21 February 2011

Blousy and Dog

For those of you ladies lucky enough to have today off from work - enjoy yourselves! For you other ladies like me who are working - well, there's always online sale shopping!

Top: Tucker islas wooden chest tie neck (similar-ish here or -ish here)
Jeans: Levi's 545 skinny straight (worn here before - similar here)
Shoes: Seychelles ring in the new year (worn here before - similar here)
Bag: D&B letter carrier (similar here or -ish but really cute here)
Necklace: Overstock overlay camelia flower (similar here)

✦   ✦   ✦   ✦

I think it has been far too long without a Pacey status report, as she is now a hearty 31.5 pound pup (nearly 10 pounds heavier than when we got her from the pound at the end of December), who last week had somehow managed to remove the F-lock key from my laptop and before chewing it up.

So what's the Pacey roundup? Well, she has certainly become the main attraction in our little family and has adapted quickly to her new high-rent (haha) lifestyle. Pacey loves nothing more than lounging in comfort and had no problem locating the comfiest spot in each room in which to flop onto and sprawl out - and you're most likely to find her there snoring peacefully on her back.

Pacey also has an enviable toy collection. No small thanks to my sis and mom there - bringing Pacey into my little fam was a bit like a birth by my family - gifts were mailed and too many pictures exchanged.  Her favorite chewie is a long squeaky black bear which remains to be the only furry toy she has not yet completely torn to shreds in a day. In fact, I think Pacey has a soft spot for the bear because she does bring it on to the couch or into the bed with her and does in fact snuggle with it often (seriously - proof below, not posed!)

Aside from black squeaky bear, Pacey loves snuggling close to her people, watching TV, munching on Iams biscuits (but not so much the Milk Bones), and long leash-free walks in the park where she can tear through the shrubbery and arrive back at the car utterly content and exhausted (but she's still a bit shy around other dogs and will sit down and wait for other dogs to pass before she continues on her doggy escapades - which unfortunately does make her a bully magnet for the local bossy chihuahua named Chicken, who will run into your house and "own it" if you're not careful!).

For you gals with pets, how are your adorable animals doing?

Worn out Pacey still attempting to play as she is falling asleep.

A little blue victim of Pacey's play. And her infamous black squeaky.


  1. Pacey is too too adorable! I love that she and black squeaky bear have found a piece way of coexistence. :) That's like me and my old teddy bear.

    I love the loose blouse you are wearing today, the print is gorgeous.

  2. i love how you can go from preppy chic - grey sparkly sweater.. to bohemian chic so effortlessly!

    pacey is such a regal looking gal!

  3. pacey likes to cuddle? aww... adorable!

  4. I love your blouse! The pattern and colors are gorgeous!

  5. You look great! Those shoes are fabulous!

  6. A blog after my own heart! Clothes, shoes, and puppy dogs. I just found your blog and it is very cute. I have a puppy who I spoil with toys and treats as well. And those shoes are amazing!

    Girls Who Wear Pearls

  7. Ahh that blouse, that necklace! Perfection. :)

    Pacey is adorable. Black bear is clearly her boyfriend/bff.

  8. Love the blouse - beautiful print! ...and what a sweet pup! Our Winston is nearly 14 mos now and I think topped out at about 7-8 lbs :)

  9. Awwwe, I love the photo of Pacey trying to play even while passed out! My chocolate lab, Bella, falls asleep with bones hanging out of her mouth or with frisbees still in her mouth! Anyway, you look great today! Love the blouse and heels!

  10. Pacey is soo cute!!!! Blouse is awesome on you, and of course styled perfectly :)

  11. Love your outfit! The bag is really nice.

    Pacey is adorable! I love seeing pictures of her! What a cutie she is, snuggling with her bear:) My 3 dogs are well - they had a nice weekend, full of car rides and neighborhood walks! The all love to chew, so we get them lots of bones, pizzles, etc. Only one of them enjoys toys, but he destroys them very quickly.

    I am stuck at work today as well. Hopefully, it will go by quickly for both of us!

  12. OMG your puppy is sooooo cute and I just love your puppy-update-posts! If I was Pacey's aunt/granma I'd be mailing tons of toys too ;)

  13. Oh my goodness! She is so freakin' cute!

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  14. You look incredible in that blouse and those heels are fabulous! I love the puppy pics too. :)

    Come take a look inside A Working Mom's Closet

  15. Awww, Pacey is so cute! I got to play with a cute doggie all-weekend, so these pictures and that have me wanting a puppy so bad!

  16. Awwwwwwww, I love how she cuddles with the bear! That is too precious! I wonder what it is about the bear that has allowed it to survive Pacey's playtime for so long? Haha! And what an awesome blouse you're wearing today, too!

    I have a few fish pets, and nothing really is going on with them, except that my biggest cichlid (Gordito) has grown EVEN BIGGER now.

  17. that top is TO DIE FOR...pacey is a cutie. i wish my pound puppies were such a manageable size. but, ya get what ya get and you don't pitch a fit, as they used to say at the daycare (for the two-legged children)....

  18. my pup is not doing well today...throwing up fr ppl food my mom gave him. grrrr.

  19. Wow, what a fantastic blouse. I love your handbag too, it looks vintage. I'm glad to hear Pacey is doing well. She is so cute!

  20. I've heard only wonderful review on Seychelle shoes. Love the design on them, especially that unique strap!
    Sounds like Pacey is treated like a little princess! I have a little fur baby myself, he is a rotten monster but I still love him.

  21. Pacey.. Pacey.. you are too cute and adorable!

    And of course, Lisa too!



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    Twenty York Street

  22. I LOVE LOVE the print on your Tucker blouse. So jealous right now! :o)

    We are babysitting M's mom's dog, a big grey weimeraner. Sophie's idea of being a pet sitter is making sure the big dog eats all of its food before she does.

  23. Aw pacey is so adorable :) And I love that tunic top on you, the color and print are fabulous!

  24. AWWW! I love Pacey!! And I love your top! I've been really wanting pieces that are more southwest-inspired. But I'm not really sure how I would incorporate that into my wardrobe. Plus, I'm having a hard time finding pieces :(


  25. Oh my goodness...those pictures are just sooo cute. I wanna just grab her and kiss her all over!!! Haha and won't steal her! :) Chewy is doing well...I just saw him today and it's so hard to say goodbye every time!

  26. Oh my gosh, I heart this post. Pacey sounds (and looks!) like a total sweetheart :) I'm envious of your adorable puppy-ownage!!

  27. nawww, Pacey is so cute and just like a little bubba. I don't have any pets, but there's a pet shop with little puppies that i go past each day. It adds a bit of cuteness into my day!
    You're so adorable in your blouse - the print looks navaho-ish?

  28. I love the last pic...I have a bunny for my bunny but he just rubs his chin all over it. I have to pose him if I want him to sleep like Pacey and his bear. Haha.

  29. That necklace is so pretty and really adds such a nice touch. I love the print on that top and your dog is so cute!! They are such sweet loveable little pets!

  30. Such a relaxed look! love it

    Miss Neira

  31. Pacey is so adorable! I wish I could own a dog but I haven't got the ability to keep one at the moment. Loving the shoes ;). And your bag matches your outfit very well!

  32. Thanks for your kind comments about Pacey! I realized that I've made my little angel *seem* like a perfect angel - which she of course is not always! I'll have to put together another post in a bit to tell you all the story of the REAL Pacey, haha!

    Elle - the only problem with Pacey is that she'll still chew on her bear every once in a while. I still remember my blue stuffed bear from childhood - she didn't have a nose because my then-dog ate it all up!

    sparrowsandsparkles - the BF's mom has a tiny Yorkie and he is so fun to play with! Pacey's big enough that she can really hurt when she's playing with you!

    Carly - aw, Bella sounds adorable! And I've always wanted a chocolate lab (shh, don't tell Pacey!)

    kristin - Pacey was kind of nervous about the car in the beginning but now she's all over it. Sometimes she'll get so excited about going somewhere that she'll try to jump into the back of SUV before the back door is even open yet! We've seem some spectacular splatters!

    amy kelinda - you named one of your fish a cute chubby boy? Hilarious!

    Kcookski - I am amazed that Pacey has gained nearly 10 pounds. I'll love her no matter what, but part of me is silently wishing "don't get any bigger!"

    Elle Sees - don't tell Pacey, but I don't think she knows about people food year (oh who am I kidding, she can smell, haha ...)

    Lori - I lived in NM for a few years and tried really hard for the SW style not to infiltrate my wardrobe - but it still does!

    Cindi - haha! If you start showing pics of your new black and white dog names Casey ... ;o)

    Jarucha - Pacey and her bear amazes the BF and I! She'll bring that bear with her almost everywhere and it is always within snuggling distance! We had two more similar toys in other colors but she tore right through those!

  33. My dog at my mom's house has had many many many of those blue bear toys because every time she gets one she rips it to shreds! We always find ear/eye/nose pieces scattered all around the house and then for some reason, she usually leaves the body in tact. Luckily they only cost like $1 :)

  34. Hi Lisa, What a lucky girl, And that blue bear? LOL!! That is hilarious. I am a mom to 2 Boxer's Cinnamon Toast and Chloe. He is 5 and she is 6 months. I got her from a lady that decided she no longer wanted her. I feel Lucky to have her. They crack me up all the time. Cannot imagine my life without them in it. That last pic is so adorable. Looks like a toy of her! Too cute. I am a big Seychelles fan. Love your shoes :)

  35. Aw,I love this Pacey update! It's exciting reading about her progress since we got our pups around the same time!


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