17 December 2010

Being Charlie Brown

Sweater: J. Crew shawl-collar popover (similar online cardi version here or here)
Top: Forever 21 effortless calm tunic (similar online here or black-trimmed here)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Field (similar mini here or patterned here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Seychelles Ring in the New Year (similar online here with lower heel or here)

I think I am a complete late-comer to the "holiday spirit-ness" of the season, but now that I'm officially done with work-events (and had that one line "up on the rooftop click, click, click" going through my head for a full week without being sick of it - yet) I feel like I can finally fall into holiday festivities!

Except that mainly means finishing up my holiday shopping (anyone have any ideas on what to get parents?), deciding whether or not it is still worth it to get a Christmas tree (neither the BF nor I will be home for the holidays) and staring at that tangled ball of lights and wondering if I care enough to even attempt to unravel it because it is almost certain the BF will not want to dangle twenty feet in the air over uneven pavement while I yell "two more inches to the right, honey!"

That aside, as the BF and plan to spend our Christmases with our respective families, we are planning to get in as much yuletide cheer as we can this weekend. This means baking for no one in particular, braving the crowds at the mall with smiles on our faces, and wearing our snuggly bests as we twinkle toe our way down chilly trimmed streets.

What do you consider essential to do come the holidays? How do you jump start yourself to getting into the spirit of things?


  1. I love this outfit Lisa! I was holding off on the Field Skirt, but I love it so much on you, I think I want that color now!
    I've also been hemming and hawing on those shoes, even though I love them. I think I'll ask for them for christmas in the taupe colorway!

    I'm having a hard time getting into the spirit of the holidays this year. I recently got some bad news, and so I'm not really in the mood. But being with loved ones and family definitely helps :)

  2. Love the (lace is it?) detail peeking out from under that cozy sweater. Genius!

    Getting out our tree and decorating it is the kick start to getting into the holiday spirit for me. After that, I become nauseating festive and force my family to listen to holiday music, all the time from there on in. LOL

  3. I respect the shoes! I love the diagonal straps and the Olive and Whiskey colour combo. Great purchase, you look fab. Oh, and great "3 french hens" outfit too!


  4. Awww, I love this outfit! Those shoes are so darling, and the little peep of lace under your sweater is just the perfect touch. :) And don't even get me started on untangling Christmas lights -- so often I just stare at that mess and decide to buy new ones instead, hahahaha!

    I don't know what your parents like, but I got my mom a cashmere wrap/scarf and my dad a decidedly dad-looking sweater. My mom is pretty easy to shop for, but I've been totally stumped on gifts for my dad for the past 5 years!

  5. LOVE those shoes with the plum tights - how genius are you!!! Adorable, cozy outfit! My mom is getting PJs this year.

  6. How do you like the Field skirt? Can you do a brief review on it (like sizing, material)? Thanks!

  7. I love your outfit! You look adorable, as always. :)

    We put up our Christmas tree and hang lights the weekend after Thanksgiving, plus I always have Christmas music on when we are traveling in the car. I have 4 boys (3 of them under the age of 6), so Christmas is always a big deal at our house. As for the tangled lights...I just bought new ones this year so I wouldn't have to attempt pulling them apart. ;)

    Have a great weekend!

  8. Lovely outfit Lisa! I heart that skirt.

    Once I've had my works Christmas party weekend I always start to feel really festive. Now that we are a week away I can't wait!

    The main thing for me on the day itself is seeing friends and family - so parkrun at 9am with friends in fancy dress followed by mince pies and Baileys, home for presents with my hubby and then to one of our parents for THE MEAL!! Bliss :)

  9. Lisa!!! I love this outfit so much, that I couldn't help but take a few minutes to sit here an comment. It's perfect. Like, really perfect! I always have a really hard time shopping for my parents too, but usually end up going with a clothing or accessories item for my mother, and I like to buy my dad a nice box full of Hickory Farms goodies (he loves that stuff --- and so do I, so I usually can't help but buy myself some too - ha!).

  10. I love your warm and cozy look here. Those heels are killer!

    I try to get in the spirit at the beginning of December. Taking daily photos, buying our tree the first weekend. I like to milk it for all it's worth!

  11. Love the outfit... love yellow and gray together. xo

  12. Love the mustard yellow and the purple together. Don't you just love that skirt? I sure do!
    I think one of the most essential things to do for the holidays is of course spend time with our families. Good thing my parents like to celebrate Christmas Day and his family does Christmas Eve. Perfect!

  13. oooooooooooh the shoes! I adore them, they look great with the purple tights-you're good at mixing colors.
    have fun with your bf this weekend and try to get in enough holiday cheer with him while you can since you'll be away from one another for a few days visiting your families.
    Happy holidays!

  14. I LOVE this outfit, and those shoes are too cute and the tights are just perfect with the other colors!! Haha, I had an image of my favorite Christmas movie of all time (National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) when you described untangling and string the lights!! :) Have fun baking and braving the mall! And enjoy as much yuletide cheer as you can! :)

  15. I want the field skirt now. AND those shoes! Nothing but respect for those shoes. :)

  16. I am loving the skirt so much! The pop of mustard against the shoes is just wonderful!

    THe smell of cookies, cinnamon, apples, and mint always make me feel cheery and Christmas appropriate.

  17. I want those shoes!!!!

    I saw you take on Three French Hens over at Tara's blog yesterday. Love it!

  18. Oh cuteness all over Lisa! I love it! The skirt is the perfect shade of mustard/gold. Btw, i saw your 3rd day of Christmas feature on Tara's blog. I totally loved it and was impressed by how creative you are!
    Holidays for us is all about relaxing and taking it easy. This means NO WORK and no thinking about work. My hubby and i don't have a christmas tree either - there's nowhere to put it :-)

  19. Thanks for your great comments on the Three French Hens post over at LGBC! I was flattered to be picked to participate and am flattered that you gals liked the pic! I'll admit, I was super-nervous about my submission!

    Thanks, Kim! Aw, I hope spending time with your loved ones will help things to pick up - friends and family always seem to help put a brighter spin to things during the holidays.

    overcaffenaited - The tunic is lace-ish, it is like a looser weave, but not crochet. My fam loves the holidays but not the decorating part - I've always been the one to put up (and then take down!) the xmas tree.

    amy kelinda - I can't ever figure my parents out. They pretty much have everything they want, and they never want much anyways!

    Michelle - Absolutely! I'll do a post this weekend!

    FFM - My dad is the pro with the holiday lights. He cuts out these cardboard "holders" for them and carefully winds them around every year he takes the lights down - I think he's had the same sets of lights for literally years. Unfortunately none of that rubbed off on me ...

    aimee - ah, edibles are always good!

    Cindi - I tried to not love this skirt for a while, but I gave in, and I am glad I did!

  20. Charlie Brown never looked this good. How I wish I could wear shoes like those, especially with those purple tights - you look great.

    I'm having trouble getting into the Christmas spirit this year, but I like listening to old time carols (Bing Crosby/Carpenters, that kind of old time) and going to the nearest big mall to see the crowds and decorations -- although this year there was no crowd and few decorations! Bummer.

  21. ok, spill it, what size is that skirt? I tried on a 2 and it seemed big... you must be wearing a 0? Damn, now I want this skirt even more. I love love love how you are wearing it!

    I am the grumpy pants wet blanket in the corner waiting for December to end...

  22. I'm seriously considering getting that skirt in yellow. I just love the color and realized I do not have anything that color!

    Nothing feels like the holidays more to me than the smell of baking cookies. On my agenda today is picking up more BUTTER and get cracking on making spritz cookies-a holiday must have in our house growing up :)

  23. i love gold and yellow. Great outfit and i enjoyed your post on the 12 days of Christmas ......everyone looked great.

  24. Oh, I love this outfit Lisa!! So much fun, but so beautiful. You always look incredible :)

  25. seychelles shoes are awesome. these included!

  26. Awesome skirt. And I'm still monstrously jealous of those shoes.

    Follow @UnraveldTreads on Twitter!

  27. Lady Cardi - I prefer the old carols myself - Burl Ives is one of my faves!

    spiffy - I actually got and kept the 2. It is a little loose in the waist but the elastic waist keeps it from slipping around. I figure I can always belt it if I want it tighter or it could be holiday meal forgiving!

    Pamela - I got this skirt because I didn't have a single item even close to this color and figured I should get out of my color comfort zone!

  28. gotta bake come cookies, listen to xmas music, and drink lots of cocoa


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