28 September 2010

Late September

I made it to the UK in one piece! And got near-zero sleep on the plane as I was fighting discomfort and watching The Back-up Plan, Letters to Juliet, and the A-Team. I'm staying at a hotel in the Docklands area which is a newer (?) part of the city that I've never been to before - which is great for exploring. I met with a friend for dinner at Gaucho and wore the following:

Top: Lands' End Canvas gingham poplin (previously worn here and here - similar online here and here)
Jacket: J. Crew herringbone blazer (worn here before - kind of similar online here)
Jeans: Lands' End modern flare (similar online here)
Shoes: Guess Lawri wedge (worn here before - similar online here)
Bag: J. Crew tote
Scarf: kind of overkill for the fall weather


I am still in partial sleep deprivation mode, but because I am in a fall state of mind and still kind of upset by the SE's lack of progress in joining the rest of the country in chilling weather, here is a fall OOTD I didn't really wear out (but want to and threw on for fun last week). I busted out these tights that I got on $5 super-sale earlier this year with this new cozy sweater dress also scored on sale (which is snuggle warm and not at all itchy).

Dress: Anthropologie Cordial Embrace by Sparrow
Top: Anthropologie Curated tee by Little Yellow Button (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity
Tights: Anthropologie Berry Bush in black (similar online here)
Shoes: Franco Sarto pumps (similar but pricey online here)


I know the October new arrivals are the buzz of the Anthro-loving community today, and I wanted to share some of my new wishlist toppers. Cozy sweaters are definitely some of my new favorites for this year, which also includes the sweater dress in bright wintery colors.

What's on your Anthro wishlist for fall/winter? Have you noticed your tastes changing as you put together your needs list for each season?


  1. Glad you arrived safely. Will you have time to do any shopping/browsing whilst you are over here?

  2. Hi Lisa
    Glad you arrived in one piece! I have a hard time sleeping on planes, the turbulance keeps me awake - im not the best flyer.
    I like your dinner outfit - it's laidback yet classy.
    Also like your sweaterdress on top of the red top. Your stockings look amazing on your pins - what a bargain at $5!
    Jen @

  3. Nice dinner outfit! its so.. english :)) Have a great time in UK and you deffo have to find some time for shopping :)

    xxx M.


  4. Lisa - Enjoy your trip and rip up the shopping!! RIP IT UP!

    You're a trooper for posting while you're there. I'd be fast asleep with the alarm set to dart out and tear up every shop within reach.

    Carrie :)

  5. Have a wonderful time Lisa, and make sure to do plenty of shopping! :)

  6. oh I love your first outfit (and the second) they are both so lady- like and proper :)
    I really hate flying, but if I'm going somewhere like the UK, it's worth it!
    Are you there for business or pleasure :)

  7. I LOVE these colors together.....Im really loving red right now....your outfits are fab as always!!!

  8. Love the first outfit... gorgeous! I wish I could pull off red! xo

  9. You look great in the combination of tomato red and black check. So punchy and polished! And those tights int he second look were $5??? Great buy!

    So glad you made it to London, and hope you're able to rest up!

  10. You look so sharp in your blazer and jeans. Love it!

    We are finally getting some coolish weather here in Houston, but I am not quite ready to bust out all my sweaters yet as I have a feeling it will get warmer again before staying cool. Have a wonderful trip!

  11. Lisa - I love that red blazer on you. I think I need that in my life. It's the perfect balance to your dark denim. LOVE. I actually put more effort into cool weather dressing because it I don't get to wear sweaters, coats, and boots in Hawaii so I have more fun with clothes in the fall.

  12. Looking so polished as always! Love those tights, and at a great price too!

  13. I am freezing in my office right now, and these outfits look so cuddly warm - I'm jealous!

  14. I love the jacket you're wearing. It really pulls the look together.


  15. So jealous that you can just "hop" to London and back. When I lived on the West Coast it was literally traveling halfway around the world to get to London. Even from the prairies here, it's still an expensive and long flight.

    Your outfit was so darn cute! Love that red on you.

  16. You really look awesome in red! Love the blazer and love the top under the gray dress - such a cheery pop of color to both outfits! I am DYING over that orange sweater dress, I've already added it to my online cart...love. it. Oh, and the first sweater too - maybe even over the dress. Glorious.

  17. Love it! And I wish I could wear a blazer here but it's way too hot!

  18. Glad you got there in one piece.:D Love your red blazer, looks so vibrant against your skin tone.:D

    Have a fun and safe trip!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  19. You look so chic travelling! I'm currently on uggs and yoga Pants! What's the trip for Hun?

  20. Glad you made it safely! Those outfits are so cute and comfy looking too. The first outfit looks so casual and classy, and I'm loving those shoes! :)

  21. I love those fall outfits. My coworkers are driving me crazy here at work and the only thing keeping me sane is looking through your blog today! :)

  22. Glad you got there safely!!! I hate flying! I adore your October picks!

  23. I love the contrast in those colors! Maybe I have forgotten but where in the UK are you?

  24. Love the first outfit! A gingham shirt has been on my wish list forever. Glad you got to your destination safely.

  25. Im with you... what is up with the SE? But I will say today we had beautiful weather in TN. Too bad I was workin'! Love the blue scarf + red blazer, unexpected but totally chic.

  26. Love your preppy classic first outfit! As much as I love the asthetic at Anthro I have a long history of going in there and falling in love with things I cannot afford. So I tend to not shop there too much, lol. I lack self control.

  27. ooh I love both outfits. And now I want a colorful blazer!

  28. Glad you arrived safely:)

    I love both outfits but I die for the first one!!So chic for dinner with friends and I so think I need that lands end shirt.

  29. How exciting!! Your outfit is perfect for the trip too.

    I saw The A Team not too long ago, just as cheesy as the original series, lol. I'm wanting to check out Letters to Juliette.

    I am having an interactive "Style Me Pretty" blog giveaway... I would love it if you joined!

  30. Hi Lisa, we love what you're doing on your blog Respect the Shoes. We wanted to thank you for entering the contest that Beso.com sponsored on the glamourai and invite you to enter our new $1,000 “We <3 Brands" Giveaway.

    Thanks so much!
    The Beso.com Team.

  31. The red blazer is hottttttttttttt!

  32. Wow, Gaucho looks so cool!....and I really like your bright blazer, so cheery!

  33. Wow, you are all about the red lately, huh? Makes me wish I had red in my closet... I have a dark red top but it's not the same as your red.

    Glad to hear you made it back in one piece!! :)

    CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

  34. I love the end of the Season bargains to be had on tights. So happy to see you back from your Euro jaunt.

    California is in the same boat as the SE. But the Heat Wave seems to be on the down hill slide.

    What a great idea to layer the Currated Tee under the sweater dress. I have the same in Red. Have yet to wear it. It's so sheer I have to wear a cami underneath. So here's to cooler weather so we can both wear the Currated Tee out of the house.


  35. Gosh, I still think you're a total road warrior when it comes to travel.

    And hopefully the weather will hold out for when you make it back! It's been appropriately chilly and below 80 this week.

  36. Hi :) Do you know what an appropriate selling price would be for the j. crew blazer nowadays?

  37. Hi :) Do you know what an appropriate selling price would be for the j. crew blazer nowadays? I have one that does not fit me, though I wish it did =/


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