26 September 2010

Dressing Safe - and Being MIA

I'm sorry I've been a slacker this past week but work has been crazy and included an unplanned trip to Tampa (Tampa - your afternoon thunderstorms kill me. I don't think a single flight leaves your airport on time EVER and I think you secretly enjoy stacking up the delays to drive the passengers crazy). I will probably be a little MIA this coming week too, as I'll be headed to London tonight for a show, which essentially just means I'm going to get near-zero sleep (and this girl loves her sleep!) I promise I'll catch up with my posting (and reading your blogs) soon!

Here are some of my outfits from this past weekend:

Top: Lands' End Canvas poplin gingham (worn here and here before - similar here online)
Belt: Anthropologie Infinity (last few wears here, here and here)
Skirt: H&M drop pocket (worn here before - similar online here in blue or here in taupe)
Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction Pine-A-Colada (worn here, here and here before)

Top: Anthropologie Saturday/Sunday hand-tied (worn here before)
Tank: Banana Republic
Shorts: Banana Republic seersucker (similar online here)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn here, here and here before - similar online here)

And here's a terrible shot of me from one of my Tampa meetings - yes, super-boring-business-casual-ready-for-all-day-meetings-with-much-older-mostly-grumpe-ole-male-type-people Lisa. I don't know why, I always seem to revert direct back to safe dressing when it comes to traveling work situations - and how can you go wrong with black?

Dress: Ann Taylor Loft poplin striped (worn here and here before)
Jacket: Banana Republic cropped
Shoes: Bandolino nude patent peep-toe bow (similar here online)

What is your play-it-safe outfit?


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  1. Ah Husband and I got stuck at the Tampa airport too. I can't remember the airline but the gate was all secluded from the rest of the airport with no food or amenities. Husband left to get us a sandwich for dinner and he had to go through security again and they wouldn't let him bring ketchup packets through! WTF? So he just put ketchup on the sandwich and fries and they said that was fine. Ridiculous. I think we sat there for like 5 hours!

    And have fun in London! So jealous! Be sure to hit up all the Queen sites (and perhaps take in a showing of their musical We Will Rock You at the Dominion Theater!)

  2. I just got that H&M skirt on Friday after seeing it on so many bloggers - I'm excited style it and happy I have so many people to take inspiration from!

  3. Ahh, gingham is one of my fav prints but I never know what to pair it with to avoid looking like a "cowgirl" lol. But I love how you paired it with a fuller skirt for a feminine look!

    A play it safe look for me would have to be top + cardigan + jeans and flats. Boring, I know, but it always works for me :)

    Have a great time in London!

  4. So jealous! Have fun in London. What kind of a show? It sounds like a busy but glamorous life.

  5. Those are super cute outfits! I really like the color combo on the first one! Have fun in London! Lack of sleep is seriously no fun though. My "play it safe" outfit is a button down, tie, dress pants, and oxfords. Which I guess is pretty unsurprising. :)

  6. Exhausting! I hope you catch up on your sleep! That H&M skirt is just too cute on you! I'm tempted to grab a couple more Heritage cardis with that discount code...

  7. Love the first look. The color on that top is so refreshing. Enjoy your trip to London!

  8. I know what you mean....I always revert to the fail safe office wear when I'm running late for work. Have a great week and I hope you catch up on your sleep soon ;)

  9. I really like the shirt in the first photo.

    My go to ensemble for life studd is a black blazer, jeans, a white button up, and cute heels. It works for a first date as it does for dinner with friends or a shopping trip with mom.

    I have no go to look for work. I hate the stuffy look and I'm in a pretty stuffy field so I haven't yet found the balance between my preferences and looking appropriate.


  10. ah, we've been having daily afternoon thunderstorms all summer. come winter flights will no doubt be delayed by wind and snow.

    love your first outfit! you do rock those LEC shirts :)

    My playitsafe outfit is a banker shirt (blue or pink, white collar/cuffs) with charcoal gray pants, then a gray jacket. Totally old school.

  11. Safe travels to London! One of my most favorite cities....I am green with envy!

  12. Safe travels~~I'm loving the gingham shirt in your first photo!

  13. What show are you seeing in London!?! Have a safe trip and I can't wait to hear about it.

  14. Hey Lisa
    It's cool to play it safe. i always play it safe!
    my play it safe outfit is usually a pretty dress and some heels (for night), and during the day, usually a top and skirt combo. I don't veer off into the unknown often, and ensure my look is always classy, not tacky.
    I'm loving your first outfit, it looks so flirty and fun!
    Have a good time in London!

  15. Oh man that's terrible! Strange though I've never been delayed at Tampa airport before!

    I haven't been great with the commenting or the posting either, it's been a crazy month, I can't believe it's the last week of September already!

    Lovin' the yellow shoes!

  16. I love your H&M skirt outfit. I had the skirt in black, but returned it when I realized I had something similar. It's really cute and such a good price.

  17. Love your outfits...super cute red/plaid:)

    Be careful in your travels hunnie!!

  18. I like all your outfits, especially the second one because it looks stylish but comfy.

    Black cardigan, black flats, black purse, crazy long hair tamed as best as I can into pony tail... that's my boring play-it-safe look. And I play it safe a lot.

  19. Wow, you have been crazy busy! Sounds like you've barely had time to re-pack your bags. I have a busines trip coming up in a few weeks, and I'm thinking I need to play it safe too. It's only a two day trip, but I'm going to need at least 5 changes of clothing....and two of them will need to be suits. Ick.

    Your yellow wedges are so cute, and I'm delighted to see you wearing bright colors in the fall : )

  20. So many great outfits! Have a wonderful trip!!! I hope some Ambian can help you get a little shut eye!

  21. Hi Lisa!

    It's Estee Laudeer's Pure Color in Sugar Honey! Love your seersucker, I now regret not buying it at BR.

    btw, I LOVE YOUR BLOG:



  22. Kathleen - aw, what a load of crapness re: the food situation at Tampa. I can't believe they wouldn't let your hubs through with ketchup! Isn't that under 40oz of liquid?!

    Ashley - yay, I am loving the H&M skirt myself and am seriously needing to keep myself from going back for the other colors! So glad you got it too, what a deal!

    Cee - gingham has become my go-to pattern. I find it interesting but not too loud. I do agree though that you have to be careful what you pair it with though - so easy to look cowgirl!

    Liz / Pamela - it's not glamourous, believe me. I am going to attend a trade show and after 8hrs of cramped discomfort, all I want to do is sleep instead of go out!

    Matt - my BF's safe outfit is pretty much the outfit he has been wearing every day since junior high: a polo or button down and khakis. His closet is literally a row of polos, a row of button-downs and a row of what appears to be the same pant.

    Jan - there's not minimum on the order, so I say go for it, especially since LE has awesome quality and the cardi in a rainbow of colors.

    Thanks, Ashley and Kelly!

    Callandra - thanks, I am like the walking dead right now because I took an overnight flight and didn't sleep on the plane, but I've got dinner plans and need to stay awake!

    Ebony - what a classic date look! I with you - I can't help but to revert to mildly stuffy when dressing for meetings and shows - it is just easier and I know for sure I am appropriate!

  23. Closet Crisis / Jen - hey, when in doubt, you can't go wrong by dressing safely and being classic. I doubt a bunch of high-ranking white collar guys would think much of my pattern mixing!

    Thanks, Eleanor - London is one of my fave cities too. I actually wish I had more time here so I could play!

    curls-and-pearls - lucky! I almost always have to leave there late in the afternoons and that is almost always when there's some sort of weather in the area - darn you, thunderstorms!

    Thanks, Gigi and Collette!

    Lady Cardi - when I am in business attire situations, my hair is almost aways up too. No need to have to deal with a possible frizz-tastrophy in front on my VPs!

    Jamie - Well, at least with suits you don't have to think about what you're wearing too much and you can mix and match the pieces as separates so hopefully that will help cut down the packing!

    Tricia - I need to get some Ambian! I am currently all over the Advil PM, which so far has worked well for me.

    Thanks, 20 York Street. And thanks for the info on the lipstick - I'll need to check it out!

  24. Lisa, I totes feel you on the busy factor. I've been traveling to weddings (I have another one this next weekend), while doing work, and applying to academic jobs! Always too much to do! But, you look great even when rushing around! I <3 the first outfit. It's a fun surprise to see gingham turned more chic and upscale than country girl :)

    I'm not sure what my play-it-safe outfit would be. I suppose it would highly depend on the context (ha, I'm such a social psychologist).

  25. My Gosh! So many comments. I hope you have a safe trip to London. Jealous that you are a World traveler. All your OOTD's are cute as ever. Love the Yellow Mossimo shoes. They remind me of the Kenneth Cole Reactions.

  26. Hi Hun.. When are you back? I finally posted my give-away!


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