25 January 2011

The Apollo Program

I spent parts of the weekend watching Clash of the Titans and Percy Jackson and the Olympians, so my inner nerd is reawakened and wants its fill of more Greek mythology. Back in the days of junior high, I was very much into ancient lore of all kinds: the Greek gods, Arthurian legend (yeah, Mandy!), vampires à la Anne Rice and L.J. Smith.

So deep was my love for the gods that I willed my high school-shy self to volunteer to play the part of Persephone for my class' video re-enactment of her myth (it had nothing to do with my then-crush already being signed up to play Hades).

My favorite god has always been Apollo - I mean, what's not to crush on admire? A golden blonde guy with a natural penchant for athletic activities and a sensitive soft for music, poetry and animals? Who loves to be outdoors in the daytime and can't tell a lie? Hello, McDreamy! Can we tell yet that 12 to 13 year-old  Lisa lived a wee bit in her head more so than the real world?

One of the things that I thought was really cool about Greek mythology was that it was all very sordid. Going through the stories of the gods and demi-gods is like flipping channels at two in the afternoon on a weekday - nothing but outlandish drama, scorned lovers, double-crossing siblings, plotting fathers, cougar mothers. Apollo seduced Cassandra - who happened to be the daughter of Hecuba, an ex - with the promise that he would teach her the art of the prophecy, but she dumped him after she learned his secrets, so Apollo punished Cassandra by telling her that she would only be able to foresee tragedies and no one would believe her. Ooh, burn! Come on, One Live to Live, can you top that?

Are you into ancient legends at all? Do you have a favorite Greek god, and why?

I was dressing for my fave Greek god today - bright sunny colors in a pattern that faintly reminds me of ancient Greece (not, but I'm trying here), animals on my belt, short skirt, shoes I could go chasing the rays in ...

Dress: Forever 21 frond linen blend (worn here and here before - similar here or here or patterned here)
Cardigan: Forever 21 (worn here before - similar here)
Belt: Anthropologie city safari (worn here before - similar here in brown)
Tights: Target
Boots: Born Taro (worn here before - similar here)


  1. Cute dress, reminds me of something from jcrew circa '05-06.

  2. I agree with tastymoog it does remind me of a J.Crew outfit haaha I really like your belt,its adorable.I'm actually not into greek mythology but I did a project on Zeus and it came out beautiful!

  3. Oh girl oh girl! You make my inner nerd come out sooo bad! My twin sister and I have about 20 big mythologies between us on the gods - we collected them since about 5th grade. My fav god? Zeus. Because he runs around having silly sex adventures with practically everyone and gets in trouble with ... well practically everyone (and especially Hera) even though he's supposed to be in charge! Oh Zeus, you big silly and your antics!

    Ha, thanks for the Arthurian shout-out! I was reading the Mists of Avalon earlier this weekend and thought of you! :P Although it's not a scholarly book, it's one of my FAVS.

    Girl, you are making me slay myself for not buying that Safari Belt. That's an Anthro piece that I have MAJOR REGRET over ... you so look adorable in chartreuse/white - a very Grecian-inspired dress, and I LOVE IT!

    I need to get my rear in gear and send you that picture I took for your pic of the week! Have a great one, gal!

  4. Haha too funny! I was never into Greek mythology, but I've had my fair share of random obsessions in my life!

    I love that dress with that cardigan. It's the second time today that I've seen that mustard/yellow with teal and I need to recreate it immediately!

    Don't forget to enter my blog-aversary giveaway!

  5. What an unexpected, SUPER gorgeous and FUN color combination! This might be one of my favorite outfits, I really adore these colors together and that dress is super flattering on you.

    I've never really been into Greek mythology. I'm not sure why, but now I wish I'd paid more attention in school...

  6. I love your outfit. Love the green and yellow, very "retro"JC, like others have noted. I had a love for all things Arthurian, read many novels and watched too many (mediocre) movies. Missed out on Greek mythology which was taught in Gr. 6-7 in my local curriculum, as I didn't arrive in Canada till mid. of Gr. 7. But I do enjoy a good toga-fantasy movie now and then. Jake Gyllenhal sure looks good in those movie posters, may just have to rent it one of these nights. Thanks for the post and have a great day!

  7. belt looks great with that dress! and the boots! My kids are doing some study on Greek gods right now - I always love the stories too. It's great getting to study it with them over again!

  8. I get so confused by Greek Mythology...so many gods to keep straight! haha It is an interesting era though, I admit. I love your cute outfit today...you look so cheery in yellow! =)

  9. I love your outfit today Lisa. I love the bright colored dress with the brownish colored tights and boots. You look so beautiful and comfortable! Everything works so well together. Oh my and your belt is adorable. I studies some Greek mythology while taking a couple of Art History classes since many of the Gods were depicted in many of the paintings we were studying. I really am drawn to Zeus and Aphrodite.

  10. Haha...I remember watching clash of the titans when I was in middle school and we had to draw goddesses and that's when I was first introduced to greek mythology. I thought it was interesting, but oh so confusing. And you're right, the fact that it's so dramatic (like a chinese soap opera) really appealed to me.

  11. OMG (wow, did I really just type that)... I love love love that safari belt. It is amazing, and you've styled it amazingly as well. And not to mention you've got me LOLing (Ok, I'll stop...) about your Greek mythology/Soap Opera comparison!

  12. Hahaha, I love that last picture! You crack me up, and I'm convinced that if we ever met, you'd be my new BFF. ESPECIALLY after this post. Um, inner nerds unite? I love Poseidon, but it's mainly because he's the lord of the waters and not so much because of anything he does/did/whatever. And on another random note, Star Trek had an episode that suggested that the ancient Greek gods were actually alien visitors to Earth, which explains why they believed in less-than-godly ways.

  13. Also, can I steal this ENTIRE outfit? I love these colors and patterns together!

  14. Hahaha :) You are cute. And that belt is AWESOME!

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  15. I thought it would be fun to take a greek mythology class in university...then spent months memorizing what seemed like 150 names that all began with P and contained 5 syllables! our final exam was fill-in-the blanks, which sounds easy enough except it went like this:
    (blank) son of (blank) went to (blank) whereupon he met with (blank) on Mount (blank)(!)....I think the highlight of the class was when the ancient Classics prof accidentally referred to Heracles as Hercules! Whoops, was he ever embarrassed...!!

    What great colours and springy-ness- definitely feels like some bright Athenian sunshine!

  16. Beautiful outfit - such a fantastic color combo!!! I went to see clash of the titans with a couple of friends last year. I can't say it was my favorite movie, but it was very interesting:)

  17. Hehehe, very funny Lisa! I'm not familiar with greek mythology, and never really have been interested in it. Erm, does Edward Cullen count as a greek god? the book makes him out to be one...
    You look fantastic in your brightly coloured ensemble :-)

  18. Thumbs up for Apollo. This dress is so cool, and I can't believe you got it from Forever 21. I'm sorry to say that I don't know much about Greek mythology either, but I did see Clash of the Titans and loved it!

  19. Demeter is probably my favorite. She is normally so calm and peaceful and helpful. She is maternal and nurturing. But when you mess with her baby (Hades took Persephone) you regret it. Zeus himself had to try and intervene to get Persephone back before she destroyed the world. But since she had eaten food in the Underworld, Persephone had to go back to Hades for part of the year. During this time, Demeter's grief pervades and the crops die and the world freezes over. The earth awakens and blooms once Persephone returns to Demeter and she is happy again.
    I also like the story of her and Poseidon, the God of the Sea. Poseidon desired Demeter in a bad way. Every time she rejected him his desire just grew. Finally, she told him she would be his if he would create, for her, the most beautiful animal the earth had ever seen. Poseidon made attempt after attempt and finally created the horse, but, as Demeter had planned, his passion for her cooled during the time that he spent creating it.
    I think I relate to Demeter. She is a single mother and fiercely protective of her child. She is happy to be single and smart enough to get rid of even the most persistent suitors. She is emotional, but nurturing and protective and creative.
    So... I guess that's a long enough comment about Demeter. I will stop singing her praises and instead tell you how much I like your outfit. The belt and dress and cardigan are all perfect. :)

  20. Greek mythology is fascinating! Oh my...are those giraffes on your belt! I love it!!!! xo Cat

  21. Look at you making this dress all perfect in Winter. ADORABLE! And that's a nopers on Greek Mythology - I get all my sordid tales on Bravo.

  22. I love your use of summery colors in the wintery months!

    I used to be into Greek mythology, but have sadly forgotten all the stories!

  23. I love Electra's myth with Clytemnestra and Agamemnon, fascinating! I studied it for quite some time. Also love the one with Paris, who ran away with Helen of Troy, SUCH a juicy story!
    You look lovely by the way! I love all these colors on you.
    Followed, for reals.

  24. Oh and your blog title is genius haha

  25. What a fun post. I love your outfit and the reasoning behind it. The print does actually remind me of something you'd see on a Greek vase. Oh, I loved Greek mythology when I was a kid - such a soap opera. These days I watch telenovelas for the same reasons.

    I'll say my favorite is Hera -- ok, not really, but I feel sorry for her because she gets a bad rap. Of course she's angry about her husband, Zeus, seducing every maiden and goddess in sight. Who wouldn't be?

  26. lol, I enjoyed reading this post Lisa. you're such a gifted writer AND fashionista!!! Nerd Herds unite!!!!

  27. Hi, Love your Outfit. The dress is so sunny :) And I would have to say that my Greek fave is Prince Perseus son of Zeus.

  28. Thanks, tastymoog! Man, I wish J Crew would bring some of that old-time prep Crew back! The saturated colors, the fun prints, the almost mod-ish styles, I miss it!

    Mandy / Closet Crisis - I think my Arthurian obsession began after watching Excalibur! I spent weeks after that sketching suits of armor and dreaming up knightly fantasies in my head!

    Cindi - oh man, the ORIGINAL Clash of the Titans was a crack up!

    amy kelinda - oh don't get my BF started on that "gods as aliens" stuff! He is WAAAAY into that! He watches the History Channel show Ancient Aliens, and they speculate over everything about how angels may have been aliens to how Egyptian gods may have been aliens to how the stories from the Bible all relate to alien visits, and on and on! And shoot, Poseiden is pretty cool - gets to carry around a huge trident and all and he's like the Greek god version of Prince Harry - he gets all the same bonuses but doesn't have the responsibility of being the head guy in charge!

    thatdamngreendress - holy moly, I wouldn't be able to keep all of it straight, there are waaay too many stories and side-stories and always about fifty-five people involved!

    vintageglammz - I too was all over the idea of Edward after reading the first Twilight book, who wouldn't be? My first vamp crush was probably Lestat though - I am still kind of angry over having to watch Tom Cruise play him!

    Ady - Demeter doesn't get enough credit for being the strong mother and earth goddess that she is! I don't think Athena or Artemis get enough play time either - all being strong independent goddesses!

    Lula - I had to look up the Electra myth because there's so many out there it is impossible to keep track! Holy murder and ghostly revenge!

    Lady Cardi - I know! All we ever really hear about Hera is her ranting at her hubby or getting jealous at some nymph. Why could blame her?!

  29. oh, as for greek Gods - I will have to go with Poseidon and Helios 'coz they are HAWT!!!! lol

  30. I am in love with every part of this outfit! It's just so fabulous!!!

  31. Luve yellow and green together! Great look!

  32. Lisa, my love... how the heck are you! Oh how I've missed your blog... :)

    I throughly enjoyed Clash of the Titans. However, I don't really know too much about Greek Mythology. I'd love to learn though. You seem to know quite a lot and that's awesome!

    I'm lovin' this look on you. It's bright and puts a smile on my face. I still haven't worn that belt. My friend got it for me months ago, and the tag is still attached. I love it, AND I really should take it out for a spin.

    Enjoy your weekend woman! ;)

    xx Love & Aloha

  33. This dress is kinda the coolest thing I've seen all day. Which means my day has been boring so far. Or your dress is stinkin' amazing!!! Love the color. I need more of that in my life.


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