03 December 2010

Happy Up Here

It's TGIF day - and I just got back from another trip - it's sooooo good to be home! And what unexpected and lovely surprise did I find in my mailbox to brighten my Friday? Lucky Lisa here got a package from the fabulous Spiffy from Where the Lights are Bright!

I'll never stop ceasing to be amazed and flattered at how welcoming this community of bloggers are - the advice and tips being shared, the inspiration we draw from each other, the absolute generosity of you wonderful gals!

Thanks so much, Spiffy, for this gorgeous belt! After I opened your package, I was immediately inspired to drop my dreary travel and work clothes for something more befitting of your style and flare!

During the shoot, I got a bit hungry. And thanks to Spiffy, my pockets were also equipped with snacks ...

Top: J. Crew ethereal ruffle wool cardigan (similar online here)
Skirt: H&M drop pocket (worn here before - similar online here)
Belt: Anthropologie, c/o Spiffy
Tights: Anthropologie berry bush (worn here and here before - similar online here and here)
Boots: Bed Stu Bullet (worn here before - similar online here)

Here was the little "outfit" I arrived home in ...

Top: J. Crew haya zip hoodie (similar online here, or different variation of same fabric here)
Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft modern bootcut (similar online here)
Shoes: Kelsi Dagger Ashley


BTW, sorry I didn't get this week's Respect the Outfits post out! I'm going to extend this week's feature until next Thursday, so if you haven't had a chance yet to submit your J. Crew outfit, you still have time! Please send your pic to respecttheshoes(at)live.com. For you ladies who did submit something, thanks so much and I'll make your gorgeous outfits are included!


  1. Welcome back! I hope it was a good trip!! And how awesome is Spiffy! That outfit is just completely fabulous and the belt is super cute!! And candy too? How cool! Your travel outfit was really cute too! I love those shoes! :)

  2. I am cracking up at your fully loaded snack pockets - do you know how awesome those H&M skirts are going to be if you and Spiffy decide to have kids? Totally convenient! Well, unless you don't want to share the goodies you packed...Anywho - love the belt and boots, this outfit looks really, really cute! Have skirt. Must copy.

  3. I love that skirt! The snack pockets are an awesome feature. This whole outfit actually looks terrific. The belt and boots are fantastic.

  4. That first outfit is so cute! It made me smile just to see it. Usually I'm not a belt fan, but I love that belt. Very nice.

  5. That green colour looks just amazing on you. Love your outfits, even the casual one :) great idea, those snack pockets. I get HANGRY if I don't have nibbles every few hours...that's ANGRY due to being HUNGRY, if you haven't heard that term before. :)

  6. Oh my goodness, you look so gorgeous in green, Lisa! And I love your new belt from Spiffy; I debated that belt forever when it was available, decided against it, and now I really regret not buying it!! The light color and the unique texture is just wonderful. Ugh, I kick myself!

    P.S. I changed my URL to http://bobsanddoodads.blogspot.com/ :P

  7. I know you are a smart lady because you matched your snacks with your outfit :)

    Glad you like the belt and extra happy I could give it a new home where it will be loved a little more. As long as H&M keeps cranking out those skirts, I'll keep buying them. I have it in every color and they are definitely the most loved skirt in the closet.

    Welcome home!

  8. Wow what a gorgeous belt and how sweet of Spiffy to send you a lovely care package. So we know from the Je Ne Sais tee that purple looks smashing on you but Hello! Green? Fantastic. Love it :)

  9. Welcome back, Lisa! I don't blame you for dressing comfy when traveling. Replace your flats with sneakers and that's me on the plane :P

    The detailing on this belt is gorgeous and goes so well with your boots. The slightly flared skirt with pockets is something that I've been trying to add to my wardrobe. It looks so cute on you!

  10. I love the belt. What a sweet gift.

    @ Closet Crisis - Hangry *lol* I get that. Now I know the name for it.

  11. Oh my -- that belt is just amazing! And you did a great job pulling together brown accessories with a black skirt. And the fullness of the skirt just calls out to be worn with tall boots. I love everything about this look!

  12. Hello Lisa!
    I love the detailing on the belt - it is stunning! Good on Spiffy for the belt, i love this blogging community!
    You look so adorable in both outfits. Your second one reminds me of me on the weekends spent at home :-)

  13. Great color on that sweater and your boots are gorgeous!!

  14. Great skirt and belt!I like how simple you keep your outfits!

  15. That belt looks great with the outfit!! A winning combination!

    I'm also glad I didn't miss out to get my JCrew look posted. I've been so busy this week that it completely slipped my mind! UGH! But now I'm off to send you my outfit!

  16. Lisa, you're too cute, I love how your snack kinda matches your outfit! I need to catch up on everyone's blogs and start participating in the features, they're so fun!

  17. That belt is brilliant, so unique and bold! I'm still on my matchy matchy tendencies when it comes to belt and shoes, hmn.. no good!


  18. Lisa you are looking gorge in that skirt lady! I am loving the belt and boots, too!!

    (i've been such a bad commenter lately - too much going on and so freaking exhausted. oy)


  19. Dressing up and traveling are like night and day as it should be. Your outfit is as adorable as you Lisa. Love the Green skirt. Such a refreshing and much needed color after so much traveling lately. Spiffy is a great blog friend for sending such an awesome goodie packed package. I am hoping for an Anthro outfits readers post. I own no J Crew at all. Feeling sadly left out of the outfit fun. Just kidding. Only a little left out. Get some rest. Laura

    I hope you are planning to do an Anthro

  20. You gals are right - thanks again to Spiffy, and I love this little blogee community. Though we don't technically "know" each other, I feel like we still do - at minimum we all share a love of fashion, pretty things, and some Anthro and Crew!

    Jan - ooh, girl, I don't share my snacks! But if I know other people will be around, I will bring extra. That's why I've got TWO pockets, right?!

    Closet Crisis - I know what you mean about being "hangry" - I eat every few hours! The BF and I almost had a full out blow out fist out one afternoon in Vegas a while ago because I didn't get my mid-afternoon snack on and turned into "Grumpy low sugar Lisa!"

    Spiffy - I stalked my local H&M this weekend and was upset that I couldn't find anymore of those skirts! So of course I made myself feel better by buying other stuff ... and eating up those Mike & Ikes!

    Tippy - ooh, I would love a Tippy outfit submission, you have rocked the casual-chic-trendy look to perfection!

    Laura - oh you know I can't stray too far from anything Anthro!

  21. That green looks so good on you! And the belt and boots are awesome, and of course the skirt is also cute!

  22. Mike & Ikes are my favorites. And so is your belt! What an awesome friend :)

    Leaving the House in THIS?!?!

  23. Oh, I saw this H&M drop pocket skirt at the store the other day, but it was in a weird brown colour. Black is way better! You look fantastic!


  24. love pockets big enough for snacks :) That cardi is so pretty!


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