07 December 2010

Holla at Ya Girl

Top: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Rose is a Rose (worn here before - similar online here in solid or here)
Sweater: Anthropologie Guinevere Roaming Frills (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Skirt: H&M pleather (now in stores - similar-ish online here)
Tights: Anne Klein mini herringbone (similar online here or here)
Shoes: Franco Sarto Gamble (worn here and here before - similar online here or strappier here)


The super-sweet Ashley from Ashley on the go! tagged me a while back to reveal seven things about myself. I vaguely remember doing something similar to this a while back and I don't want to accidentally repeat myself, so I thought I'd keep this "reveal" fluffy.

So here are the seven things you don't (and probably didn't want to) know about me:

1.  I have a culinary crush on Anthony Bourdain. I sometimes wish I could travel the world with him as a member of his film crew so he can berate me on-air and throw around words like "mireproix, mis en place, she's a complete idiot, I can't work with her" all in the same sentence.

2.  My favorite game (that hand-eye-uncoordinated-I am capable of playing) is Wii Sports Resort - specifically Swordplay ("chop, chop, chop - hee-yah!"). Second favorite game - and also the first electronic game I ever played - is Myst. That's right, PC gaming, baby!

3.  When I eat Skittles, I sort them by color and eat them in order from least-to-most favorite: lemon, grape, lime, orange, cherry.

4.  I am generally a klutz. Seriously. Not two minutes ago I dropped a fork full of pie on my keyboard. I write "two minutes ago" because it took me that long to get my stuff cleaned back up! And yes, I am eating pie for breakfast.

5. Most people I know don't know that I have a blog. The BF knows (and refuses to participate) as do one or two gal friends, but that's it. People who don't blog just don't understand!

6.  I don't like to try on clothes in a store. I actually prefer ordering things online, so I can try things on in the privacy of my home, and so that I can get a "fresh" un-tried-on piece.

7.  I am still sometimes scared of the dark. In that someone-is-going-to-jump-out-of-a-dark-corner-and-it-may-be-the-Boogie-man kind of way. This is when my penchant for watching thrillers and scary movies come back to bite me in the butt.

Thanks again, Ashley, for the tag!

I'm behind the ball and I think this tag has made it around the blogosphere a few times already so I won't retag anyone specifically - however, if you feel like playing along, please share seven things about yourself that we (blogee community) don't know!


  1. Thanks Lisa for sharing. I know I've said this before but it's a post-topic that I wanted to blog. So may finally get around to this week ;)

    Great outfit, you rock that pleather skirt!

  2. I am cracking up ready your list and wishing I had some pie too! It is funny how I thought I was the only one: Loves Mr. Bourdain, is scared of the dark, oh and most importantly who's BF will under verly limited circumstances humor me about my blog! He is still unaware that he has appeared on my blog, I think? He may secretly read it to find out how much shopping I am doing, ha!

  3. I am a klutz too, especially when eating. I always spill something on myself by the end of the meal, and my husband just laughs and says, "It never fails." I think he enjoys it! haha. Most people who know me don't know I have a blog either... you're right, they just don't understand! Besides, that way I can post stuff like what I'm getting them for Christmas and they will never know!

  4. I love the title of your post. Now I have that "holla back" song in my head, along with the tune. *I ain't no holla back giri, I ain't no holla back, girl*

    Anywhooz, love your outfit, and I too, am a person who will go to the stores, scope out what I like and then order it online or on the red phone, mainly to prevent getting makeup on the clothes and messing up my hair. If I need it right away, I will go to the mall sans makeup, with my hair in a ponytail to try on clothes. Guess what? I always run into someone who I don't want to see me looking like a hag! it never fails.

  5. oh, I totally sort my skittles, too! I eat them green, yellow, purple, red, orange...I love orange!

  6. I just posted mine today too! Love your Christmas decorations. And there's nothing wrong with eating pie for breakfast! ;)

  7. ^oops I lied - I posted mine yesterday :P

  8. Love your outfit - the skirt makes it feel holiday ready - so pretty! And very few people I know IRL read my blog - I feel silly about it since my friends aren't really into shopping the way that I am. I totally love lemon skittles, but not cherry - we would be perfect sharing a bag ;)

  9. Your outfit is perfection...I love the mix of colors. I love that mantel as well, it looks so festive. Don't you just love it when the mantel is all decorated? :) And I also have a crush on Anthony! I think he'll be a great awesome person to hang out with. That's my dream...to someday have him show me around NYC.

  10. I agree, people who don't blog don't get it do they? Love the double ruffles.

    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Christmas bracelet giveaway

  11. I love your #5 - same here. Only a handful of my real life friends/family (well, the hubs, my mom and sis) know about my blog. I'm not sure why it feels easier to share things with complete strangers :)

    Love the layers of ruffles today!

  12. OMG, that frilly sweater is amazing. I love the color and the girl-y details! You styled it perfectly.

    And I love your seven confessions - I sort skittles by color too but I save grape and cherry for last because they are my fav! :)

  13. I really love this cardigan and blouse worn together. Bright and cheerful for the dreary weather ahead!

    And I just had to share -- I sort my skittles the same way and save the best for last...I save the reds and purples for last.

    And my culinary crush is on Eric Ripert. Olive skin and distinguished gray hair -- I'll take it! I've been nagging the BF for months to take me to 10 Arts in Philly. As I'm sure you can guess, he's not as keen on the idea!

  14. I love your skirt! And that fun red top! Eeeeeek! And you always make me laugh, Lisa! Seriously -- one of the funniest bloggers I read. Possibly in the world. Quote me on that. Your description of what Anthony Bourdain would do to you is probably true too, hahahaha! There is something endearingly *sshole-y about him...

  15. I am a lot like you! Most of my friends know I have a blog (none read it!) I eat my skittles lemon, orange, lime, red, grape. IF you want to eat some of my candy you HAVE to eat them the same way or get your own bag!!! I also do it with sour patch kids and people always make fun of me! Glad to know I am not alone!

  16. I prefer to try things on at home too. But not because I want a fresh piece of clothing, rather because I am easily persuaded into buying things I'll never wear by people telling me it looks great. :)

    I LOVE your skirt!!!

  17. Loving the abundance of ruffles! And yay Myst!

  18. Both you and your mantel look so cute and festive! I do the same thing with my skittles except I save grape for last. Haha.


  19. I love how you kept the bottom of the outfit dark greys and somber, while the top half of you is über boisterous and fun! What a happy outfit!

    I would totally do the pie on my keyboard thing. My computer is a bit gross. I feel bad when other people use it even for brief periods of time.


  20. I LOVE all your ruffles! You look so great in this outfit!

    And now I wish I had some pie to eat for breakfast tomorrow...

  21. I do #3 too lol! I'm glad to know I'm not the only weirdo out there ;) My order is orange, lemon, cherry, grape, lime. I much prefer to order online as well. I hate returning items though for some reason.

    I love all the ruffles in this outfit! The poofy skirt is just too cute.

  22. I'm guilty of sorting my Skittles too :) I eat them from most to least favorite...cherry, orange, grape, lime, lemon. I usually try and start giving them away once I reach lime.

  23. I have my culinary crush on Tyler Florence.
    He could tempt me into procreating once again he's that yummy!Even though the thought of paying for daycare and college (my oldest is a HS Sophmore!) at the same time is absurd. Yet, if Tyler was my baby daddy I realistically wouldn't have to work anymore would I....hmmmmmm.....

    Oh, and I never try clothes on either and prefer to get them fresh from my stockroom before anyone "manhandles" them. {shudder}

  24. I sort by color when I eat Skittles and M&Ms too!

  25. What a super adorable outfit Lisa! i love the red ruffles on top of the blue ruffles.
    We have Wii sports resort as well, and i know exactly what you mean about the sword game! It's a great game! I remember how my arm muscles were so sore the next day just from playing the challenges!

  26. Holla!

    Most people that know that I have a blog don't really get it either. Most just say, "where do you keep all those clothes" or "do people really want to see what you wear to work?". Sigh. You're so right, if you aren't involved in reading or writing any type of blog, you probably have a hard time understanding the impact and dynamics.

    Your mantle is gorgeous.

  27. I just adore this outfit!! The colors and ruffles are super cute, and the tights, skirt, and shoes are really fabulous! And very cool seven things! I totally understand, I start with my least favorite parts of food all the time too! And I definitely understand the whole "fresh" piece of clothes thing! And I totally get freaked out in the dark too! :)

  28. What a neat color combination. I wouldn't have thought of it, but it works. I am a klutz too, especially while eating... excuse me while I pick potato chips up from the floor.

  29. OK, you gals sure know how to make me feel better about my Skittles sorting - maybe it's just a girl thing then! Skittles sorting for everyone!

    My absolute fave Skittles though are the Wild Berry assortment - I love almost every flavor in that pack, especially whatever the green ones are!

    Besos Lynn - that's OK about the BFs mildly humoring us, bc if they read our blogs, we couldn't talk about them then, could we? ;o)

    Jan - you're probably the only person I can share my bag of Skittles with!

    eek - ah, the escapism of blogging!

    Jamie - ooh, Ripert is cuuuuute, and French! Oui, oui!

    amy kelinda - that is why Bourdain is also my culinary hero! And the BF digs him too!

    Lori - my boss' laptop is always absolutely pristine, it is like it is brand new. Mine is always dusty (and pie-filled!) regardless of how often I clean it!

    Eleanor - Mr. Florence does have a profitable deal going on at the Food Network and Applebees!

    Pamela - My BF doesn't get involved in blogging except to ask me "are you blogging?" when he finds me on the couch typing furiously!

    Lady Cardi - a food trail is just a way we can find our ways back to where we came from!


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