10 October 2010

Circle the Paisley Apples

I may be kind of MIA-ish over the next few days, ladies, as I am heading to Orlando tomorrow for another event. There won't be much in the way of outfit posts because we have staff attire(!) but I've got a couple of outfits from last week I still need to post. BTW, does everyone else have tomorrow off except for me?

Sorry that my posting (and reading your blogs) has been intermittent recently - these past few weeks (and the next too) are craaaaazy busy. Ah, real life, and not even the fun parts. ;o)

Here are my outfits from this past weekend:

Top: Forever 21 H81 brushed plaid (worn here before)
Skirt: Anthropologie Edme & Esyllte Circle the Globe (worn here and here before - buttoned online here)
Shoes: Aerosoles wedges (worn here before - practical version online here, cute here)

Top: Gap chambray safari (worn here and here before - similar online here)
Skirt: J. Crew paisley mini (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Artisan by Clarks Herring bow flats (similar online here or here in taupe or here in cognac)


I haven't been too creative with my meals at home lately, so there hasn't been a recipe post in a while. But I got inspired the other night when the BF volunteered to make dinner (BBQ pork with corn bread, green beans and creamed corn - yum!) so I tried out a new recipe for dessert.

The BF is a big pie fan so I thought this recipe would be a nice sub. I found the recipe for Crisscross Apple Crowns from Taste of Home magazine. These turned out like individual little apple muffins and were surprisingly easy to make. And the BF (my personal version of Mikey from the Life cereal commercials) liked them! As a bonus, the leftovers taste great the next day for breakfast - just 15 seconds in the microwave and yum.






  1. Yum, that looks like the perfect fall apple recipe.

  2. oh my gosh, they look delicious!! I have need to pull out my cooking utensils, cookbooks and get it in gear, because you and Appgal have me craving comfort food lol.

  3. I need to steal that first look. It looks so easy to wear... sorta reminds me of a girly lumberjack, in a good way of course. :D I don't even own a plaid shirt, what's wrong with me. I need to put that on my "need" list. Happy 10.10.10 Lisa!!

    xx Love & Aloha

  4. I need the first look too! I love it. The teal skirt looks great with the plaid shirt!

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  5. I was in a plaid top this weekend too!! Great minds!

    I always get so hungry when I read your blog... :)

  6. um I am totally drooling over those apple crowns right now! H doesn't like fruit in his desserts but I am going to have to make these this week! Hope you had a good weekend :)

  7. The first outfit is really cute! I love the color of that skirt with the top! And the print on the second skirt is really awesome! Both are great outfits! Those apple muffins sound really tasty too! Good luck with all the traveling! I hope you get some calm in there too! Neither of us have tomorrow off, so we're right in there with you! :)

  8. Mikey likes them! Who wouldn't, yummmm!

    I really love that paisley skirt, and I totally have my eyes peeled for a cute plaid shirt (or two, or three) for the season - you look adorable in both outfits! Hope you have a safe trip and that you have a chance to catch a breather when you get home!

  9. OMG that looks so delicious...I wish I knew how to bake. sigh. And I love your skirts, they are all so fun and vibrant. I recently got a skirt similar in color to the first one that you wore and I am so excited about adding that color to my wardrobe.

  10. You've just inspired my work outfit for tomorrow. Thank you!

  11. Love that second skirt, and now I'm gonna have to try that recipe as well! :)

  12. I am a teacher in ny, so of course I have tomorrow off :)
    have fun in FL, love that plaid shirt, I have been on the hunt for a great plaid and I just can't find one that doesn't make me look like a boy. Maybe some trends/looks just aren't for everyone?

  13. Lisa, I WISH I could have a day off tomorrow, but tomorrow is Tuesday (in australia!)...sigh
    I love your outfits, both are brilliant combos and just adorable on you!
    Ohhh those crowns look so delish, I gotta try one day! thanks for sharing with us.

  14. The paisley mini looks too good on you! I love it.

  15. I have to work tomorrow too. Booo! That's the price we pay for working in the private industry =) I envy how you get to travel so much for work! I wouldn't mind wearing standard staff attire if my company sends me places hehe. Have a good time in Orlando!

  16. I want one of those apple things now!! Yummmo! YOu look great in both outfits- love the plaid!

  17. Wow...that dessert looks so good right now! I really love the brushed plaid shirt. Both outfits look great! Hope it goes well in Orlando. :)

  18. Lisa I love that J.Crew paisley skirt on you SO MUCH. Looks so good...like those apple treats!! Yummy!

    ps-I don't have tomorrow off either. I guess it's me and you against the world


  19. Your recipe looks great...love the paisley skirt and ugghh...Im working today too!!!

  20. ok not fair - those apple pie-muffins look so delicious!

    you are rockin' the button-down and skirt look...i want to try it soon. thanks for the inspiration!

    Sorry to hear about work travels and uniform...hopefully it'll ease up soon :)

  21. That circle skirt looks fantastic on you but I LOVE the paisley mini! You look gorgeous!

    Those apple things look SO good, I just added the recipe to my springpad so I can hopefully make it one day! I'm going to have to learn how to cook real soon.

    How long will you be in Orlando? I live here!

  22. What a great fall dessert!

    I just bought a chambray top similar to your Gap one from Target this weekend and I can't wait to wear it. I love how you wore it with the patterned skirt. so cute! Safe Travels!

  23. I'm obsessed with that antro skirt! So pretty :) And yummmm those apple crowns look delish!

    Enter to win a $35 gift certificate to CSN stores now through October 31st!


  24. I LOVE baked goods/pastries so I must try out this recipe! Thanks for the mouth water pictures Lisa! Oh and I love that circle turquoise skirt on you! =0D

  25. Not only am I so excited to try out your recipe, but I'm finding myself slightly obsessed with button-downs and skirts, and I think I have you to thank!

  26. I love your plaid shirt, and wearing it with the teal Circle the Globe is a great way to make a traditional print feel so modern!

    I'm working today too -- I fell your pain!

    BTW, I just read about pie on Lori's blog too, and now you're showing me these pictures of the MOST delicious looking pie. You guys must know it's lunch time and I didn't bring anything tasty to eat!

  27. The dessert looks amazing.

    I've sort of fallen for the big demin skirt. I wouldn't have thought it'd be my thing, but I love the way it makes me feel. You look adorable in it.


  28. I LOVE that first outfit - I've been looking for a brushed plaid shirt to wear with skirts this fall, but none of the cute ones fit over my chest...such a bummer! Your look is just perfect!

  29. Oh woooooow -- those muffins look AMAZING! I want! Why oh why isn't my laptop screen scratch-and-sniff? And I am super psyched to be able to see your face on your blog now -- I must've been gone when this change occurred. You look so sweet and adorable, and such a bright smile too! I love it!

    I feel like I'm shouting a lot in this comment, haha... Seriously, though, you look amazing. I adore that first outfit! The Circle the Globe skirt is perfection on you!

  30. Don't you just love Circle the globe? other than it take too long to type the name? hehe You look so relaxed yet very stylish! I always love plaid-solid combo!

  31. Love both outfits (especially the 2nd skirt!). The dessert looks sooooooo good. I can't believe you made that!

    Call Me Ishmael

  32. You look great in both outfits! And those apple crisps look so yummy!

  33. Lisa,

    I dearly adore your J. Crew Paisly Mini. Why is it when I go on their site I can't find anything? Is it because I am such an Anthro Addict or what?

    Hope you are having fun in the Hot Florida Sun.

    Those Apple Crisps are to die for. Some day I will blog food.


  34. Lisa, your apple pastries look cute and tasty!

    And I'm a fan of your first outfit. Especially the colors teal and red. It's really striking!


  35. You look awesome in both outfits but especially the first. I've seen some shirts like that one and been very tempted to buy -- and I usually don't even like plaid!

  36. Thanks for your feedback about the apple muffin things, ladies. I do recommend you trying the recipe - it's so easy yet you still feel like you're cooking, and it tastes good! What could be better than sugar and cinammon?!

    Sharon - If you're on the lookout for a cool plaid shirt, I recommend F21! They've got tons of options, plus they're all cheap! I can totally envision you rocking a plaid shirt with your denim shorts and some killer JC platforms.

    Tippy - the apple muffins are great the next day lightly heated over. Conside them breakfast then. ;o)

    Jan - I was up from 5am to 10pm yesterday between traveling and work, so I certainly slept like the dead last night! Not sure if the hotel bed was just comfy or I was really tired!

    Spiffy - I miss holidays in NYC! Even in the private sector we always got ton of holidays off - MLK day, Columbus day, Yom Kippur, etc., etc., plus a holiday of choice ...

    Cee - I have to stop myself from complaining sometimes bc I do get to go to a lot of places I normally would've never had the opp to - but I just hate the whole "getting there" part!

    Melissa - for some reason I always thought you were in Tampa? Weird what we get into our heads. I'll be here until Friday - the weather is gorgeous. I'm staying in the World Center area - ah, so close to Disney World ...

    Kayla - I wasn't always a button-down fan. I thought they were super-unflattering on me until the day I discovered (gasp - shocking) to tuck them in! It sounds so stupid, but it totally changed my mind about them!

    Ashley - I'd recommend trying F21 - but they aren't really accurate with their measurements online. The shirt I got was said to measure 37" across the chest in a small so I thought it was over-sized - uh, not so much!

    Amy - thanks so much and I'm so glad you're back in blogee land!

    LilMissSeamstress - I lean between loving the CTG skirt and kind of not liking it because of the fullness. I think tops to pair with the skirt are limited, but I kind of love the light feel of the full skirt.

    Laura - I think JC is great for more streamlined looks, but I definitely miss the more colorful and whimsical looks they put out a few years back - brightly colored winter tweeds and bold prints on skirts and dresses. I love the Crew, but I think it is kind of hit or miss now.

    Lady Cardi - I know what you mean about the plaid. You've got to be super-picky about the pattern and cut or else you may look like you've stepped out of an LL Bean's catalog - the men's section! ;o)

  37. Cute skirt!! I love the plaid! Those apple pies look soooooo good!!

  38. Absolutely love the blue skirt! ANd it looks really good with plaid!


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