02 January 2011


It has been a relaxing couple of days since returning home from NYC, despite having a wee new one to feed in the family. I am sure that I am not the only one who is not looking forward to the first day of "getting back into it" for 2011.

The BF and I have spent every waking moment getting acquainted to our new little family member and she has taken immediately to a pup's version of la dolce vita. Pacey loves her doggy bed, even loves snuggling in her crate (and the couch, and our laps, and the bed), going on long walks even though she's still a little timid of people and animals and slip sliding all over the wood floors. Her big puppy feet makes her a goofy and natural acrobat and she's a natural at stretching and lounging.

So you can see why I dressed up once this whole week - you're supposed to do things on January 1 that you want an opportunity to do all year long, right?

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve Dagmar (last gal on earth to buy one, I know - similar online solid here or print here)
Belt: H&M (worn here before - similar online here or here)
Tights: Merona by Target cable knit
Shoes: Anthropologie Raines / Seychelles Ring in the New Year (similar online here)

And the whole rest of the week, I looked like some semblance of this:

Cardigan: H&M marled cotton (worn here before - similar online here)
Top: Old Navy slub tee
Jeans: Forever 21 skinny ankle (similar online here)
Boots: Anthropologie Miss Albright Pebbled & Primped (similar online wedge here or stiletto here)

♦   ♦   ♦   ♦

The new year has reinvigorated my desire to enjoy food at home more and the past few nights we've spent doing just that - going to Fresh Market (oh how I've lived without you for so long I don't know) and stocking up on their baked goods, white cheddar and green peppercorn sausage,  making a new version of Texas spaghetti (in honor of the Hornfrogs, my BF's alma mater), trying out BF's mom's bacon-swiss-pea-romaine salad recipe, and putting together a good ole easy homestyle dinner with a classic meatloaf as the anchor.

I started out with mom's meatloaf recipe from the Food Network and embellished it but adding in the following, all finely chopped: 1/3 green pepper, 1 small carrot, 1 stalk celery, 1/2 tsp chili powder, 1/2 tsp garlic powder.

Chop, chop, chop.



I'll be catching up on all your blogs over the next few days - happy 2011, you beautiful people, I know this'll be the best year yet! You're supposed to start off positively about these things, aren't you?  ;o)


  1. You look fabulous as always, I especially like the first outfit (such a darling dress).

    And I am not typically a meatloaf fan but it looks so good what you did with it! :)

  2. I want that meatloaf right now. I made pot roast today and thought it was the best down-home meal for this icky weather we're having. But no, your meatloaf looks much better! Also, your dressing down is my looking awesome, so happy 2011! You're going to have a wonderful year, lady!

  3. It looks like you are already working on meeting your resolutions!
    By the way, your "dressed down" outfit is 10x better than what I have worn all weekend... yoga pants and a sweatshirt. :)

  4. How did I miss your post about a puppy??? You look super pretty in the Dagmar Dress, and those boots! I thought I could live without them, and now I'm stalking my wishlist for a popback. Meatloaf is such comfort food, that's what I need until I can find the boots...

  5. Both of these outfits look great. I like how you paired the Raines Heels with the Dagmar...I just got mine and plan to wear them tomorrow.

  6. This is a lovely dress, I actually thought it was vintage at first! Pacey is SO SO cute. Though I am a huge Pacey Witter fan so I'm not sure about the title of your previous post....lol

  7. I like both of these outfits! You look great!! Happy new year to you too!!

    Sarah at Classroom Chic

  8. Oh yum. I love meatloaf!!! Looks great. You look beautiful in the Dagmar!

  9. You reminded me that Ive never made meatloaf before... or had it, I think.

    I've been spending my days lounging around in lounge wear. It's good to have comfy clothes.

  10. Sorry Lisa I referred to Pacey as a "he" on your last post. I do apologise, SHE is gorgeous!

  11. Happy new year Lisa! And i thought Pacey was a "he" as well. Ok, i will have to remember from now on that it's a "she".
    You look gorgeous in the Dagmar dress. So glad you got it..finally!
    I've never made meatloaf in my life. I wonder whether it would taste equally good with chicken instead of red meat? btw your chopping looks so neat and tidy - puts mine to shame :-)

  12. I really wanted that dress, but never got it. You look gorgeous in it!

    Congratulations to your BF on his bowl victory!

  13. Happy New Year! Your loafing outfit is way more presentable than mine was all week. :)

  14. Oops, Pacey is a girl. I think I called her a "he" and I hate doing that do dogs. Sorry!
    The Dagmar dress looks great on you. I'm so attracted to red this season! I don't own the dress myself so I'll live vicariously through you. Please wear it more often :)

    Also, I'm going to make this meat loaf someday soon. It looks so yummy! I haven't had meatloaf since I was young and my dad used to make it for us kids.


  15. The dress is a great on you. red is a good color for you!

    I'm not a big meat eater, but that meatloaf looks goood!!!!

  16. The dagmar looks perfect on you!! A little puppy is one of my favorite things! I am all over that meatloaf!

  17. Thanks for your comments, gals. The BF is not a big meatloaf or meatball fan typically, either, but sometimes you just need to have something comforting to remind you of your mom or just being a kid. I really like meatloaf as a tool to eat more ketchup! ;o)

    Fashion Momma - I can't make a pot roast to save my life, but every time the BF and I go to our fave comfort food restaurant, I always order their pot roast. I figure it is just like how my mom would've made pot roast, if she ever did!

    Ady - we won't talk about the several hours each morning where I am stomping around in non-matching PJ bottoms and a ratty top - and yes, even to let the dog out in!

    Jan - the rubber soles have made these boots an even bigger no brainer to reach for - I hate to clonk around in flats!

    Ashley - ah, Dawson's Creek ... the good ole days. I think the folks on the recent teen shows have just gotten waaay to unrealistically good looking and well-groomed (hi there, Gossip Girl and 90210) - those Creek kids were way more relatable!

    aki! - never had meatloaf, ack! Now it is not going to be food that'll change your life, but it is easy peasy to make and so comfy yummy!

    Louise / vintageglammz - haha, no worries about calling Pacey a "he." She just came to us from the pound with that name and already responds to it, so we figured it was easier not to change it. Half the time I call her "Buster" (BF's mom's dog's name) or "Casey" or "Daisy" or just plain "hey you!"

    La Historiadora - the BF has been prancing around with his TCU cap on like a proud papa rooster. It's been a great conversation starter at the park!

    Sweet Laundry - I think I bought the dagmar partly because I was so shocked to see one still available in my size and partly because I've been jonesing for a red dress myself. Missed out on the red plaid reed dress and the red refinded cord dress is soooold out. I briefly considered returning it, but the BF actually really likes this one!

  18. Happy 2011! I love that your new blog header photo is all flats - I am a flat convert myself :)

  19. Oh my gosh, your puppy is so darn CUTE Lisa! I wouldn't be able to resist pampering him for all he's worth :) And you look very beautiful yourself there! Love the Dagmar on you, and even your more casual outfit is very chic =)

  20. That meatloaf looks delicious. Happy New Year, Lisa!

  21. Oh wow -- you look amazing in the Dagmar dress, and I think the Raines heels go perfectly with it! I haven't felt much like dressing up recently, either, but maybe I need to break out the Dagmar again.


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