20 September 2010

Dog Days

Dress: Anthropologie Maeve Slate Shifts (worn here and here before)
Sweater: J. Crew lightweight cardigan (worn here before)
Belt: Anthropologie City Safari (worn here, here and here before)
Shoes: Indigo by Clarks Edamame (worn here, here and here before)

Just like the rest of you gals, for the past few weeks I had been slowly compiling together my fall wishlist and going on the search for my coveted items. My list has been mercifully short, and two of the items that I thought would be great additions to my current wardrobe had been a pair of casual flat brown boots and black booties.

The brown boots had been difficult - after many weeks of searching and whining and then having purchased (and then returned) three different pairs of brown boots (why do things just look better when you're trying them on in-store?), I finally found my pair about two weeks ago. I haven't worn them yet - um, when is fall finally going to show itself in the SE? - but I am so excited about them. The shaft on these is kind of also too tall for a shortie like me, but the leather is so soft that it doesn't matter (bed stü Bullet).

As for my black booties, these were luckily almost a no brainer since I'm a big fan of Vince Camuto (and if you buy shoes direct from their site, shipping is free, there's no tax and they often have 20% off deals). These will sure-to-be another workhorse for fall (Vince Camuto Bronco) - now if the darn weather in the SE would just go ahead and get fall-like! What is up with these 90 degree+ days in late September?!

To top off my fall shopping, I'd love to get a cozy wool jacket in a gorgeous jewel tone. J. Crew used to be the master of the colorful fall tweed but so far they aren't offering any this year (disappointing, JC!). But a recent perusal through Old Navy online recently did had me stumble upon this cousin to JC's previously highly sought-after Bella blazer (which also comes in petite and tall sizing ... tempting!):

Old Navy Ruffle-Collar jacket ($69.50)

What's been your favorite purchase of the fall so far? What are the next big items on your wish list?


  1. Lisa, Great picks for fall. I saw that petite wool coat on the ON website too, and I was wondering what the fit was really like. It often seems like their sizes run a bit larger and I've found that true of their petite line too. I would love to see it on you though if do you decide to purchase!

  2. First, you look gorgeous! I love that dress and the yellow/orange combo. I've just realized that I own NOTHING in orange and I need something!

    Second, those black booties are fantastic! I really adore the yellow jacket too.

    I need to get some flat boots as well and some tights/leggings for fall.

    But, here in Florida it really has been 90 degrees (or more!) every day. I've given up on fall since living here for so many years and really only expect it to get cold in December and more so in January and February. So sad.

  3. I adore this dress on you! I love how you did some suble pattern mixing with the belt too.

    I am so bad about pre-season shopping. I buy as I need, which means by the time I want a pair of boots they are already all sold out! I would like a pair of flat brown boots too, just can't bring myself to try any on, much less buy them when it's still sandals weather outside :)

  4. Ooo that ON jacket is so cute! I hope they have it in Canada!

    As for your comment on my last post I just got my hair cut and they salon straightened it with a blow dryer for me -- I hope I can keep it up now that it's not humid out.

  5. Your belt is so bold, I love it! Dresses with cardigans are so classic and you pull it off so well. =0D

    My fall picks are as similar as yours: BOOTS. I can't seem to find a pair that I really love though.

  6. I have my eyes on the ON jacket, too. The color is so pretty, and definitely perfect for fall. If you do end up getting it, please do share about the fit and quality :).

  7. Lovely outfit. I love the dress with a pop of yellow! And that Old Navy jacket is great too!!!

  8. Those brown boots are killer. Love the zipper & stud details.


  9. I LOVE those brown boots! Boots are so difficult for me to find, too - it's like the perfect pair of jeans...it must be because they are such an investment!

  10. I am going shopping tommorrow hopefully to pick up some brown boots! I also want a new jacket!

  11. My favourites: J. Crew zip pocket cardi in Sepia colour and the Minnie pants.

  12. Ooh love both of those pairs of shoes and the jacket. Hopefully the fit is good once you try it on. I have that issue with ON jackets. =)

  13. Oh what a cute jacket! I say wear it with the adorable striped dress from your OOTD. Gray, white and black is always on trend! And the ON coact is definitely a good match for the Bella and the bright color is stunning. In terms of fall wishlists, I am lusting after a pair of purple suede pumps, and the Cream Confection jacket in ivory. If the cc is still around in October in my size, it will be mine!

    My favorite purchase so far is definitely the B. Makowsky Sasha pumps. Gorgeous! Can't wait to wear them -- perhaps tomorrow.

  14. Love yellow and grey together and that belt just make the whole look! Love both of your new purchases. I'm so looking for the perfect booties for fall too, just haven't found them yet.

  15. Oh Man, I think I'm gonna have to add another item on my list! I love this Old Navy Jacket! I've kept the Steve Madden riding boots and I really hope I'd get a lot of mileage out of them.

    Miss ya Lis!


    20 York Street

  16. I love the cardigan over that dress! It looks like you got some cute new boots. I just did a post about my new Fall boots -- the Berry-Stitched Boots from Anthro. I love them and can't wait for the weather to start getting cooler so I can wear them a lot! :-)

  17. You are super cute in that shift dress - it looks great with the wide belt! And I LOVE, LOVE your brown boots - they were worth the effort it took to find them!

  18. Lisa!!! I think your brown boots are perfect on you. Seriously. They're the perfect color and they look great on your leg. Yessssss!! The booties are cute too, lady. Good finds here. And can I just say I really like you in yellow? You do bright colors so well. When I first clicked open and saw the yellow sweater I immediately thought "oooohhhh Lisa looks great in yellow" and then the JACKET! If you try and like please let us know!!

    My list is pretty short this year as well (budget=death to list, but that's life!). I found a pair of faux leather shorts in Canada and took a chance, a pair of sequined shorts I might return, and a pair of very flared out denim. I think that about covers it for me! I spent an hour in the garage going through some stuff for last year and I'm going to try to work the closet!!

    And now thus ends the longest comment of the year. Yikes.


  19. I love your outfit today. That yellow is stunning on you, therefore I think the ON jacket is a MUST.

    YOur two boot choices are awesome. I love the tall pair!

  20. Thos brown boots are great and I adore the belt you're wearing today.

  21. I'm glad I'm not alone in the boots saga - it's just so hard to find the right pair and I'm not sure whether it makes it easier or more difficult with their being twelve million options out there.

    BTW, I found my brown boots at my local DSW. They are not online, but I definitely didn't pay retail for them!

    Callandra / curls-and-pearls / Kelly / Sydney - I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought that jacket is so pretty! I went to my local ON this weekend but they didn't have that jacket yet (not that they'd carry petite sized anyways) - I am hoping the fit and feel is more like a blazer than an actual coat, I'd hate for it to be too bulky. You gals are really tempting me - I may have to cross my fingers and hope for a good fit and just order it!

    Melissa - I'm with you on the weather! Some folks have told me it's just going to go straight from hot to winter cold, which just means it's cold and rainy here - so no true fall weather!

    Eek - I'm not really buying ahead as planning so much as I have bad impulse control! ;o) However, I hate it when it's like the middle of July and you can't find shorts in department stores anymore!

    Rose - aw, you can certainly rock the Minnie pants. I unfortunately don't have the body to carry off the skinny pants that JC carries, much less their croppsed styles!

    20 York Street - I can't wait to see you in those Madden boots! They are still by far my fave boot style I've stumbled upon - too bad they just didn't work for me!

    Debbie - your new boots so rock!

    Carrie - I want to see you rock the fleather shorts and the sequin ones, you've got the legs to carry both off!

  22. This outfit is so cute! I love the stripes and the yellow jacket goes perfectly! good job.


  23. I have my eye on the exact same yellow coat from Old Navy!! I didn't realize J.Crew came out with something similar a few years back. (Should've known, <3 J.Crew!) I'm tempted with the 30% coupon, but their stuff goes on sale so quick that I'm hoping to get a better deal while waiting longer.

  24. I am digging that yellow coat...I have my eye on the ruffle front coat from ON...super cute!

  25. Wow...those black booties are on my wish list. And that yellow jacket! Hello! The yellow and gray color combo you're wearing looks great together. Hope your week is off to a good start.

  26. Dear Lisa,

    I always look forward to your posts.

    The Slate Shift always looked like it was dying for something. I think it's your City Safari Belt. I love the great colors in that belt. Your wearing a yellow Cardi, and planning to buy a Yellow coat. I love Yellow too.

    My favorite fall purchase so far has to be The Phlox and Coral Coat from Anthro. Althought the Babergh Dress is a close second. But I will probably get the most use from the Lass and Laddie Oxfords. Next up is the Cream Confection Coat.


  27. Great picks! I am glad fall is not quite here yet as I have to unpack all of my clothes and shoes. I actually haven't purchased much for fall yet (trying to be good!) but fall is my favorite j. crew season so I will inevitably succumb to more cords, cardigans, and who knows what!

  28. I LOVE your outfit today!!! The stripes with the yellow are great!!! I love yellow, its my fav color....just really hard for me to wear for some reason.....LOVE your little boots too!

    Have a Fashionable Day:)
    Statements in Fashion

  29. Thanks for your comments, ladies!

    Cee - I tried online and for some reason their current 30% off new arrivals deal doesn't apply to this jacket! I didn't call to inquire or anything, but strange it doesn't work - guess ON doesn't consider this piece new?!

    Laura - you're right after the Slate Shifts dress. I honestly don't know what posessed me to buy it initially bc by itself it is a shapeless sack - but belting it makes it a piece I love! I'm so glad you got the Coral and Phlox coat - it seems to fit your fashion aesthetic really well!

    Tippy - I'm with you, fall is my fave season too. But I'm kind of disappointed in JC this fall, they don't have the wonderful color pallette they usually offer.

    Collette -I love yellow but don't really have many yellow pieces - I think it's one of those colors where a difference of a shade really makes a big difference. But who cares, you've got such an awesome eclectic wardrobe!

  30. Hey Lisa
    Loving your outfit, I think the vertical stripes are so flattering on you and add about 5cms to your height!
    Can we switch weather? the weather here in sydney oz is like 15 degrees celcius during the day. and it's supposed to be SPRING here!
    I have not bought any fall items, as it is spring here obviously, but i'm LOOKING at you waffle weave dress and kindred spirit dress!

  31. man those brown boots are some crazy hot stuff!

  32. I love that dress and the yellow sweater and belt are really cute! Congratulations on finding such a nice pair of boots, they rock! My favorite purchase so far has definitely been lots of tights in different colors, but I still want to get a few more colors. Oh, and thank you so much for your comment today!! :)


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