19 November 2010

Respect the Outfits (Outtakes)

Alright ladies, it is that time of the week again, and we've got some good ones for you. We have another batch of beautiful ladies who participated in this week's Respect the Outfits reader feature - Outtakes edition. Thanks to all you wonderful gals who sent in their perfectly imperfect pics to share!

♣  Tricia from Tricia's Take:

♣  Ashley from Free Honey:

♣  Marilou from Twenty York Street:

♣  Peggy from She Hath Done What She Could:

♣  EE from eek! :

Cami: Gap
Dress: Ann Taylor Loft
Cardigan: J. Crew
Boots: Ann Taylor Loft
Tights: Urban Outfitters
Glasses: Arnie's party store

♣  Jen from vintageglammz:

Dress: Anthropologie Time Gone By
Shoes: Topshop
Cardi: Bardot
Cloche: Gregory Ladner

♣  Jenny from Not Just a Pretty Face:

Dress / Necklace / Flip-flops: J. Crew
Leggings: White House Black Market

♣  Louise from Running on Anthro:

♣  Amy from kelinda.KELINDA:

As for me ... well, let's face it, I'm never short on the bloopers. Here are two of my more recent graceful moments:

I guess there's a reason why the BF's new nickname for me is "Grace." TGIF! Have a good weekend!


  1. These outtakes are great! :)
    Maybe I should save some of the bad ones instead of deleting them immediately.

  2. NiCe PiCTuReS!!
    i LOVe iT..

    viSiT Me:


  3. he he I saw those on Jenny's blog last week and suggested she send them to you as did some of her other readers! I love the one of you on the stairs!

  4. LOL! These are hilarious- I absolutely LOVE this feature. haha

    My fave is you on the stairs. heheh! In a great way :-)

  5. HAHA these are so funny! I look forward to this feature every time :)

  6. fun fun! I think my favorite is Amy K's - I love the blurry effect! Thanks for doing this Lisa!

  7. that was fun ..i missed it though .... cant wait to participate in it :)

  8. I love the outtakes! I'll have to check my camera for some of mine.

    It'a funny your bf nickname for you is "grace" :) My hubby callss me tumble-lina because you know I fall....A LOT! I swear at least once a day at our house, you'll hear a loud thud followed by "I'm ok"

  9. so fun! Love this feature Lisa!

  10. Ohh the first one of you is awesome! :-)

  11. I love the outtakes they're so much fun. It shows that everyone is not perfect which is nice.


  12. Oh what a fun idea - love it! Thanks for sharing :)

  13. Hahahahaha, this was awesome. Totally loved this post.


  14. So many funny ones!!! Thanks for including me!

  15. These are so funny Lisa! Love your tumbling on the stairs shot. Keep up the great work!

  16. lol, these are hilarious! I meant to send you one this week, but I totes forgot! Next time. Such an awesome feature!


  17. Omigoodness FUNNIEST batch yet - these give me the biggest smile, I love it!

  18. These are so wonderful!! Thank you for putting this together!! I really need to remember to find some of my own! :)

  19. Hilarious!!!!!!! I love this segment that you do. Totally makes my day. I hope you'll do this again. I have to remember to keep those blooper pics ...

    Call Me Ishmael

  20. Hahaha LOVE this feature- I need to remember to send you mine. I need to stop deleting them first >.<

  21. These are so funny! I like seeing all of the different outfits too, very nice.

  22. You know what I really love about these pictures? It really makes me realize how we are all human. We all trip, we all stumble, we all have interruptions when our camera timers are going off. I just want to give everyone a big HUG and say, thank you for reminding us of that! While it's nice to look at our finished pics that end up posted, it's so fun to see how we got there!

  23. Oh gosh, these are all so funny! Out of habit, I instantly delete any terrible photos from my outfit shoots. Maybe I should start saving some of the more ridiculous ones. Lord knows I have a propensity to make weird faces... ALL THE TIME!

  24. What a great bunch of outtakes. Jenny's made me laugh out loud. And I gasped when I saw yours because the first one looks so painful. Ouchie! But these are, indeed, all amazing outfit!

  25. Tell me you are doing this again next week? I can't believe I forget your outtakes series. An image of me kicking myself would be perfect for next weeks batch.

  26. So cute! looks like you guys have a lot of fun :)

  27. Thanks so much for all the beautiful ladies who participated and shared their outtakes.

    And I'll definitely be doing this feature again in a few weeks - I'll probably skip this week for turkey day and black Friday shopalooza!

  28. Hahaha! What a hilariously great "segment." I think the ones with silly pets are my faves.

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