17 November 2010

Gloriously Inglorious

Top: J. Crew Evie blouse (worn here and here before - similar-ish online here)
Sweater: Forever 21 (worn here before)
Skirt: Ann Taylor pleated tweed (similar online here or here)
Tights: Target
Shoes: Aldo Currie (worn here and here before - similar online here and here)

Fashion blogging has been a styling revelation for me, because not only has it given me the courage to wear pieces outside of my comfort zone, but I've found innumerable real-life fashion inspirations in my fellow bloggers. This has been incredibly helpful in the way I see how to put clothes together and how to wear them, especially since I've never been able to extract the same sort of inspiration before from the styleboards of yore (aka fashion mags, pop culture, movies/TV, etc.).

Until that is, I watched Glorious 39. It is a BBC film about a well-to-do political family in 1939 Britain as Hitler is gaining power in Europe and another war looms. But the movie is really besides the point, because all I really cared about were those gorgeous period costumes.

{images courtesy of A Plus B in the Sea}

The plot was actually quite meh-worthy, but I've never watched a movie or TV show before this that actually made me want a character's entire wardrobe and had me scratching my head in my closet trying to figure out how to recreate her look (not even The Devil Wears Prada, because all I did through that film was drool over the Chanel boots and think of how squat, frizzy-headed and unclacker-like I was - ah, good times). My outfit today is (hopefully) my modern, more casual interpretation of the character Anne Keyes' chic English style.

So how about you? Have you ever watched a film or show that fashionably-inspired you to dress a certain way? If so, what was it?


  1. Ooh, I do have to say the pieces from that movie are quite stunning!

    Speaking of stunning, I love that peacock shade on you. Beautiful!

  2. Judging from those screen shots, I need to watch that movie ASAP! I love your outfit - it's so classic but the teal cardigan gives it a modern twist.

  3. I love your outfit! I too have found much inspiration in other blogs, and blogging about my own outfits in just a short time has made think more creatively when it comes to my style.

    This might be lame, but I always admired Lauren Conrad's style on The Hills, even in her Laguna Beach days. She is conservative but classy and I always took note of certain things she did that I could emulate.

  4. I can't think of a movie or TV show that inspired me, I've mostly been inspired by other bloggers. And YOU, my dear, are most certainly inspiring in this outfit! You look so adorable and I LOVE the color of your cardigan. Those t-strap heels are fantastic too. :)

  5. I love that blue on you!! I usually get my fashion inspiration from bloggers and some tv shows (Glee)!

  6. You look spectaculous today! :) I love the color of that cardigan. And that skirt fits you sooo well...I can def see a vintage vibe.

    Have you watched The Ugly Truth with Katherine Heigl? I loved everything she wore in that movie. It was simple and sleek and not to mention, she has such a great figure!

  7. You look absolutely DARLING! I love it. The shoes, the blouse... Everything!


  8. I think I caught bits of this when it was on, I really like Romola Garai and she looks lovely in the pics above. Maybe I'll see if I can find it on BBC iPlayer. Back in the day I wanted to dress like Rachel green in friends, these days I don't consciously aspire to any tv shows or celebs but i do love seeing what Emma pilsbury wears on glee :)

  9. I will definitely be checking out that movie! I love this outfit, it's modern and vintage at the same time. Thank you for sharing (I feel very inspired)!!

  10. The color of that sweater is gorgeous on you! It looks like this character is a great style inspiration. I get style ideas from Emma on Glee and I LOVE Julia Roberts clothes in the movie Mona Lisa Smile. :-)

  11. CuteCuteCute!!! Love your skirt and those shoes.

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  12. I love your outfit! So classic! Yes!! I do this ALL the time - whatever recent movie I see I think I have to recreate the look of the main character. I can remember doing this years ago with "Sleeping with the Enemy". I was ga-ga over Julia Roberts anyhow, and I was always re-creating her casual, easy-going dresses for everyday look! Great post Lisa!

  13. you would KILL in that red beanie. :)

  14. This is a big time favorite look for me - you look beyond words cute - seriously, I'm quickly trying to think of what pieces I have to replicate this - PERFECTION!

    I'm not inspired by tv shows/movies - but that's probably because I don't watch very many! I'm very grateful for blogs and magazines though :)

  15. the color palette of your look is absolutely PERFECT for fall!:)

  16. I love your outfit today! You look so classy and chic.
    I too draw so much inspiration from my fellow bloggers! I'm so glad we have this community!

  17. Hands down, probably my favorite outfit of yours thus far. That green is beautiful on you -- I'll have to keep this outfit in mind sometime! :)

    Atonement was my big fashion movie -- can't get over Keira Knightley's romantic floatiness.

    - JoAnn
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  18. Teal & brown....gorgeous....Im totally drooling over those shoes!!! You look fabulous dolli:)

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    I’m an MTV Style Blogger!!♥

  19. Before I began reading the fashion blogs, I had a closet full of fabulous cloths, but had no idea how to mix and match those clothes to get the full use of my closet. Thanks to polyvore and these blogs, I feel like I dress and coordinate my outfits so much better. For example, your outfit today will send me searching through my closet to recreate the color combination that you're wearing today. You look so pretty. Welcome back.

  20. Bloggers are a huge inspiration in my day-to-day style as well, but I'm a crazy vintage fan also (though I feel like I couldn't pull off that look day to day). Those outfits look amazing. One of my favorites is The Audrey Hepburn Story which is about her, but oh, her clothes!

  21. your outfit looks really cute! :D

    <3, Mimi

  22. I'm loving this outfit combo! I have a similar skirt and I'll definitely have to try styling it like you did!!

  23. I love your look! And I must see that movie, that's the actress from Dirty dancing, havana nights, she's so cute!

  24. Ohhh my goodness, sometimes I feel like women really knew how to dress back then! The little shots you included from the movie are gorgeous, and I love how you put your own spin on the "English chic" look! The plaid skirt and adorable heels really sell it! Also, when did you get that F21 cardigan? Because I had one in high school that looks JUST LIKE IT. In that same color, too!

  25. I loved the outfits from An Education!! And, for work, as cheesy as this sounds, but I do try to channel a little Elle Woods regularly :)

  26. Gahhhh..i love your outfit Lisa! It's ladylike luxe at it's best :-)
    It's funny, because I've been dressing very "Mad Men" like recently, and was going to dedicate a post to that. I'm in love with the 50s silhouettes! Also, I love ALi Mcgraw's fashion in Love Story (70s film), and 21st century wise, I like to wear and have whatever Blair Waldorf is wearing :-)

  27. Love your outfit, the color of your sweater is the perfect shade of green. I love how you paired it with a gray tweed skirt!

  28. Sarah - not lame at all! I admire LC's style too, but I could personally never pull it off. How that gal could walk around in a pair of flats, trashed boy jeans and an over-sized tee and STILL look chic, edgy and cool, I'll never know, 'cause I can't do it!

    Cindi - I've seen it! Oh yeah, Katherine's got one of those "perfect female specimen" figures. Sigh ...

    Louise, I'm glad you only caught bits of the movie bc unfortunately for me, watching the whole thing was a disappointment plot-wise. Back in the day, I did rock the Rachel do, though I think I was in junior high or something!

    Thanks, Peggy. If I could replicate Julia Roberts' gorgeous mane, that would be awesome.

    Kcookski - don't think I didn't think of that too! ;o) Unfortunately the closest thing I own is a red ABQ Isotopes baseball cap and I figure that may throw off the look a bit ...

    Jan - this pleated skirt of mine was the reason I didn't run out and get that tweed Atlee skirt I've seen you rocking! This skirt was my attempt at replicating YOU!

    Patina - I totally agree! When I shop, I am always about buying the specific piece of clothing for itself and never thinking about how it could work in my closet. It used to be a real pain after I got home and still couldn't put an outfit together but this bloggy community has truly changed the way on how I see my clothes and put things together!

    amy kelinda - my sister actually gave me this cardi a while ago and who knows how long she had it for since she keeps her stuff all really nice. It may be the same one, but now I'm feeling old! ;o)

    Cat - nothing wrong with channeling Elle Woods. The gal knew how to accessorize, color-coordinate!

    vintageglammz - You've got the vintage vibe going, so you definitely could rock out the Mad Men-inspired looks. I think people just cared a bunch more about what they looked like in the days pre-sweatpants! (though I do love my slubby knits, I can't lie ...)

  29. gorgeous outfit! You are looking absolutely flawless. LOVE your shoes as well.


  30. I love your fireplace. Trade ya? That sweater is all kinds of adorable with the front ties!

    Call Me Ishmael

  31. This is just an awesome outfit!! And the shoes are great too! Based on those pictures, that movie looks like an awesome source of inspiration!! I definitely feel like reading fashion blogs has inspired and changed how I think about clothes too! I'm sure movies or TV have influenced my own style, but nothing is coming to mind right now! Oh, I also want to thank you for the comment you left on my blog the other day, and I answered your question in today's post! I would have sooner, but I've just been swamped lately! :)


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