04 October 2010

Faded Frills

OK, it's not like I've been out of the office for a long time or anything, but I feel like I have zero idea of what is going on. I've been slam-hammered at work today playing catch-up and have that lovely feeling of anxiety in the pit of my stomach of all the stuff that still needs to be done. And I won't get into too much detail about how the BF decided he didn't want to do a lick of laundry or cleaning or food shopping that whole time I was gone - nope, won't get into that ... leaving that alone ... not still bothered at all or anything ...

This is just a round-about way of me trying to tell you that I didn't have the time (or brain power) to get too creative with my outfit today. Thank goodness for Anthro's unique pieces that can help bring some personality to an otherwise bland ensemble.

What do you do to get yourself back into the swing of your routine after a long time gone?

Tank: Faded Glory by Walmart (worn here before - similar online here or ruffly version here)
Sweater: Anthropologie Guinevere Roaming Frills (worn here before)
Skirt: H&M drop-pocket (now in stores - or similar online here in teal for cheap!)
Shoes: Keds Spright wedges (worn here, here and here before - similar online here and here)

I heart this skirt so much that I wore it once already on Sunday:

Top: BDG by Urban Outfitters (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Shoes: Guess Lawri (worn here and here before - similar online here or luxe version here)


Someone shot me an e-mail a few days ago asking what had happened to my recipe posts - well, I have been a total lackey in the kitchen front the last few weeks and have been pulling through recipe repeats or not taking pics of my meals. A gal's still got to eat, though, so I've been cooking, but case in point, dinner from last night - build-your-own-taco night isn't pretty or creative (but at least it was good!)


  1. I love those skirts too- who knew so much happiness could come from a 15 dollar skirt? I now have the beige, black and blue.. and feel no guilt whatsoever.
    I'm happy you are back! I have been making a ton of vegan recipes- a friend bought me a cookbook and as skeptical as I was (we already don't eat meat) I have delightfully surprised at how delicious everything is!

  2. You look fantastic in the Roaming Frills! For some reason, I breezed right past it in the store, but you are really rocking it. And I love how you're wearing microstripes in both looks -- I think if my signature print is floral, yours must be stripes!

    I have no good advice for getting back into the swing of things. Unfortunately, I'm just a huge grump for about a week -- and everyone knows it!

  3. I am a huge fan of the first outfit, especially that gorgeous Anthro cardi!

    One of the keys to get me feeling like I'm back into my regular routine after traveling is exercising.

  4. Love, love, love that sweater!!

  5. Super cute outfit and that skirt is fun. I like the pockets on it.

  6. You aren't the least bit bland in either outfit -I love the pops of color and cute shoes you paired with that skirt! And YUM - I try not to have taco night too often, because I never eat fewer then 3 (or four) (and my boys leftover scraps) (and then I might take a pinch of shredded cheese and stuff that in my mouth too).

    Sorry you are feeling off your game from being out of town and I hope you are caught up at work, quickly!

  7. I never go anywhere. I used to go to Texas every month. It was a 2 dayer. My Dad would meet me at the Airport with my son when I arrived home at 9 PM. Needless to say I would get only 4 hours of sleep before work the next day.

    Anthro does have lovely clothing, but you still have to know what to do with it, or end up looking silly. You look very well put together as you always do. I agree with Jamie, stripes are "the print of your life" Sound familiar. "Cotton - the fabric of your life" He-he.

    You and the BF need to start that reward system I told you about.


  8. The blue and the ruffles of this cardi is really beautiful on you!

    Okay, so I've decided that the deadline should be on October 24th to commemorate our anniversary (I mean me and E!).

    Thanks Lis!


    Win a Banana Republic Statement Necklace at:


  9. The pockets in the first skirt is too cute! The ruffled cardigan goes perfectly with it :)

    I like to just dive right back in after a long time gone. And most times, it's as if I never left hehe

  10. love these outfits! They're super classic, but the skirt and the cardi definitely have interesting details. I ended up buying this skirt in tan thanks in part to you, lisa, and spiffy!

  11. Your outfit the epitome of femininity! I love the copious, full pockets on that skirt. =0D

  12. Love the frills!

    Ummm...my husband has been away and didn't do any laundry or groceries while he was gone...of course that meant I couldn't find my favorite jeans and ate popcorn for dinner one night :P

  13. so so cute Lisa! i like the bright blue cardi with the skirt and red heels - works like a dream! that skirt a total steal, so versatile and suits your petite figure!
    about the routine thing, i can't remember what i did to get back into it from going overseas. it took a long while! a lot of blogging helped though..and takeaway food!

  14. Super cute! The blue of the sweater is amazing! Love the wedges and skirt too! I usually dread getting back into the swing of things, although I think the 2nd or 3rd day back ends up being the worst. Honestly, I don't usually deal with it all that well! Good luck getting caught up! :)

  15. CUTE outfits!!! Love the ruffles and stripes!!

  16. You look beautiful in that blue sweater!! xo

  17. I love Anthro :) You look beautiful!

  18. Spiffy - I totally agree about the skirt - I don't know why, but I really love this skirt too. So casual and versatile (and cheap)!

    I hope you share some of your vegan good eats sometime - there's one thing to see a recipe all "dolled up" in a mag or book, but another thing to see people actually make it!

    Jamie - I think you're right, stripes may be my signature bc I am full on addicted to them!

    La Historiadora - Exercise is definitely one of the things I end up lacking when I travel - I just don't do it when I am on the road, and that probably contributes to my overall sense of unease when I try to get back into things!

    Thanks, Callandra, Pamela. I love a skirt with pockets!

    Jan - tacos are so yummy and easy! But I totally agree, I eat way too much too - and notice there is not a spec of green on that table?!

    Laura - you're right, BF and I need to set something up, but I feel like whatever we talk about just goes in one ear and out his butt!

    ML/20 York Street - thanks for the info on the giveaway, I'll post it on my weekly!

    Cee - I wish I could do that!

    Lori - yay on the skirt! We're all such shopping enablers, aren't we?

    Banhannas - I love me some copious pockets too!

    curls and pearls - I'm half scared to have the BF do the laundry when I'm not home bc he has a habit of dumping everything in one load and setting it up on hot and high. Granted, I would have preferred that to the overflowing pile of dirties I walked home to ...

    Thanks, Jen! Sleeping a lot has helped!

    Thanks, Matt. I just love how co-workers assume other people have nothing going on except any project that involves them. Granted, this can't be helped, but it makes for an overwhelming return to work and gripes of "did you look over my ...?"

    Thanks, Collette, Debby, Audrey!

  19. Your wardrobe is full of nice stuff and you combine them with style thus giving us a lot of inspiration.


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