15 September 2010

A Little Bit of Randomness: Come September

Spoiler alert! OK, not really, but while most of our significant others are disappearing into int the vast black hole of footballsville, it frees up some valuable time for us gals for guilty TV pleasure - all the yummy season premieres of our fave and soon-to-be fave shows, the cliffhangers for our summer yummies and pretty much all new episodes for almost every show abounds.

I'm an admitted TV addict and watch too much tube-age. Name almost any TV show brainy or trashy and I've watched at least one episode. Even the hideously plain-ole bad shows, I've seen it (Jerseylicious, Pretty Wild, My Antonio, Bad Girls Club, Kendra, Flavor of Love ... been there, done that, did gag a little). I've spent almost entire weekends with old re-run marathons of Top Chef, Project Runway, Real Housewives (any other season than DC - I cannot stand them!) on the TV in the background. And we recently upgraded our cable package and it now includes the HBO channels so I've been experiencing way too much sofa time this past week.

I guess I am a TV grazer though because my actual fave to-go shows that I try not to miss are few: No Reservations, Rachel Zoe Project, Jersey Shore (I know ... but I can't help it - they're hilarious. GTL, baby!) Everything else just gets scanned.

September TV has been a bad month so far for me, though, and I've spent too much time watching the randomness. My version of the rundown so far of the boob tube activities? Nikita fights the Division, Chuck is alive, Katherine kills Caroline (or does she?), Sookie floats off with some fairies, Bourdain eats up Madrid, maybe baby Dan, cheerleading rules, Nene's husband has done her wrong, Jackie boot camp, Angelo cough hack, Snooki and Paulie smooshed, Zoe's turkey is bananas, the class of 2000 is considered old now?!, Damon kinda kills Jeremy, cheerleading sucks, Jesus is a witch, Paris dunkage, sewing drama rama, The Situation eats a sammi, everything, everyone, everybody ... la, la, la ...

What are your favorite guilty TV pleasures? What have you thought about all the recent season openers and finales for your fave shows?

Muchos thank yous for the lovely E Hayes for the fabulous topic recommend!


  1. I just watched the new season GG ! Omg, i loved everything that Blair wore! She is truly the most funniest and cutest girl on the show. I wish i could own everything she has!
    Jen @ vintageglammz.blogspot.com

  2. Thanks for the shout out :) I love me some trashy and/or teenaged TV! Your "run down" reminded me that I've missed a few shows... must.catch.up.

  3. What a fun topic. Project Runway is one of my personal favorites, along with The Soup and Chelsea Lately for "guilty" pleasures. I have a love/hate relationship with any sort of foodie show because I always end up starving by the end! Oh, and thanks so much for your questions for me yesterday! I answered them today! :)

  4. I was only looking forward to one show this fall - The Big Bang Theory but after this post, boy I better get ultimate cable package!

    P.s. I meant to send you a private e-mail Lis.. Would love for you to guest blog at Twenty York!

  5. I have to admit that I don't really care much for most tv shows. I watch a couple passively, but I'm not really into any since LOST has ended.

    However, I love football and watch a ton of it! It really drives down my productivity in the fall....

  6. With a three year old in the house, I don't get a lot of tv time. It's on her shows or turned off while she's awake and once she's in bed or napping, I'm on the computer in blogland. I will NOT miss Glee though, I can guarantee that much!

  7. DEFINITLEY Gossip Girl, but I missed the first episode as I was stalking celebrities at the Toronto International Film Festival LOL!

    I hope to catch up this weekend.

  8. I adore Project Runway. I look forward to it all week. It seems as though there is always one or two shows that I watch per week at any given point in my life... and I almost always end up buying those shows on DVD and watching them in the future.

    I am more addicted to old movies though. I love to relax and knit and watch Marilyn Monroe, Ava Gardener, Audrey Hepburn, Betty Grable, Grace Kelly, Greta Garbo and all of my other favorite, unforgettable women. I am addicted to these movies!

  9. I actually don't watch trashy TV, which is strange because I'm totally the kind of person that should/would watch it.

    I watch a lot of HGTV and Barefoot Contessa in general. I also love Criminal Minds, NCIS, Manhunters: Fugitive Apprehension, and The Cosby Show. Now that I look at this ... I think I'm a little morbid.

  10. I'm a total Gossip Girl addict, and Rachel Zoe. And it pains me to say it, but I sneak in a little Jersey Shore, too!

  11. Hmm I'd have to say my favorite so far is Jersey Shore. I just love it. Did you know there's talks of making an Asian Jersey Shore called K-Town? It's so misleading because it assumes everyone's Korean but there are Vietnamese and Chinese people casted as well. Boy...if that got on the air, it'd be awesome. Haha...represent! :)

    I don't watch a lot of the reality tv shows out there and even if I have it on, I'm only half paying attention. But one of the ones I always have on is Top Chef!

  12. I wish I had more time to actually watch TV...Id seriously say I watch a total of an hour per month...but its always on in the background:)

    Have a fabulous day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  13. I watch cable - mostly fashion-related (i.e. RZ), and I never watch any network TV shows. I don't get Lost, Survivor, The Bachelor, etc. I don't know why, I just can't get into network TV shows!!! They are too lame for me.

  14. Great post, Lisa! I don't actually have tv of any sort at my apartment (just a tv I use to watch DVDs!), so whenever I go to the BFs place, I insist that he allow me to watch Say Yes to the Dress. And he is actually releved when I suggest PR as an alternative we can both "compromise" on! And now there's that new super-trashy show, Four Weddings. Might just become a new fave!

  15. Two large screen TV's with HD line-up and I don't watch them except for the news and an occasional movie. I would prefer to read the blogs. I am so lucky to have a BF that could care less about sports. Way back when we used to watch the Lakers though. Good for you for sitting out the Anthro sale. I am waiting to see if there will be some great price cuts.

  16. so many new shows to pick from... now that Lost is over, not sure what i'll do...

    p.s. have a little surprise on my blog today for all the blogs i have ever "wiggled"-- of course that includes you! xo

  17. LOL - you are cracking me up. Hmmm...my guilty pleasures are Gossip Girl and Glee. And Project Runway of course!

  18. Jen - I wonder if the GG producers had any idea in the beginning that Blair would be the blow out #1 fashionista of the show!

    E Hayes - aw, a TV gal after my own heart!

    Matt - I am totally into the foodie shows, but you're so right, they all have me craving crazy things!

    20 York Street - aw, thanks for asking - I've never done that before! I'd be totally in - let's be in touch!

    La Historiadora - I only like the Giants, but I do watch more football than my significant other too. He's a baseball fan, so I am a summer sports widow.

    Melissa - are you and I the only non-Glee lovers out there?! ;o)

    curls-and-pearls - ooh, star stalking! Sounds like you were in your own mini episode of GG!

    Ady - My mom is all about the old Hollywood movies - she thinks all the stars back then were just plain ole more glamourous, which is totally true!

    Ebony - you should meet my BF's mom! She's all about the Investigation channel and loves all thise true crime, CSI-type shows!

    Kelly - Jersey Shore is no pain. It is trashy but part of what I love about it is that the whole cast just kind of rolls with the ridiculous aspect of it. ;o)

    Cindi - oh no, I have visions of ultimate-playing, black leather jacket-wearing, Honda-driving, spikey-haired dudes with heavily eye-makeup'd girlfriends that like to say "ri-eat?!" instead of "right!"

    Collette - I wish I could be more like you! Think of the brain cells I'd save!

    Tina - I think other than the CW, I've rarely gone to the networks anymore as well. There's so much good stuff on reg cable now - the networks are just commercial-break central!

    Jamie - I've seen Four Weddings! I think it is done well, but the whole concept is crazy! And some of those brides are caaaaattttyyyy ...

    Laura - I don't think I'm totally out of the potential Anthro-spend zone yet, because I need to go to make a return in-store, which really means some sort of exchange and me shelling out more dough!

    Wild and Precious - I didn't watch Lost often enough to get the flow of the story, so each episode was a whole lot of head scratching for me!

    Eek - I so wish I could hang out with you and your friends for weekly PR-athons. Reality TV is so much more fun in a crowd!

  19. Ooh! I can't wait for Burn Notice to start again :)

  20. Lets see I always watch The Hills and The City. I hope a new 'reality' show can fill the void since The Hills is over.

  21. Haha...yes! One of the guys is really really buff. I don't know how he got that way. But all of them seem so west coast LA asian...ya know what I mean?

  22. Gossip Girl! Couldn't you just die for her gold sequin jacket?? Swwwooooonnn!
    xo tash

  23. I watch a lot of tv series too, so don't feel bad! My favs are America's next top model, vampire diaries, gossip girl, and 90210.


  24. You are hilarious! I watch the Housewives (but not Atlanta or DC) and I love 'em! I've caught a few 16 and Pregnant on MTV, and I wish I could see more...otherwise I'm usually multi-tasking to TLC or HGTV.

  25. I can't wait for The Good Wife and Grey's Anatomy!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  26. Well.. Let's just say, I can watch "Say YES to the dress for 4 hours straight" hehe

    Other that that.. I watch food network all day and night..(and sometimes it's on when I wake up!) No wonder I got so hungry over the night.

  27. OneCraftyFox - ooh, my BF loves Burn Notice. One of the few shows he'll actually watch.

    I'm with you, Tricia. The Hills was one of my guilty pleasures. Can you believe my fave character was actually be-otchy Kristin? I guess for now Jersey Shore is my not-even-close replacement(?!)

    Tash - if I had Serena's body and her fictional cash, I'd be rocking out too!

    Cindi - holy crap, I googled the show and saw some cast pics. Just by looking at each cast pic, I could ID the Jersey Shore cast member they each resembled - I'm kind of scared, not going to lie ...

    Marie - yay, another Vamp Diaries lover!

    Eleanor - I am rolling on the floor here laughing ... is it bad that I totally understand what you're talking about?!

    Jan - I like having the Food Network or Travel channel on when I'm cleaning - though I do end up watching House Hunters whenever I catch it (and it's on a lot!)

    Marie - I've caught a few episodes of Grey, it is good. My fave hospital drama from back in the day is still Chicago Hope, though.

    LilMissSeamstress - I've done that myself! My BF gets creeped out bc it's obviously about weddings and stuff (men!) but I like it bc some of those brides and their fams are just so out there!


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