03 January 2011

Fur Prints (and All You Fashionable Pet-Owners)

Dress: UO Ecote silky print shirtdress (now on sale - worn here before)
Coat: Forever 21 faux fur collar coat (similar long-sleeved here)
Tights: Merona by Target cable knit
Boots: Anthropologie Miss Albright Pebbled & Primped (worn here before - similar wedge here)
Belt: J. Crew elastic blossoms (worn here before - similar here or here)

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

I am so excited of the interest that Pacey has generated from you lovely gals. Pacey is a pound puppy and we got her from our local shelter in DeKalb County (if you can't adopt, you can always sponsor a shelter pet from there - here). I highly recommend taking a look through your local shelter first if you're looking for an addition to your family - it is not as if you don't already know, but shelter animals often get euthanized if they are not adopted by a certain period, usually three months. Unfortunately the system is just so over-crowded that the city can't keep strays indefinitely.

Shelter animals are often less expensive to adopt, are always already fixed and vaccinated and have had a general medical exam for any major medical issues. And shelters don't just have older animals (though they need love just as much as everyone else) - our local shelter had tons of puppies in varying age ranges. Sure you're not sure what you may get when you go to a shelter (Pacey was described to us as a border collie-terrier mix, but she looks a bit more like part terrier-part Saturday night to me) but all those animals in there are so desparate for love and attention.

Another good organization to consider if you're in GA and looking is Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption. I actually heard about these guys because they held an adopt-a-thon at my local Anthropologie! The cost to adopt at APRA is a little higher than usual ($250) and there is an application and interview process, but they are a no-kill shelter whose pets are thoroughly checked, fixed, pinned, pricked, etc. before each adoption.

I am not trying to get on a shelter pet soapbox or telling you gals something you don't already know. But Pacey is our first "family" pet and already within the three days we've had her, it is very difficult to think of how we got along without that little furball! To think, one wee pup could change my perspective in having a pet and making my daily routine swirl - in a good way, of course!

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

And just because I want to, here are some more pics of the ever-adorable Pacey at the park. The only time she is still is when she's sitting - look at how well-behaved she looks in public!

And when she gets home, well ...

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

All this Pacey-talk has inspired me for the first Respect the Outfits reader post of 2011 - this week's post is for all the gals who have animals. Please send me a pic of a cute oufit pic of you with your pet! Let's have an opportunity to "ooh and ahh" over each other's fabulous outfits and "coo" over each other's adorable animals!

Please shoot over your pic, along with your outfit details and your pet's name - post will go up on Monday, January 10. Pics and info can be sent to respecttheshoes(at)live.com.


  1. I love Pacey! She's so cute!!! I would love have a little dog but I know that right now is not a good time. someday!!!

  2. shelter pets are the best - it's like they always know you rescued them! My family has only ever had shelter animals - our current dog is a fully-trained Jack Russel Terrier that we found at the local humane society!

  3. holy cow, Pacey looks just like my parents dog (who they also adopted)! they said he was a border collie mix but we think he is actually a mcnab.

    small world - and we are all the way across the country, too!

  4. AWW!!!!! Most of my outfit pics with Chewy are me in my pjs...but I'll try to find something cute. I'm so glad that you got to adopt a shelter pup. I believe more people should do this. You're a hero to Pacey and I'm sure she'll be dearly loved.

  5. You are rocking that dress and boots combo...it looks so perfect on you! I love the whole completed look with the coat...you know how to style a look girlie! =)

  6. Tee hee she is SO cute bless her. I look forward to seeing your OOTD w/Pacey! I'll try my best to get Izzy involved but being a dark tortie she doesn't photograph very well!

    Love the OOTD, did you walk the dog in that? If you did you must have been THE best dress dog walker around!

  7. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! What a cutieee omg!!!!!!! I'm so happy to hear you opened your home to a shelter baby. Our cat Malcolm is a shelter adoption baby, and our dog Rufus was an unwanted runt- his doggie birth mother rejected him and his mom's human owners were too old to be able to dropper-feed him milk etc. Their loss was our win, and now we have two kids without whom my world wouldn't even turn anymore. I love them both so much, and making them part of my family was the best, most gratifying decision I ever made in my life.

  8. Pacey is super adorable - I love the pics!

  9. OMG!!!pacey is all kinds of cute!:) I would love to adopt a pet some day. My brother and sister-in-law just adopted a dog and he's adorable.

    I was just looking at that dress on the uo website last night! It's nice to see it on a real person. I can never figure out fit on those freakishly tall uo models:( You look great(as always).

    I'll have to see if Henry is up for a phot shoot.

  10. Nice pics! Really love your boots!

    And your dog is sooooo cute!

    From Munich With Love
    Angie -> http://munichstylelover.blogspot.com
    Stop by and say hallo if you want!

  11. Love that dress! I saw it at Urban Outfitters and was very tempted. Now that I know it's on sale, I just may have to make a UO trip very soon!!!

    I like the idea of outfit photos with pets. My cat sometimes pops into my pictures, but rarely do I get a good shot of both her and I. I'll have to try and get a good one this week!

  12. ohhhhh my gosh! so adorable!! we got our little zipper from the humane society in october and i can't imagine life without him either!

  13. Such cute pictures of Pacey! And she has a very pretty mommy - love that coat!

  14. Great dress and as a shelter volunteer I 100% support shelter adoptions. I have 2 full breeds and in all honesty I feel like an a$$hole every time people ask me what shelter I got my dogs, but that's why I like giving back....because I want to give the life to other dogs like we gave our dogs.

  15. So cute! I love that coat too- I looked at it longingly in the store, but I have too many coats already!

    Heh- my kitties are always trying to get in the picture, so that won't be a problem to find one. I found Ghibli on Craigslist actually- someone who was moving overseas and had to find a home for him. It's a good place to look for well-cared for animals that might otherwise end up in a shelter if the owners can't find someone!

  16. Thank you (times a million) for providing information and personal tales of adopting. I understand the reasons why some people want to purchase their pets (especially in cases of purebreds) and of course, it simply comes down to a matter of personal choice ... but I'm so glad you adopted!!! Pacey is adorable, as is your outfit today!!!

    Call Me Ishmael

  17. Pacey is adorable!!! I do love how that coat looks with the dress, it's perfect! Happy New Year Lisa!

  18. Beautiful story ! Im so glad you adopted. There are sooo many little angels that need our love and help. I wish more people out there made this choice instead of "buying" My dog is an american eskimo and she is also adopted and she has been such a joy in my life. I used to have a pug that was a "gift" from an ex and he was sick all the time, had 2 surgeries and was constantly in the vet. So many of these petstore animals are sick and unresponsably breeded I wish people could realize the damage they are doing by supporting this.
    Your dog is sooo cute! He looks soo happy.
    Also I wanted to comment on your dress. THis is too funny cause I just got it on the mail today. IT's beautiful isn't it? it smells a bit weird though lol.I liked how you styled it a lot. good job!

  19. How cute is your Pacey at the park! I'm glad he's been given a chance to start a brand new life with you guys. If i ever get a puppy, it'll be from the pet shelter / RSPCA. Since i don't have a pet, i won't be able to send in a photo for your feature. It's a great idea for your feature though, and am looking forward to seeing all the cuties.
    You look really adorable in your UO dress btw!

  20. Btw - i forgot to mention that i love you new header (it's new right??)

  21. Pamela - I agree with you. I wasn't ready for a dog, or any sort of pet for a looooooong time. I guess the BF was tired about me whining about not having a dog and then not doing anything about it, so he got the ball rolling!

    Ashley - I think so too! I don't know if it is just Pacey's natural temperament or because of her time before she found us, but she is super-respectful and always needs to be near us. She's young, but it breaks my heart to think of what her little life may have been like at the pound and before it too!

    makeupandpearls - I had to look up a McNab bc I didn't know what they looked like - and they look like a big ole Pacey! Maybe our dogs are second cousins or something! ;o) We did some Googling and Pacey kind of resembles a large rat terrier to us with her shape and coloring - but honestly we'll love our dogs regardless of what they are!

    Cindi - I haven't figured out a photo with Pacey yet - she definitely won't sit still long enough to use a timer and generally doesn't give much "respect" to the camera anyways!

    Louise - you don't want to see what I wear at the buttcrack of dawn when I am out with Pacey - good thing it is dark out!

  22. Tara - I know what you mean. It has only been a couple of days, but I can't believe I waited as long as I did before getting her - nothing like having warm cuddly loyalty and love!

    Courtnee - I know what you mean! Thankfully most times they list lengths and have reviews online to help. And honestly, half the time the styling on the UO site is so hip that it is plain ole unflattering!

    Fashion Therapist - nothing wrong with purebreeds either. My family's first pet was a pure chow who was adorable (and half-way loveable, haha) - but I dare anyone who wants a dog to go into a shelter and not walk out with one, they are all so desparate for a little attention!

    thatdamngreendress - aw, sometimes pets are just meant to be!

    Pamela - the BF and I had talked forever about the kinds of dogs we want but it kind of all went out the window when we walked into that pound and Pacey found us!

  23. Beli - I am cracking up about the dress. When I first got it, I thought it smelled like something that had been locked up in someone's musty cellar for two-three decades! Thankfully a few whirls through the dryer with some fabric sheets solved the trick, but I had considered returning it because of the smell!

    vintageglammz - Yes, thanks for commenting about the header! Glad you like it - I am still "testing it out" because I still have been unable to put together a header that I really want - consider it lack of talent and know-how! But pictures of shoes are always good for me! ;o)

  24. I want to kiss Pacey, she is so cute! (I hope that's not weird). We don't have pets because LG is allergic, but if I had my choice, I would definitely want a little puppy like this.

    Also, I am freaking out over here about your outfit! AHHHH! Love is not even a strong word about how I feel about it. I want it now! I'm going to hunt down this dress ASAP.


  25. Okay, Pacey is seriously cute! Give her a few ear scratches from me! Oh, and I love the boots, they look fantastic.

  26. Ohhh love your new puppy! He's a prime example of why anyone who'd consider getting a pet should visit their local shelter first! He's totally adorable! Love your outfit! That print looks fantastic on you. Thanks for sharing!

  27. Lisa I love Pacey!! She's awesome and I love that you got her from the shelter. We got our cats off the street where they'd been abandoned, but fixed and vaccinated for Trap Neuter Release by the Stray Cat Alliance in LA. It is so sad to see animals that have no one...you rock lady!!

    So does your faux fur collar coat, btw!


  28. Adorable! You guys will make excellent parents. You look beautiful as always :)

  29. Ahhhhhh! Pacey is adorable. I'm so jealous!!!! :)



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