09 December 2010

Respect the Outfits (J. Crew)

I think there are very few of us gals without at least one piece from J. Crew in our closets (OK, maybe you, Ady  ;o). I've been a long-time wearer and lover of The Crew - I own countless slubby tissue tees, cardigans in a rainbow assortment and their Perfect fit button-downs are perfect for me. I still mourn the loss of the hip-slung fit jeans and the colorful tweed jackets from '06 / '07.

It is good to know that I am not alone in my appreciation of the preppy-edged Crew and some of my gorgeous readers this week contributed some fantastic outfits showing off their Crew for this week's Respect the Outfits feature. So without further ado ...

  Pamela from ginger girl:

J.Crew Silk Taffeta Parlour Skirt via Ebay (old, maybe '07?)
J.Crew Outlet snowflake tee ('09)

★  Jan from The Girliest Boy Mom:

J. Crew Wool Bell Skirt in Henna
J. Crew Dazzling Deer Tee
J. Crew Colletto Bracelet
Loft Long and Lean Cardi
Hue Tights
Target Kady Boots

★  EE from eek! :

top&skirt: J. Crew
shoes: Aldo
earrings: old
belt: Gap

★  Jamie from Thrifty Threads:

J. Crew cigarette jeans
Anthropologie striped top
Talbots ruffled cardigan
Steve Madden Melanee loafers

★  AppGal from Musings on the Mountain:

Cardi: J. Crew Sailor Stripe Always Cardi
Tee: J. Crew Perfect fit crewneck
Skirt: J. Crew Vintage cord skirt
Shoes: Seychelles Her Majesty pump

★  Molly from Leaving The House In THIS?!? :

Sweater: J.Crew
Khakis: The Limited
Leopard Flats: Rugged Warehouse Cheapos
Scarf: Vintage
Earrings: Silpada
Belt: Express

★  Callandra from Petite Early Morning Style:

JCrew Double Serge Pencil Skirt

★  Peggy from She Hath Done What She Could 
    (in regular Peggy form and Crew catalog model Peggy form) :

Dress: Max & Sam via ROSS
Cardi: Jcrew Tiered Ruffle Cardi
2nd Cardi: Target Merona
Boots: Sears

As for me, my two most wearable and much-loved pieces from Crew must be the Evie blouse and Sunshine Peony cardigan. They're perfect for play and add a touch of interest for my work ensembles:

Thanks so much for all the lovely and beautiful gals who participated in this week's reader feature. I really appreciate you all playing along and contributing your wonderful ensembles.

If you have any ideas for a fun future Respect the Outfits theme, please shoot me an e-mail or leave me a comment!


  1. I am a huge J. Crew lover too and really enjoy everyone's outfit. J. Crew should really pay these lovely bloggers for wearing their clothes so well (I love the colors in all the outfits)

  2. Ooh I love the outfits but totally slipped my mind. I wanted to submit something. Well..next week! I love J.Crew for their simple cardigans and beautiful pencil skirts.

  3. I don't own any J.Crew! We don't have one in Canada, does that mean I'm not cool?

    Lovely ladies!

  4. I love these features that you do! Lots of lovely outfits today. I'm bad with deadlines, I'll try to up my participation next time! :)

  5. i have more j crew in my closet than i'd like to admit. everyone looks AWESOME!


  6. Oh! Everybody looks wonderful!
    I really should try shopping there sometime. (I keep saying that and yet never do it...) I love that deer tee-shirt though. :)

  7. Great post today! I love that even though we are all wearing stuff from the same store, we all look completely different because of how we styled the look!

    Future ideas...how about taking one item of clothing, like a white shirt (or whatever, not necessarily brand specific), and seeing how everyone wears it?

    Thanks again :)

  8. Ahh, I love seeing how different people put their own spins on J.Crew! Beautiful!

  9. Everyone looks great! And I forgot to send an outfit over, darn it! I'll have one for you next time.

  10. omg I'm loving Pamela's skirt (and her CB starburst mirror). And AppGal's outfit is totally graphic and awesome!


  11. You guys all look so great! I don't have anything from J Crew in my wardrobe - but I think that's because I don't have access in Canada. I heard that's about to change though!

  12. Well like to drink the crewlade, I guess! But that's okay, when everyone looks this wonderful in their J.Crew, I say, "pour me another"!

  13. I am also a big J Crew fan ! I Love their pencil cords and ruffly tees. All of these outfits were styled so well.

  14. Everyone looks great in their J.Crew!!! One of these days I'll get my act together and send in a picture for your themed outfits.

  15. If there was such a thing as too much inspiration for one post, this one would totally be it. All the ladies look great!

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  16. I really love these posts, and its so awesome that you take the time to put them together!! (And this one really makes me wish I had some pieces from J. Crew!!) Really awesome! :)

  17. One of these days I just might have to push some Anthro aside for some J Crew. Everyone looks great. Now when is it all Anthro Outfit time. I'm ready for that.

  18. Sorry Lisa, I don't have any Jcrew so I didn't submit anything this time round. Jcrew looks fantastic on everyone here. I love the simplicity and clean lines.
    Your outfits are gorgeous Lisa!

  19. Thanks so much for including me, Lisa! I love all these outfits, and I think this just goes to show how J. Crew can work for so many different occasions and personal styles.

    Hm...I would love to see an "Underdog" reader feature, showcasing items that used to sit at the back of the closet, but have become surprise favorites...maybe Underdog isn't quite the right descriptive, but you get the idea : )

  20. Mmm, every single one was so cute! I think a shopping trip is in order for me...

  21. oh darn, i didn't realize this was going on-- i wore a ton of older jcrew items last week.

    i miss their old jeans, too-- i haven't bought a pair since 2005 or 06! i wear levi's now.

  22. ohhhhh, i have the same jcrew skirt that ginger girl wearing in my blog....
    always love the color!

  23. Great round up! Love the blue taffeta skirt and the yellow cord skirt! Have a great weekend, Sweetie! xo


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