08 September 2010

Don't Stop Believin'

I'm going to blame this one on Spiffy, because it is always easier to put the blame on someone else. She looked so good in her Simply Sketched pants that when they went on sale, I snatched them up immediately in the olive color (see Spiffy rock hers here). Score for me, I thought, getting these rad pants on sale - and being my first pair of pants ever from Anthropologie.

Well, figure my disappoint, ladies, when I got them in the mail and tried them on. Sorry, I couldn't include the pics because I don't want to subject you all to that kind of horror. Because it literally was The Horror when I tried them and took a pic of myself in them (no full-length mirror!) - I must be shaped like an upside-down mushroom or something because those pants did me no favors in so so many ways.

Like I mentioned before how leggings and I were not friends? Well, apparently skinny pants now have a beef with me and they gave me the high hard one today. So I guess if you're normal-shaped, the Simply Sketched pants are going to look rockin' on you - tight and slimming in all the right places. If you're shaped like me, oh don't even bother ... what a big letdown for my first pair of Anthro pants!

Are there any items from Anthropologie or J. Crew (or any any one else) that you pined for, loved from afar, and then were majorly disappointed with when you finally were able to get it and bring it home with you?

Excuse the wrinkled mass that is me today. The top really does fit better than the slobby mess it looks like in the pics!

Top: Anthropologie Iris & Navy Sweetheart sweatshirt
Skirt: J. Crew paisley mini (worn here and here before)
Shoes: Mossimo by Target wedges (worn here, here and here before)

In a completely unrelated note, if you missed out on the Anthro Field Herb cardi, there's a look-alike cousin that's popped up:


  1. Well even if those pants didn't work for you, that skirt is incredibly adorable and looks fantastic.

    I have a really hard time with pants because I hate taking the time (and money) to have them hemmed and being short, it ain't easy finding pants the right length. Or the right cut for my shape.

    I feel your pain!

  2. Oh Lisa, I'm sorry your pants didn't work out for you! It's always frustrating when that happens! I think pants are one of the harder things to shop for! But you look awesome in that mini! Rock it, girl!

    One of my first Anthro purchases was an outrageously expensive tunic. I was so captivated by it on the website. I finally saved up for it and anxiously awaited its arrival. And when I tried it on ... it made me look 9 months pregnent. With twins. True story!

  3. Stop it! I don't think you have to be a stick to wear skinny jeans- embrace the curves lady, embrace the curves!!!! My thighs touch and I have some junk in the trunk but who cares? I think you need to post a picture because I doubt there is anything horrific about it! Did you try balancing with a bigger top or a tunic?

    I would have never guessed that sweetheart shirt to be so cute- i love it and with the skirt, extra double love!

  4. I feel the same way about leggings and skinny jeans/pants. They're not my best of friends either but I still try to wear them when I can with heels and boots. But I agree with Spiffy, post up some pics maybe?

  5. I had a similar disappointment with a blazer the other day. I tried it on in the store, loved it, but needed the next size. I ended up ordering it, and when I got it boy was I disappointed. It looked awful!! What a difference a size makes. I'm still a little heartbroken!

  6. Pants are always a tricky beast with me. -shakes first-

    CUTE heartshape neckline on that top! I really like the lace detailing.

  7. Sorry those pants didn't work out for you, I hate when that happens! But you look great today, I love that skirt with the cream top.

  8. I always fall in love with things that look horrible on me - the most recent is Anthro's Cream Confection jacket - I seriously don't know how it looks so good on so many people, because it was AWFUL on me! I love that F21 cardi - I just really don't like open cardis on me, though...I think it has something to do with my lack of height and my non-lack of booty, if you know what I mean!

  9. So sorry the pants didnt work..but this skirt this totally SMASHING on you!!! LOVE the print...and your super cute shoes....you look awesome!!

    Statements in Fashion

  10. so sorry they didn't work for you-- we all have our share of lusted-at-but-failed-miserably things. makes for good memories and laughs though! :)

  11. I love this outfit, that skirt is super cute and those details in the top are great!

    Sorry the pants didn't work! Good luck finding some skinny pants, I'm sure there's a pair that will work. I found some that worked for me, and I'm not slim by any measure.

    Ugh! I love retro/vintage 50's and 60's dresses, but I have yet to find one that is cut right and comes in my size and looks right one me! Or worse, I find something that stops one size too small!

  12. Oh, yes, I have fallen for items that looked like total crap on me or that when I got them, I realized they were of poor quality. I'm so sorry about the pants betrayal! I'm sure they didn't look horrific, though!

  13. hahaha- you are so funny! The skirt looks great on you! Forget about those stupid old pants! I don't even go near pants currently (ones I own) b/c I am 12 pounds overweight and I only cry when I put them on!!!

  14. I think we need evidence! You have such a cute figure, I'm hard pressed to believe you on the pants! I had no idea that Anthro top would be so cute either - you have opened my eyes!

    As for me, I officially give up on full skirts like Circle the Globe - I hate myself in them! And skinny pants only with a tunic length top and only if I am feeling brave - Skinny pants are so clique-y, they won't be friends with me either...

  15. Unfortunately I can comisserate on this in more ways than one!
    For me, I usually envision an ensemble in my head and when I actually put it on is when I realize that it may look great on someone else but not so much on me!

    I love this sweatshirt you have on and how the mix of super casual with super dressy has become so super chic!

  16. I'm so sorry the pants didn't work out. It's such a bummer when a much-anticipated item doesn't deliver. I also have difficulty with skinny pants. But I have a pair of Uggs, and I don't think they can really be worn with anything except skinny jeans.

    As for my major disappointments? I tried a number of things from Lulus: Election Day dress, Make the Ranks skirt, and a pair of Gilly peep toe shoes. It was all a great deal, and I added in a necklace on a whim to raise my total to the amount necessary to get free shipping. And you know what? I ended up returning everything except for the necklace! I'm starting to learn that just because something looks good on a 16 year old model doesn't mean it looks good on me!

  17. hot damn an a half. i recognized that jcrew skirt from across the room and came running over!! i have the ballet flats from that palette!!!


  18. Ugh, I hope you got to return them! What a bummer! I love your top btw, I really want some new creamy sweaters!

  19. This outfit is adorable (my relationship with skinny pants is the same) Horrifying! hee

  20. I hear you on the pants - I had the same experience with some J. Crew Skimmer pants, which I hoped would fit like their cafe capris. Not so much. I think skinny pants can work on almost anyone, you just have to find the right fit, so it's not you, it's the pants!

    Cute look today! I love the cardi from F21 you picked out too...good thing it's still stifling hot here and I don't need any more sweaters...

  21. Thanks, ladies. Now I know we're always more personally critical of ourselves than others actually are of us, but I've been a bad fashion blogger and pretty much deleted the images of myself in the Simply Sketched pants as soon as I reviewed them. And though I do still have the pants in my possession, they will not be going back on my body.

    Spiffy/Cindi - Unfortunately another part of my "bad pant" problem were that the reviews online were saying that the pants fit a bit big, so I briefly thought I was skinnier than I was and got the size 0. So yes, I could pull them on, and yes, I could button and zip them, but uh ... can we just say I kind of resembled some sort of stuffed sausage?

    Yeah, enough burn that I think I'll be sticking to my straight legs and bootcuts pants for a long whiles longer.

    Melissa - I'm with you! I almost always have to get my pants hemmed, even in some petite sizes, and then have to designate pants to go with flats, with mid-length heels and then pants to go with super-high heels!

    Mandy - My very first purchase with Anthro was some ridiculously priced silk Tracy Reese top - I was so enamored with it that even though it didn't fit well (it gapped at the chest and was short like a weird crop top), I still bought it and never returned it - all with some ridiculous vague hope that one day it'll look good on me!

    Ashley - I know what you mean! I tried the Herb Field cardi because so many other gals looks gorgeous in there's - and I was just one hot mess!

    Matt - I've heard a bunch of gals complaining recently about Anthro and JC sizing - not only not carrying enough of a size range, but then carrying pitifully few quantities on the larger or smaller sizes. I know retailers are supposed to be all things for all people, but it must be super-frustrating for folks who live on the edge of sizing!

    Peggy - I think I cried a little on the inside when I tried on the these pants. ;o)

    Jan - I think skinny pants are height elitists! If you're not at least 5'4", they don't like you!

    Aw, Jamie, that definitely sucks when you try out a new retailer and have to return almost everything. That used to be my relationship with F21 - I'm much more careful now!

    Eek - I can't do any of JC's cropped pants - I guess I just don't have the build for it!

  22. I hate it when I *want* something SO BAD and then it does not work at all. On the bright side that is less money I spent!
    I love your J-Crew mini!! The print is so cute!!

  23. I am sorry to hear that they didn't work out, friend -- so disappointing. I have had the same kind of issues with them in that they are either too long or make me look like I'm in sausage casing, so I generally avoid them as much as possible. On another note, you do look fabulous in this skirt!

    So my paisley green and yellow J. Crew dress that I wore a couple weeks ago? I pined for that for a couple months before I clicked purchase when it went on final sale. When I got it, it was huge and the pattern was a lot cheaper looking than it was in the photo. I ended up getting it taken in by a tailor, but it did leave me really disappointed.

  24. What a pretty pattern on your skirt!


  25. that's very disappointing! I never buy things online because I just don't trust sizes, they're so subjective! kasdjskalsdja so frustrating!

    Glad you bounced back with such a cute skirt!

    xoxo, Ashley

  26. Oh, so much stuff doesn't work out for me that I'm surprised when something does! I've just ordered my first pair of Anthropologie pants, too, but I'll be surprised if they fit well. I'm sorry yours weren't what you'd hoped.

    I really like the sweatshirt you're wearing here, and it looks great with the skirt.


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