 March 2011

A Girl Today

Doing makeup, hair, nails, fluffing pillows and knowing where to place a vase, eating little half sandwiches with a side of salad for lunch ... these are a few of things I am completely inept at.


I grew up as a baby of the family, but by my birth - I was a total accident by the way, but that's a story for another post and after many beers - my big sis was already firmly established as the "girl" of the family. She was the tall slender one with the perfect skin and hair. And as she got older, she mastered all the fine arts of being a girl's girl - she was, and still is, always perfectly attired (if Emma Pillsbury and Rachel Zoe had an asian fashion baby, my sis would be it), instinctively knew how to apply makeup and play up her glossy locks, and could give Martha Stewart a run for her money in the decor department.

As for little ole Lisa on the other hand ... well, my mom cut my hair real short when I was little and permed it, then dressed me up in overalls and little striped polos. My dad taught me tennis - and gardening - and how to fix a sink. When I decided to give up ballet and piano at an early age, no one batted an eye. When I took up lacrosse, I got a big thumbs up. Through high school, I only cared if jeans fit in the waist and inseam and my introduction to J. Crew was the men's collection (remember the wool rollnecks?) When I stuff my face with a double cheeseburger and chili fries and out-eat most of my guy friends, I don't get a weird look from them anymore. And that's OK and that's just me - I am a little asian bull in a china shop.

IMG_2424 IMG_2431

On the style front though, it took a while for me to find my way. I honestly did not embrace skirts or dresses until after I started blogging just a bit over a year ago. I stayed away from pattern, color and embellishments for about just as long. All the girly accutrements of fashion - accessories, flounce, frill, shine - I am still learning all of that. And colored tights, what is that?!

I spend a lot of money when I go get my hair done every few months because I an inept at doing it well myself and a good cut and color will save me for a few weeks. I rarely do my nails because I am failure at that whole painting within the lines thing. I will get the odd pedi because I don't want to handle my toes, haha. I put on concealer and powder for my face and a light lipgloss-y lipstick because everything else seems to just run down my face. I am just learning the importance of the loofah.

I am a total tomboy at heart and I think you gals can see it come out a bit in my love for plaid and gingham, my general lack of concern towards anything related to beauty. I am fashion latchkey kid, and I've still got a lot of catching up to do.

So what kind of girl are you? What "girly" things do you love, and do you have an inner tomboy?

IMG_2451 IMG_2309

Top: Ann Taylor bib sweater (worn here before - similar here, all-ivory here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte circle the globe (worn here before - similar mini here or here)
Belt: J. Crew metallic skinny (similar here)
Shoes: Sofft patent pumps (worn here before - similar here or w/strap here)


  1. I love those shoes! And that skirt!

    I'm more of a tomboy too. I am completely inept at painting my left hand (I'm a righty), so I don't bother painting my nails at all. I played every sport except football (and lacrosse- but it looks fun!) as a kid, and I'm pretty sure I own a total of 4 skirts because I don't wear them often- I detest being cold, and I feel like everyone's staring at me when I wear them or a dress because I'm so often in pants/jeans/anything that covers my legs!

    But, I am trying to get out of that comfort zone, so we'll see what happens!

  2. I completely feel ya Lisa, I'm also such a tomboy.. yet I still haven't really crossed over to the skirted side yet. I do like painting my nails and playing a little bit with make up, but my athletic, overeating, beer drinking, denim loving self will never be a delicate flower... which is a-ok by me :)

  3. Ahh Lisa this post just warms my heart! I too have many tomboy attributes - I'm into serious hiking, anything in the great outdoors, ranch work (like, for serious, I grew up driving nasty old tractors), video games ... but then dressing nicely is my girly thing (I'm a minimal makeup person too!)! A dichotomy, I guess! Nothing wrong with it! :)

    You look just gorgeous today - I love your red and blue! Perfect for a tomboy! :P

  4. I don't think this makes me a tomboy but I love doing "guy stuff"... extreme sports etc etc but I LOVE makeup and dressing up. :)

    Come check out my rope bracelet GIVEAWAY and enter when you get a chance!

  5. This post cracked me up Lisa! I love how you described yourself as a little asian bull in a china shop!
    I think, for being a self-proclaimed tomboy, you manage to always look very lady-like and polished.

    i don't think I need to tell you this, but I am a girly girl through and through. I love everything feminine: bows, ruffles, pastels, frills. I love makeup, love painting my nails, etc.
    I have pretty much always been this way. I did go through my alternative and hippie phases in high school, but I still always was obsessed with makeup, and the most feminine aspects of those trends.

  6. You are def. my blog-soul-sister. I love hanging with the guys, my burgers and fries and can burp with the best of them. I wear pants almost exclusively and own maybe 4 dresses. The rest of my wardrobe consist of trousers, pants, slacks, crops, surfer shorts, and shirts, shirts and more shirts. I need a good cut as well, cos I never met a barrett or hair bungey I didn't hate. Make up is a high falutin' art, I only manage primer, concealor, blush, power and eye liner occasionally. Mascara makes me cry. The only girly thing I embrace is skin care. I love my products. Thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Those shoes are awesome!!

    I am definitely on the tomboyish side. Never been good at hair or makeup or pretty much anything girly. These past few months since I started my blog was my first venture into skirts in a very, very long time. Of course, I would wear dresses for special occasions and the occasional summer day, but not skirts.

    I am trying to be more girly, but I still don't quite have the hang of it--I figure some men are so good at being girly, that I, being genetically a girl, should have the skills somewhere in me! Right???

  8. This outfit is so cute, and you certainly look quite girly! I grew up as a tomboy, but I have since moved right on over to the dark, girly side :)

  9. I am a girl who is afraid of wearing anything pattenred. I am instantly drawn to them but in the end, most of them are going back to the store where they were originally purchased. Time and time again. I really envy gals who rocks pattern(and even mixing different pattern which is like a mad scientist worthy effor to me)

    I oneday drema of being that gal who works her pattern well.(Not just now but still working on it!)

    You are looking cute and girly by me on your outfit.


  10. AWESOME post!!! I am absolutely a tomboy--but I think a true tomboy is feminine! I went to nationals several times for softball, played division one college field hockey AND was captain of the varsity crew team. I LOVE being active/athletic. I'm a personal trainer who teaches people how to care for their absolute most important part of his/her outfit--their body! LOL

    "Tomboy. Alright, call me a tomboy. Tomboys get medals. Tomboys win championships. Tomboys can fly. Oh, and one more thing; tomboys aren't boys." - Julie Foudy

    I had this poster in my bedroom growing up. While I enjoy dressing up and making myself look pretty, I don't want to be a dress up doll--I want to be able to surf, climb the jungle gym with my kids, play flag football, ultimate frisbee, tennis...I try not to nail myself down to one dimension. I'm a woman--I love flowers, baking, cooking, babies, clothes...but I'm also energetic, adventurous, and extremely athletic. I crush it in the weight room...but I do it while wearing a running skirt ;)

  11. I love your style...I think you do a great job of mixing your tomboy-side with your girly frill as well! I am more of a girly-girl...but with three small kids I'm less skirts/dresses, more jeans/pants. Just so I can roll around on the floor and play with the kids! I do love to get all dressed up though!

  12. ps--your outfit is adorable...LOOOOVE the shoes.

  13. I love your look! You always look super polished and well put together. Those shoes, I love.

    As for being a tomboy I'm not sure that I am. I don't excel at sports, and have ALWAYS loved clothes and make-up. However I do tend to live a little on the edge, I like to do things that raise my blood pressure a little, and in that sense I've always fit in with the boys. I just tend to do it while wearing heels.

  14. You look beautiful and always so girly to me! I am super girly-girl I HATE sports and am afraid of getting hit with a ball or knocked over. I have being dirty and love dressing up, shopping and all things girly!

  15. oh yeah, i am a total tomboy... but i also like baking and sewing and wearing skirts. gender roles aren't as rigid anymore. i burp loudly, never had a pedicure, can't be arsed to style my hair, and will watch most any sporting event (but not golf or ultimate (human cock)fighting, bleh). i'm not that great at sports, but i do enjoy them.

  16. I think you are beautiful just the way you are. I love how you mix things. It is always interesting. Isn't it interesting how we compare ourselves to our siblings?

  17. I love these posts where we get a glimpse into your past and personal life, Lisa. Your outfit today is the perfect choice for this post. I can totally relate to everything -- many I still do now! It wasn't until about a year ago that I painted my toe nails for the first time and started wearing makeup occasionally. I'm still not ready for any hair changes -- highlights and straightening all seem like a scary and foreign concept. But hopefully soon!

  18. i think you're just gorgeous lisa!! love all the beautiful jewel tones you wear they look so gorgeous on you!!

    i'm a total tomboy and i'm a total klutz hahaha... my husband jokes that i'm actually a boy disguised as a girl tehehehe. that's how bad it is!!

  19. I love this post! I have 2 sisters. The youngest and I are the girly ones, and my sister right in the middle is into things that are a little more tomboy. It's funny how two people can come from the same upbringing and yet have such different interests. As for your sense of style.. well there is nothing tomboy about it!

  20. If you are late to the game, you are certainly a quick study! I love your mix of laid back lady like:)

    I've always been kind of girly, but I never got the whole makeup thing. I think the only reason I started to dabble with it is because I'm getting older and there are things the MUST be covered up a little;)

  21. I love the color of that skirt! Great post, BTW.

    When I was younger I would definitely categorize myself as a tomboy - definitely in terms of dressing and demeanor. I would die if I had to wear a skirt or dress. And florals? Heck no. Now I love it all - dresses, skirts, frills, ruffles, florals, etc. The only girly thing that I don't partake in is make-up. I have no clue about any of that stuff.

    Complex Cardigans

  22. That's funny Lisa, I never would have guessed that about you. Well, your first sentence kind of summed me up. Doing makeup, hair, nails and fluffing pillows are all morning rituals for me. Give me a half cucumber sandwich and salad for lunch and you're looking at a very happy girl! Lol

  23. Knowing how to fix a sink, play tennis, and garden are assets that you can still do in a skirt if you choose....point being, you're a multi-faceted woman with killer style, hilarious personality, and confidence. Looks like you won out both ways! I'm quite the tomboy in certain ways too, however the ratio is in the favor of girly at this point.

  24. you may feel tomboyish, but ya sure don't look it, sistah. :) the shoes are so great. i would say the fashion learning curve is very, very minimal for you.
    and, i think i might have snorted out loud at "asian fashion baby." ha.

  25. So pretty!

    I'm very girly in a lot of ways, but I never, ever learned how or where to apply makeup. I fear it may be too late to ever start...!

  26. I've always been somewhere in between super-girly and tomboy. I used to pride myself on being rather low maintenance, but I've found myself becoming more and more girly (and higher maintenance!)the last few years.

  27. I'm a total girly girl now, but just a few short years ago (and all 20 some years before that), I was such a tomboy. I only wore pants, played sports, wore my hair up in a pony tail everyday, and wore little to no makeup. I hated wearing dresses and skirts and shopping for clothes was like a punishment for me. I still have my tomboy moments now and again, but I honestly don't miss that lifestyle one bit!

  28. You are cute as a button and hilarious - that is just as winning a combination as Rachel & Emma could produce ;) I love those red shoes!

    I am a girly girl all the way - but I'm also a total klutz and s*ck at doing hair and nails no matter how hard or what products I try. Oh well...I try!

  29. Those shoes are killer.

    I love this story! I typically dress more masculine, but I love home decor, nail polish, and trying out new hair products...great post.

  30. lil desiqua - It took a long time for me to break out of my skirt comfort-zone too! I'm still not always comfy, but I just remind myself that it is just as easy to wear a skirt with a specific top as it is to grab for a pair of pants. As for my nails, I can't paint any of them right!

    E Hayes - Oh well you look so rockin' in your jeans, I'd wear them more often if I looked as good as you do in yours!

    Mandy - I have high appreciation for any person - especially a girl - who has no qualms about manual labor! And I love hiking - I can't wait for better weather! No wonder you're so fit!

    Amy - I remember seeing some of your thrill sports pics on your blog, you definitely have a tomboy/action star streak!

    Kim - I love how you put your outfits together! Your style reminds me a bit of my sister because even when you're casual and wearing jeans and sandals, you still look chic and put-together and YOU. I aspire to knowing and understanding my style as well as you know yours.

    Closet Crisis - oh I hope you do a post on your skin regime! Skincare is something I am "just" getting into and I definitely have a lot to learn!

    Terrie - you and I need to hang! I went through the same thing, stayed away from skirts and dresses until I started blogging and was inspired/challenged to dress outside of my comfort zone!

    Brittany - with legs like yours, you would look gorgeous and girly in hiking boots and giant parka!

    Frugal Anthro - I think I went pattern crazy for a while and now I actually have trouble putting outfits together in my closet sometimes because nothing matches! Style is always evolving, that's what makes fashion fun!

    Anne - I have always admired female athletes - to be so strong and powerful yet still feminine and beautiful is inspiring to me. Oh I wish I lived closer to you so you can kick my butt into workout gear!

    Jenni - That's what I love about your style! You make casual so chic and pretty!

    Minnesota Maven - that's perfect, that's what I want to be, hanging with the boys, but rocking the heels!

  31. triciathomas - I need some more of your genes, because then my house would look like something!

    tastymoog - if you haven't had a pedi yet, don't start, there's no turning back, haha!

    modernmom - absolutely! Especially because she is the older, wiser and over-achieving one!

    Cee / Jenn / thatdamngreendress - we need to start a blogger cosmetic support group, haha! And Callandra can lead it and teach us! :o)

    Lisa - you're the glammest tomboy I've seen, rock on!

    Thanks, Kayla. I guess when I think about it, my sis and I complement each other in our strengths and weaknesses - but still, how'd she get all the girlish ones?!

    Courtnee - please, you're stunning! And you have absolutely knockout style!

    Aw, thanks, Molly!

    Kcookski - oh if you saw my sister, you'd be all like, "that's exactly what an asian fashion baby looks like!"

    Kelly - I think I'm pretty low maintenance too, but I think the BF would say differently dependent on the situation, haha!

    Sara - I would have never thought that about you, especially since you now don't even own a pair of jeans!

    Jan Russell - oh girl, you have a gorgeous full wavy locks - whatever you're not doing to your hair, keep not doing it, haha!

    Thanks, Thirteenlbs!

  32. You look wonderfully girlie today :-)
    I like to think of myself as a lady, but i know i'm not really. For one, my red nail polish is chipped to the bone. Even my colleague noticed! I too love to stuff myself with burgers..and nuggets. Oh and fries!
    When i was little i was very girlie and wanted to wear nothing but lace dresses everyday. In my teens, i wore combat pants and flannies. Now? I dress girlie, but have male low maintenance traits :-)

  33. Awwe, you look so pretty and feminine! I love the blue skirt with the amazing red shoes. I've always been a girly girl, although I did go through a punk rock phase where my hair was hot pink, my nose was pierced, and I wore big ripped blue jeans with hoodies every day! That went on for like all of high school... so I guess the phase lasted for a long time. My mom had enough on Grad day when I wore my awesome grad dress with a pair of "skater shoes" underneath!

  34. I think you just described me in your post. I too... a total accident and the baby. My dad refers to it as "that damn cocktail party" but whatev, I'm his favorite although he won't admit it. He also took me to get a bowl cut at age 9. A b.o.w.l. cut, Lisa. Now, I was never really girly and I'm definitely coming into my own but even my 9-year-old-softball-playing self knew that cut was totally offensive to everyone.

    I think you're adorably charming and appear pretty girly to me. :)

  35. this skirt looks so fab on you. And I'm totally jealy over your calf muscles. I was totally a girly girl growing up. Then I revolted and went very punk/street. Then I didn't care about clothes at all. Now, I seem to be returning a bit toward the girly, but it doesn't come easily because I can't stand taking time to primp.


  36. What a great topic, Lisa! And thanks for sharing a part of who you are to us. I think I'm definitely a little bit of both. I'm not totally in tune with all the stuff that's "in" and girly stuff. I, like you, don't ever do my nails either and I get ready in about 30 minutes in the mornings (shower and all). I maintain myself but do it pretty "efficiently" if you know what I mean. I think if we lived in the same city, we'd be great friends! We have a lot in common!

  37. I remember and my Mom still tells me - I refused, refused to wear skirts and dresses growing up!

    Love this post Lisa.. I hear ya!


  38. As the first girl in my family, I was always a girly girl as a kid. When I hit high school, I put on a pair of jeans and didn't really take them off again until I started working. Then it was pantsuits and black pants - until roughly two years ago when I rediscovered my inner girly girl. Now I wear skirts more often than not, and while I'm still not all pearls and bows, I do like a dash of something a little bit special.

    Love your outfit - it's so sweet in its simplicity.

  39. I would have never guessed that you only started embracing skirts and dresses after you started blogging because you look so great in them! I mean, I haven't seen you look bad in a skirt or dress once! I love the colour of this skirt you are wearing, especially with the red patent shoes. You do such a great job colour coordinating, I wish I had your talent :)

  40. Lisa--I feel like a tomboy at heart too. I think it comes from growing up with two sisters and having my mom dress us the same. Any time I wear anything particularly "quirky" I still feel like I'm rebelling against the matching Laura Ashley dresses she would dress us in.

  41. What a candid and well written post! I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about you and your tomboy beginnings. I'm pretty tomboy-y in many ways and it's a pleasure to see how one can combine both sides of a coin. Lol to the descriptions of your sister. Show us baby pics!

  42. I love this post, and I love you for being who you are! Growing up, my mother wanted me to be that typical Asian child who was quiet, clean, and pretty all the time. My personal style is ladylike, but similar to you, I'm very minimal on make-up and I eat whatever I want. I rarely paint my fingernails because I know I'll ruin them.

    I want to see the picture of you and your perm!

  43. What is with asian parents and perming their kids hair? LOL mine did the same thing. There are pictures of me as a tyke with clearly tears on my face because of how discomforting it was with a perm!
    You certainly don't dress like a tom boy! Cute circle skirt matched with sexy red shoes!

  44. I was definitely more of a tomboy as a kid -- loved to traipse through parks and trails, didn't often wear skirts, and wasn't freaked out by bugs or rodents. Even now, my BF says exhibit characteristics that are typically viewed as "masculine" -- ie, I'm not as sensitive or nurturing as he is.

    In terms of stereotypically "girly" things, I do have a pretty extensive shoe collection. But I can't tell you the last time I had my nails done -- mostly because the polish chips in a few days and it feels like a waste of time and money.

    BTW, speaking of shoes, I love these ruby patent pretties!


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