05 January 2011

Purple Haze

The ornaments, wreaths and stockings are gone, but I haven't fully de-Christmased yet. The BF likes the twinkling lights so he requested they stay up a bit longer (reminder of a college dorm room much?) and my hands still hurt from cutting those stupid snow flakes, so they will get a bit more show time too.

This reminds me Christmases back home in NYC when I was little - if I didn't take the tree down, no one else was going to say a word. One year we had our tree up, lit and decorated until April! My dad may have been just out-stubborning me though. That is far and away different from the BF's mom, who will take down the decorations on Christmas day!!! Not sure what is stranger ...

Have you guys de-decorated already?

I now have a new co-star in my outfit pics.
(And some baaaad pasty-face lighting, ugh ...)

We'll call this one "the blur."

Just playing around ...

Top: Anthropologie Deletta Je Ne Sais Scarf (worn here before - more draping here)
Skirt: AT Loft (worn here and here before - similar-ish here and here)
Tights: UO scroll (similar here)
Shoes: Aldo patent spectators (worn here before - similar here, here or here)


  1. Aaw! Cute.
    We never did get the purple Je Ne Said tee over here, the other colours went on sale today but I have enough grey and the white looks quite thin.

    I like that you are playing with your new headers and also with your photography!

    I need to de-decorate tonight...

  2. Love this outfit, too! The skirt is absolutely adorable and so flattering on you. :)

    I have indeed de-decorated...the week before last, actually. We are in the middle of a major de-cluttering at our house right now, so the Christmas decorations naturally had to be put away in the process.

  3. LoVe the aubergine. My fave color.
    I leave my twinkly lights on the mantle sometimes. I'm a sucker for em,
    I take down stuff after NYe.

  4. Our decorations are still up- just the tree and the twinkling lights on the balcony. And I plan on keeping them up until Jan 15. Last year, out of sheer laziness plus the fact that I just didn't want to accept that Christmas was over, the tree stayed until the end of February. I know...I have a problem. But you know, technically, the 12th day of Christmas (from the carol) is actually January 6 (the first day being Dec 25)so really, it's still Christmas :)

  5. Yay your pup is in the pictures too! Makes my day! Love your top - making me lust after it! Our lights were taken down (by me!) about two days ago, and we didn't do any other decorations this year. I still have to help my mom put her tree in the attic though ... one year it stayed up a month after Christmas because my parents were getting divorced, and we were just too busy to mess with it!

  6. Your outfit is so cute (I was excited when I saw the color combo in the preview on blogger), I love it (my favorite outfit so far!). And your puppy is adorable too. :)

  7. You look adorable! I actually have those shoes, and you're reminding me that I should wear them more!
    We don't decorate, so there's nothing to take down. I know that sounds very ba-humbug of me, but with Simon, I'm afraid he'd knock over the tree and destory everything!

  8. you look beautiful, and look how well the newest member of the family has taken to being photographed. ;)
    normally, i dechristmas right away because i don't like having the dried tree around for so long. this year, though, i was misty about doing it, so it stayed up until new year's!

  9. We haven't fully de-christmased yet either. The tree is still up, and so are the stockings on the mantle. We should take the tree down soon though, because it's real, and I think it's dying.

    Anyway, I really love this whole outfit. Purple is one of my favourite colours. I can't believe these shoes are from Aldo, I get all of the shoes from there. I need a pair of funky tights like those too.


  10. You are so pretty in purple! I always leave my decorations up until Jan. 1st. We usually have relatives visiting right after Christmas, so it still feels festive when we exchange presents with them. But come New Year, I am READY to haul the stuff out - it starts to feel so cluttered!

  11. I love the color on that top. I'm trying to hold out for Anthro to put it on sale, but my will power is fading fast!

    My partner and I don't decorate for the holidays so there's not really anything to take down. Every year I tell myself that I'll put at least a few things up to make it feel festive, but then school always seems to get in the way.

  12. I love your purple top! I haven't de-decorated yet and I'm not looking forward to it. I always love putting them up, but never like taking them down. I'm planning on doing it this weekend though. Happy New Year!


  13. I just posted about my reluctance to take my decorations down yet. I just feel like the holidays came and went so fast! I'm so excited to 'meet' your new picture buddy. This whole look is so well put together! You look amazingly chic today!

  14. I de-decorated NYE/NYD, since I flew back to work on the 2nd and won't be back home again till mid-month...would be far too depressing to walk into my place and see the tree and lights all sad and unused for 2 whole weeks. Our family have left the tree and lights up right until Chinese New Year in past years (which usually lands late Jan/early Feb) so not too embarassing :P Love your purple/grey/black outfit, very chic, and loving Pacey sneaking into your shots!

  15. Our Christmas tree is still up. I'm in denial about the

  16. Oops...I don't know what happened to my last post. As I was saying, I'm still in denial about the holiday season being over. I refuse to take my tree down yet.

    Love the purple haze!!! And Pacey is sooo adorable!! :)

  17. You and your pup are adorable! My tree is still up. I've been too busy to take it down.

  18. Yes, I've de-decorated and I miss my tree. lol, can't believe you had the tree up until April one time. You should've just left it up till the next X'mas. But I agree, it's always harder to take it down than to put it up.
    I love that skirt!

  19. I always love your outfits, Lisa! Seriously. And this one is no different! The purple color is so gorgeous! As for de-Christmas-ing, I've taken down the wreaths and other misc. things, but the tree is still up because Boyfriend refuses to let me take it down because he'll "miss it too much." Sigh. But taking down decor on Christmas Day? That's unheard of!

    Also, my parents left their Christmas tree up for the entire year last year. And guess what? It's STILL up!

  20. aw super cute! my yorkie also would stand by me too when i try taking outfit pix :D

  21. Haha! Too cute! Pacey was born to be a model, obviously! ;)

  22. haha "college dorm room". both my boyfriend and I have twinkly lights in our bedrooms and when we move in together we'll probably string them all over the place, we love them! That deep purple looks so beautiful on you lisa!

  23. This is a great color combo and I love all of the girly details.

    I de-decorated this morning. Not that it took that much effort since I just had a tabletop tree. :)

  24. Awww, isn't he adorable. He's so photogenic and should be included in your OOTD.

  25. Cute Lisa!

    I always keep up the decorations through New Years and always feel blue when the stuff comes down. The house doesn't feel as full or warm.

  26. We start to de-Christmas right after New Years. Then it happens in shifts. We only have the tree left right now. that's the worst and messiest.

    I want that top so bad but am trying to hold out until sale. The tights are so cute with the outfit and I love how that's your new header!

  27. I'll admit - we've started to redecorate - but I am still working on it. I kinda hate to let Christmas go! (But we did take down the hubs' mom's tree the day after Christmas)

    (Love that top on you, ps)

  28. Great outfit. I really like your skirt!

    As for Christmas decorations, mine are still up. I normally take them down on New Year's day, but I haven't had the energy yet. Maybe this weekend...

  29. I love the outfit. (The puppy is cute, too.)
    All of my Christmas decorations came down on New Year's Day. It always makes me sad. :(


  30. The Deletta Scarf tee looks awesome on you -what a color! Your xmas tree story until April cracked me up! I would love that! We took ours down Tuesday and that was late by everyone else's standards!

  31. Lily (my daughter) took down our decorations this weekend. It didn't even occur to me until she started wrapping them up in newspaper and putting them away in a box.

    And I always love that skirt on you. I have the same skirt, but I rarely wear it because it wrinkles so easily!

  32. What a beautiful outfit! I haven't allowed my family to take my beautiful Christmas tree down yet.

  33. More pics of Pacey please :) As usual, I love how you look like you stepped out of an Anthro ad. Don't know what exactly it is about your outfits, but it just has that vibe.

  34. I love the way you styled that Loft skirt - you look great!

    I love your stories about when people take the decorations down. We usually try to do it right after new year's. Kind of makes me sad though...

  35. hey that skirt is so versatile! i love it. my first time commenting on your blog altho i am a follower : )


  36. Love it!

  37. You look gorgeous Lisa. And how cute that Pacey is by your side in the shots! The perfect accessory ..hehe
    We don't put up Christmas decorations, so it's easy for us - no undecorating required at all. Maybe once we have kids we'll get into it, but for now, it's no biggie :-) However, i still see so many christmas lights up on people's houses. To me it's a waste of electricity!

  38. I love this skirt and your adorable style! I'll be back!!

  39. lisa ~ i love this outfit! i adore this skirt and it looks great with the plum top. you always look so fantastically put together! ~ susan

  40. Lisa, Pacey? How did you pick his name? He is so adorable. You have obviously bonded quickly. All my cats were either strays that found me. Like Heishe at 5 weeks. Eyes barely open. He just appeared in my garage. Or came from a rescue org known as The Cat People!

    I love your new header. You used the shoes and tights from this outfit post. Awesome mix of grey and purple. The shoes with the tights are perfect. You are definitely becoming more daring. And done perfectly so I must say. Very in keeping with your true spirit.

  41. Silly me! I forgot to answer your question. I always de-decorate right after the New Year. This year I did it on New Year's Day.

  42. Thank you so much for your lovely comment!

    You look great! I love your skirt... adorable!

    And I really love your dog! She's so cuuute!

    From Munich With Love

  43. I de-decorate early because we get a real tree and it's so dead by Christmas I have to get it outta here! Beautiful outfit!

  44. Louise - I would've gotten the black version of the tee too if it had some sort of print on it - it seems too plain when it is ALL black.

    FFM - I need to take inspiration from you and declutter too! The BF still had unpacked boxes from a year ago under his desk!

    Tara - I like your thinking, I'll keep my mantle lights up and on!

    Kim - I know what you mean! Now that I have Pacey we have to lock up and remember to put away everything or off she'll run with it!

    Lisa - I know, we should have just called it quits by April and kept the tree until NEXT Christmas!

    amy kelinda - OK you're parents beat mine! ;o)

    Ady - aw, you've got a great daughter! Maybe that was what my parents were waiting for ...

    Cee - I've love to look like that! Because that would mean I was 5'10" with a swan-like neck and gazelle legs, right! ;o)

    Laura - she was actually already named Pacey when we got her from the pound. After we took her home, she was responsive to that name so we decided to keep it - I even tried calling her a variation of the name like Casey or Daisy and she won't respond except to Pacey - so Pacey it is!

  45. Aw, that last pic is so sweet! Yay for us and our pups :)


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