22 November 2010

Just Another Manic

I'm a fan of turkey day goodness and spending time with the family as much as everyone else, but I have to admit this year is going to be a slightly strange one. My sister and her fam have gone to Disney World to spend their week with the big bad Mouse. BF's sis and her fam are spending their time with her hubby's in-laws. My parents have relatives from overseas over and will be spending turkey day dinner at a restaurant. The BF and I are going over to his mom's place where we'll spend the day with her and her hubby - but she's got a bad knee and is currently in a wheelchair ... and she wants us to come over early on Thursday so we can help with dinner (i.e., so we can cook dinner) (i.e., so we can cook what she wants for dinner).

OK, no I am not implying that I am going to have a bad time this Thanksgiving as the awesome thing is that BF's family and I get along famously. However, you've got to admit the thought of going over to someone else's home for a momentous meal and being asked to cook their food for them? Yeah ...

So is it wrong that I what I am really looking forward to is waking up bright and early this Friday and  flipping open the laptop from the comfort of my bed (OK, the bed from the guest bedroom at BF's mom's place) so I can - crowd-free - peruse the online offerings from my fave retailers (i.e., clothes, shoes, clothes, shoes)?

So ladies, are you planning to do any shopping this Black Friday and ensuing weekend? Are there particular items/stores you'll be stalking?


Here's what I wore to go shopping this weekend:

Jacket: Anthropologie Cartonnier Flipside (worn here and here before - similar online here and here)
Top: J. Crew graphic milliner tee (worn here before - similar online here)
Jeans: Banana Republic classic skinny (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Boots: Bed Stu Bullet (similar online here)

And here is what I am wearing today with one of my new Anthro purchases (and admittedly questionable hair):

Top: Anthropologie Odille Bianka
Pants: J. Crew trouser cord
Shoes: Aerosoles Triple Play
Belt: Forever 21 metallic bead skinny (worn here before - similar online here)
Earrings: Target


  1. 1) I love your boots!
    2) The rasberry bianka looks beautiful on you! I want it so bad, but something is keeping me from purchasing it...you might have convinced me!

  2. What on earth is Black Friday?! That sounds ominous but then it also sounds like retailers have huge sales?!

  3. Love both outfits Lisa! Those boots are spectacular and the Bianka Blouse looks darling - a combo I haven't seen yet. Love the tan belt with the raspberry...

  4. Ack you look absolutely adorable in the raspberry Bianka blouse! Love it!

    @ Louise - Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving. It's typically the day that Christmas shopping starts (though not anymore!) so as an incentive retailers offer ridiculous sales to get shoppers in the door. The term Black Friday comes from the economical terms "in the red" (losses for the quarter) and "in the black" (gains) so the idea is that on the day after Thanksgiving, retailers make up for all the losses they may have sustained during the year and hence are "in the black".

  5. Thanks Kathleen, I guess as we don't have Thanksgiving in the UK that is why I haven't heard of Black Friday before :o)

  6. Very well put outfits!Your new Anthro blouse is smashing!Have a nice week!!!

  7. Those boots are ah-mazing. I don't think I've seen you in them before!! And the ponytail is cute!! :-)

  8. I love both outfits and the Bianka blouse is perfection on you! I will admit it's going to be a little awkward going over and cooking someone else dinner at their house! I LOVE black Friday and am planning on being at Target by 3:45 because they open at 4! I usually get most of my kids Christmas presents that day!!

  9. Love your outfit #2- leopard shoes are high up on my wish list right now!!
    I'm with you on Thanksgiving feeling different this year. Mom went to Boston to visit my sister, so she wouldn't miss Dad at home, so we're going to Blake's parents. And I just found out his mom wants me to bring 4 dishes over... uhhhh, that's over half the meal.... so I feel ya!! At least we have our sales!!! :) (Blake is buying a new TV on black Friday- I'm secretly super excited)

  10. Love both your outfits. So sleek and may I ask what is wrong with the hair cause that's how I style mine a lot of times! Haha!!

    Hopefully you won't have to "help" much with the meal but I don't blame you for wanting to relax a little during the holidays.

  11. I am ga-ga over both outfits! You always put them together so great Lisa!! I need to pull out my Anthro blazer again! Good luck with the cooking!

  12. Your hair looks fantastic pulled back. I like the boots, too. I haven't been a fan of the distressed or darkened toe when I see stock pics online, but they look great irl.

  13. I had to laugh when I read about going to someone else's home to cook what they want. . and well, you'll wake up and peruse Black Friday stuff in peace ;)

    LOVE the raspberry-coloured piece! x

  14. These are two of my favorite outfits you've shown us! I'm doing the 30 for 30 but we'll see...

  15. I love your outfit today! Today is a ponytail day for me too - it's Monday!

  16. I LOVE the Bianka blouse on you! I tried it on today in that color but it didn't look as good on me.
    I don't have any Black Friday shopping plans yet but last year I got some great deals at Old Navy (online) so I might have to check that out again this year. ;-)

  17. The shopping outfit looks so comfy and I love the red blouse in your work outfit! Off to check it out on Anthro now :)

    No special plans for Thanksgiving for me... just going to my parents' house for dinner, but I plan on doing some online shopping on Fri though. No braving the crowds for me!

  18. I adore today's outfit ~ absolutely love the top with the cords. And those shoes are great! Btw, I thought your hair looked very cute. ;) ~ Susan

  19. I have no idea what you mean by "questionable hair". Pulling your hair back is really fantastic for your face shape, as far as I can see.

    I'm planning on doing some serious damage on Black Friday--especially looking for a nice-ish camera to purchase!

  20. I love your lounging poses here :)

    Your look amazing in the Bianka blouse...that color and style was made for you!

  21. Ah hah! It's a "pants" post! Love your 2nd look. Been eyeballing the jc trouser cords. You've just put them on my "gonna get" list. Would love to get some leopard print heels, but sadly would prob. not wear them at all this winter, here in the great white frozen north. Thanks for posting your outfits, you look lovely as always!

  22. I love the casual cool vibe of the first outfit! I hadn't really given the anthro blouse much notice but the more I see it styled the faster it climbs up my wishlist. i love the raspberry color with the cords and the leopard print shoes.

    Your hair looks great pulled back too:)

  23. Just think how many brownie points you will get if you cook the dinner! Not implying that you need any, but it's the nice thing to do, considering what Thanksgiving is all about. Then you can wake up on Friday and do your major online (window) shopping. ;)

    The red blouse/lipstick combo looks smashing on you! Love the boots!

  24. I like how you styled your Bianka blouse here. I'll have to try tucking mine in next time I wear it. If only it didn't get so darned wrinkled!!!

    I totally understand how you feel about Thanksgiving. My family is going out to eat for the first time ever, and it just doesn't seem right. Hopefully you'll have a great holiday, even if it's not what you're used to!!!

  25. love your first outfit! those boots are tdf! i really want a pair like that! seems like they go with almost anything :)

  26. Oh gee Lisa, I love the second outfit. You look so sultry without looking revealing!
    Unfortunately we don't have thanksgiving here oz. So nice of you too cook for everyone :-) I'm sure you will do a grand job of cooking their food!
    Hmmm..usually these days i'm glued in front of my computer screen doing some online shopping hehe

  27. Love both outfits - the boots are awesome, and I love the flats and how they add some fun to outfit #2. I feel like the only one who doesn't own a Bianka blouse...I need to remedy that situation!

    Your Thanksgiving...definitely reward yourself with some goodies (clothes, shoes, clothes, shoes) on Friday - you are a trooper!

  28. Those Boots are steller Lisa. Adore the blazer and T shirt combination. And the Bianka is so cute on you. Love the Raspberry color. I tried it in the Moss color. It was a wreck on me. I think the blouse was defective.

    I'm waiting for Cyber Monday to shop.

  29. Oh, oh -- I love both these outfits, most especially the second. You look great in the raspberry colorway of the Bianka blouse, and the leopard print flats are just the perfect shoes to complete the outfit. Lovely!

    I think I'll be avoiding the malls like the Black Plaque this Friday. Me and my computer will be best buds, though!

  30. You look great with your hair pulled back!!!

    I love tha blouse and seeing it with those trousers (which I own!) makes me want to run out and grab one for myself! So pretty!

    I do plan on going to Target with my sister, at 4am on Friday morning! We have so much fun. Then we go home, eat some breakfast and usually venture out later in the day to do some more leisurely shopping.

  31. Hmm, it is kinda weird to go elsewhere to cook. What isn't weird is eating to the max the entire weekend!!! Woohoo!!!

    Black Friday? Oh man, I like your plan of staying in bed and shopping with click clicks!

    Call Me Ishmael

  32. Louise / Kathleen - ack, I forget sometimes that we're all from different places and don't celebrate the exact same things ('cause Black Friday is a 'cause for celebration, haha)! I love this blogee community!

    LT - I'm excited for your new TV too! After we got a new TV for the bedroom, it was the best/worst thing to happen to us. What's better/worse than being entirely too lazy in bed on a weekend?!

    Cindi / aki - I do my hair like this quite often but I just wasn't feeling it today - felt like I had too many loose little fine hairs flying all over the place. Welcome to winter weather, I guess!

    Closet Crisis - your comment about the pants post cracked me up, bc a year ago I almost never ever wore dresses or skirts and now I can't get enough of them!

    Thanks, Kelly. I personally think eating out for turkey day is weird, but that's just me and obviously none of my fam feels the same way! I should just get with 2010!

    ashley - this is the first time I broke out these boots and I think these were so worth the splurge for me! They are so comfy and I feel like I've got an actual outfit going on!

    Jan - I honestly hadn't given the Bianka blouse much thought until I saw Carol from In Pursuit of Pretty Things rockin' it with simple jeans and flats - then I was sold!

    Pamela - I've never woken up super early or stayed super late to buy anything before - but your plan sounds like a load of fun, if only I could get myself up and out of my food coma!

  33. I know I'm a little late here, but I love the outfits in this post. The boots are really cute! And we avoided Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year! :)


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