30 December 2010

These are a Few of My Favorite Things

The fashion blogosphere is full of end-of-year recaps so I thought I'd throw my virtual hat into the ring as well. 2010 and starting my blog has been a big change for me on the fashion-front. I've experimented with color, styles and pairings that I would normally shy away from and developed probably an unnatural obsession for Anthropologie and a reinvigorated love for J. Crew. I've also "met" an inspiring community of bloggers who share my fashion loves and are so generous with their time, stuff and advice.

As my way of recap, I considered doing a fave outfits post, but as I started going through my pics, I realized how much they plain sucked early on and how I think my style is still developing and trying to find itself. So I thought it'd be way more appropriate to recap some of my fave purchases from this past year:

1. Anthro Roaming Ruffles cardigan - love this easy pop of color, perfect cardi for dresses

2. J. Crew Evie blouse - I've worn this to death for work events

3. H&M drop-pocket skirt - snack pockets, 'nough said

4. Anthro Field skirt - my first yellow skirt

5. Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin shirt - my summer workhorse

6. Anthro Bianka blouse - cheap for Anthro and great color and fit, I need to collect them all

7. Mossimo by Target wedges - best $25 spent ever

8. Forever 21 plaid shirt - comfy, colorful and cheap? So in ...

9. Uggs Desoto boots - after hauling through the snow and cold in them, I am now an Ugg convert


10. Banana Republic classic skinny jeans - my intro to skinny jeans and not absolutely hating them

So that's me, how about you - what have been some of your favorite purchases of this year? Any unexpected favorites?


  1. I could easily move into your closet- I love everything you put together and I think our tastes are so similar.. I still regret not finding that Castle Lake Dress in an xs. I bought it in a small and returned it bc it was so baggy in the bust... you just reminded me to start stalking ebay for it again.

    Did you travel home yet? I can't believe the sludge pond that is NYC right now- it's so gross and I feel so trapped- aaahhh!

  2. You have made some great purchases in 2011! I would definitely include my Anthro Two Wheeler Dress, my harem pants, my New York & Co. ruffle front cardi, and my Ugg duck boots among mine.

  3. The Dandelion Wish Dress and Rising Vapors Dress were my favorite dresses all year long.
    The Bougainvillea Cardigan and the La Dominante Cardigan were my favorite cardigans.

  4. Love this post. Great recap of the year. I echo the same sentiment on starting a blog, putting together outfits, sharing ideas in the blogging community, rekindle love to some brands like J.Crew and Anthro. Man, I think I agree with them all. :)

    Happy New Year.

    Vicky's Daily Fashion

  5. cardis and the polin shirt are my faves! you have the best style.

  6. I love your gingham shirt from Land's End. I think the best thing about 2010 was when I won the shopping spree from Singer22.com. I walked away with some great loot...one being a fabulous Gustto purse.

  7. love all your picks! You have great style in my book!

  8. oh gosh that field skirt... i love it. i'm contemplating it myself!

    and i second the banana republic skinny jeans. LOVE!

  9. After seeing you in the H&M drop pocket skirt in black, I went out and bought it. I've only worn it once, but I love it, and I hope to wear it ALOT in 2011.


  10. Awesome recap!! LOL I never get tired of your snack pockets reference :)

  11. 1B is still one of my all time favs on you. I am loving the recaps.

    Wishing I had a laptop to do my own. Instead, here I am in my 22 year old son's room using his PC. Blogging is rough without your own computer.

  12. I love all these outfits Lisa!
    What i love best is the wearability and chic factor of all of them. The roaming ruffles cardi is my fave - great to throw on top of dresses. I wish i had gotten one!
    Looking forward to more in 2011!

  13. I started going through your pictures intnding to pick the ones I liked the most, I gave up, there were too many to choose. You are a lucky and fashionable young woman (lucky for your figure and the money to go to Anthopology...sigh...maybe someday) Your outfits are stunning, I love them, thanks for sharing!

  14. Oh gingham was a favourite for me too this year! So cool and crisp and stylish. I love your F21 plaid blouse too- it looks great with the colour of the skirt (oh gee, a massive F21 just opened up a few blocks from work...yikes, since I try not to impulse buy!)

  15. You wear all your favorites so well - adorable! I wish I could pull of full skirts the way you do - especially the yellow one so I could copy you and pair it with the Seychelles...sigh. After seeing you and Spiffy in the F21 plaid shirt, I had to break down and order one for myself - can't wait for it to get here :)

  16. I almost didn't do a "favorite outfits" post either because I dislike a lot of the outfits that I put together from about March until July. It's almost painful to go back and look at them now!

  17. After I saw you wearing those lovely gingham shirts I stock piled up on them, and plaid shirts too, which was very unexpected! You've got great style! :)

  18. You've had a very stylish year! I'm looking forward to many more outfits in 2011. I hope you have a great New Year's Eve planned. See you in the new year!

  19. I am glad you're an Ugg convert. Girrrrl, I am so proud of you :-). And you've got me lusting over Anthro's Bianka blouse, the color and fit looks stunning on you. As for my fav purchase, I'll have to say my Hallowed Halls Oxfords. Happy early New Year!!!

  20. Love your picks, especially the Roaming Frills, which I also pair with the Castle Lake Dress. : )

  21. spiffy - oh we totally could share closets! I've stalked many a new item after seeing you rock it. I got out of NYC on Wed - thankfully there were no issues for me, but the airport was a mad house and the standby list on my flight was over 60 people long, yowza!

    La Historiadora - you looked great in the two wheeler - there is something so retro chic about it when you wear it!

    Fashion Therapist - that's awesome about your loot!

    Sweet Laundry - I think the skirt is so fab and easy! And cheap is always good, ;o).

    curls-and-pearls - fortunately (or UN), I like snack pockets!

    vintageglammz - I wish I purchased the roaming frills cardi in all colors!

    Thanks, Lesa. Virtually hanging out with these other Anthro lovers, I've learned to hunt for a good deal!

    thatdamngreendress - the good thing for me about a F21 store is that I can't ever find anything in there, there's too MUCH stuff!

    Jan - yay, plaid blog sister!

    Sara - some of my earlier outfit attempts were just plain UGH. ;o)

    ApplesandPencils - patterned button-downs have become my best friend!

    Lisa - ah, the hallowed hall oxfords, lovely purchase!

  22. Great recap of the year Lisa! Like some others above, I too heart your gingham shirts and now kick myself seeing these pictures for not having ordered some earlier! You make them look so awesome. As well as everything else you wear actually ;) Happy New Year!


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