15 February 2011

DJ Got Us Fallin' in Love

I'm not going to lie, I don't remember how long ago it was when the BF and I got together. We've just never been big on memorializing specific events like first dates or anniversaries - that's just the way we are. But we met when we worked for the same company - we were two young transplants in a city where we didn't know anyone else and all us "kids" worked hard and played hard together.

We were friends first and hung out quite a bit "before" - though I am pretty sure I was crushing on him when I first glanced over at him and was asked to bring him upstairs to the spare computer to do his e-mail test during his initial interview. I never made a "move" though because - well, heck, I don't think I ever knew how to make a move.

I don't recommend doing what we did to start our relationship - one casual dinner and drinks during a business trip turned into one inpromptu date after bar-hopping and a few too many sickening sweet lunch boxes and captain's cream sodas. And while I think that cavorting with a co-worker would pretty much be the death knell to any potential relationship, it was the start of a great life adventure for the both of us.

Now, x number of years, three cities, too many dead house plants and one kooky pup later, we're still happy living our version of this thing called life together.

And that's the short of it for me. How did you and your significant other (past or present) meet?

Blazer: J. Crew herringbone professor (worn here before - similar luxe here or striped here)
Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn here before - similar here)
Jeans: J. Crew hipslung (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: UO Kimchi Blue wingtip heels (worn here before)
Necklace: Natasha Grasso via Etsy
Shoe Clip worn as Brooch: Lilywinkel via Etsy


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  2. Your pup is so cute! Steve and I actually met online. We talked for several months on the phone and via webcam and I drove up (2.5 hours!) to meet him in person. That was 6.5 very short years ago.

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  3. You look so gorgeous and classy. Those straight-leg jeans are perfect on you and I adore that blazer with the piping and the flower detail!

    I would tell you about how we met...but I'm not quite ready to reminisce about things yet!

  4. I love how the shoe clip turned brooch makes this outfit feminine and sweet. Super creative!
    Hubs and I met in college. I dated a number of other people while he pined for something more than friendship, and a year later, I finally realized that he was everything the others weren't- solid, sweet, more concerned with others than himself (and mighty fine, once he stopped wearing tees acquired from various college events.) 4 years later, I still can't believe how blind I was in the beginning.

  5. aww love the story... almost just like mine! Me and the hubs met at work in 2005... finally in March 2006, he asked if I wanted to go the coldplay concert - I wasn't sure if he was selling me his ticket, it was group thing, or a date.... I showed up and sure enough it was date. We been together ever since.

    LOVE this outfit too... such a prep at heart.

  6. Love this oufit so "preppy"!

    We met in University in our first year. We hung out a lot as we had similar schedules. He was afraid to ask me out b/c he thought I was too short for him (HA!). After a while he couldn't resist my petite powers any longer :P We've been together for almost 13 years!

  7. Love your blazer! My husband and I met at work too. Same thing, flirting, cavorting, then marriage and moving across the country!

  8. I love your outfit, and your story! ME and my boyfriend have been together for 5 years but we dont know that actual date of our anniversay..it's around christmas or new years lol..l.so we dont buy anniversayr presents or anything haha! :)

    - www.itsanewkate.blogspot.com

  9. I love your outfit! The blazer is great and I love how you paired it with a checked shirt! My boyfriend and I actually lived together in college and halfway through the lease couldn't stay away from each other!

  10. Love the blazer and the whole look actually! Your story about how your bf and you met is cute. Chris and I met at work as well but we didn't have as much fun as you! :)

  11. love the blazer look and the flower pop!

  12. I love the flower brooch on your blazer -- it adds so much fun to the outfit, just like your checkered shirt and shoes! I absolutely love hearing about how couples met -- it always amazes me how "the right place at the right time" all these stories are. And crushing on your guy since you first laid eyes on him? I'm sure many can relate, haha!

    I met my guy in high school during my sophomore year. We were just buddies, though. We hung out a few times each summer after I graduated and moved to start college because of a mutual friend (whom I was closer to), but after I finished college and moved back to my hometown, we saw each other more and more. and became best friends. Somehow, we ended up together. Strange how that happens, isn't it?

  13. Love the blazer and the shoes! They look great together.

    Ben and I met almost 8 years ago. Like you, I have no idea when we officially became a couple or when our first date was. We met through mutual friends and our relationship evolved from there (very slowly). When we met, I thought it would be fun to occasionally hang out, but I never imagined it would be more than that. As time went on, we became closer and closer, almost without even realizing it. Now, we are planning our wedding:)

  14. I love the preppy blazer (that I desperately tried to win off Ebay) and how you paired it with a check shirt. It looks really cute!

    My bf and I work in the same building and it took about 6 months after I started working there before he struck up a real conversation. We went out on a date shortly thereafter and have been together ever since. I'm glad he finally said something. :)

  15. Luve the outfit and your story of meeting your guy! Thanks for sharing!

  16. Cute blazer and I love the little flower pinned to it!

  17. Cute Story and I love the blazer with the flower pin!!!

  18. I like the addition of a shoe clip as brooch!!!

    It's always fun to hear how couples meet. My bf and I were friends first. We actually went to the same college/graduated the same year, but didn't meet until 3 years later. I was clueless that he liked me until a mutual friend clued me in!!!

  19. Hibs and I met at a dinner party in New York. He was wearing the UGLIEST PLAID SHIRT EVER...but got me when we asked me to a Knicks game. What can I say? I'm a sucker for confidence.


  20. That blazer is perfection! Figures...it's J.Crew...I gravitate towards J.Crew like a magnet. Love the flower shoe clip worn as a brooch...very creative! =)

  21. It is always intriguing how people meet. Thanks for sharing the story.

  22. Thanks for sharing your story. My hubby and I met through his love of cars. He went to check out some far rims at a friend's Halloween party and we met in a dark dingy basement. Been married 13 years now. Holyyyyyy Mackerel.

  23. I love love love your outfit and your blog header too! My BF and I met, while I was still seeing someone else, when a mutual friend of ours invited us out for dinner when she came back to town for a visit (did you follow that?). After my ex and I broke up, BF and I started hanging out, then when I moved to work-town, we stayed in contact (daily) and when I came back for my first weekend, we had brunch, and sparks flew, and as they say, the rest is history. We've been together for about a year and I can't tell you how much I look forward to going home when this project is over, so I can be with him :)

  24. Lovely outfit and you look amazing!

    Also, thank you for leaving sweet comments on my blog. It made my day!!

    Thank you =)


  25. first time comment :)

    Great outfit and story!!

    My husband and I met twelve summers ago. We were both in college working off the same pier in Cape Cod. He was the Harbor Patrolman (ahem, that's shellfish officer to you) and I was a deckhand on the Martha's Vineyard/Nantucket Ferry. :)

  26. I love this JC blazer so pretty and your dog is adorable.

  27. I love get together stories. I met mine online long ago when ppl still didn't quite get it, or just assumed I'd meet a crazy. I'm so glad I followed my heart.

  28. This is such an awesome blazer -- love the bold piping, and your blue gingham gives it a casual-chic feel. And that red flower just makes me smile!

    Hm...mutual friends (about 5 of them!) agreed to work some behind the scenes magic to get BF and I together. A LOT of behind the scenes magic, because I thought he was loud, obnoxious and a little vulgar. I couldn't stand him. But he kept messaging me on AIM, and I enjoyed the conversation...and ta da! There you have it!

  29. I did a post on this for our anniversary last year...seriously have been an 'item' since I was 14 yrs old! It was a high school kind of love, but it's lasting! September of this year we will have been married for 10 years already!!!

  30. Thank you all for sharing your first meeting stories! I love reading about these type of things too - and I'm so surprised about the blooming romances from the workplace because it is usually a bit taboo, but makes sense considering we all spend all dang day there!

    For the ladies who met their loves online - I think that is awesome! Back in high school, I ventured onto TalkCity and met some really cool people online, including a few guys to flirt with. I think a few years ago, online chatting had a bad rap - and now it is so common! What a better way for two people to really get to know each other when under normal situations they may have just passed each other in the night!

    alltumbledown - you've got to tell me how you got your man to stop wearing his old college tees - mine has hundreds of ratty ole shirts he won't give up, even a cut off tee with the Texas flag on it (and yeppers, he's worn it)!

    curls-and-pearls - you go with your petite powers! Yeah!

    Minnesota Maven - ooh, your romance sounds intriguing!

    amy kelinda - aw, how sweet, and now you and the BF are besties and even co-habitate! Any guy who will wait on a gal in Anthro must be an awesome man ('cause let's face it, who amongst us isn't in that store at least 30 minutes)!

    Lisa - dark dingy basement meetings are the best.

    Closet Crisis - what is that old adage, distance makes the heart grow fonder? ;o)

    Anne - the idea of meeting in Cape Cod sounds all romantic and sweet to me! I've always wanted to go there, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket - maybe this year!

    Jamie - we always joke that when kids tease each other, it is because they like each other. Well, same holds true for adults too!

    Leah - that is so sweet you and your hubby found each other early! And it is true love for you two to stay with each other through the emotional roller coaster that is HS!

  31. Aww, how sweet Lisa. Thanks for sharing with us, you are so cute. My hubby and i met at work too. We don't work with each other anymore (it can get political).
    You always look mega adorable. I think there's a bit of preppy going on in this outfit - all thanks to that amaazing blazer!

  32. I wouldn't have looked twice at this jacket in the store, but the way you've styled it is edgy and unique. I love it! That juxtaposition of the casual check with the modern lines of the jacket, with a bright pop of flower?! You rock, girl!


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