06 October 2010

In Support of Pink

I wanted to wear some pink today in support of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the ever-lovely Melissa who is hosting a style challenge for the month of October. Most of us probably know someone who has suffered from it, is suffering from it, or is a close relation to someone who has had it.

You would think that with a particular color in mind this morning that getting dressed would be a breeze. However, when I had it in my head that I wanted to wear pink, it was the last color I found myself reaching for.

And yes, I can not stop wearing these big-pocketed H&M skirts. I love them to death and I would like to go to Spiffy's house and steal her navy one too. I do have a tendency to put stuff in my pockets and forget about them though - like my shopping list from this weekend (in my pocket the whole time I was aimlessly wandering through Publix), a couple of wild berry Skittles that cut loose from the pack, three pens, a handful of gum wrappers and a credit card.

Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (worn a million times before)
Sweater: Gap cardigan
Skirt: H&M drop-pocket (now in stores, worn here and here before)
Shoes: Aldo Curry (worn here before - kind of similar online here and here)
Belt: H&M (worn here before - similar-ish online here)

Check out Melissa's style challenge here!


Thanks for your feedback re: the Boden plimsolls yesterday. After all of your encouraging remarks, I decided to give them another chance and a proper try-on. Now I'm kind of on-the-fence. I  think I don't love them for the money and I would probably do better by buying a pair of Converse or Toms. Not that these pics are super-awesome, but what do you think? Should I keep them?

BTW, this is a glimpse of late weeknight Lisa. Hair a mess and in my sweaties.


  1. I have a skirt like that from ON. So comfy!

    Will definitely post about my ASOS purchases upon arrival. I, too, am way nervous about the sizing ... although the US website offers US sizing (still though ...).


  2. Girl you don't even want to see me on a weeknight!!! It's PJs galore! I think the shoes are great with this outfit. I would go to Nordies with these shoes and try them on side by side with some Chucks or Toms. Maybe you'll truly find what makes your heart flutter then? :)

  3. gasp - you need to keep those sneaks! they are awesome! do they feel good?
    i like the look of chucks (not so much toms, although i love the cause), but they are wildly uncomfortable - heavy and no support.
    i have that skirt in tan from h&m. love. and i particularly love that you can use those pockets and it's not obvious.

  4. Such a great cause, i love the idea of wearing pink this month! You look great! XOXO, Natalya

  5. Lisa I love that little skirt on you...and your sneakers. I totally think you should keep them. They're sassy and different!!


  6. Every time I see you in gingham, it reminds me that I need to find one too =) I can't believe how much you put in your pockets. No purse needed!

    I think if you don't love the shoes, return them and get Converse or Toms (which sounds like it's what you really want).

    PS - Late weeknight clothes go perfectly with sneakers ;) No worries!

  7. Love that skirt with pockets! My fave- skirts with pockets.
    Marie @ Lemondrop ViNtAge
    Halloween fun giveaway

  8. That skirt is great, and looks so comfy! As for the shoes, I'm of the mindset that if you don't 100% love them, you should probably go for something else.

  9. I think you should send them back. If they cost too much and you only kind of sort of like them, definitely get a pair of toms. I like the sparkly ones ;)

  10. I always long for a gingham shirt when I see you wearing one! I think you should only keep the shoes if you love them. If not, try a pair of Converse (I really like mine for weekend wear!).

  11. How is it that I still haven't gotten to H&M to scout out that skirt. I think it's been the rain (too hard to run errands with the little guy) and trying to stay out of it all week. I love it - you look adorable!

  12. That skirt is terrific and I can see why you'd want to wear it. I like to leave things in pockets too which is why I constantly remind myself to put things back into my bag. And OMG, I think I have that Gap cardigan. I wear it a lot too but now I can't be sure if it's exactly the same. :)

  13. Great outfit! I love the combination of pinks!

    See, now I really like the shoes with the jeans. But the test is whether YOU like it. Because even if everyone says they look great, if YOU aren't feeling it, you won't reach for them. It's tough. They do look good though!

  14. Cute pink outfit! That skirt is great. I just love when skirts/dresses have pockets too. I'm like you with the sticking stuff in the pockets and forgetting about it though. ;-)

  15. If you aren't convinced, you know they're just going to sit in the back of your closet forever! I'd try my hand at classic converse!

  16. You wear gingham and cardis like no one else! Yesterday I wasn't loving the shoes, but have to admit...they're growing on me today!

  17. Super cute! That skirt really is awesome! And what a great entry in Melissa's challenge! I hate it when I leave stuff in my pockets, its almost never anything awesome like money. And the Boden's are definitely fun with blue jeans, maybe more flare in the jeans would help too! I guess if you do decide to send them back, that means you get to go shoe shopping again? Silver lining right! :)

  18. Adorable pink outfit for a great cause. A bunch of nurses wore pink Sunday and a patient asked: "is it a requirement to wear pink to work here?" We were too embarrassed to say we totally planned it. :)

    If you're on the fence about the shoes, return them. You may have to try a few to find the best fit but you will probably end up happier once you find the perfect pair.

  19. I love your layering and colors here! hehe... I wore my big pocketed skirt today and I can see why you love it. I might head to h&m and see if I can hunt down an xs in navy (and use the 20% off coupon in the iphone app)!

  20. I love the mix of the long sleeve gingham shirt with your short-sleeved cardi. When you're wearing such a cute printed blouse, it's nice to let as much of the print show as possible!

    I also tend to leave things in my pockets...especially when putting clothes in the wash. Eeek! I lost a watch that way, but it was alright because my BF bought me a new, cuter one. But I also left some chapstick in my pocket once, which was not okay because I was doing laundry at my parents house, and my dad ended up with a pink chapstick smears all over a white dress shirt. Whoops!

    Hmm...tough question regarding the Boden shoes. They do look quite cute in your outfit. I think Cindi's suggestion to try them on side-by-side with some other choices is a good one!

  21. The Boden pumps look nice from front on but a bit too clean and WHITE when you look down at them. If you don't love them send them back, they will be on sale in December (might be last week of Nov in the USA as it is always a week earlier than over here) and if they have them left in your size you might prefer them for 50% off!

  22. Oh my, such a super cute outfit once again! I love that big pocketed skirt - so pratical yet so darn cute! I love seeing you ladies wear pink for a good cause.
    Lisa, if you're not sure about the sneakers, then probably best to return them. They do look quite funky on you, but I don't think i will keep them myself as it's not really my style. It's all up to you though!

  23. oh how cute you are with the second outfit! It reminded me of what my hubby said to me the other day, that he hopes I would wear some normal looking outfits from time to time(and he meant non-anthro like regular jeans and shirts!)


  24. I think if you're on the fence, no. The worst thing is when you can't decide whether you like/don't like something and give it a shot. By the end of the day, you'll know for sure, but you can't return it if it turns out that it's not for you.


  25. Cute outfits! Those tennies actually look better on - maybe a keeper!

  26. well, I like the shoes myself, but i don't know how much you paid. Converse are cheap - maybe save the $$ for something else that you like more?

    dang skirt, i just love it- i find myself stopping from wearing each color day after day.. I limit myself to one color a week- its great, I'm referring to it as part uniform these days

  27. Love you first outfit, adorable! Not so crazy about those shoes though.....and it sounds like they may have been expensive?

  28. Thanks for your feedback, ladies. I think the sneaks are going back - for $70, they aren't quite what I am was hoping they would be (plus they are roomy, but not so comfy) so back they'll be going!

    Plus I like Louise's suggestion - if I still think about them later, they'll probably hit sale soon!

  29. Love your gingham outfit! Shoe so cute! And man alive- you have 28 comments on this post girl! 29 now!

  30. Um, are those leopard print sneakers? Because HOLY COW KEEP THEM. I'd wear those to death in the summer at theme parks. Oh yes I would. And on the weekends in the winter.

    I love your pink outfit! That skirt is really fantastic too. I wish I could find a skirt with pockets like that!


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