17 January 2011


In an effort to keep things light on this blog, most of my posts are very stream-of-consciousness - related to random thoughts that flit through my head and get caught up in the tangled net of the now. So essentially I'll post about my outfit and then whatever I am thinking about at that moment and then try to stick in some hahas. So - haha.

Sometimes I'll get inspired by another blogger - reading through his or her post that can set me off on a tangent where I may need to find a pen and paper and scribble down a few later illegible phrases.

Other times I'll just put together a few jumbled sentences on why I put together a certain outfit or why I love / not-so-love a piece in my closet or new purchase. Or I remember to take pics at a successful new recipe try, I'll post that (but are recipe posts using other people's recipes considered cheating?)

Lately, I've written of my new pup, which I can't get enough of - and which also happen to be on her way to becoming the most expensive pound pup ever (we've pretty much already bought out PetSmart and Target on all their cute puppy-related items, and have recently been going to a local "boutique" shop call CityDog Market - those puppy eyes sure know how to get the ole wallet to open up ...)

Once in a blue moon I think I'll come up with a truly original thought or idea but those are few and far between (makes the ole noggin hurt, you know) so that got me thinking some more:

Where or how do you find your inspiration for your blog posts?

Top: Gap chambray safari (worn here before - similar here or BF version here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Field (worn here before - similar luxe version here or shorter here)
Belt: Anthropologie (similar-ish here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aerosoles tasseled wedges (worn here before - similar cutesie here or here)
Necklace: AT Loft mesh chain (worn here before - similar here or here - not similar but so cute here)


  1. Great outfit today...I like the way you dressed up the chambray shirt.

    I blog like you do...whatever comes to my mind :)

  2. This is a hard one to answer since I have been so uninspired of late!
    Sometimes I come up with great post ideas like recipes etc. and then the photos/text never live up to my expectations so I don't bother posting them.

    I love this outfit btw, my chambray shirt has been one of my favorites lately!
    It goes with EVERYTHING!

  3. I used to find inspiration from the new items I'd buy but I've decided that this isn't the best way to go about showing who I am as a person. I'm really not defined by my clothing and I wanted people to know that. So lately I've been inspired by the photos I take. I still love clothes and feeling pretty in them is great, but that's not all me. :) I love your blog because of your randomness! It helps me get to know what your thinking. :)

  4. You look so cute! I just picked up that exact Field Skirt this weekend at Anthro. I love the color!

    I am always trying to come up with new, original ideas for my blog. Reader Outfits, Style Anthroholic, etc were just thoughts that sort of forumulated in my head and I wrote down ideas on how to expand them.

  5. Mostly I find myself writing about something related to the outfit. A shopping story, or a little fact about a piece of the look. Recently I've found the need to have to make it about more. How many shopping stories could people possibly want to read right? I think it's just the motivation of the new year bitting at my ankles. I love reading your posts though and haven't been disappointed or 'bored' yet!

  6. I've found that I usually blog about what's on my mind, what's going on, or what I'm wearing or loving at the moment. I would often think about what to blog about and get frustrated. Then I thought, "this is not why I started blogging!" I started blogging to have fun and express my thoughts, ideas, and "fashion" identity. Some days I "got nuthin" and that's it. Some days it just comes out easily. I love your posts because they are just that way and they allow us to get to know you!

    And for the record, I think that posting someone else's recipe is totally acceptable as long as you give credit! I love to read and learn new recipes, no matter where they come from! :)

  7. This outfit is just too cute, I love the primary colors!

  8. I love chambray and gold! Such a beautiful combo (feeling plenty inspired by you today Lisa!). I often find inspiration from blogs but lately I am feeling a bit of blogging burn out (lol, I haven't even been blogging for that long) and while I am in awe of plenty of beautiful outfits I am at once inspired by also ashamed of my own lack of inspiring posts.

  9. Oh I'm so glad you're wearing the Field Skirt today, Lisa! I'm trying to be inspired by skirts, and I'm thinking about buying the Field in khaki! Love it on you, so cute!!

    I think that being inspired by other bloggers isn't "cheating" at all - as long as you're not copying word from word and you give credit if credit is due, imitation or inspiration are flattery, in my opinion. I'm sure some people might not agree, but that's okay!

    I love your blog, it's very unique. I wouldn't worry about that! :P

  10. I think most of my posts are uninspired. I write about what I am doing or thinking along with what I am wearing. My outfits are sometimes inspired by other bloggers, but I think that is normal and I do let everyone know where my inspiration came from.

    You look fantastic in the field skirt, btw!

  11. I've been struggling with what to talk about on my blog too. I'm hoping asking readers and reading the comments in this post will help. Ahh, what would I give to be an opinionated person?

    I love how easily you pull off flared skirts. The chambray top is making me wish for one of my own :)

  12. Hmmm... my posts are so rambly. Mostly just whatever that pops in my head, plus if I managed to take a good OOTD pic, or if I'd dined out and remembered to take a pic before I wolfed down the food :) Cute outfit, I love me a denim shirt.

  13. First and foremost, you look insanely cute. Really. And I kind of do the same whatever's-going-through-my-head at the time ends up on the blog.

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  14. I love the color combo, the skirt especially. The worst part about blogging for me is thinking of random things to say... and most of the time I just write whatever...

  15. Lovely outfit....I pretty much do the same thing blog wise, but I must remember to jot notes when something strikes my fancy - Thanks for the tip!

  16. A few hours before I get off of work I always start to think "What the heck am I going to write about today?" I usually have no clue, but then I come home and more often than not something just comes to me. Whether it's a funny story about something that happened to me that day, talking about why I put my outfit together the way I did, or just random nonsense.

  17. Well I wouldn't mind reading more about your pup! :) They definitely become expensive! I hope you didn't invest in a really nice bed. I made the mistake of spending over $150 on a bed when Bogart was a pup and guess what? Yup, he chewed it up. Luckily for me, his chewing phase didn't last long.

    Have you made a good connection with your vet and vet's receptionist. I won't say how much I paid in vet bills the first three years I had Bogart because it's ridiculous, but I brought him in for everything and anything. The receptionist even started recognizing my voice over the phone.

    My dog inspires me, obviously since that's the main focus of my blog. I think you'll find that your pup will give you all kinds of new material for your blog.

    By the way, I love how that belt ties everything together in your outfit.

  18. Love the mustard yellow color! looks great!

    Miss Neira

  19. I find it all over the place...on the street...in glossies...in the blogosphere!

  20. You know what Lisa? You are just naturally adorable. I bet you have no make-up either. Apple cheeks an all. And you can take a simple button down Chamgray Blouse and a Full Skirt, belt it and look incredible. Not even a wrinkle on you. Do you take your photos first thing in the AM like I do?

    Lately I've been posting Tips and Tricks for Anthro online shopping. It's generating a lot of comments and email. Mostly requests for suggestions on finding Sold Out Boots. And to think I never wore boots until this Winter. Now I'm the Anthro Boot Queen. Baa-haa!

  21. There you go looking all cute in that gold Field Skirt again making me want to run out and get it!!! =) You look fabulous in this look! Also totally love the belt!!!

  22. Cute outfit! And belt!!! And Lisa, you're my daily cup of inspiration :)

  23. I love a good chambray shirt! I also get inspiration from other bloggers. Sometimes I will have inner dialogues with myself and then decide to write it down in my blog. Most of the time the inner dialogue conversations happen when I'm driving. I really have to stop talking about the weather though...

  24. just wondering why your links never direct you to the item. I have the Bedstu boots you have and they don't seem to point readers "where to get them". Is this intensional? Not being helpful? I know the items are not sold out.

  25. I agree with Liz - I would love to hear more about your puppy!

    Super cute outfit!

  26. Oh, you are super cute Lisa! I love that pairing of the denim with the golden field skirt. They work so well together.
    I am uninspired 99.9% of the time. The other 0.1% i eventually come up with something that i think is interesting enough. I always have those I-don't-know-what-to-write-about moments! It amazes me how some bloggers can post everyday. I think i'd run out of ideas (and outfits)! I guess this is why i've cut down my posts from 5 a week to 2-3 a week. Oh well, that just means more time to read other peoples awesome blogs :-)

  27. this look just rocks, rocks, rocks! The denim and yellow are amazing together.
    Kristina J.

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  29. Oh Cindi - you'd all be eye rolling all the time if you gals knew the complete randomness rolling through my head all the time!

    Kim - I can't wait to see how you wear your yellow field skirt! This is my first yellow skirt so I am hesitant on what to pair with it!

    Aw, thanks, Kayla! I agree though, none of my shopping "escapades" are that awesome - no one needs to know how well I know my UPS guy or hate parking at the mall!

    Pamela - I agree, sometimes I try to "plan out" a post or "go deep but still stay light" and then I get a whole lot of nowhere! I'm not here to win the Pulitzer on blogging, so I shouldn't stress over it!

    Cee - I've asked my readers to shoot me some random questions before and spent a few posts answering them - that's been really helpful!

    Closet Crisis - I agree, I don't know how some people have the patience to take beautiful pics of their food before eating - most of the time I'll slap it all together or have the fork in my hand before the plate gets set in front of me! I know, I know, oink, oink, oink, Lisa ...

    Liz - Pacey's first bed was a $30 something I found at PetSmart and she's already pulled a seam out and has been "playing" with the stuffing! I did get her a faux shearling pad for her kennel though and she loves it! The BF had to talk me out of getting more dog beds though - crazy me wanted to get her something for practically every room of the house!

    Laura - I admit, I don't have a lot of makeup, but that is mainly because I am mentally ill-equipped to know what to do with it, especially eye makeup! Most of it usually ends up UNDER my eyes so I've just been avoiding it! I do take my pics in the morning though - I usually look like a wrinkled twisted mess by lunch!

    Sweet Laundry - can't help talking about the weather in fashion blogging! It's what helps/hinders our daily choices!

    Anon - a lot of my stuff is not super-new, so I can't find links for them online anymore. If I can find a link, then I will hyperlink the name of the item, otherwise I will post similar items. For the Bed Stu boots, I couldn't find them online for the longest time - I didn't realize until recently that Piperlime and Endless are now carrying them so I linked that last time I wore them. Sorry if it is frustrating, I am definitely NOT intentionally trying to not be helpful - if I can find the exact thing, I'll definitely link it!

    vintageglammz - I know what you mean - sometimes I don't have time for the added pressure of "is this outfit photo worthy? what can I blog about with this outfit?" Like you, I've told myself that I don't have to blog every day, all the time, unless I want to!

  30. You are so cute! I *need* to find me a chambray shirt! Just keep keepin' on, I always love your posts :)

  31. This outfit is so cute! I have been reading so many blogs in hope of getting inspied and it's really helping me to put together outfits or just finding new color palettes.

  32. Horray for the gold field skirt...love it! I'm like you, I blog about my random thoughts and other blogs definitely inspire me. I love getting to know others through their posts about everyday things and I hope my readers like hearing my random thoughts too! I just recently found your blog and so far I'm really enjoying it :)

  33. Great skirt. Loving mustard right now.

  34. I think the reason I started a style blog is because I wanted to write, I wanted a blog, but I really honestly feel like I dont have much to talk about so a blog with pictures of clothes seemed like a good idea. I'm not really sure where to get inspiration for posts, honestly.

    I'm no help. Sorry!

  35. I talk all day long and then when it's comes to my blog, it's like "duh". What do i say? What do I talk about? By then, I'm out of time or I've lost my train of thought lol. I love your blog and your daily musing on life. Keep it up. I think you're doing a great job. I love your chambray shirt and how you've styled it. I think the reason why I haven't gotten one is due to not knowing what/how to wear it. Thanks for the inspiration.


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