16 November 2010

Cause I Am Barely Breathing

I guess it is the extreme time change in coming home again, but I'm having a hard time getting back to the groove of things this week. Between closing things out from last week's conference, a mondo expense report, millions of minutia items, laundry, and two more events coming up in the next few weeks, I feel sooooo swamped.

However, it is so nice to have my full closet back at my disposal and my snuggly own warm bed! And as much as I enjoy trying new things and eating Chinese food, there's no substitute for a down-home fried chicken or greasy thin-crust pizza craving. And my own BF to hug and laugh with (even though all he's interested in doing lately is conquering the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game - sigh, boys).

After you've been away from home for a bit, what do you most look forward to when coming back?

Top: Forever 21 H81 brushed plaid (worn here and here before)
Sweater: Ann Taylor marled wool shrug
Skirt: J. Crew wool bungalow (on sale at Factory store - or longer version online here)
Tights: Anne Klein
Shoes: Vince Camuto Bronco (worn here and here before)
Necklace: J. Crew crystal cylinder


I do still plan to do another Respect the Outfits post this week though - for Friday. Since it was such a fun post seeing everyone's blog photo "bloopers," we're going back to Outtakes! So pretty please send me your best blog photo outtakes by late Thursday and I'll be putting up another post on Friday with you gals rockin' your finest gear and funniest pics.

Pics can be sent to: respecttheshoes (at) live.com.


  1. I love your outfit that top and skirt are perfection!!! I always hate coming home after a trip across the sea for a few reason's one of them is the time change as well as the LAUNDRY!!! I will have to look through my pictures to see if I have any other goodies!

  2. Fantastic outfit. The tone-on-tone thing is my newest style crush. When I'm away from home even for a few days, the thing I crave most is to hug and cuddle with my dog and my cat. I miss them so terribly even when I'm away for 8 hrs at a stretch. I usually try to travel with the little monsters, but last year when I was in Dallas for a whole week and had to leave Rufus with a sitter, I went to bed sad every single night. Pathetic, but true.

  3. Welcome back, Lisa! We've missed you. When we were in China last year for 3 weeks, I got pizza cravings while I was there...so my cousin took me to an "Italian" place. Haha...it did the job though. I just love returning home to a nice burger, fries and lounging on the couch! Glad you're back...good luck with the time adjustment.

  4. I LOVE the plaid top you're wearing. Making a mental note to check out F21 later today! I can also totally relate to the Call of Duty thing. As long as they're happy, right? :)

  5. What a great plaid top! Great styling today :)

    Traveling is great but, like you, what I miss most is the comfort of my own bed and pillow! I find that hotel pillows are either too flat or too fluffy!

    I'm looking forward to more outtakes on Friday!

  6. I really liked this outfit before I saw the last picture, but with that sweater, it's perfection! And it reminds me to wear my booties with tights (now that it's finally cold enough!)

  7. I love how warm this outfit feels!

  8. Comfort yourself by knowing you are officially an adult - conferences and expense reports...you're basically the heroine out of a romance novel!

    Love that plaid camp shirt with the fuller skirt!

  9. The shrug makes this outfit nice and sophisticated!

    Traveling just takes so much out of you. The time change is always difficult. Hope you recuperate soon.

  10. Glad to see you back! I love your outfit. That skirt is such a pretty color!
    I can definitely relate to traveling a lot and being happy to finally be home and sleep in your own bed again. :-)

  11. I look forward to sleeping on my own bed the most after a long holiday lol. Hotel beds are just not the same.

    I love when you wear prints, Lisa! You pull them off so well :)

  12. Gorgeous shirt and skirt combo! Hope you start to get back on an even keel soon.

    I miss my cat and my bed when I am away, robin and I just spent 4 days in france so it was lovely to sleep in our own bed last night and izzy (the cat) really missed us so she has been super cuddly :)

  13. Tricia - my boss was on the same trip as me and he said that last night he actually nodded off at dinner time! And I took three naps that day I came home and still slept all night! Are we getting old or what?!

    Aw, nothing pathetic about loving your pets, Tara! Part of the reason I don't have a dog yet is that I travel so much that I am afraid I will miss it too much when I'm gone - so I'm heading myself off right now.

    Cindi - I remember going to an Italian restaurant in Toluca, MX a few years back bc a bunch of us got the craving for non-Mexican. Oh man was it terrible! I did order pizza last week in China though - not as terrible as regular frozen pizza, but unfortunately close!

    Erin - haha, you wouldn't think the BF was having a good time if you heard him cussing the TV while he plays online!

    Thanks, Eek. Have a good time in SF!

    LT, I have to keep myself from wearing these booties every day - they are so comfy and way too easy to reach for!

    Ooh, Kayla, I LOVE that description!

    Aw, Brittany, I need to think more like you. In my head, I am still saying stuff like "when I grow up." Well, shoot, I'm there already!

    Thanks, aki!

    Debbie / Cee - I totally agree!

    I don't know Louise, I may give up a few nights of sleeping in my own bed if the BF and I could go to France for a bit! ;o)

  14. i"m loving the maroon plaid top with the maroon skirt!!! I'm always afraid of making pairings like that but I love how it looks on you.


  15. Love it, love it, love it! I'm about to pull the trigger on the Wool Bell Skirt in Henna, which is similar, and I adore the combo with the plaid shirt! You look fantastic! I hope you feel less swamped as the week wears on, hopefully the more you are able to catch up on your sleep the less daunting all your demands will seem...

  16. Well, for barely breathing you look fabulous, so kudos for that! While I was reading your traveling posts I didn't even think about you not having your wardrobe with you. What an awful ordeal that must have been, poor thing. Anyway...Welcome home ;)

  17. Welcome back! I love this outfit and it looks perfect for a fall day.

  18. I hope things settle down more for you soon. I love this look--ever since I found your blog, I've been stocking up on plaid/gingham shirts and trying to pair them up with a skirt to copy your fabulous outfits! :)

  19. I can't even imagine that expense report...shudder!

    I hate coming back to LAUNDRY! And once I'm home, I always crave fresh fruit bc I tend not to eat a lot of it on vacation.

    The color of that skirt is so pretty, esp. with that plaid shirt.

  20. Hi Lisa!
    Welcome back! Cute outfit incorporating the plaid shirt.
    I feel the exact same way you are feeling about coming home after a trip! I dread unpacking - all those little receipts, the dirty clothes...it's enough to put me off travelling! Well, at least for another 6 months :-)
    I'm not sure what i look forward to coming home. It was hard enough just knowing that i had to COOK AND CLEAN again :-) I guess coming back to loved ones is what i look forward to most.

  21. Welcome back! I always look forward to sleeping in my own bed surrounded by kitties after a trip!

    I always love the way you work in these more country shirts (plaid, gingham) with skirts and make them super cute!


  22. It's nice to have you back! Those VC booties are amazing. Once again, you are looking pretty in plaid! I hope you're able to get caught up soon.

  23. Lisa, From this vantage point, you sure appear to be ' back in the groove.' Love this outdoor photo. This is a well put together outfit. Love, love, love this sweater. You do rock the tights and booties too. I'm with you on the bed. I have a sleep number bed. I can't sleep on hotel beds at all. So I try to just stay home.

  24. Welcome back and nice OOTD! It's nice that you have a Fall to dress for. I'm sure when you were overseas the weather was so warm that you missed dressing "up" for cooler climes. Seems Fall's skipped my part of the country and went straight to winter. Snowing today. Yikes. ITA on sleeping on your own bed. Love my sheets, down blanket, uber cushy mattress. Nothing like it.

  25. Welcome back! We've missed you!! But even if you're struggling to get back in the groove, you certainly have not missed a beat when it comes to dressing in awesome getups! I am LOVING this color palette you're rocking today -- I was all, "Oooo, I like this!" and by the time I got to the last picture and saw the little shrug, I was all, "I NEED THIS." Hahaha!

    I always look forward to sleeping in my own bed and having my full closet with me again after traveling abroad. And being able to cook my own food, though I also love sampling other foods when I travel!

    "even though all he's interested in doing lately is conquering the new Call of Duty: Black Ops game - sigh, boys" -- this made me LOL. Mainly because I feel your pain, only my guy is obsessed with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood right now. MEN.

  26. Thanks, Elaine!

    Jan, I thought I was doing good on my sleep - but last night was a mess! I passed out before 10pm then woke up at 11:30 - then passed out around midnight, work up around 1:30 - and on and on - argh!

    Callandra - haha about the wardrobe. It is not usually that bad, but I do typically always end up packing light in the casual-wear department - partly because every single time, I just give up packing after a while!

    Thanks, Jessica!

    ApplesandPencils - is it wrong that I can pretty much wear a skirt and button-down almost every day? It is too easy to reach for!

    Pamela - I totally end up eating like a piggy every time I am out - and never ever enough veg and fruits too. And we won't even get started on the exercise while traveling thing - or lack of ...

    vintageglammz - I've been bad this time and my place is still in some sort of disarray with bits of unpacking still left out here and there.

    Lori - In my head I want to be that modern sleek-dressing girl - that'll NEVER happen since I always reach for the prints!

    Thanks, Jamie!

    Aw, thanks, Laura. My BF's parents have a sleep number bed and they SWEAR BY IT! I am afraid to make the investment bc I'm sure it'll ruin me for regular beds!

    Closet Crisis - I do like my fall but what I didn't miss was coming home to the cold after being in perfect mid-70s weather all week - and I packed no jacket no less!

    amy kelinda - Thanks! Yeah, the BF wanted his game so bad he almost went to the midnight release last week. That is one thing I won't stand for! He's a grown man with a grown man's job - at least publicly act like it! ;o)

  27. Oh my gosh, this is such a cute outfit!! I love the colors, and that shrug is just perfect! Heh, if only the game had better timing with your trip, maybe? And after a long trip, sleeping in my own bed is definitely one of my favorite things! And I guess its never a bad time for comfort foods! :)


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