07 August 2010

Weekend Whooga

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the folks over at Whooga and was offered an opportunity to review a pair of their sheepskin Ugg boots. Even though I've always been lukewarm about Ugg boots (I've blamed Britney Spears before and I'll do so again), I did recently purchase my first pair of Ugg Australia brand boots (the Desoto), and with the prospect of colder months approaching, thought it'd be great to add these to my "cozy toes" collection.

I picked the Classic Tall boot in chestnut from the Whooga collection and got mine in the mail in about a week. Granted it is too dang hot right now for extended wear, but the BF keeps our home freezy enough that I could warrant trotting around the house in these for a few hours.

My first reactions about the boots were "yep, Ugg boots haven't gotten any prettier." Everyone looks like they have big teddy bear feet in these things, and they just don't seem like the sort of thing that should be worn outside (I mean you, ladies visiting Target in your pajama bottoms and fuzzy booties - there's nothing cute about it).

However once my feet slip into these boot things, they kind of sighed. These boots are super-warm and padded - and cozy! I preferred the look of the boots with the tops rolled down - they add a nice furry touch. I can't speak for quality as I can't compare them to other Ugg boots, but the Whoogas are about half the price of similar Ugg Australia boots, so I think they'd be a nice less-expensive alternative.

Cozy toasty warmth
Comfort from the on-set
Fast delivery

Boots came shipped in their own shoe box instead of being placed in an outside box, so shoe box got a shipping beat down. I wasn't too personally bothered by it since the boots were in fine condition, but non-packaging didn't make for an awesome first impression.

I'm not sure I'd wear these out of the house because of the style (but it ain't freezing outside yet either!)
Outer soles seem kind of cheap and there was mild slippage on smooth flat surfaces

I believe Whoogas are only available for purchase online direct from the manufacturer, so make sure to read all their policies like you would with any other retailer you're visiting for the first time. Check out Whooga's site out if you get a chance.

What do you ladies think about Ugg boots in general?


  1. I wasn't a fan of them either but I did end up getting a look-a-like pair in grey and honestly I LOVE them. I wore them so much last winter and through the beginning of spring when it was still chilly out and I'm sure I'll break them out in the fall.

  2. Your commentary made me giggle. :)

    I've never been a huge fan of Uggs but they do seem so comfy that I may have to try them with jeans in the winter time.

  3. I'm with you on the "meh" factor. They seem like glorified house-slippers to me. And yeah, maybe some people can pull them off as fashion, but otherwise? it's a holidaying-in-whistler-ski-cabin kinda look for me.

  4. Ooh you've been Ugg'd. I got my first pair this past year but in the sweater material. I haven't worn them either but will be styling those around when weather gets cooler. I'm with ya though...they're only for necessity...not for cuteness.

  5. they don't look bad folded down. yeah, the wooly goodness inside, though, is hard to resist. ugg has come out with decidedly less moonboot-ish designs, so i don't feel as bad about them as i used to.

    hey, and major props to you - a company asked you to do a review! that is what i aspire to. :)

  6. I wear them. I am all about warmth in nyc winters

  7. They are very comfortable and good for the ice rink. You better believe when I wear my faux pair from Costco, they're *not* with pjs. Good review :-)

  8. I think Uggs are okay but nothing spectacular. I don't like the super "chunky" ones.

    Thanks for the review!:D

    Beauty. Fashion. Interior Design.
    & Life According to Marie.

  9. I gotta say, I love my Uggs. I have 2 pairs of Uggs and a pair of Fuggs from Costco. In our colder months (which, in the OC, is never that cold) I wear them all weekend long. They are delightfully ugly to me, but I do try to look somewhat chic in them with skinny denim or leggings. I don't rock the PJ and Ugg look. Occasionally, though, I have done shorts + Uggs or crops + Uggs.

    Here's my insight on why I love my Uggs so much - I hate wearing socks. I wear sandals or flip-flops all spring/summer long, and I loathe having to bring out the socks when the weather turns cold. With Uggs, I don't have to wear socks! yay!

    Great review!

  10. Those look toasty! I have one pair of Uggs, the crochet version, and I think they are pretty cute for what they are...

  11. I am chuckling over your Brittany Spears comment. I have spent way to much money on several pair of Uggs for my daughter, let's hope the fad dies out this year! xo

  12. I got my first pair of Uggs this past Christmas,and am exceptionally selective about how I wear them.
    Although wearing them out to shovel snow during one of our million blizzards just got me yelled at, but at least my toes were warm.
    I mean, isn't that what they are meant for???

  13. LOL...my college roommate would go grocery shopping in her Uggs and PJ bottoms! I must say that after seeing her do that way too many times, Uggs are just not for me. They do look comfortable and cozy, but some things just have memories attached to them!

  14. I wear my Uggs the same way I wear my wellies - there are functional. Uggs keep my feet comfy and warm during the winter when I commute to work (I ride MARTA). When I get to work I change out of my Uggs and put on real shoes.

  15. Oh goodness! I hope you don't hate me, but I have soft spot for UGGS (the real deal). You probably think I'm crazy for so many reason, but I bet you're wondering, "Why does she even own a pair, she lives in Hawaii!?"... ha ha. I know. I bugged my hubby for them (he thought I was crazy too!) and he got a pair (in chestnut/tall) for me a couple years ago. I swear if the weather here in Maui drops under 70, we locals consider that "cold". ha ha. But rest assured, you'll never catch me sporting them with pajamas. Guh-ross! I too like to cuff them.

    xx Love & Aloha

    p.s. I hope you still love me!! hee hee. ;P

  16. Hi Lisa!

    Used to detest UGG boots as they are just UGGLY! But after getting a pair of Whooga, I must admit they are my favourite boots of all time!

    I know, that was a self-defeating fashion statement, isn't it?

    I actually live in Canada but have family in Dublin and London so there babies travel with me everywhere! (Beach included!)


  17. Comfy, but ugly. Very functional however.

    xoxo, Ashley

  18. Will be updating my blogroll soon! Linked you at INCREDIBLE on this new post:


  19. Eh, I don't love them but they are kinda cute in their Ugg-ish way, tucked under jeans. I didn't know about Whooga and I'm so glad that there is a brand that can be a competitor with that monstrous, monopology.

  20. Thanks for your comments, ladies! I have to admit as for being on the "these are not fashionable" bandwagon, but these things are super-comfy and I can imagine myself feeling all snuggly in them when it gets cold.

    My sis has a pair of big furry ones that she wears to go sloshing through the streets of NYC in the winter and swears by them.

    I'm all about finding less expensive and just-as-cozy options for stuff too!

  21. I love my UGG boots...I have 3 pairs and can't wait to get a new one this winter!



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