19 December 2010

Caped Crusader and "Thank You, Santa"

I always feel like I am behind the ball on reviews because I don't get to head to my fave stores as often as I should (I can almost hear the BF snort with laughter in the background) and a lot of you fella blogettes already do such an awesome job with them. But I got a couple of requests to share more about my recent purchases so here we go:

♥  Anthro Cartonnier craftsmanship capelet : I think the original yellow color scheme sold out so quickly that I never even realized it was a piece from this season. I stumbled on this new colorway last week and immediately fell in lust. Then the little voice inside my head (the same one that tells my right forefinger to use the mouse to hit "submit" all the time) told me "go, go, go!" and well ...

This jacket feels like the softest wool blanket ever. There's not a bit of itchiness, and the jacket is fully lined. It is probably too light of a jacket to wear in most parts now, but may be perfect for the SE winters. As for sizing, I am usually a XS/S in Cartonnier and got this in the smaller size - there's still plenty of room for me to wear a sweater underneath and not feel like a mammoth.

My only critiques are that I wish the jacket was a few inches longer and the collar would stand up on its own better - other than that, I think in Anthro world, this is a deal at full price!


♥  Anthro Edme & Esyllte field skirt : I was hesitant to join the field skirt bandwagon at first because I didn't see a color I loved (OK, I didn't see it in a color I didn't already have in a similar style) - and the yellow came out and I almost jumped on it, except I couldn't figure out what to pair with it. But that is another reason why I love this little corner of blogdom because you gals all started wearing your field skirts and filling my head with pretty ideas!

I agree with the online reviews that this skirt is less full than the circle the globe skirt from this summer. It is unlined but the corduroy is enough of a fabric that I didn't feel too light for the weather. I got my usual size 2 and I think the fit is good if not a tad large. I wasn't bothered enough by the fit to go smaller though but you gals may want to try your normal size and one down. The length hits me perfectly too (I'm 5'2" or 5'3" on a good hair day) and I am always a sucker for pockets.

♥  Forever 21 faux fur collar coat : I actually ordered this a few weeks ago but haven't gotten around to wearing it yet. I am a big fan of the faux fur look but too much of a chicken to go "full faux fur." This furry collar was a nice compromise for me, and the collar buttons right off if I'm just not feeling it.

This is another piece that isn't that wouldn't make it into regular NYC winter rotation but I love the 3/4 sleeves and length - perfect for wearing with skirts or dresses. It also has two cute front pockets and two black pleats. As for sizing, I got my normal size S and the fit is perfect - though if you planned to wear any warm layers underneath, I would recommend going up a size.

♥   ♥   ♥   ♥

The fabulous do-it-all mom / teacher / deal finder extraordinaire Peggy recently organized a blogger Secret Santa and I was lucky enough to get paired with modernmom, another do-it-all mom and fella fashion addict. Here's what modernmom got me, from one of my fave stores (hm, how did she know ...) :

Thanks so much for your wonderful note and great gift, modernmom! I hope you enjoy what I got you - happy holidays!


  1. Great reviews...the Field Skirt is definitely on my radar...so cute! The capelet looks really cute on you too...I agree...a little more length would have been nice, but it's a winner nonethless!

  2. Love your field skirt and F21 Faux Fur coat! I almost bought a faux fur red coat at ROSS yesterday but then wondered where in the world would I wear it?? I loved it, but come on - the soccer field in red faux fir? A little too much diva perhaps!! Yeah for Secret Santa!!

  3. I'm swooning over the anthro cap...it's gorgeous and looks fantastic on you.

  4. The cape looks awesome on you. I want the field skirt in gold too, but I have been holding off on it. I don't wear separates that often and I am not sure that I could make it work in my closet. Maybe if I polyvored some outfits, I would take the plunge. :)

  5. These are all great purchases. The capelet looks great on you. I don't know what the yellow colour scheme looks like, but I like this version alot. I have seen the field skirt everywhere, but haven't tried it on. I think I will do that next time I'm in Anthro. And this faux fur coat is so adorable. Very Mad Men, and looks great with the skirt.


  6. LOVE your outfits! You are one stylish girl!

  7. Oh Lisa, I LOVE the first look! The cape with the boots is such a great combination. I like the dark colors and plaid on plaid look.

  8. I was very sceptical about the capelets in this sezon but after this one I `ve changed my mind. It is so nice and looks very cozy (unfortunatelly in my climate it would be good only at the beggining of the fall which is 3 maybe 4 weeks) and the colors are great.
    Ohh and this skirt! Just lovely!


  9. Oh, the Craftsmanship Capelet looks adorable on you! Love the way that you paired it with skinny jeans and boots for a full chic equestrian effect :) And the yellow field skirt with plaid is an amazing pairing too! I can feel my lust for that skirt resurging now.

  10. That cape looks wonderful! I've got to find something similar that can work for me.

  11. I just love that cape. I wavered on the yellow version and when I went back it was sold out. Now it's just way too cold in WI to justify purchasing one at FP. IF that colorway makes it to sale, first cut, it's mine :)

    That F21 coat is so pretty! Wow!

  12. Blogger secret santa is genius and what a fun gift! I adore that yellow anthro skirt outfit. Great color combo.

  13. You've got to listen when that voice speaks to you! The cape purchase was no exception, you look SO CUTE! And I really love your F21 coat too - it looks a lot more expensive! I'll need to try the Field Scout skirt, I'm hopeful when I hear it's less full then the Circle the Globe.

  14. These pieces are so wonderfully cute! I love the colors and look of that capelet! The skirt is an awesome color! And I love how you've worn the faux fur! And you've styled them all in some super cute outfits! And what a wonderful secret Santa present! :)

  15. Ahhh! I must know where you got the plaid shirt from!!!

  16. Such gorgeous looks Lisa! No worries about being behind on the reviews. I just love seeing your outfit combos.
    The F21 coat looks great! It reminds me on the Anthro one (I forgot the name - it came in tweed/grey? with faux fur collar).

  17. Oh, this is such a cute capelet. I didn't even realize it was a version of the black/gold one that was out earlier. The only capelet I own is the Outer Hebrides, but I might be tempted to try this little number, thanks to your review (and the BF recently revealed that he REALLY likes when I wear plaid. Who knew?). And I love that the Field Skirt drapes so nicely, even with the corduroy fabric. Thanks so much for these great reviews, Lisa.

    BTW, I really loved your Three French Hens vignette for Tara's 12 Days of Christmas. Just lovely!

  18. That skirt is gorgeous and so is the capelet!

  19. A cape! I want one though I know it wont look as good on me!

    Lucky Lisa, Santa came early this year!

  20. that cape is awesome! chic and plaid! winner.

  21. Li-isa!! That first coat is about as close to perfect as it gets. You look adorable in it!! It's gotta be one of those that you come back to again and again. Love it.

    And the faux fur F21 is extremely cute, too. It fits you like a glove. Great finds girl!!


  22. Jenni - the capelet was "just" long enough for me, and I am a shorty!

    Peggy - well if anyone could rock a red faux fur coat on the soccer fields, it would be you!

    Sweet Laundry - the yellow version was waaay bolder and I don't think I would've had the guts to wear it out - this style is already a reach for me, so I am glad for the more muted colors!

    Pamela - I am considering bringing the capelet back to NYC with me but I am pretty sure I will be freezing my buns off!

    Jan - I think you'd really like the field skirt, it is not full like the Globe skirt at all. The only thing I may be concerned about if I were you is that even the 0 may be a smidge too big for your waist, but if you like it, I think it is worth a try!

    Anon - the plaid shirt is from Lands' End Canvas. It is called the women's pattern poplin shirt - and it is now on sale!

    vintageglammz - I know what you're talking about with the Anthro coat but the name totally escapes me! That's what happens when we all have too much stuff - no more room in the brain! ;o)

  23. Thank you for doing this review. I've been looking forward to seeing that cape. The skirt is fabulous, I'm going to have to check it out!

  24. Definitely loving the field skirt!

  25. I am sorry I am so late to the game on the post. I was reading back through some of your posts I had missed. I am so glad you liked your gift. It was so fun to participate. And I loved your gift. I have 4 kids, and I won't let them touch my pencil! Haha


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